Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 117: Cannon fodder counterattacks spiritual a

I finally bought the big one and a small clothes and burned it out. It’s not too late. Considering that there is still a class in the afternoon, although the scenery here is good, no one is bothering, but Ye Si Nian is still squatting. A few clothes set foot on the way back to school.

This time, the big bag and the clothes and shoes became the moon, and Lin Xiaobei could not appear in the sun. I got into the porcelain doll early, and finally I was able to enjoy the world of two people. The moon was full of pride. The single hand carries the things that are not at all for him, and the other hand holds the empty hand of Yesan, and the fingers are intertwined.

There is an inaccessible place here. Fortunately, there is a subway station not far away. It was very convenient for a group of people when it was built. However, as the “famousness” of Chengxi Park is getting bigger and bigger, this subway station is equivalent to being abandoned. In addition, a large subway station in addition to sporadic and idle moldy staff, almost no figure.

There are not many people on the subway. With the constant coldness of the moon, the passengers above have almost subconsciously chosen to retreat in the face of Yates.

When I saw that someone actually got on the train from this station, they felt a little hairy. When they felt that the temperature suddenly fell a few degrees, they couldn’t help but feel more chilly.

Who doesn't know the famous name of "Ghost Garden"? This young man is quite handsome, how can it appear here? Still a lonely person?

For a moment, what a beautiful man who is innocently dying, what a beautiful vampire, all kinds of imaginative imaginations appear in the minds of a group of people, time, quiet cars can almost smell the needles, not far from the punk headphones The young man also silently took off the headphones and moved to the side.

Ye Sinian sat down on the seat with a blank expression on her face, feeling the people who thought they were very secretive. I don’t know if it’s the smug or the heart.

Of course, he does not like to squeeze with others. He can have a relaxed and independent space. He also feels very enjoyable, but the point is not to be the focus of others' eyes!

Still so weird, scared, and with a strange look, look at the complex eyes of monsters...

Unlike Ye Si Nian’s entanglement, I saw that my sense of existence is so strong that I don’t even have to do anything. As long as people are standing next to him, those ordinary people will immediately retreat. The moon is very happy and proud, and the effect is very good. Mind.

Hey! This general is really prevailing in the past!

Ye Siyin pushed the sunglasses with a blank expression, pretending not to see his proud face.

The moon smiled and took a slap in the face without hesitation.

The cold lips fell on the cheeks, and Ye Si’s face was red.

In the big court, he made such intimate things. Rao Yes, Ye Si Nian knew that other people could not see the existence of the New Moon, but the unspeakable shame still made his face tweet and turned his head silently. I glanced at the moon.

Not far from the side, the little boy who just opened his mouth and cried out loudly turned his face on his face and scared him to close his mouth.

Ye Si Nian: "..."


The afternoon class is Professor Chen’s archaeology and cultural relics. It is very different from Professor Wu’s style. Professor Chen is a happy old man in both class and class. His class is not specified. The materials compiled in the summary are very advancing with the times. From time to time, they will bring some antiques from the museum or from their own collections to teach the students some common sense.

It is different from Professor Wu’s overcrowded class, except that he specializes in public classes for the whole school. Generally, he teaches professional classes with numbers and professional restrictions, so the students in the classroom are all acquaintances of the profession.

The original owner is a person who is sitting in a certain position and will sit down all the time. Ye Sinian has no special thoughts on this window position. Take notes and go to the left rear of the classroom.

Dou Hao came earlier this time. He turned his head and the boy behind him was snoring. When he saw him, he couldn’t help but stretch his arm and shouted: "You can finally come!"

Ye Si Nian slammed his lips.

After the heart and cold hair stood up, Dou Yu retracted his hand, rubbed his arm and asked the boy behind him: "How do you feel a little cold? Is it air conditioning?"

The boy wearing a thick beer bottle bottom glasses raised his eyes from the phone and looked down at his thick coat on his body. "Air conditioning?"

"Yeah!" Dou Yu licked his arm across the clothes and said: "How else is it suddenly so cold?! Is it cool?"

"It's not cold, don't you..." The boy's eyes were blocked by thick lenses and smacked through a bright light. He said with enthusiasm: "Do you open the passage to the different dimension?! The passage is the world of ice and snow?!"

"..." Dou Wei was not able to get rid of it for a while, silent for a moment, said: "Hey, continue watching anime! Don't look up, boy!"

Before the class time, Dou Yu sat on the right hand side of Yessian, and said with enthusiasm about how he killed the four days in the game, and regretted that he only had one of his loyalty to the game. Yi Taotao is really a good young man in the new era.

Ye Si Nian licked his lips and looked at the notes on the table. While he was humming, he wished him and his wife would fall in love with each other. It looked like nothing unusual.

But in essence...

The moon was replaced with the burgundy plaid shirt. The top two buttons were opened, the neck and the collarbone were exposed, and the jeans worn underneath revealed the strong waist and slenderness. Proud leg curves, soles on the soles of exquisite workmanship leather boots, if not the black hair in the crown, it seems to be a modern, beautiful man with a return rate of 100%.

With a smile on his lips, Yueyue sat on the left hand side of Ye Si Nian, holding his left hand on his leg and playing it carefully.

The palm of the hand, the back of the hand, the palm of the hand, the tiger's mouth, the fingertips... The long, cold fingers of Yueyue are slow and sly. He is squatting on his hand, clearly that his hand temperature is very low, but Ye Si Nian feels there is The fire was ignited at the fingertips and the ground was burned along the arm.

The tip of the ear is a little red.


On the right is the popularity of Barabala's game knowledge. On the left is the intimacy of the shameful burst table. Ye Si Nian's lips are staring at the notebooks on the table, and I feel that the above-mentioned correct writings are all fantastic.

Just as his ears were getting more and more red, Professor Chen finally came in with the bag.

Dou Yuyi still closed his mouth, and the movement of the New Moon also converges a little.

Ye Si Nian took a long sigh of relief.

Together with other students, I turned my attention to the treasure bag in the hands of Professor Chen.

The treasure bag is actually just a sloppy baggage bag. Because Professor Chen often uses this antiques with some cultural relics, I don’t know which term’s senior school sister named it “Professor Chen’s treasure bag”. From then on, This title is also considered a reputation of the History Department Student Center.

Professor Chen carefully placed the treasure bag on the podium, and then he sighed with regret and said: "Have you heard about the Qianshan tomb of the generals?"

All of the students in the history department are also going to the desolation of the ancient tombs for extracurricular visits. At this time, Professor Chen mentioned that the first thing that comes to mind in most people is the bumps that lasted for several hours. After the mountain road, I realized what he was asking and shook his head.

There is no such thing as the general's tomb. What can be done?

Ye Si Nian snorted and blinked, and looked at the moon with his fingers on his face.

Others don’t know who the tomb owner of the general’s tomb is, but he knows. If he put it before, he might not think much, but now...

Sun Lin coveted and thought about the post that he saw inadvertently this morning. He stood on the table with his fingers crossed and said: "Is the tomb destroyed?"

His sudden opening appeared a bit awkward in the quiet classroom, and everyone waiting for Professor Chen to reveal the answer looked at him.

Sun Lin frowned, but the eyes that were betting on himself were a little impatient.

Since the occurrence of ... that incident, he has become confused about what he is pursuing. Now it is a period of complex mood, and it is very disgusting to become the focus of attention.

“Yes!” Professor Chen nodded regretfully, saying: “I don’t know what is going on. I’ve been torrential raining over the past few days...”

Listening to Professor Chen’s description, Ye Sinian frowned slightly.

Under the scouring and softening of the heavy rain, the buried hill suddenly experienced a landslide this morning, and the tomb was completely damaged and buried.

Fortunately, just in time for the Ching Ming Festival, the archaeological team members and migrant workers who stayed behind went home on holiday. The rest of the people were also blessed with great fate. They just went down the mountain to buy food. So the accident was great, but it was No one was killed or injured.

However, due to the Qingming holiday, the workers and museum staff who stayed in the buried hills were laid off. They originally intended to be transported to the museum when they came back from the Qing Dynasty. However, they did not expect that they would have encountered such a thing, and they had not had time to ship it. It was buried in the mountains.

After all, it was the appearance of the archaeological site. Even though it was very disgusting that it did not unearth many cultural relics, the students here still regret the consequences of this natural disaster.

Professor Chen said with a sigh and saw that a group of dolls were full of bitter expressions. He put away his regrets and said: "But it’s good to have taken a lot of photos when digging, although there is no real thing. But it’s a great fortune in the unfortunate life!"

I thought that the students who had helped me to take photos at the beginning had renewed their excitement.

Also, there is no development value anyway, and it is not a bad thing to return it to the embrace of the mountains.

After all, it’s safe to be buried!

Listening to Professor Chen constantly comforting everyone on the podium, Ye Sinian slowly raised his lips, and his eyes crossed a trace of evil smile.

If Professor Chen knows that the owner of the tomb is the famous moon general of the moon...

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