Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 109: Cannon fodder counterattacks spiritual a

"Yi Che, what are you looking at?"

Ye Sinian immediately took a look back at the window, and he smiled a little at the smiling teacher in front of him. "The weather is very strange."

"Well?" Professor Wu, who was temperate and elegant, smiled and walked to him, pushed his glasses and curiously looked out through the window.

I saw that the sky was very clear before class. I didn’t know when it was covered with dark clouds. I couldn’t hear the wind blowing outside through the window, but from the third floor, I could clearly see the huge canopy that was blown around.

“It’s a bit strange!” Professor Wu straightened his body and looked strangely: “Is the weather forecast saying that it will blow such a big wind today?”

"Teacher! The weather forecast is often not allowed!" The sweet-looking girl smiled and said: "It was said that it was sunny yesterday! The result was cloudy in the evening, and the weather forecast for these days is often not allowed!"

"Yeah!" The boy with the myopia glasses on the other side also nodded. He said with a serious look: "The two days of the demon winds are coming to Qingming?"

"You guy!" Professor Wu’s face was helpless, and he reached for his shoulder.


Looking at the topic they discussed from the weather to Qingming to the difference between Chinese and Western ghosts and gods culture, Ye Si Nian always has a faint smile on his face.

Professor Wu has always been a very bullish and popular presence in the hearts of these students. Although he has been a fan of the past, his handsome face, rich experience and knowledge, as well as the refined temperament that has precipitated over the years, have made him attractive. The value has almost doubled. Since he was hired by a big foreign country three years ago, he has more people rushing with the history department.

This has resulted in the present result - in the almost full classroom, more than half of the students Ye Si Nian did not know.

Beside the sinus, he sneaked at him with his elbow, curiously pressed down the voice: "What did you just look at?"

On his eyes of "the truth is not only that", Ye Si Nian's lips are deeper. He glanced at Professor Wu, who was surrounded by students. He learned the posture of Dou Yu and quietly scraped the past. He also lowered his voice. Road: "There was a beautiful woman just outside..."

Dou's eyes are bright, his face is "I know your kid is not honest" expression, stretched his neck and looked out.

"Where is it?" Dou Yu’s eyes widened, and the searchlights were carefully scanned across every corner downstairs.

Ye Si Nian licked his lips, the ink in the phoenix was a little deep, and the smile on his lips was a little lighter. It was not the same as the angle of the sinus looking down. Instead, he raised his eyes and looked at the rooftop of the opposite building.

Under the dark clouds and under the gloomy sky, the girl in a white dress stood on the guardrail on the edge of the roof and looked up at the sky.

The wind whistled, the girl with **** skirts and long black hair flying in the air, a sad and desperate mood filled her body, as if, forever lost what is the most treasured.

The sky is getting darker and darker.

The slender white fingers tapped regularly on the table, and Yesi looked at the girl like an illusion indifferently, silently.

"Where is the beauty?" After looking for a long while, he didn't find the beauty in his mouth. Dou's heart caught the cat's itch. He stretched his neck and continued to look downstairs. Ye Si Nian next to it.

Originally, the fingertips of the desktop were gently tapped, and Ye Sinian’s pupils shrank and unconsciously narrowed their eyes.

On the opposite side of the building, the girl who looked up at the sky did not know when she had lowered her head and looked at herself through the window.

The pale face expression was too strange. Rao was a psychological preparation for Ye Si Nian. He couldn’t help but feel a tight breath and breathe for a moment.

The messy hair was covered in the wind and covered most of the face. Ye Sinian was keenly aware of the curvature of her lips. The heart was cold in the ground, and the fingertips on the table were also undetectable. Trembling.

The white skirt is black and jumps.



Yesan regained his gaze and looked at the sinister sorrow, and opened his mouth. The voice was a bit stunned: "Probably it’s gone..."

"Oh..." It seems that all the energy of the body has been removed by this sentence. Dou Yu has no bones and is kneeling on the table, carefully aiming at the crowd in the intense discussion not far away, saying: "Why am I? Can't see the beauty..."

The corner of the mouth was pumped uncontrollably, and the face flashed brightly over the face that had a strange expression to the extreme. Ye Si Nian looked at him subtly, meaning profoundly: "It is not a lucky thing to see it." ""

"Why?" Dou stunned his eyes, very puzzled, beautiful, isn't everything that everyone wants to see? I am lucky if I can't see it?

"Because you are a otaku!" Yesan laughed and said, "And you are not married to a computer?"

Dou Yu: "..." Otaku can't see beauty? ! (╯‵□')╯(┻━┻

The ringing of the class rang loudly, and the momentum of Dou's accumulation was instantly broken, and the black line was lowered by the amount of time.

The smile on the lips is more intense, and Ye Si Nian licks his lips and looks at Professor Wu who is going to the platform.

The heated discussion was interrupted without any fun, and all the boys and girls were full of faces. But these days, I have already known the style of Professor Wu’s class. I know that the next course is also very enjoyable, so they also Unfortunately, all looked up at the teacher with a spirited look.

Even the screaming sinus also received his heart, and his eyes focused on Professor Wu, who became strong in the gas field of the whole person on the podium.

Some people are like this. They have a wide personality in life, but once they enter the professional field, they are like a personal change. They instantly become strong fighters. They can’t tolerate any kind of provocation. Anyone like this on the platform. Bit.

This kind of strength comes from his years of accumulation of knowledge and strong self-confidence. He is a handsome friend regardless of the students, but in the classroom... the name of one of the big ten fighters is not casual. Said.

Sighting sweeps through the girls who are red-faced and full of adoration, and Ye Sinian straightens her back and is ready to accept this stormy knowledge baptism.


When the bell rang, almost everyone’s face showed an unforgettable expression.

Professor Wu’s momentum suddenly rushed, and he switched from the platform to the old man’s mode. He took off his glasses with a smile and said: “Let’s go back, see you tomorrow!”

"Teacher goodbye!" The voices of one after another came from the mouth of the students who were sorry. The atmosphere was relaxed and warm.

Professor Wu nodded as he packed things and said: "The classmates who come home pay attention to safety!"

Ye Si Nian, who was holding a book and was standing up, heard a glimpse of his eyes, and his eyes unconsciously looked at Sun Lin not far away.

Nothing to know about the future, Sun Lin was tidying up the book with the notes and explaining the work to the girl next to him. The expression on his face was serious.

A long, maroon-haired hair with a wavy roll, the girl with a beautiful figure and a great figure kept on her head, but looking straight into Sun Lin’s eyes, she flashed a bit of sadness from time to time, and finally couldn’t help but interrupt him. Road: "Is there anything else besides these?"

Sun Linyiyi, like this, I noticed how incomprehensible I was. The hand holding the book tightened and said: "I’m sorry, I just looked at the work. You don’t go home, but don’t always House in the dormitory."

This sentence clearly shows that there is no other ambiguity. The girl said that she suddenly blushes and bites her lower lip during the period of Ai Ai. "Then you pay attention to safety by car..."

"... um." Sun Lin gave a low voice, and the smile on his face was barely observable.

Onlookers, Ye Si Nian picked up his eyebrows and took back his sight.

Unlike other people's imagination, Sun Lin is indeed a person with strong ability and high ability, but the perfect person is also weak.

For example, Sun Lin’s weakness is that he is actually a **** that hides his sexuality.

Yesian did not feel much about his choice of concealing sexuality. Everyone has his own way of living, concealing or publicizing. In fact, it is just a personal choice.

Openness is a living method. He is free to pursue his love. He does not need to suppress himself, but what follows is endless criticism and enormous social pressure.

Concealing sexuality is also a kind of living method. Criticism and pressure will indeed leave him, but negative influences are also inevitable. For example, you need to live in a war to prevent you from showing your feet, or even ... to deceive a good girl against your conscience.

Sun Lin is like this. After concealing his sexuality, he really can not face those strange eyes and criticisms. He can climb up to the position of his own ability and achieve the dream success.

But at the cost, he didn't even dare to easily reject others' pursuits.

After all, such a girl who is all good, what kind of boys will refuse her pursuit?

If he refuses, will it look abnormal?

With these thoughts in mind, Sun Lin is even more embarrassed. Sun Lin simply does not dare to reject a person like a normal boy, so she can only enjoy her inner love while enjoying her inner struggle.

Ye Sinian took the book and walked past them, his eyes sweeping through Sun Lin’s hand.

The beautifully framed ones have been pinched and deformed.

Such a person who is depressed to the extreme but does not dare to relax will be easily tempted and confused. In the end, even indulge in it?

After all, the mountain has people going every year. Why is it only him?

And only the existence that ordinary people can't accept and have no connection with the outside world will let Sun Lin put down his heart and gradually put in emotions?

After all, who can believe that someone really falls in love with a ghost? 2k novel reading network