Using Marriage as Bait
Using Marriage as Bait
Novel Summary
Lin Xiyu had been fostered by the Lu Family since she was fifteen, and had managed to get along with all the other siblings in the Lu Family, except for Lu Junting, the Lu Family’s eldest brother. As the head of the Lu’s Enterprise, Lu Junting did things in a thunderous manner with high efficiency, and his personality was deep, introspective and elusive. He was like a flower at the high mountains, lonely and arrogant, he was unattainable. Lin Xiyu, like everyone else, was afraid when she saw Lu Junting. Later, she encountered something even more terrible than seeing Lu Junting. Because after that accident, she and Lu Junting got married…
Chapter List

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Chapter 1 .1 he is a serious man

Chapter 2 .2 Why did the man who was in charge of

Chapter 3 .3 hello fragrance

Chapter 4 .4 Just like two different people

Chapter 5 .5 Blind date was bumped into

Chapter 6 .6 he is angry

Chapter 7 .7 Pregnant?

Chapter 8 .8 Do not abort children

Chapter 9 .9 Marry me and have children

Chapter 10 .10 Don't always hide from me

Chapter 11 .11 my woman

Chapter 12 .12 Get married

Chapter 13 .13 Got the certificate

Chapter 14 .14 ​​I married myself to him like t

Chapter 15 .15 Live with him (in V announcement)

Chapter 16 .16 Is he going to touch her belly?

Chapter 17 .17 I spend my money whatever I want

Chapter 18 .18 Is this girl so happy to see him?

Chapter 19 .19 sleep in his room

Chapter 20 .20 Little girl, I'm not a gentleman

Chapter 21 .21 Don't Dislike Me (Catch Bugs)

Chapter 22 .22 The little guy was born

Chapter 23 .23 The little boy is pretty cute

Chapter 24 .24 was spit all over

Chapter 25 .25 He didn't dislike being snotted by t

Chapter 26 .26 You got a green light over your head

Chapter 27 .27 You don't like seeing me so much?

Chapter 28 .28 Lu Junting: "Kiss me"

Chapter 29 .29 You are my little friend

Chapter 30 .30 is a bit bad

Chapter 31 .31 The emotion of greed and possession

Chapter 32 .32 Family is my bottom line, whoever de

Chapter 33 .33 even grabbed her hand and slapped hi

Chapter 34 .34 Jealous?

Chapter 35 .35 Don't Divorce Me (One thousand words

Chapter 36 .36 Have you really never loved me?

Chapter 37 .37 He feels crazy

Chapter 38 .38 Hee Hee I love you, don't leave me

Chapter 39 .39 It turns out he helped her so much

Chapter 40 .40 he helped her out

Chapter 41 .41 She was willing to eat with him

Chapter 42 .42 She actually smiled at him?

Chapter 43 .43 Brother Junting, let's remarry

Chapter 44 .44 Dad also touches mom's head

Chapter 45 .45 is very attractive to women

Chapter 46 .46 just want to stick with him

Chapter 47 .47 I seem to like you

Chapter 48 .48 Do you have the same room?

Chapter 49 .49 Don't peek, I'll show you generously

Chapter 50 .50 Jun Ting, you are good

Chapter 51 .51 I want to kiss at a glance

Chapter 52 .52 hurts you

Chapter 53 .53 scheming dog

Chapter 54 .54 He just wants to eat "sugar"

Chapter 55 .55 is very seductive

Chapter 56 .56 I just like the way you look like a

Chapter 57 .57 End of text