Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 116: Cannon fodder counterattacks spiritual a

Ye Sinian walked in the mall with one hand and had a faint smile on his lips. Even wearing sunglasses, it is still difficult to hide his temperament and handsomeness from ordinary people.

The expression on the face of the shopping guide is very tangled. Usually, if she sees such a big and cool guy, she will go up and talk a little, but now I don’t know how, her feet have not gone out, the body is cold. Line up the roots to salute.

Had to tangled in the place to hesitate.

Step by step and follow Ye Si Nian's body, Lunar New Year is proud to regain his gaze from the woman who scared her legs.

It’s enough to have a small thing that doesn’t know how to be good. Does this kind of fat powder also want to play the idea of ​​the general’s wife?

Pretending not to see the little movements of the people behind him, Ye Sinian slowed down the speed of the feet in the men's wear area, and looked down in the row of shirts.

"How is this?" Yesny reached out and touched the burgundy plaid shirt in front of her, and her voice was as low as talking to herself.

Luna held Lin Xiaobei on his side, heard the probe glanced, and aimed at the slender back of the eye, saying: "Is it too big?"

Do people nowadays not like to wear close-fitting clothes?

Ye Si Nian glanced at him with his side, but did not speak, and immediately took off the shirt that was obviously out of size.

Yue Lu looked at the back of his continued move, and there was a sense of doubt that the second monk couldn’t figure it out.

Is it that I understand it wrong?

What people nowadays actually like loose clothes?

But he hadn't figured it out yet, and he saw Ye Sinian pick a white shirt that was obviously a few times smaller than the one just before.

This is even worse for him.

Shirts, jackets, jeans, and even socks, shoes, and panties, Ye Siyan quickly rushed through the mall, and it took more than two hours to get out of the mall door.

The two hands are full, but although the body is not strong, but the weight can still hold, Ye Si Nian will be the dagger and porcelain dolls into the pocket, take a taxi to the West Park.

The taxi driver looked more talkative. He happily took the steering wheel and looked at the back seat of Yesi, and wondered: "What did the younger brother go to the West Park? There is a shortage of it! I can't see a figure for a long time. !"

If I don’t want to go, Ye Sinian smiles and says, “The school has an activity there.”

The driver widened his eyes in a strange way. In this year, is there anyone going to the ghost place to engage in activities?

"You young people are really daring!" The driver nodded and said with emotion: "The ghost place doesn't know how many murders have happened. In the past, some old ladies often went there for a walk, since those things happened. There are fewer and fewer people to go, and it will be scary in the past two years!"

Ye Si Nian smiled and pretended to be authentic: "It doesn't matter, it doesn't take long for our activities..."

"That's good, then good!" The driver looked at the road ahead and recalled: "You don't know! The little girls were also doing some activities there, and one of them said something to me. Origin! The result..."


When the talkative driver said that the fifth suicide case, Chengxi Park finally arrived.

Ye Si Nian looked at the slightly ruined park gate not far from the window, pushing the sunglasses with relief, and the stiff smile on his face was a bit true.

Even if he now has a taste of falling in love with an antique float, it does not mean that he likes to listen to murders that are more novel than the novels.

"The handsome guy pays attention to safety!" After a full storytelling addiction, the cheerful driver smiled even more happily, and screamed and turned the car head.

Ye Si Nian standing at the gate of the park: "..."

Carrying a big bag into the ruined park, the mind is constantly echoing the murderous murder of the driver. A gust of wind blows, the yellow leaves are wrapped in the wind and rolling on the blue-gray ground, it seems that there is no early spring season. There is a vitality, a group of desolate, desolate.

Ye Si Nian took a slap in the mouth and thought that it was okay for himself. If someone who is not so courageous comes over, can't you scare something wrong?

Just like the meaning of the name, Chengxi Park is located in the west of the city. Due to the large area, the planning is reasonable, and there is a long bicycle path around the lake. popular.

But since the murders that happened one after another, the number of people willing to come is getting less and less, and the legend about the park is rushing in a strange direction.

At the beginning, it was only in the park that there were a few murderers in the park. Later, it gradually became the fate of those who were killed. The park became a ghost garden...

When someone on the Internet pulled out the corpse of the war that was once in the war, I don’t know how many souls wandered here, the West Park was completely defeated.

For a long time, no one has set foot, the grass on the lake grows very natural and casual, and in this early spring season, it shows a vigorous posture.

In front of the wide lake, Ye Sinian puts all the things in his hand on the grass and looks far away.

The weather is not very good, the sun is not very abundant, the air is mixed with the fresh air of grass and lake, which makes people feel a relaxed and cozy heart from the bottom of their hearts.

Ye Si Nian took off his sunglasses and raised a relaxed smile on his lips.

Thanks to the strange rumors, in this bustling city, there has been such a treasure that has gradually faded away.

I don't know if it is worth it or not?


A cold breath came from the rear, and Ye Sinian’s thoughts of vigilance did not rise, but he fell into a slightly cold embrace.

"This place is good." Yue Yan grabbed Ye Si Nian's waist from behind and looked up and looked around. "But what are you doing here?"

"How difficult is it to find a place that no one has not monitored in this year?" Yessin pointed to the big bag on the ground.

Yue Yan picked up his eyebrows. What does this have to do with the clothes on the ground?

Soon, he knew why Ye Si Nian said so.

On the grass, I drew a circle with a gap. Ye Sian took out the pen and paper and wrote the words "Moon," and put the note and the burgundy plaid shirt together and throw it into the circle. Pick up a lighter from your pocket and ignite it.

One big one, two small, unseen, Aya wandering beside the fire, watching Ye Si Nian's movements, also frowning, also very puzzled.

What to do with clothes?

What is the name?

The breeze fueled the fire, but in a few minutes, a brand new shirt burned to ashes under the watchful eyes of the three, and the fire gradually went out.

"Well?!" The moon slammed his eyes sharply, staring intently at the burgundy shirt that appeared at his feet, and the brand new label even hangs on it.

Is this... not burning? !

"Yeah!" Lin Xiaobei was surprised that the dolls in his hands had to be lost. A pair of glass-like scorpions were rounded, and they looked at the new clothes on the floor with surprise and surprise. The worship of Yesian was almost overflowing. come out!

Brother is great! There will be magic!

The reaction of the two people greatly satisfied the feeling that Ye Si Nian wanted to show off. The lips and corners unconsciously tilted up a pleasant arc. He coughed, and it was no big deal. "What are you doing? Try it!"

Yue Yan looked at the burgundy shirt on the floor and looked up at the smiling Ye Si Nian.

"Hey!" Ye Si Nian was like a large dog with a very low body temperature falling to the ground, unable to prevent it from falling, and had not been able to struggle to be blocked by the cockroach.

On the soft and thick grass, a black-looking, strong-looking moonlight slammed the leaves of the beige windbreaker, and the cold tongue rushed into his warm mouth and wrapped around his warm tongue.

The strange eyes are covered with light golden color, and the moon is tightly holding the chin of Ye Si Nian. In his heart, the fullness is full of possessiveness to this person.

He didn't know what was going on in his mind. He thought he was a grand general. What baby had never seen? But it is a piece of clothes, what can it be worth? But why... Why is it so exciting to be so excited, so that he can't wait to completely break him into the blood, not to teach others to see a point?

The moon's lips are still surprisingly low, but when adapted, the chilling sensation caused by the low temperature makes people can't help but sink.


The fierce kiss seemed to open up a hidden switch on the body. Ye Si Nian’s nose twitched gently. Hey, the originally suppressed hand gradually climbed to the shoulder of the moon.

The sound of the water and the entanglement of the lips and tongues was taken away by the breeze. On the green grass, two slender men kissed together and the picture was extremely lyrical.

Lin Xiaobei tightened the doll in his hand and silently turned around.

This really annoying...


The upturned eye has a faint smudge, and Ye Sinian’s face is also dyed with some redness. The tip of the tongue is numb because of the action of the kiss and the temperature lower than ordinary people. He snorted and pressed his hands. On the shoulder of the moon, push hard.

Yue Luan reluctantly kissed the thin lips that were kissed by her own, but did not retreat. Instead, she pressed it closer to Ye Si Nian and kissed her with a hoarse voice. Sidewalk: "I like you... you are mine..."

There was an accurate enthusiasm on the ring finger. The temperature on Ye Sisian’s face was a little high. The long eyelashes trembled. He gently held the shoulders of the moon, and slid his lips in his constant confession. The voice is low and low: "Well... I like you too..."

The New Moon is obviously more excited. The strange eyes are more intense in gold. He is holding the Ye Si Nian in his arms and really wants to never let go.

Lifting his eyes and sweeping his eyes, Lin Xiaobei, who looked back at the lake silently, Ye Sinian was burned into a chaotic mind by the kiss and finally cleared up a little. He licked his lips and thought that he was actually doing it in front of the child. This kind of thing, blushing a few drops of blood, depressed the voice said: "Hurry up!"

The moon smiled and smirked at the back of the little things not far away, and the heart was happy and proud.

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