Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 1: Inverse attack on the end of the world (

Closed his eyes and opened, the front is still a cold metal color, Ye Si Nian's expression stunned.

[Accept Yes/No]

The cold electronic sound of the ice rang in the ear, and Ye Siyian raised his hand slightly to look at the ring on the slender ring finger.

As a shadow emperor who was originally on the altar, Ye Si Nian's appearance is naturally impeccable, especially the narrow and long phoenix eye, the tail of the eye is tilted upwards, and the eye waves are swaying and looking bright and black and white. See Unforgettable.

With a superb appearance and superb acting skills, Ye Si Nian finally boarded the altar of the Emperor, but did not expect a car accident to happen suddenly. He was sucked into this strange space at the moment of life and death, and he was already bound by the name when he woke up. The intelligent system of the "cannonash counterattack system", under the threat and temptation to completely obliterate and return to reality, embarked on the road of continuous efforts to achieve the counterattack of cannon fodder.

So far, he has gone to hundreds of worlds to do the task, and the points have accumulated a terrible number. As long as he completes several tasks and fills the huge hourglass in the corner of the room, he can completely get rid of the system control. , returning to his world.

Although he does not have much nostalgia for the original world, it is much better than being completely controlled by the system.

At least, you can have freedom.

Even if you will die and die.

But what happened now?

Ye Si Nian's dark eyes flashed, and it was quite unbelievable to raise his eyebrows and look at the virtual control panel in front of him.

There are only a few lines of simple text on the control panel that is similar in size to the average computer. It is completely different from the style of the demanding extremes. It only requires the host to complete the counterattack of the cannon fodder. During the period, everything can be freely played, and the rewards are still inexplicably rich. Even let him fill the hourglass back to the real world.

The most incredible thing is that the system has started the autonomous manual mode.

In other words, he can talk to the brain that is so loud to the extreme in the future?

After being happy, it is doubt.

According to the system, I can't wait to specify the size of the dead host. The urinary nature of the tone is high. What is happening that forces it to let go of control and allow the host to play freely?

It’s not always true, as the system itself explains, is trying new management methods?

Is it pumped?

Yesan’s expression frowned strangely.

[Accept Yes/No]

The control panel flashes and the bottom red selection button is turned off.

No matter what happens in the system, it is serious to accumulate points at an early date, and it can be autonomous. It is a great news for him.

Twilight glimmers, Ye Sinian retreats to the thoughts of unknown places, gently beheaded, sounds like cold jade: "Yes."

[The host successfully accepts the task and starts transmitting]

When you open your eyes again, everything in front of you has completely changed.

Ye Si Nian looked at the room in his eyes, and the line of sight quickly swept through the simple arrangement inside the house to make sure there was nothing unusual. Then he sat up slowly.

The index finger is slightly on the ring, and the simple and perfect ring flashes through the cold light. Ye Siian raises his eyebrows. He sees a control panel suddenly appearing in front of him. The top is full of text, introducing the details of the body. .

After one eye and ten lines swept away, Yesian closed his eyes and silently digested the amount of information.

This is a chaotic world.

A few months ago, the sun suddenly changed, and the light was mixed with a very radioactive substance that easily penetrated the atmosphere and illuminate the human world.

Under the influence of such unknown substances, most of the world’s population was caught in a strange high fever and coma. People were horrified to discover that those who thought they had acquired infectious diseases turned into terrible zombies, bloodthirsty and brutal. Living in the dead, the world is in chaos.

Extreme fear often means a frantic rebound. People have launched a brutal slaughter on high-calcin patients. Anyway, they will later become cannibal zombies.

Countless people died in drowsiness until a survivor suddenly woke up from the high fever and found that he had the legendary super power, and the slaughter gradually converge.

It was not until a long time later that experts came to speculate that the material in the sun greatly stimulated the cells of the human body, and some people rejected it, so they became zombies, some people were promoted to evolve, and they became abilities, and some people did not respond, so Still ordinary people, as are animal plants.

Everything is just the survival of the fittest.

Li Feiyan, the protagonist of this world, was born again. He was not able to rush home when he was traveling. He was thrown into the zombie pile when he had a high fever. After he awakened to cure the abilities, he went through a lot of hardships. He just entered the Jingcheng base. I was immersed in the research and was tortured to death on the experimental bench.

Li Feiyan, who was born again, with a hateful hate, knows the general direction of the world, he quietly hoards a large number of material weapons, quietly smashes the good feelings of being in a high position, and when the end of the world comes He was reluctant to leave home to take care of his fever. When the end of the world broke out at the most critical moment, he stepped forward and offered materials to stabilize the people and the military. He succeeded in becoming the head of the Jingcheng security base.

The protagonist with a very hard background started the road of revenge. The research institute was almost killed by one person, and the other involved were also removed by him. The protagonist is the protagonist, and even in revenge, he can harvest the best love.

His 舅舅叶柳 is actually only his younger brother next door to his mother's childhood. The two had a very good relationship since childhood, so Ye Liucai took him home after Li's death and he took care of him. He had pity on him. It was even more touching on what he did, and he couldn't help but love and develop a strong and powerful pursuit.

The protagonist is born again with a hateful hate. He wants to destroy everyone. It’s just a shame to fail to save his own leaves in the last life. But after all, the hearts of the people are long and fleshy. After a series of misunderstandings and twists and turns, The chilly person can't help but chill and water under the care and care of Ye Liu, and finally the sweet honey.

Ye Si Nian, the body owner, was a product of Ye Liu’s early carelessness. Although he was the first child, his parents’ obsession with his grandson was not destroyed, but after all, he was only a careless mistress. Born, so quite unrecognized.

The yews are not long-term, and I think that I am the only young master of the Ye family. Li Fei, the protagonist who is deeply loved by his father’s family, hates it. In private, there are frequent small moves, and Li Feiyan inevitably bears hatred.

In addition, the previous life was blinded to Li Fei outside the Jingcheng base. Indirectly, he failed to return to Ye Family in time and was taken away by the researchers. So he was hated by Li Feiyan. After he was born again, he was constantly suppressed and let him In the face of Ye Liu, he continued to lose face and ugly, and he wiped out Ye Liu’s last patience to him. Finally, he did not care that his father, Ye Liu, was venting his lover, and he was expelled from Jingcheng.

Therefore, Ye Sian, who was abandoned by the water power, had nowhere to go. He had been wandering outside for a long time, but he was always reluctant to stay away from Jingcheng, because he still felt that his father would not disregard him, but fate gave him a final blow. Ye Liu had forgotten that he still had a son. In the end, he was caught in the dirty place because of a good appearance. He was tortured and died in less than a year.

Really a standard cannon fodder.

Ye Sisyan raised his eyebrows and shook his head in regret, but there was no mercy in his eyes.

The outcome of the original Lord is very tragic, but as an actor, it is not easy to live like that.

Just for the so-called fatherly love?

Ye Si Nian sat cross-legged on the bed with his right hand, his right hand holding his chin, and his index finger was indifferent on his cheek.

Since the task only says that it is to achieve the counterattack of cannon fodder, is it free to play?

The eyeballs turned lightly, and Ye Sinian suddenly smirked a smile. The original body was beautiful, and the smile made him whole and lively and naughty, like a kitten who finally got a toy.

"The young master, the breakfast is ready, there is training this morning!" A regular knock on the door came, Ye Liu's assistant shouted loudly outside the door.

Ye Si Nian's expression is more interesting. If he remembers correctly, isn't this outside the door a deep affectionate man who is not dead to Li Feiyan?

It seems that I hate myself very much. In the end, I even ruined my own abilities.


Slowly, the bed was underground, and Ye Siian opened the closet, picking up a black combat suit and simply washing it. Then I stood in front of the mirror and looked at myself.

With a strong genetic advantage, this body appearance is naturally not bad, obliquely flying into the sly eyebrows, high nose, scornful thin lips, sharp outlines, coupled with the development of a perfect slender body, It is a beautiful man.

It’s just that the original heart’s heart is dark and distorted, the temperament is gloomy and described as wretched, and the alive is a waste of excellent looks, and it makes Ye Liu not happy.

But now everything is different.

Now the owner of the body has been replaced by him. Since the system can't limit him any more, then he will naturally be polite, and he must live a life.

Ye Sinian blinked at the mirror, and the phoenix eye was tilted up and up, and the eyes were shining.

"Hey, let me go!" At the table, Li Feiyan was holding the arms of Ye Liu and swaying.

"No, it's too dangerous." Ye Liu put down the chopsticks and looked at him disapprovingly. His eyes were full of concern: "Hey, don't be willful!"

"But I want to help you! The batch of materials in Qingyi County is too important!"

"I know you want to help me." Ye Liu softly said: "But in the future, there are many opportunities. Qingyi County is too dangerous. If you accidentally, you will be sent to life. You can go to the year and you are at the base."

Ye Si Nian walked down the stairs with his hands, and the excellent hearing made him understand their conversation clearly.

Sure enough, I don’t care about my cheap son!

Qingyi County can be occupied by zombies as early as possible, and the risk factor is very high. Looking at the real powers of the base, it is also possible to let the pro-sons go.

Is it to say that he is unselfish or is it cool?

Concealing the unsuitable expression on his face, Ye Sinian sat down with a smug smile, and by the way, he almost sneaked into the Li Feiyan who was buried in Ye Liu's arms.

Li Feiyan turned back and did not give up, but he sat down in the body, but his eyes flashed a faint smile.

The team that went to Qingyi County in the past life was completely annihilated, and he did not believe that Ye Si Nian could escape with good luck!

He owed him to his life, he must come back one by one! 2k novel reading network