Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 112: Cannon fodder counterattacks spiritual a

All kinds of mixed thoughts in my mind were temporarily emptied, and Sun Lin walked aimlessly in the mountains, and his mood was slightly low.

There are very few perfect things in this world. He does not feel that choosing to conceal sexuality is a mistake, but the restless shackles and repressions still make him unable to hold himself.

Why does he have to bear these?

Why can't he have a lover who can work together for a lifetime?

Can he only be so depressed in this life?

When there is no time, when you need to interact with the girls in the school, when you hear someone else joke, you are the winner of life... Many times, he will ask himself like this.

But until now, he still couldn't find the answer that really convinced him.

Maybe I can't find the answer in my life?

Sun Lin yanked the leaves and sighed.

But for a moment, he stopped his movements and looked incredibly at the footprints not far away.

that is……

Sun Lin looked down at his shoes and frowned and went forward, comparing the footprints.

Is this your own footprint? !

Sun Lin couldn't take care of it at this time. She looked up and looked at it in surprise, but found that she was not familiar with the environment here!

This... Where did you come from?

I realized that I was lost, and Sun Lin didn’t worry much about it. The vegetation of this mountain is not dense. Although there are fewer people going up the mountain, I have never heard of any beasts, and people who went to the mountain today are comparing. More, maybe you will be able to meet people right away. The most difficult thing is that he can call his family for help, so there is no need to worry about security issues.

Put away the mobile phone with full signal, Sun Lin is not in a hurry, continue to go forward along the feeling.

After half an hour.

"Call!" Sun Lin frowned and looked at his eyes. He finally sat down on a clean grass and relaxed some sour legs against the big tree behind him.

It is difficult for the mountain road. He has not been to the mountain for many years. This winding is going around and it is really tiring.

Reaching out the phone and looking at the full signal, Sun Lin hesitated, or recovered the call.

Forget it, take a break and try to walk again. Maybe you just didn't go in the right direction? In the unlikely event that their parents are rushing to climb up and find themselves nearby, isn’t that too shameful?

In the heart of these thoughts, Sun Lin licked his lips and took the phone back into his pocket, and he took a long sigh of relief from the big tree behind him.

Not to mention, it’s a little tired after going so long...

Sun Lin made a big yawn, changed his comfortable posture, and slowly closed his eyes.

The breeze blew, and the buds on the grass that had just emerged from the head shook gently.

A pair of white feet appeared on Sun Lin's side, and then the whole body gradually showed its way from the void.

The boy with half-length hair shook his head and looked at Sun Lin, who was asleep.

The pale fingertips carefully swayed Sun Lin's forehead, and the boy felt the warmth of his fingertips. It was like seeing an incredible picture. The pale complexion but the facial features of the facial features were somewhat weird.

Raising his hand and touching the dark fingerprint on his neck, the boy's eyebrows wrinkled, as if he was determined, he leaned over and covered Sun Lin's body...


It was noon after returning from the cemetery. The three had a meal at the restaurant. Although Yi and Zhang were very eager to bring him to their home immediately, Ye Si Nian still smiled and refused.

It is not that he deliberately alienates them, but that the original Lord’s Qingming and his parents’ jealousy day insist on one person staying at home. Yi Yi and Zhang Nian are also accustomed to his persistence. If he now agrees to go to their home, it may cause doubt.

Moreover, going tomorrow is the same.

Although it is not appropriate to say this, Yesian is really glad that the parents of the original master did not stay in this world after death.

Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to be that kind of existence.

Timing, cause of death, obsession in the heart, location of death...

Only those who meet the standard conditions will not completely dissipate between heaven and earth, but will become such a strange existence.

Until the wish is over, and the mind is resolved, they will let go without any help and completely dissipate.

Of course, the opportunity to resolve the obsession is also unavoidable. Most of the Afghan can only stay in place and repeat the memory of the last moment of life.

Ye Sinian sat at the table and looked at the small letters and photos on the computer screen with no expression.

There is a system in hand, he does not have to worry about his browsing history will be officially aware, and do not have to worry that he will not find the most authentic information.

Li Wei, a junior in the media department, is a famous school flower. He died in a car accident three years ago. The perpetrators are still at large.

Zhou Yihui, a student of the second year of the law school, was inserted by Xiaosan two years ago and **** to take a photo. The children in the stomach for two months are gone, and the photos are sent to the Internet. Hurricane, she chose to jump off the building to commit suicide.

Lin Xiaobei, when his parents broke up at the age of five, his mother who went after the anger and ran out of the Lin family. When the police found that he was full of ill-concealed bodies, it had already passed a month. The murderer has not been brought to justice...

Ye Si Nian frowned and looked at the boy with scars on his screen and his body was twisted. It was difficult to connect him with the child who was cute and cute with the doll last night.

Unlike the two girls who can only stay in the land of death to repeat the memory of life, Lin Xiaobei did not stay in the same place, but instead squatted at the door.

Speaking of it, he still has some impressions of Lin Xiaobei.

His parents’ feelings have been very bad. They have to make a big fight every three or five times. Sometimes they will even fight a lot. Although most of the time they lived in their aunt’s house in these years, they occasionally came back eight times to hear it ten times. That kind of hysterical quarrel and shouting.

Whenever the parents quarrel, Lin Xiaobei will hold his little bear doll at the door of the yard, no noisy or crying, just squatting.

Such a small lonely figure left a very deep impression on the original small heart at that time.

Unfortunately, he had not had time to find a chance to comfort him, he heard the news of his disappearance and even death.

Ye Si Nian licked his lips and saw that the parents had already had their own written records of happy families, and they couldn’t see the eyebrows.

Turning off the computer, Yesian stood up and took the cup to the table. Just wanted to pour some water, he heard the sound of the door being knocked.

Ye Si Nian acted a meal and raised his wrist in a quiet manner to look at the time.


The long curly eyelashes trembled, and Ye Siyue put down the cup with a blank expression, walked out of the study in his pajamas and went to the gate.


"Brother..." Lin Xiaobei, wearing a duckling pajamas, looked up at Ye Sinian, a pair of glass-like big eyes with tears, full of grievances.

Ye Sinian gripped the doorknob's hand tightly. He frowned and looked at the boy who had not had his thigh in front of him. His eyes swept over his pale face, which was paler than normal. He blinked and looked dirty. The little bear doll, licking his lips, did not speak.

"It’s cold outside..." Seeing his chilly face, Lin Xiaobei licked his mouth, the water in his eyes was thicker, and the grievances on his face almost overflowed. He reached out and tried to catch Ye Si Nian’s pajamas. But like suddenly thinking of something, the action of reaching out was stunned and retracted to rub on the pajamas that were stained with mud.

Ye Si Nian wants to close the door and slammed the action.

He looked up at the dimly lit streetlights, his throat moved, and he finally sighed in his heart and took a step back.

Lin Xiaobei’s eyes lit up, and the small hand of the meat toss pinched the hem of Ye Si Nian’s pajamas, and widened his eyes and walked in carefully.

Looking at Lin Xiaobei, who was holding a doll in front of him and satisfied with the cleverness, Ye Si-nian licked his lips and bent over and picked up the remote control to turn on the TV. He said: "Play yourself."

Seeing that he had nodded in a good way, Ye Sinian raised a trace of satisfaction in his heart, and pointed his facelessly to the single sofa leaning against the floor-to-ceiling window, saying: "Go there when you sleep."

"Well..." Lin Xiaobei looked down at his fingers, and when he saw the huge sofa full of furry dolls, his eyes brightened.

Ye Sinian was more satisfied with his performance. He looked around and didn't know that his species needed to sleep and eat. He simply swallowed the cockroaches in his mouth and left a sentence saying, "Don't quarrel with me." Expressionlessly went upstairs.

But a little devil, it should... nothing will happen...


Although some of my heart was curious about what the little devil would do underneath, but Ye Si Nian did not sneak out to peek in the end, after washing, he went to bed and prepared to rest.

In the dark, the temperature dropped a bit.

Sitting in the heart of Ye Si Nian’s heart, the line of sight moved from the thick head of the hand and looked at the black dagger lying quietly on the table.

The dark carpet was gradually shrouded in a thin layer of white mist, and Yesi looked at the familiar scene in front of him and placed the book on the cabinet.

"Oh..." A smirk with a pleasant sigh on the ear side, and Ye Sinian trembled with a sharp heart and was pressed **** the pillow.

"Are you waiting for me?" A cold hand flexed into the pajamas, stroking the perfect back muscles of Yesian, and the other cold hand gently pinched his chin. The breath of cold is close at hand.

Ye Si Nian blinked and his face was slightly stunned. The black pupils were surrounded by the black pupils, and they could easily see their faces in the face.

"You..." Yesny opened his mouth and finally found his voice: "Who are you?"

"You come to provoke me, but don't know who I am?" The man blinked in a dangerous way, and the hoarse voice was a little bit sloppy: "And... also took a little devil?!"

"I..." After a sudden cold, a bad premonition hit the heart, and Ye Siyan stunned his eyes sharply, and he was blocked by the cockroaches before he could argue.

The slender legs were suppressed by the man, and the wrists of both hands were strongly pressed against the top of the head. The movement of the back of the hand became more and more lyrical. Ye Si Nian was like a fish that was slaughtered. The chin passively bears the fierce deep kiss of a man.

The squeaking sound of the lips and tongue echoed in the dimly lit room, and Ye Si’s slightly upturned eyes were stained with a few blushes, his chest violently undulating, his eyes became more and more stunned, and his resistance was getting smaller and smaller.

The man hooked his lips, the expression on his face was pleasant to the extreme, and the cold tongue went down along his slightly raised neck.

Ye Si Nian suddenly flashed a dark mang in his stunned eyes.

After a while, the man who was immersed in the delicate and cute clavicle was slammed and his eyes were surprised to be suppressed on the bed.

"Say! Who the **** are you?!" Yeshian squinted her lips, looking down at the man with the delicate lines of the five senses. The dagger with some blades was held tightly in his hand, sharp knife. The tip is close to the man's throat.

"You..." The light is getting brighter and brighter, and the man evokes a funny smile. He is not afraid to die and reach out and smother Ye Si Nian to hold his thighs. The hoarse voice is full of joy: "Very good. ......" 2k novel reading network