Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 111: Cannon fodder counterattacks spiritual a

It was already nine o'clock when I returned home according to the route in memory. Although the journey was quite exhausting, it was a good deal. The dagger hidden in the pocket was not found by security.

Of course, this is undoubtedly a good thing in Ye Si Nian's view.

Yi Che's parents had a good life. This house is located in the famous garden district of C City. Although it is a long time, it is very valuable in terms of environment and supporting facilities.

Looking at the taxi to go away, Ye Sinian turned around and looked at the two-story small building in front of him.

The light of the street lamp is not bright. In the darkness, the small building presents a slightly weird shape, quiet and quiet.

Perhaps it was the reason of the early spring, the night wind was still a little cold, and Ye Sisian gathered his gray windbreaker and pushed the suitcase to push the white fence in front of him.


In the dim night, the sound came out.

Ye Si-nian paused and turned his head and looked at the small building not far away.

Unlike the small building that was in the dark in the dark, even at such a long distance, Yesian could clearly hear the laughter that seemed to be hot.

Warm light through the window illuminates the green lawn.

It also makes the child holding the doll more aggrieved.

The cold sight fell on the boy in the little duck pajamas, and Yersian’s hand on the fence tightened.

Standing barefoot on the grass, the pale yellow pajamas smudged with mud, and the dolls in my arms were not too clean. The boy looked up and grievously looked at the laughter in the window, a pair of colored glasses. The scorpion is so big, the white face is bathed in the light, and the whole person looks like an illusion.

Facelessly retracting his gaze, Ye Sinian licked his lips and walked into the yard with a box.


“啪” turned on the light, and Ye Sinian stood in the door with the box, and the line of sight swept through the cleaned window. It suddenly paused, and then slowly walked in.

Yi Che's aunt and uncle have always been very good to him. In the past few years, he has gone to college alone, but this house has been cleaned up and looks like a person who has been living, clean and familiar.

Ye Si Nian walked to the living room and put down the box, and took a look at it. Then he took out the phone and dialed the phone.

"Aunt?" Yesian sat down on the sofa and quietly watched the thick one on the coffee table. It was still left at home during the original winter vacation.

"Hey! Xiao Che!" Yi Che's aunt Yi Yi is preparing to go out. After receiving the call, she finally breathed a sigh of relief and grumbled and complained: "Why don't you call me back? You didn't pick up the call, urgently Get me! I am planning to drive in the past!"

In the orc world and in ancient times, I lived for two generations. When I returned to modern society, I did not adapt to this convenient means of communication. The existence of the mobile phone was ignored by him and directly put into the bag.

But of course, these can't be said. Ye Sinian smiled and said: "The phone has no electricity, and it is not far away."

"You, you! Have you eaten yet?" Yi Yi went to his car and walked and said: "Wait, let me cook for you!"

"I have eaten it, and it is too late now, no need to bother..." Yesi said with a smile for a long time, which dispelled the idea of ​​Yi Li immediately driving.

Both her husband and her husband are university professors. Although she has always regarded Yi Che as a pro-son, she was eight years old when her brother and nephew were in trouble. Whatever they are, they can't really replace their parents.

I remembered that the little girl who was naughty to let her collapse in the night became silent. I sighed in the heart and closed the door. "That's fine. You must be tired when you come back by car. Have a rest early tonight. Let's pick you up tomorrow, let's go together, ah!"

"Yeah!" Yesny nodded and her lips smiled deeper.

The two talked a few more words, and he was rushed to rest by Yi Yi. Ye Sinian hangs up the phone and seems to echo her loving voice.

Some people are like this, even if they are across the phone, they can raise a kind of cared warmth from the bottom of their hearts.

Laughing and putting down the phone, Ye Sinian stood up from the sofa and slowly walked around at home.

Familiar and unfamiliar structure and arrangement, everything in front of the eyes coincides with the memory of the original master. Ye Sinian stood at the door of the bedroom and looked at the dark carpet on the ground and slowly walked in.


During the Ching Ming period, the rain was heavy. The next morning, Ye Sinian did not open his eyes and heard the sound of rain outside the window.

When the quilt was opened, the bed was opened, and Ye Sinian opened the thick curtains and looked at the window with a pair of sleepy eyes.

The water mist permeates the land, and the distant mountains and the nearby trees are covered with a layer of fuzzy white mist. The ground is moist, and the grass is wet by the rain, showing a deeper green. The thick glass seems to smell the freshness of the water vapor.

Drowsiness finally dissipated a lot, and Ye Si Nian blinked and looked at the yard in front of the small building last night.

In the sky of water vapor, the child holding the doll has disappeared.

Yesian was relieved with a subconscious mind.

The sound of the wheel running over the road was not very clear in the rain. Ye Siian turned his face and saw a black cross-country parked outside the yard. The middle-aged man with some blessings pushed the fence open and walked. Come in.

Ye Sinian bowed his head and licked his pajamas, and did not care much. He turned and left the door.

"Hey, this rain!" Yi Che's uncle, while walking in the middle of the year, licking the rain on his arm, he couldn't help but woke up his voice. He also deliberately lowered his voice. He didn't expect to see him from the eye. The stairs went down.

"Xiao Che! How come up so early?" In the year of the year, he knows the habits of young people nowadays, let alone a holiday, even if he is still in school, he can sleep for a while! What time is it? How did Yi Che get up so early? After thinking about it, he pushed his glasses and worried that he said: "Is it not sleeping?"

"No, I slept earlier last night." Yesnian glanced behind him, strangely saying: "What about me?"

"Hey, she will come over immediately, you will change clothes, I will cook for you." Then, in the year of the chapter, he picked up his sleeves and walked to the kitchen.

The original master grew up in front of them, and there was nothing to be polite. Ye Sinian nodded and turned to the floor. He said that he hadn’t washed his face yet...

The cooking in the year of the year has been very good. After eating a beautiful breakfast, Yesi’s mood is very good, and the smile on the face is a little more.

Watching him eat very happy, Zhang Nian and Yi Yi looked at each other, this was a relief, and the heart was slightly put a little.

So many years have passed, although Xiao Che is usually no different from a normal child, but every time he specializes in this special day, he can still see his sorrow.

This thing of psychological shadow is really hard to erase, let alone the eyes of Yi Che, who witnessed his parents’ death?

Yi Yan took the dishes and went to the kitchen. While walking, he raised his voice to the Zhang Nian Road behind him: "Old Zhang! You have to check that things are ready!"

"Good." The year of the year promised to stand up and say to Ye Si Nian: "Xiao Che, the wind in the cemetery is relatively large, you better wear a thick coat."

Ye Si Nian nodded and stood up and went to the upstairs room.

I changed a long coat of camel, and I wore a pair of boots with thick soles. Ye Sinian took photos before the mirror and found that there was nothing missing, so I was ready to go downstairs.

Downstairs, Zhang Nian and Yi Yi have already got on the bus and just waited for him.

Going out of the footsteps, Ye Sinian frowned, and looked back at the table not far away.

The dagger with the black handle lie quietly on the table, and there is no suspicious movement.

Yesterday, the hoarse voice with a pleasant smile seemed to be ringing in my ears. Ye Sinian blinked for a moment and finally turned back and licked her lips and stuffed it into her pocket.

If you don’t take it with you, who knows what kind of moth?


the other side.

Listening to the meaning of the mother's words, Sun Lin's face was a little reluctant, saying: "How old is I? Urgent!"

"You are not big? The grandson of Grandpa’s family next door took the child last year! He is one year younger than you!" Sun Lin’s mother retorted: “Is there not a lot of girls in your school who like you? Not a suitable one?"

The expression on Sun Lin's face was a little stiff, and the hand hanging on the side of the body was uncontrollably pinched into a fist. The eyes of the parents and relatives who cast themselves on their bodies seemed to have a different look, and they have been fighting hard all the time. The secret seems to be exposed to the puncture and camouflage. Sun Lin’s fingertips are slightly trembling, and they hold back the sorrow and uneasiness in their hearts. They laugh out: “Mom, you can rest assured that your girlfriend will always have it.”

Sun Lin’s mother stared at the face of her own son, and I don’t know why I felt a little strange.

In her mind, Sun Lin has always been a very good person. He doesn't need to worry about it when he is young. His academic performance is still so good. He is also admitted to such a great university. He is handsome and capable. Let her be proud of her mother's heart.

Such people will not find a girlfriend?

Thinking of those people's sour faces, Sun Lin Ma disdain in her heart, but she said: "You don't want to be too bad! With a good girl, you must take good care of it! Otherwise, when you are older, you can't find it." It!"

"Well! I have a few in my heart!" Sun Lin was stunned by her strange eyes and said: "Then go down first! I want to go shopping in the mountains."

"What's so good on this mountain!" Sun Linma frowned, and the rest of the words were interrupted by Sun Lin's father.

"How much do you say so today? Young people like to go shopping with him. Is there anything that he can do with such a big person? This pile of relatives is waiting! Go back and cook!"

Sun Lin Ma finally closed his mouth and said, with a large group of relatives down the mountain.

Looking at the mighty back of the group of people, Sun Lin was relieved.

Some secrets, he may only be brought into the grave.

But at least at this moment, let him forget those troubles and relax for a while...

Sun Lin took a long sigh of relief and bowed his head aimlessly, walking along the path that the predecessors stepped out into the mountains. 2k novel reading network