Rebirth 2003

~: Recently rewarded list and ask for month

   There has been no outbreak this month, so I have not been embarrassed to ask everyone for a monthly pass, but the 4D updates every day, Laomu still did it. At the end of the month, I would like to ask everyone for a monthly pass! Well, I wish you all a Merry Christmas! The following is the list of rewards in the last 20 days, thank you for your support! Bow thanks!

   reward list:

100 starting point coins:, chicken`Bahwen, 舦神诟e, Niu Binye, y`yaJy2304, devil little knight, 夨╯ㄝ~yuan, birds in the vast starry sky, a glass of spirits, no need to ask for luck, the deity Tian Zun, Yuan ○ Su, book friend 140321112812364, treat you, long hair and waist, create dreams, ordinary passerby, linger in the sea of ​​books and finally become sacred, fantasy world Tiandi, the vast sea of ​​people, a lamp, I am selfish I just want to have you, Xiaoxiang zx, Buyi Lefu, Tonight~Present and Past, Ta Ge Deng Tian, ​​Xiao Feng ㄓ Ruo Rain, Sleepy Nothing, 752063385.

   200 starting coins: 37033, 35246`6`6`68, ykjh, Shao Pengpo reads good books, the tide is out of the tide, the bamboo of the South Sea, when I am a dream, come here from Liyang.

  400 starting point coin: Shen Yuanzhi.

  500 starting coins: Master Ling Xu and Li are really quiet, smoking relieves loneliness.

588 starting currency: 1 person's romance, heart pendant l=l, H An and Jixi's Red Apple, Deng Sangtian, Cthulhu Mozi, Just Can Not Remember, DNF Devil Swordsman, TXZG , Madness is fake, sadly ↑ stars.

  600 starting currency: breathe fresh air.

  688 starting currency: the eyes are so chaotic, the heart of Bo, book friends 120626223227343, flower appreciation and jade.

  888 starting currency: Suifengju.

   1100 starting currency: Up80 post, war royal.

   1176 starting point coin: White Dragon Sword Fairy.

   1276 starting point coin: Litchi Township.

   1888 starting currency: Yuan brother, d Xianyun Yehe f, lazy shepherd, Xuejie 1013.

   2476 starting point coin: Heavenly Love Starry Sky, Thor Group.

   3776 starting point coin: Xuan Tianzong.

   10000 starting currency: XXDDD, once moved, y`y wave`s life.

   10588 starting currency: I am Huang Lin.

  13952 starting point coin: good-looking Wenhao.

   50000 starting currency: Lan? people. R1152

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