Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 132: Escape from the dark island (seven)

"!" Ye Si Nian woke up, the dark green pupil suddenly shrank, his eyes full of stunned killing, staring at the wide screen not far away.

There was a chill of anger on the expressionless face. Ye Si-nian clenched his teeth and licked his lips. The slender, white fingers clasped the grass blades that were stained with morning dew.

The large screen fell on the calm lake. It was a pretty woman. The white dress that was originally clean was not only wet, but also covered with yellow mud spots and green hair on the shoulders. Gently sticking to the neck of the face, it looks awkward.

The twilight flashed, and Ye Si-year’s gaze passed slightly over the pointed ears that she had exposed from her hair, and her lips could not help but tighten.

This person he knows, is similar to the original owner, her race is also the kind of existence that is very suitable for survival in the rainforest, the result of the sharp advantage is the bad luck...

Like the original protagonist, this person has been searching for a long time in the rain forest, but luck is really bad. The original master has seen the appearance of the pearl of life before being smothered. She even looks like the pearl of life. I know that I have been in the rainforest, and I was finally obliterated by the hard-hearted people - after the original Lord, the second person who was obliterated.

In the heart, an indescribable feeling of mutual sympathy was raised. Ye Sinian sighed slightly and her eyebrows rose slightly.

But even if he is pity with his illness, he can't do anything at this moment.

The woman on the screen is still asleep, I don’t know what is wrong with her dreams, her eyebrows are crumpled, and her slender fingers are shaking.

On the huge dark island, nine skeptics in different locations woke up, or looked calmly or timidly at the screen. Some of the hunches in the heart became stronger and stronger. They held their arms tightly and their eyes were stunned. Staring at the woman on the screen who is still asleep.

The slender fingers shook and shook, as if they were frightened, the steady and undulating back slammed tightly, and the woman on the screen squinted and slowly opened her eyes.

There was a sudden gaze in her eyes. She seemed to have no reaction. Where she was, she blinked, and the green eyes looked around.

Breathing and stagnation, like seeing something incredible, the woman’s eyes slammed wide...

The black flame came from all directions, and the pointed ear woman with white skin and long green hair was wrapped tightly by the flame. The slender figure disappeared on the screen and disappeared.


Dead and quiet.

The entire dark island seems to have fallen into an unspeakable silence.

The black flame gradually dissipated, and nothing left in the place. The green grass slowly swayed in the breeze, and the small flowers of red and blue were quietly blooming, full of vivid scenes.

The existence of the green-haired woman just like the illusion of them.

Ye Si Nian’s long eyelashes trembled slightly, and the dry lips lost blood.

There are no traces of the original, just like the woman has never been to this world, but...

In the retina, there are still a pair of panicked, desperate, painful green eyes, and the screen is silent, but the screams that have not sounded in the heart but the lungs have made all the quests hit hard. Quiver.

The bottom of my heart burst into cold.

"The first kill, finish! The game continues!"

At this moment, the cold sound of the ice seems to have come from the land of nine quiet, with a strong **** atmosphere and indifference to life.

It seems to be contemptuous, and it seems to be reminding.

Look, killing is true, eternal darkness is also true, the game begins, and it can no longer stop...


The cruel and horrible picture and the cold voice are like a reminder of the soul. After all, they are the existence of intelligent creatures. Some people are even at the top of the pyramid in the original world. The dark island is for them. Perhaps strange, but only considered to be a game, and not too much.

Even if you don’t find the pearl of life within the specified time? It’s a big deal to be disqualified from the game, and they just don’t have the idea to participate.

Some people don't take it for granted. Some people believe in their luck. They don't care if they lose, or they won't lose. But what about it, most people don't think that punishment is really so terrible.

They thought it was just a talk.

The black flame that came from all sides, can not afford to escape the slightest escape, but also has nowhere to escape, can only be swallowed in an instant.

The trace of existence is completely erased.

It seems like I suddenly realize how weak I am now. Almost everyone is tense. The fear and anger in my heart are getting more and more popular, but the attitude of participating in the game is instantly forced to be active.

At this time, most people have only one goal in mind: find the pearl of life, cross their names from the waiting list, and live!

Be sure to live! Go back to your own world!

Ye Si Nian licked his lips and slowly calmed up the abnormal beat of the beat frequency.

The picture just was too cruel and chilling. Even if he was mentally prepared, when he saw such a picture, his heartbeat could not help but stagnate.

In the original fate trajectory, the original Lord was completely obliterated as that...

A breeze passed by, the huge green tree crown on the head made a squeaking sound, and there seemed to be a sense of comfort in the vagueness. The wind was filled with the fresh morning grass and the fresh dew, and the cold and cold air was poured into the lungs. Slowly discharged, taking away the suffocating accumulation in my heart.

Yessian slowly breathed a sigh of relief.

Although the heart is still unconsciously a little tight, but the good is not so depressed, Yesian sat up and looked a little in the eyebrows.

This beautiful and peaceful island is located in the center of the lake. The gentle mist of water floats in the distance. In the distance, there are crisp and roaring birds. The early fish swim in the water, and sometimes playfully emptied the water and jumped back to the bottom of the lake. It reveals the golden scales reflected in the morning light.

Everything looks so quiet.

Emei touched the neck, and Ye Si Nian’s green eyes flashed a suspicion.

Last night, the confused and chaotic dreams made people really unable to shake their minds. It was just a dream. The content of the dream was still extremely chaotic, but somehow, he always had a kind of...

A strange impulse.

The expression on his face was awkward and subtle. Ye Sinian blinked and blinked his face, his face squinting with a blank expression, and looked down at his own spirit.

Poor, he Ye Si Nian actually mixed into this situation...

The heart jumped and jumped, and Yssian frowned and looked around, with some faint doubts in her heart.

Strange... There is no one else here, but why does he always have a voyeurism that is being watched?

The hand that stretched down was stunned, and Yes coughed a young man, and eventually he couldn’t resist the growing sense of shame in his heart, and his ear was retracted.

Frowning and observing the surrounding Ye Si Nian did not find it, just on the top of his head, the number of green leaves as if the wish was not fulfilled, it is regrettable to drop the tip of the leaf and smash it down.


Thinking about the next plan in my mind, Ye Sinian was relieved when the body finally recovered.

Life without a lover is really incomplete...

In his heart, he turned to the idea of ​​chaos, and Ye Sinian stood up and walked to the lake to simply wash it, and then he tried to catch a fish.

This time, there was no raw food. The grilled fish was tender and tender, and the unknown grass juice was delicious. The food was delicious. I’m eating a meal and putting the clothes to dry, I carry the bag. Going outside the island.

Living on this island is really peaceful and comfortable, but he can't be here forever. This is a game, he has to get involved.

Although the role of the spoon of the world is extremely boring in his opinion, he can at least prove his ability in this game. He does not know whether this is a task of counterattack, but in addition to trying to get it, he I really can't think of how to counterattack.

Do you want to watch others take it?

Of course not.

Most of the people are still fighting each other, but when the key to the world emerges, many people will become alliances under the common interest and jointly pursue the owners.

But they will not let go of any other task. Even if Ye Si Nian wants to be uncontested, there is no chance to explain.

Who can guarantee that Ye Si Nian must not lie? Instead of burying hidden dangers, it is better to remove them directly.

After all, the fewer the number of people, the smaller the final competition, and the more likely they are to grab the spoon of the world.

No one is willing to stay in this ghost place.

Ye Sinian had no idea whether he could return to the real world. He traversed from the system space. If he got the key to the world, he would still return to the system space. What is the difference between his and his mission failure?

But the Tucao is the spit, the key to the world, he will certainly not let go.

And to get the key to the world, now is the best time.

He doesn't know how many people have found the pearl of life now, but with reference to the original world process, this number must not be too many. The head is hung on the head, and even if they know where they are, they can How to give up looking for the Pearl of Life to pursue yourself?

As long as there is no water in the brain, no one should do this. At most, it is anxious in the heart, but in the end it is necessary to find the pearl of life, and there is no energy to chase after himself.

The same is thirteen hours, and the future is now and soon after.

With a mixed thought in his heart, Ye Sinian’s slender body gradually drifted away. The blue lake behind him and the big tree in the middle of the lake are like a dream.

Everything has returned to peace.

The slender back of the head disappeared into the line of sight, and the tall and majestic tree shook with sorrow.