Rebirth 2003

Chapter 808: "People are there? Do you want to fly? /

   The sleeping Nian Po Void was awakened by the phone of the accusation. Popular novels


   He didn't go to bed until dawn. He slept very deeply. In his dream, he might have even dreamed of winning the monthly ticket championship in September. Unfortunately, such a dream was interrupted by the editor's phone call.


   After answering the phone call from the editor, Nianpa sat blankly on the bed, feeling helpless.


After sitting for a while, he slowly got up and returned to the front of the computer, started the computer, logged in to the starting point, and logged in to q`q. When he saw that he accidentally wrote out the words in the middle of the chapter, and the book fans on q`q distributed to them in the early morning When he was writing a private message, he weakly closed his eyes.


   There is only one thought left in his mind—it's over! It's all over!


   What's even more annoying is that Xing Tian thought he didn't know, and asked him on q`q more than ten minutes ago if he would like to add more votes?


   "Add your sister!"


   Nian Biao Nian came and cursed, already afraid to look at the monthly ticket list, and silently deleted the paragraph in the chapter.


   Although the passage was deleted, he knew that the impact of this incident would definitely not be eliminated in a short time. At this moment, I am afraid that it has spread throughout the Internet community.


   This is the price of standing on the cusp of the storm! This monthly ticket war attracted countless attentions for him. Before today, those who followed this monthly ticket war should look up to him, but now, they should all despise and ridicule.


   The phone rang again, and Nian Po Xu was not in the mood to see who was calling. He turned off the phone and turned off the computer. He returned to the bed and covered his head with a quilt to install an ostrich.


   It’s just that he was so sleepy, he couldn’t fall asleep again when he returned to the bed. He didn’t even know how to write the book "The Plague God". Will anyone read it in the future?


   If it is Lu Yang or other great gods who have been famous for many years, they may be able to adjust their mood back in a few hours or even less, but after all, Nian Po Xukong is still a newcomer who has not been writing long time. His psychological adjustment ability is not so strong.


   A setback, to him, was like a blow to the head and knocked him out. Also disabled.


   Obviously he couldn't sleep, but that day he had been making a nest in the bed until 11 o'clock in the night when he was so hungry that he got out of bed. When he passed the computer, he suddenly had an impulse and almost smashed the computer with something.


  This month's monthly ticket ranking champion, he has no hope, and there is no hope.


   His high hopes and ambitious monthly ticket battle was just like that, and it broke on the last day and fell short.


  Walking out of the rental house, the night sky outside is still so quiet and beautiful, but the mood is different, the night tonight falls in the eyes of Nian Po Void. It seemed very lonely and miserable.


   slightly lowered his head and walked towards the nearby small restaurant.




   On this day when he didn't pay attention, he deducted 8,000 monthly tickets from the starting point, and instantly deducted his book of "The God of Defiance" out of the top ten monthly ticket totals.


   But still at the top of the new book monthly ticket list.


In fact, the first champion of the monthly new book monthly ticket list also has 10,000 yuan, which is the same as the first prize of the overall list. If you read the book and did not want to win the championship of this month, his book "Plague God" is also very coquettish this month, and now it is hard to say whether he can get the prize money of the new book monthly ticket list this month. [To read the latest chapter of this book, please search for 800]


   The monthly ticket war in September, with the large deduction of "The Plague God", the final result naturally no longer has any suspense. With more than 32,000 votes for "Era of Mentors", he won this month's championship.


   "Fights Break Sphere" won the top 30,000 votes and won the second place.


   The top ten in the overall list, there is no shadow of "The Plague God".


this day. And for the next three or four days, the update of "Against Plague God" was in a state of interruption. Nian Po Void not only did not update, nor did it appear in any group of authors or book fans.


   In the book review area of ​​"Against the God", some people are scolding him for swiping votes, and some book fans urge him to update. Others are purely watching jokes.


   These things, Nianpa Void didn't even go to see them. He locked himself in the rental house, except to eat, barely stepping out of the door, and didn't even go to the school that had already started.


   He was knocked down by this incident.




   Originally! There are many authors who swipe tickets in the online literature circle. Nian Po Void is not the first, and definitely not the last.


But the bad thing is that he himself exposed the matter in the middle of the chapter, and it suddenly became a joke among many authors and readers. Therefore, for a long time after September, many people regarded him as Look at jokes, tell them as jokes.


  Q`q, in the book fan group, the author group, Long Kong...


   There are jokes about him everywhere.


In addition, his heart is not strong enough. After the incident, "The Plague God" was in a state of interruption for more than half a month, and later resumed updating. It was also because the popularity was not as good as before, and his own mentality was much worse. As a result, the update became less and less effective, and the quality of the new chapters also dropped drastically. In the end, the book was quickly submerged in many popular works from the starting point, and it never reappeared on the monthly ticket list as it did in September. The brilliance.




   The world never revolves around a certain person.


  The downturn of Nian Breaking the Void, it is impossible for everyone to always pay attention to it. Like Lu Yang, except for the two days when the incident broke out, Lu Yang paid attention to it, and then put his mind on his work and life.


   Nian breaks the void...


   This 2009 rookie king, Lu Yang only occasionally thinks of it.


   Lu Yang was a little disappointed in his heart for the momentary fall of Nian Po Void.


   This newcomer king has never appeared in Yuantime and Space, at least Lu Yang doesn't remember that there is such a prosperous newcomer in Yuantime and Space.


   In his heart, Lu Yang hopes to see that the internet literary circle of this era is different from the internet literary circle in his memory, because in that case, it proves his influence on this era.


   Nian Po Xu Kong was originally a fan of his books, and his growth path is almost exactly the same as Tudou. The first book won the rookie king of the year, and the second book was directly popular.


   It's a pity that this person is still not exactly the same as the potato. The fire of the potato is continuous, thinking through the void...It is like a meteor in the night sky, fleeting.


   I just don’t know if he can get up after this setback, in the next few years. Reshape the brilliance.


  'S regret for Nian Po Void, only occupied a small corner in Lu Yang's heart, and his attention quickly shifted to the movie "People on the Road".


   In October, not only the post-production of "People on the Road" was completed. It has also been reviewed by the Radio and Television, and will be officially released at the end of October.


   In mid-October, the publicity of this movie suddenly became huge.


  On the Internet, in reality, newspapers, TV, billboards, trains, and bus stations. Even online video sites, WeChat, bookworm reading, starting point sites...


   Wherever you can promote a movie, you can almost see the trailer or poster of the movie.


   There are three publicity plans for this movie.


  The three programs are carried out at the same time.


  The first plan is: star lineup.


   Xu Zheng, Wang Baoxiang, Zhang Li, Lin Gengxin and other stars, emphatically promoted the movie starring Xu Zheng, Wang Baoxiang and Zhang Li.


   The second plan is to focus on publicizing that this movie is invested by Chou Lin Film Company. Liu Xiahui and Wen Chou are co-writers, and Xu Zheng will direct the first film.


   Although Lu Yang hardly interfered in the script of this movie, for the purpose of promoting the film, Wang Lin did so after obtaining the consent of Lu Yang and Liu Xiahui.


  Don't say it. Aiming at the three gimmicks of Chou Lin Film Company, Wen Chou, Liu Xiahui co-writer, and Xu Zheng's first directing, it really attracted many fans to leave messages on the Internet saying that they are looking forward to this movie.


   The third and final plan is whether the final box office of "People on the Road" can surpass the "Jin Yiwei" and "Thirty-Three Days of Broken Love" released by Chou Lin Film Company this year.


   This publicity plan is already an indirect reminder to fans that the two films released by Chou Lin Film Company this year are all fine products! In order to imply that fans are also invested by Chou Lin Film Company, "People on the Road" is also a high-quality masterpiece.


   The three publicity programs were carried out at the same time, which gave many people the feeling that-"People on the Road" is the most anticipated movie in October.


   The funding for this film was less than 10 million, but Lu Yang and Wang Lin approved 20 million for the publicity fund.


   is completely in accordance with the rhythm of the blockbuster.


  The insiders of the film and television industry who know the business, naturally shook their heads secretly. Some people are impressed by the courage of the two bosses of Ugly Forest Film Company; some people think that these two bosses have been dazzled by the high box office of "Jinyiwei" and "Thirty-Three Days of Broken Relationship", so they don't play cards according to the routine; of course, More people in the film and television industry are waiting to see the box office jokes of this movie.


   There are not many insiders who think that the three films released by Chou Lin Film Company this year are all selling well. Because of such a film company. In recent years, it has been rare in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.


  The difference is that in the eyes of fans and netizens outside the film and television circles, this movie is worth looking forward to!


   The quality of a movie before it is released is the standard of many people's judgments. It is how well the publicity of this movie is done.


   The scale of the publicity is not large, the trailers and posters are not exquisite, and the lineup of the investment companies, directors and actors.


  Before the movie was released, the trailers and posters of "People on the Road" were not only distributed everywhere, but the directors and leading actors of the film also frequently appeared in various domestic interviews and entertainment variety shows to warm up the film.


   I have to say that Lu Yang has been in the film and television industry for a few years, and he has learned a lot about how to promote a movie and how to attract fans.


   People used to say: The fragrance of wine is not afraid of the depth of the alley.


   believes that good works can attract countless audiences without too much publicity.


   Lu Yang doesn't think so. In this era, there are too many ways for people to spend their time and entertain. No matter how good works, without good publicity, it is difficult to get the early popularity.


   At least the early popularity is like this.


   Therefore, he is more and more willing to spend money on the promotion of the movie, and as much as possible before the movie is released, attracting more fans' desire to watch the movie.




in this way.


   On October 28th, "People on the Road" held its premiere in Shanghai. It was officially released on the 29th and landed in various theaters across the country.


   This time, they won three theaters to release at the same time.


   The high box office of "Jin Yiwei" and "Thirty-Three Days of Broken Love" gave the cinema dealers confidence. Of course, there were also friendships from several cooperations.


   At this time, Tong Yaqian's belly was already very big, so, apart from attending the premiere ceremony, Lu Yang basically didn't intervene except for giving some advice on the publicity of the movie.


   Hehe, it seems that there is more than this movie, but for the recent movies and TV series, Lu Yang basically hasn't intervened in the shooting and publicity work.


   He has become more and more accustomed to being a hand-scraping shopkeeper.


   On the day the film was officially released, although Lu Yang didn't go to the theater to see the show, he watched the film from beginning to end with Tong Yaqian at home.


   All the fans outside can only walk into the cinema to see this movie, but Lu Yang has already got the DVD discs of this movie in advance.


   Tong Yaqian, who has not been able to be outside for a few months, has become more and more temperamental as his belly gets bigger and bigger.


I often act like a baby with Lu Yang out of boredom, sometimes begging Lu Yang to cook dinner for her personally; sometimes I take him out for a walk, or go fishing; sometimes, just like this day, I ask Lu Yang to watch a movie with her .


At the beginning, she just watched it on a computer or TV with Lu Yang. Later, she didn’t know where she knew that there is a big TV that is several meters long and wide, and the price is more than 100,000 yuan. She just wanted .


   said that such a TV would definitely look good, so Lu Yang had to order one and install it in their bedroom.


   The large screen of this TV occupies almost the entire wall, and the effect of watching it while lying on the bed is almost the same as that of a movie theater.


   A few days ago, Tiantong Yaqian heard about the upcoming release of "People on the Road", she wanted to see this movie for the first time, saying that she was looking forward to the rivalry between Xu Zheng and Wang Baoxiang.


   Lu Yang couldn't laugh or cry, because he discovered that the publicity plan of "People on the Road" not only aroused the desire to watch movies of many people outside, but also aroused the desire to watch movies of Tong Yaqian.


In the early morning the two had breakfast, Tong Yaqian urged Lu Yang to return to the bedroom upstairs, holding the popcorn He Baiming had just bought, and resting her head in Lu Yang’s arms. The two were lying on the bed side by side. There were obviously discs. Tong Yaqian had to wait until the time for the first screening in the cinema to watch.


   Facing such a childish Tong Yaqian, what can Lu Yang say?


   had to follow her heart and accompany her to wait for the "release time" to come.


   Tong Yaqian glanced at the watch time on her wrist from time to time. As soon as the time was up, she immediately pushed Lu Yang's arm excitedly, urging: "Quickly! The time is up! The movie can start playing! Hurry up!"


   Lu Yang gave a bitter smile and turned on the TV with the remote control.


  ……(To be continued.)


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