Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 114: Cannon fodder counterattacks spiritual a

Yesi’s expression stood on the stairs in a messy way, and the ghost looked at the TV screen not far away. The ear echoed “Teacher Taishi too, you listen to the poor road explanation” and “I don’t listen to me, I don’t listen! You’re stinky.” !"


It is like brainwashing.

"Brother!" Lin Xiaobei also seems to be difficult to resist the lethality of this "Divine Comedy", looking at the helplessness from the bitter sea, looking at the stairs on the leaves of Yes, is almost two tears.

On the sofa, a serious look of the moon slammed back and looked at Ye Si Nian is also a bright spot!

Bathed in the burning gaze, the messy leaves of the wind in the wind, straighten up the back, silently swallowed a blood.

"Cough!" Yeshian concealed a light cough, and then walked down the stairs without incident, while walking to look at Lin Xiaobei near the floor-to-ceiling window, said: "Xiaobei, how was I sleeping last night?"

Lin Xiaobei, who has long forgotten the taste of sleep: "..."

Ye Si Nian who said stupid things in a mess: "..."

Seeking a reasonable and unreasonable month: "..."

"Why did you wake up so early?" Yueyue got up from the sofa, first secretly handed a warning look to the little ghost not far away, and then smiled and dressed in pajamas, the hair was a little messy, obviously just getting up. Reach out for the year.

Lin Xiaobei, who received a warning eye, licked his mouth and retracted the sofa with his doll.

This uncle is so good or bad, grabbed the TV and grabbed his brother...

Ye Si Nian smoked his mouth and pretended not to see his little movements, and walked over with his slippers.

As a great general who stayed in the history of the Qing Dynasty, the New Moon is naturally a high-spirited person. The muscles of a hard-boned country are not obvious under the cover of black clothes, but Ye Si-nian, who had touched it last night. I know exactly what kind of figure is under the clothes.

It’s certainly not enough to have a handsome appearance, but the new moon is not the last general of the last year of the moon, or even the emperor of the last emperor.

His handsome appearance, the unparalleled military exploits of his contemporaries, and the illustrious family life, if the moon is very unlucky to suddenly die on the road to the battlefield, his influence in history will even rise. At the height of no one, the final touch of the mysterious and prosperous short-lived dynasty is added.

Of course, although he did not continue the glorious myth, even though most of the history of the moon has not been tested, the moon has a considerable amount of brain powder around the world.

Among them are Professor Chen who went to the tomb together with Ye Si Nian...

According to Ye Si Nian's guess, the reason why they are so sought after for the mysterious moon is that such a sentence has been recorded in a miscellaneous note left by Gain.

"The moon sergeant, the generals are also the young, the weak side of the year, the elegant and graceful, the beautiful, the more beautiful, the more beautiful, the body is at the time, the middle of the cries crying, countless noble women cut the hair for the Ni, vowed , Jun is gone, I don’t marry..."

Of course, this speculation was originally only the brain supplement of Yessian. After all, it is only a paragraph that the author has arbitrarily recorded. Is it exaggerated? No one can say it. If it is not the information left by the moon, it is too little, perhaps It will not be valued, and even if it is widely spread now, it is difficult to be in the formal academic field.

It was not until I saw the first sight of the New Moon, that Ye Si Nian knew that the man was not exaggerated at all.

Of course... it’s just the first sight.


Holding the cold hand, Ye Siian was brought into a very low temperature with the strength of the man. The cold invaded the body through the non-thick pajamas. Although he was mentally prepared, he was still frozen. I have to shudder.

"It's very cold?" The lunar action was very skillful and natural. He reached out to the waist of Ye Sinian and noticed his movements. The strange eyes were slightly stunned.

"There is a little bit." Ye Sinian patted on his hard-boned chest and said: "The temperature is not high now. If it is in the summer, it must be very good."

Seeing him did not dislike the meaning of disgust. The eyes that were picked up by the moon were slightly relaxed. He raised his hand and licked his soft short hair. The language was unclear: "It will be better after a while."

Sensitively catching the obvious unsightly darkness in his eyes, Ye Siyan’s eyebrows were picked, but he did not have much to say. He had to temporarily put down his curiosity and changed the subject: “You can go out during the day. ?"

The moon squinted at a small group not far from the eye, and the eyes flashed a clear smug: "Only I can."

The meaning of the words is obvious, only he can, the little devil has no such ability.

Lin Xiaobei, who strives to reduce the sense of existence: "..."

“Why?” Ye Sinian blinked, and the phoenix was full of light of exploration. It is obviously a species. Is the gap so big?

To his curious eyes, the smile on the face of Yueyue is even more proud. The confidence that was hit by the villain in the box has also risen again. He snorted and just wanted to explain his particularity. I saw the person in my arms suddenly blinking!

The moonlight flashed a bad hunch in my heart.

"Because you are old?"


On the bright eyes of the last year, the moon did not know why the heart suddenly raised a sorrowful anger, and it was very uncomfortable to explain: "I was only twenty and two when I was in my body. These hundred years have been sleeping. In the tomb, how can I count?!"

The two men chatted for a long time, and when the sound of a car came from outside the door, Ye Si Nian was surprised to see what he had forgotten.

Today he is going to the aunt's house!

The outside person must say that he is good to pick up his uncle!

Ye Si-nian’s expression squinted at the moon, which he refused to let, and turned his head and looked at Lin Xiaobei, who was not far away.

"You... can you let people see?" These two people are too cute to dress up, and one is an acquaintance. It is not good to see the true face of the year.

Lin Xiaobei nodded, holding the doll and fading away under the gaze of Yessian. There was only one porcelain doll in the sofa.

On the eyes of his expectation, the moon frowned, and bowed his head to kiss the lips of Yes.

The lips and tongues are intertwined, and the cold tongue makes each other more sensitive. An unspeakable stimulus rises from the bottom of the heart, driving each other to want more.

The footsteps gradually came and came closer and closer.

The secret excitement almost expelled the minds in his mind, and Yates couldn't help but raise his hand and climb the shoulder of the moon.

The expression on his face was a little loose, and the cold hand of the moon was inserted. The soft short hair of Yessian deepened the kiss.

The footsteps stopped, the key was inserted into the keyhole, and a "beep" sound was heard.

Finally, in his warm mouth, he swept a pass, and Yuelu finally let go of Ye Si-nian, who had a blank expression. He bowed his head and kissed his bright red lips. The voice was vague and clear: "With a dagger, I have something to do these two days, waiting for me."

"Well..." Yesny nodded and watched him disappear into the void.

The door was slowly pushed open.


The holiday of Ching Ming Festival was very short. Ye Sinian lived in Yizi and Zhang’s family for two days. During the period, according to the introduction of the system to the basic situation of the world, combined with the various characteristics of the online summary When the final method of getting along with Ah Piao is finally found out, the holiday is about to end.

In the repeated sorrows of her aunt and uncle, Ye Sinian finally embarked on the road back to school.

Perhaps it is because of the unfamiliarity of the strange environment, although Ye Si Nian took the dagger and the porcelain doll to the Yijia family, but Lin Xiaobei quietly touched it out at the beginning, and then stayed in that porcelain. In the doll, it has not come out.

Lunar New Year did not know what to do, and the dagger had been quietly staying in the pocket of Yessian, without any movement.

All the way to the night, when finally arrived at the dormitory, Rao Yes did not bring much things, or inevitably felt a little tired.

There is no class tomorrow morning. Dou Yu usually comes over at noon. Yan Yi doesn't have to say that he is not there yet. Sun Lin has not yet arrived.

There is only one person in the dormitory.

Ye Sinian went to the pool and washed her face. When she came out, she saw Lin Xiaobei, who was holding the doll, standing on the tile with bare feet. The big glass-like eyes looked curiously at everything in the dormitory.

For a child who died at the age of five, everything in the college dormitory made him feel new.

Sighting through his fat little feet, Ye Sinian walked over to open the trunk, while taking things out and said: "Tomorrow brother to take you to buy clothes and shoes?"

"Is it okay?" Lin Xiaobei was looking at him on the side of the suitcase and packing things up, and his eyes widened.

"Should be!" I remembered the method I saw on the Internet. Ye Sinian blinked and said, "Let's try it first!"


Ye Sinian was more and more determined about the big bright eyes, and the idea of ​​unconsciously trying to be close to him to protect him. He hooked his lips and raised his hand to touch the soft hair of the child.


It is still early spring, the sky is darker, the dormitory is not as convenient as it is at home, although not everyone can see his existence, but just in case, Lin Xiaobei still smashed into the porcelain doll.

Ye Sinian carefully placed it in the gift box that I didn't know what to buy. Then I turned off the light and climbed onto the bed, stretching my body and wondering how much I should buy tomorrow.

And is it time to move out...

After all, the dormitory is too small to say, there are other people's existence, and it won't be long before it is not just "people". It is inconvenient for him to live here...

In my mind, I thought about the mixed thoughts. When the sleepiness gradually rose, I was about to sink into my sleep, and the sound of the key inserted into the keyhole was passed into the ear.

Ye Si Nian slammed his eyes openly, and the deep phoenix screamed in the darkness with a dark shadow that was unclear.

The people coming outside are...

The light was turned "snapped" and the sound of the suitcase dragging on the ground accompanied the footsteps into the dormitory.

"Are you coming?" Realizing that there was someone in the dormitory, Sun Lin was also taken aback. He was black and quiet as soon as he entered the door. He thought that no one...

Looking down at the watch, I found that at 8 o'clock in the evening, Sun Lin was puzzled: "How did you sleep so early?"

"It’s too tired to get in by the car." Yesn sat up and glanced down, his eyes swept over the watch on his wrist, and the smile on his face was a bit strange.

"That line, let's rest." Sun Lin nodded. He and several of the dormitory have always been nodding. At this time, there is nothing to say. After throwing this sentence, I dragged the suitcase. I have my own location.

Ye Si Nian moved back slowly, his eyes gazing at the 2k novel reading network.