Rebirth 2003

Chapter 8: Final Appeal News

   For a smoker, when he is in a bad mood, he will smoke; when he is in a good mood, he will subconsciously take out a cigarette to smoke.

   At this time, Lu Yang, in a happy mood, subconsciously took out the cigarette case and popped a cigarette to light it.

   In the smoke rising from the cigarette, Lu Yang habitually squinted his eyes, and his squinted eyes were still looking at the e-mail box on the screen.

   Two publishers have agreed to publish his new book.

   Do you want to sign a contract with one of them?

   With a cigarette in his mouth, Lu Yang was already thinking about it.

   As mentioned earlier, these two publishing houses are the two publishing houses that Lu Yang knows of the fastest reviewing speed in Taiwan.

   At the same time, they are also the two with the lowest acceptance standards.

   And the reason why they have the lowest standards for receiving manuscripts is of course only one reason-to grab excellent manuscripts. They can't compete with other more powerful publishing houses.

   In other words, these two publishing houses are relatively weak in Taiwan’s publishing industry.

   A book can only be signed to one family.

   Do you want to sign one of these two?

   Lu Yang didn't think about it long before he made a decision in his heart.

hold on!

   Lu Yang said to himself in his heart.

   Although e Publishing House was the owner of his first work before his rebirth. But after all, its strength is relatively weak, and it will be closed down a few years later, so it is not a good choice.

  The strength of f publishing house is not far from that of e publishing house, so Lu Yang plans to wait.

   One or two days after Lu Yang sent out his five submission letters, the five publishing houses all gave a short reply. The content of the reply has nothing to do with the results of the review. It only tells Lu Yang that they have received Lu Yang's submission and how long will it take for them to reply after the review is over.

  A Publishing House is a very powerful publishing house in Lu Yang's memory. However, they generally only publish works by well-known authors.

  B publishing house and c publishing house are also very strong, and they have published a lot of works by great authors.

   Both of them and a publishing house gave Lu Yang 15 working days for reviewing manuscripts. Excluding the two non-working weekends in the middle, Lu Yang needs to wait almost 20 days.

   Thinking of waiting for another week or so, Lu Yang was a little worried that if all three companies refused to publish, e and f publishing houses changed their minds because of the long waiting time and were no longer willing to publish his work.

   However, this worry didn't make Lu Yang change his mind.

   The possibility of a publishing house's rejection is extremely high, but Lu Yang thinks that at least one of the b publishing house and c publishing house should be able to see his works.

   After smoking a cigarette, Lu Yang turned off the computer, got up and left the Internet cafe.

   Regarding the signing requirements of e publishing house and f publishing house, Lu Yang didn't give an answer. When he had not read the two emails.

A week after   , Lu Yang's heart has been a little worried and irritable.

  I'm afraid that there will be changes in the publishing house.

   Every day after evening class, Lu Yang's mood was affected when he was writing the manuscript in No. 3 Teaching Building. Sometimes, when he opened the manuscript paper and held a pencil, he was unable to start writing because of his mental disorder.

   This situation has become more and more serious with the passage of time.

   It was so serious that for a few moments, Lu Yang couldn't help but want to get up and go to the Xingyu Internet Cafe, and wrote back to one of the two publishing houses, agreeing to sign the contract.

   Anyway, which publishing house signed the first work, the manuscript fees that can be obtained are almost the same.

   However, his thoughts didn't last long, and Lu Yang soon calmed down his chaotic mood, continued to stick to the first decision, and waited.

   One week passed in this emotional state of mind.

   During this week, Lu Yang did not go to the Internet cafe once.

   Even when he wrote his manuscript until midnight at midnight, he was so hungry that Lu Yang couldn't bear to stop shopping at the back door of the school as he did a few days ago.

   are all directly bring the written manuscript back to the dormitory to soak instant noodles.

   Because Lu Yang was afraid that he would walk to the back door of the school and approach the Internet cafe, he would shake his decision again. He couldn't help but walk into the Internet cafe and agreed to a contract with one of the publishing houses.

   Once the contract is signed, it is almost impossible to change it.

   After the last class in the afternoon of the seventh day, Lu Yang brought pen and paper as usual to the classroom where he stayed in No. 3 teaching building, the position he was used to sitting in.

   spread out the snow-white manuscript paper, holding the pencil that had just been sharpened, but he was unable to write.

   What I thought in my heart is no longer the plot of the novel.

  There are replies from the remaining three publishers.

   They should all reply today, right?

   Will not all 3 companies refuse to publish?

   As long as one family agrees!

  There are similar thoughts in my mind.

   After this situation lasted for more than half an hour, Lu Yang realized that his heart still couldn't enter the ethereal state of writing. In anger, with a "pop", he patted the pencil in his hand heavily on the desk in front of him.

   A good pencil was shot into three pieces at once.

   "Damn! Don't write anymore! Let's see the result now!"

   Lu Yang suddenly got up, grabbed the manuscript paper and teacup, and strode downstairs.

   Lu Yang originally planned to write two chapters like the previous day, and then go to the Internet cafe to check the reply.

   But he overestimated his concentration.

  Thinking that the three publishing houses might have already replied, his heart has been in the midst of troubles and gains and losses, and he can't enter the state of writing at all.

   When he realized that he couldn't continue to write tonight, Lu Yang was heartbroken and decided to make an exception and not write tonight!

   If all the three publishers refuse to publish, and the two previous publishers have changed their minds, then no matter how good he writes behind this novel, it won't make much sense.

   And if it can be published smoothly, it doesn’t matter if you don’t write it tonight.

   Not long after, Lu Yang came to Xingyu Internet Cafe.

   Swipe the card skillfully, turn on the phone, and log in to the NetEase mailbox.

   Several things, Lu Yang quickly finished.

   Lu Yang saw 7 new emails displayed in the inbox of the mailbox.


   This number completely exceeded Lu Yang's expectation.

Isn't    supposed to be 3 letters?

   Lu Yang didn't know why there were 4 more letters. This situation completely exceeded his expectations.

   I couldn’t help but wondered for a while: did e publishing and f publishing have changed their minds and cancelled their intention to sign because I did not agree to the contract for so long?

   As soon as this thought came out, Lu Yang couldn't help but sink.

Taking a deep breath, Lu Yang gritted his teeth secretly, calmed himself, took out the cigarette case in his arms, popped a cigarette, and lighted it. After taking a couple of deep breaths, he calmed his mind and clicked on the file with the computer mouse. box.

   After opening the inbox, there were 7 new emails displayed. Of course, 4 of them were sent by e-publishing and f-publishing, and each of them sent 2 messages.

   The other three letters, as he expected, are replies from three other publishing houses.

   Lu Yang hesitated slightly which email to click first.

   After hesitating for only two seconds, Lu Yang clicked on the reply from a publishing house.

   "Hello Wen Chou! I am sorry to inform you that your work "The Doomsday Wasteland" has not reached the standard published by our agency. We look forward to your better work. Welcome to submit your work again at that time.-Seraph"

   Unexpectedly, Lu Yang's a publishing house, which has always insisted on the line of famous artists, rejected his manuscripts.

   A cold heart.

  Although he had expected such a reply for a long time, Lu Yang couldn't help feeling disappointed when he saw the rejected text. UU reading

   Taking a deep breath, Lu Yang clicked on the reply from b publishing house again.

  "To Wen Choujun: The manuscript has been collectively reviewed by the editorial department of our agency. I regret that it did not meet the standards published by our agency. I hope that there will be opportunities for cooperation in the future.-Reflection of the stars."

   Seeing this reply, Lu Yang felt even more cold in his heart.

   At this time, Lu Yang couldn't help but feel regret.

   I regret why I have to be so self-confident. I have to wait for the reply of these three publishing houses. Wouldn't it be okay to sign a contract with one of the first two publishing houses? Anyway, who signed it to, the first manuscript fee is about the same, regardless of whether the publisher is strong or weak?

   There is also a reply from c publishing house...

   With last hope, Lu Yang clicked on the letter from c publishing house.

   If c publishing house also refuses, even if it can finally be published in one of the first two publishing houses, Lu Yang’s confidence will be greatly affected.

   Because such a result means that he was reborn 10 years ago, and his level of writing novels can only reach the minimum publishing standards of ordinary small publishing houses in Taiwan.

   He is not as good as he thought.

"Hello, Mr. Wen Chou! Your work "The Doomsday Wasteland" has been strictly reviewed for 15 working days and has passed the final review of the editorial department of our agency. Is the traditional publishing house of "The Doomsday Wasteland" still in the hands of Wen Choujun If it is still in your hands, would Wen Choujun be willing to cooperate with our agency to sign a traditional Chinese publishing contract?-Salmon"

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