Rebirth 2003

Chapter 780: God logic

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   In the evening, in the wedding reception hall on the third floor of the Shanghai Hilton Hotel, hundreds of guests have almost dispersed, and the remaining few people are also leaving, and then leave.

   Finally, in the huge wedding reception hall, except for the hotel attendants who were busy cleaning up the mess, only the Lu Yang family, Lu Yang's second uncle's family, and Wang Lin were left.

   "Hey! Lu Yang! Can you still hold it? Do you want to rest here first?" Tong Yaqian helped Lu Yang and asked with some worry.

So many tables of wine were toasted. Although Lu Yang's wine glass has always been a pocket-sized wine glass, it is roughly estimated that he drank almost a catty of white wine at least. Tong Yaqian has never seen Lu Yang drink so much wine, plus Lu Yang was a little wobbly at this time, naturally worried about him.

   "Big Brother! Are you okay? Why don't you just take a break here? Anyway, our family opened a room here today..." Lu Ying was also worried about coming to the ground, helping Lu Yang another arm.

   Lu Yang frowned, resisting the drunkenness in his head, barely squeezing out a smile, and said: "It's okay! Go home! Go home and rest! Sister He drives!"

   Sister He-He Baiming.

   "Then let's go back! By the way, has the hotel been settled? A lot of money was spent on such a large scale today, right?" Lu Yang asked worriedly.

Before Lu Yang could answer this time, Wang Lin on the side smiled and answered for Lu Yang: "Don't worry, Auntie! Wenda asked the following company to send finances today! Someone will take care of these things! Let's help Wenda. Get in the car! I think he won't be able to hold it in a while! Hehe, those sluggish guys, this is a deliberate attempt to prevent Wen Da from being dazzled tonight in the bridal chamber!"

   What Wang Lin said. It was embarrassing and funny to make a few people at the scene.

   "Wen University! These are the red envelopes received today! When you are free tomorrow, you can count it with your sister-in-law! There is also a list of gifts. They are also sealed in the box!"

   Wang Lin pointed to the big cardboard box in the arms of the two female employees next to him and said to Lu Yang, the two female employees. They were all transferred from the Finance Department of Choulin Film Company.

   It is worth mentioning that Wang Lin is older than Lu Yang, but from the very beginning, he naturally called Tong Yaqian's sister-in-law. This makes no sense. No one can help him call it that way.

  The time of speaking, a group of people are already walking towards the elevator. Tong Yaqian and Lu Ying have been helping Lu Yang. Lu Fei and Zhang Yan couldn’t get in when they wanted to help. Lu Yang’s mother was a little worried about Lu Yang’s body. Lu Yang’s father and his second uncle and aunt were all smiles. Talking and laughing.

   Lu Yang’s father is happy because the eldest son and the younger son are married, and there is only one Lu Ying who is still in college. The pressure on him is more than half, and he is naturally in a good mood.

   The reason why Lu Yang's second uncle and second aunt are happy. It's a little bit different. This is the first time they have come to Shanghai Lu Yang. They saw so many big stars, big directors, managers of big companies, etc., everything they saw at the wedding today. They all let them intuitively see the status and identity of Lu Yang today. Their eldest nephew has such a promising future, and they have a lot more confidence in their future life.

   This is human nature. Even if they knew in their hearts that Lu Yang was rich and powerful, he might not be able to help them much. It is even more impossible to give them money for no reason, but there is such a nephew. They just feel that they have a lot of confidence.

   To describe it as You Rongyan, it's a bit so flavorful.

It's like a senior official from a family of relatives. Even if he knows that the relatives of the senior official may never help him, he still has a lot of confidence when facing the future and facing outsiders. .

Not long after Lu Yang was helped into the car, he closed his eyes. The alcohol in his head was violent and he was dizzy and uncomfortable. Tong Yaqian sat aside holding his arm, with a trash bag in his hand, always paying attention to Lu Yang. His expression, for fear that he suddenly couldn't hold back vomiting in the car.

   This is the new car I just bought-Lamborghini.

What made her breathe a sigh of relief was that Lu Yang didn't spit it out until she got home. Tong Yaqian asked how Lu Yang felt from time to time. At the beginning, Lu Yang endured the uncomfortable heart and head and answered a few words. , Felt terribly uncomfortable, closed his mouth and stopped talking, just waved his hand to signal Tong Yaqian not to ask again. If it weren't the case, Lu Yang might really have vomited.

When he got home, Lu Yang was helped by Tong Yaqian and Lu Fei to enter the door and go upstairs. In the end, he couldn't hold back the uncomfortable feeling of tumbling in his heart. As soon as he got upstairs, he suddenly pushed away the hands of Tong Yaqian and Lu Fei and rushed in. In the bathroom on the second floor, I vomited all over the sink.

Anyone who has been drunk should know that after being drunk, they cannot speak, let alone be moved, or even see the wind. Otherwise, the uncomfortable feeling in the heart will be like turning over the river and the sea. .

   All this big mouth was spit out, but Lu Yang felt much better in his heart.

   "Lu Yang! Lu Yang! Are you okay?"

   "Brother! How are you?"

   Tong Yaqian and Lu Fei both rushed into the bathroom to help Lu Yang and asked with concern. Lu Yang's parents, second uncle and others downstairs also hurried up to see Lu Yang's situation.

   Lu Yang waved his hand. Just when he wanted to talk, one couldn't help but vomited again. After that, he closed his eyes and vomited happily, until he could only spit out sour water, he reached out and took some water to rinse his mouth.

   After tossing for a while, Lu Yang assured his family and was able to lie down on the big bed in the bedroom to rest.

   Tong Yaqian and the others went downstairs. It’s still dark. Today, everyone is in a good mood and wants to talk. Lu Yang is the only one lying on the bed quietly in the spacious luxurious bedroom.

   Lu Yang's eyes are closed, but his thinking is still clear.

  Today he got married, many people came, but a few people did not come, Cao Xue, Dao Xinyi, Rui Xiaoxiu, Xing Xinxin...

  The only woman who has a relationship with him is Zhang Li.

He knew that it was normal for Cao Xue and the others not to come today, but he felt a little lonely in his heart. He married one, but he hurt several. He knew that Cao Xue and the others must know the news of his marriage today, and they must be in the mood today. It won't be good, but he can do nothing.

   He is twenty-six years old and he is justified. He should be married to this day. He will face it sooner or later.

   Today, he did not hear from Cao Xue. He did not receive any news from Dao Xinyi, but received a text message from Xing Xinxin and Rui Xiaoxiu respectively.

   Early this morning, on the way to greet my relatives, I received a text message from Xing Xinxin. The content of the text message was very simple, with only one sentence-"Congratulations! You must be happy!"

When    was about to leave Tong Yaqian's house, he received another text message from Rui Xiaoxiu.

   "Why isn't the bride Cao Xue? Why isn't it me? Do you want me?"

   In one sentence, three questions.

   Lu Yang did not reply at the time, in order to avoid being discovered. He immediately deleted the text message, but when he was lying on the bed alone, these three questions clearly appeared in his mind.


At the same time, when Lu Yang was lying on the bed alone, feeling that he was really a lousy person, Cao Xue, dressed in white and white shoes, carried a shoulder bag in a residential building near the Normal University in a province h city. , In front of the house where I rented when I came to Lu Yang University.

   Before, when she went to the school piano room. It was accidentally discovered that the door of the piano room was open. At this time, when he came to the door of the house, Cao Xue was surprised again.

  Because the door here is also open.

   A delicate girl wearing a green slim down jacket is sitting on the sofa in the living room, holding a pair of shabby gloves in her hand. I was staring blankly there.

   Cao Xue recognized the pair of gloves at a glance. Lu Yang had used them in his boxing practice before. The surface of the gloves had been broken. How could it be in the hands of this girl? who is she? Didn't Lu Yang say that he had bought this house? How did she get in?

   A series of questions, when Cao Xue saw that girl. A rush of brain flooded her heart.

   After hesitating, Cao Xue still knocked on the open door. The tranced **** the sofa was startled, turned her head to look over, her eyes met Cao Xue's.

   "Hello! Excuse me, who are you?" Cao Xue.

   "Cao Xue?"

   Rui Xiaoxiu was startled, the glove in her hand fell on the floor, and she hurriedly stood up subconsciously nervously, like the behavior of a third party prying a man’s boyfriend when he was discovered by a genuine girlfriend.

"you know me?"

   Cao Xue frowned slightly, looked at Rui Xiaoxiu suspiciously, and walked slowly into the living room.

   Rui Xiaoxiu was a little at a loss, and her pretty face turned red. She was completely unprepared to meet Cao Xue here today.

Just as she asked Lu Yang’s bride why she was not Cao Xue in a text message today, in her heart, Cao Xue is Lu Yang’s true girlfriend. This concept has existed in her mind for several years, even if she knows that Lu Yang is married today. It wasn't Cao Xue. When she suddenly saw Cao Xue here, she still felt shameless in her heart to face her.

   "Here, me, you, why are you here?" Rui Xiaoxiu spoke incoherently for several times before finding a question and asking Cao Xue.

Cao Xue continued to look at Rui Xiaoxiu suspiciously. The corner of her eye once again confirmed that this house was the one she used to live with Lu Yang. Cao Xue remembered it clearly. Lu Yang told her that he had bought this house long ago. Come down, keep it as a souvenir.

   She even remembered that when she heard him say that, she even laughed at him. She laughed at him for being extravagant. She bought a house as a souvenir.

   Suspiciously, Cao Xue's gaze fell on the pair of worn-out gloves that had just fallen from Rui Xiaoxiu's hands to the floor. After a moment of silence, she had guessed something in her heart.

   did not get angry, Cao Xue smiled calmly, stretched out her white right hand to Rui Xiaoxiu, and smiled: "Hello! Get to know! I am Cao Xue! Are you?"

Rui Xiaoxiu was stunned, staring at Cao Xue’s smile blankly, and when she was sure that Cao Xue did not show any signs of anger, she hesitated to reach out and shook Cao Xue, and said nervously, “My name is Rui. ... Rui Xiaoxiu!"

   After finishing, I added a superfluous sentence: "I, I am a friend of Lu Yang, help take care of this house... The key and the key are here. You, if you want it, take it!"

   This silly girl, really handed the key to this house in front of Cao Xue.

Cao Xue's smile faded a bit. After watching the key that Rui Xiaoxiu handed over for a while, she smiled and turned to the study that Lu Yang had used at the beginning. With her back to Rui Xiaoxiu, she let out a sigh of relief and said, "You keep it. Since he left it to you, don't give it to me! I am just his ex-girlfriend now!"

"Oh oh……"

   Behind Cao Xue, Rui Xiaoxiu snatched back the door key, hesitated, and followed Cao Xue into the study.

   The study room is as clean as the living room. It can be seen that Rui Xiaoxiu often comes here to clean.

   Cao Xue's eyes were filled with reminiscence, and he looked at every wall and every piece of furniture in the empty study room, and did not make a sound for a while.

   Rui Xiaoxiu cautiously followed her, and he stopped talking several times, and after a while she asked a question she wanted to ask: "Cao, Cao Xue... can I have a question for you?"

   Cao Xue turned her face and looked at her quietly.

   Rui Xiaoxiu only glanced at Cao Xue's eyes, then lowered her head subconsciously, and asked, "Why is the bride today...Why not you?"

   After asking, she seemed to realize that this question was likely to cause Cao Xue to misunderstand, and then quickly explained: "I, I think Lu Yang should marry you, it should be you!"

   Cao Xue looked at her quietly, and only suddenly smiled after about two seconds, and said calmly, "You really want to be Lu Yang's bride?"

   "Huh? No, no..."

Rui Xiaoxiu quickly denied it, but Cao Xue didn't seem to hear it, and continued to say without rushing: "Don't deny it! I saw it as soon as I walked in. You are sad today! If he hurts you, I will tell you something for him. Sorry! If you need compensation, I still have some money..."

Rui Xiaoxiu stared at Cao for a long time before she asked in disbelief: "Cao, Cao Xue! Today, today, the bride is not you... You still speak for him like this? You, you are a little real. Isn't it sad?"


   Cao Xue stared in a daze, then laughed softly, shook his head slightly, and said: "I hurt him first, and I broke up with him! So, I can't blame him!"

   After a pause, Cao Xue said again: "Hehe, do you know? Before, I thought that after breaking up with him, it had nothing to do with him. I don't have any relationship anymore, but do you know my recent thoughts?"

   "What?" Rui Xiaoxiu realized that she couldn't keep up with Cao Xue's rhythm.

   Cao Xue smiled and said to her: "I recently felt... I'm still his girlfriend! Always!"

   Rui Xiaoxiu was completely stunned: "He... he has already married someone else..."

Cao Xue shook her head slightly: "So what? He has me in his heart! I have always had him in my heart! And I...I am his ex-girlfriend, no matter who he marries, there is no way to change! I said the ex-girlfriend is too Girlfriend! That is!"

   Rui Xiaoxiu looked at Cao Xue and then left and right. She always felt that something was wrong. How could she say that her ex-girlfriend is also a girlfriend? According to this statement, his former third party will always be his third party? (To be continued...)

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