Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 146: Tell you a secret (four)

Adam panted and stopped at the side of the road, and the whole tree fell into untold exhaustion and impatience.

The world is too complicated. Although he doesn't understand a lot of things, he knows that ordinary people can't find their own uniqueness. So even if he can open the roots, he can run fast, but now he can only do it during the day. I pretend to be an ordinary tree, and when I am at night, I will converge as much as possible, and follow the vague feeling in my heart and go to the distance.

But the world is also too big...

He clearly did his best, but it still took a few months before he finally came here.

There seems to be a voice in my mind that keeps echoing in my mind, letting him wait patiently here.

From the night until the day, from the day to the night.

Rao is Adam, who is almost ready to get used to waiting, and is still full of enthusiasm.

His little child... Where is it now?

The tall and tall trunk was converged to almost the same level as the other trees on the side of the road. Adam stood on the side of the road and quietly watched the passing cars flying away.



Ye Siyan looked at the window outside the window with a blank expression, and the trees in the deep phoenix reflected the blue shadows.

I am going to attend the awards ceremony soon. Although I have tried my best to tell myself not to be nervous, he still can't help but tighten his heartstrings.

It’s like... There are very important things that are about to happen in general.

what is it?

Is it the impact of the Emperor?

Ye Si Nian couldn't help but licked his eyebrows, his thin lips were tightly picked up, and a handsome face was tight.

I don't know why, he always thinks...

"Ye Ge, don't worry, this film is so high, you will definitely get the prize!" The assistant who was not very old was seeing him nervous, and couldn't help but say comfort.

Thoughts were suddenly disrupted, and Ye Si Nian couldn't help but blink. He just wanted to turn his head and look at him. The line of sight was inadvertently passed over the tree that looked a little different...

It’s the same height as the tree next to it, but it seems to be inexplicable.

Is it sad?

Ye Sinian shuddered and trembled. She couldn’t help but explore the body and wanted to see it. But after passing the intersection, the speed was quickly raised. The tree only stayed on the retina for a moment. He quickly lost his track.

I don’t know why I suddenly raised a feeling of loss that I couldn’t tell, and Ye Si Nian’s thick eyelashes trembled, and the eyes flashed a little regret.

It’s like... it seems like he missed something very important and important...

"Ye Ge?" The assistant saw that he looked even worse, his heart was more tense, but he did not dare to show his face, cautiously screaming at his head.

"What is it?" Yessian's eyebrows wrinkled even more tightly, because the regrets in the heart were getting higher and higher, and the tone could not help but be a little cold.

"Hey... my sister's phone..." The assistant couldn't help but shrink his neck and opened his mouth, saying: "You don't be nervous about Ye Ge..."

The line of sight finally came back from the window, and Ye Si-yin leaned back on the back of the chair and closed his eyes for a long breath.

"I am not nervous." Temporarily pressed the inexplicable emotions, Ye Si Nian still closed his eyes, and the slender and strong hands were lifted up and said: "Tell me."

When the assistant saw that he finally relaxed, he couldn't help but feel a sigh of relief, and he handed the mobile phone that kept shaking in his hands.

It’s coming soon. This award ceremony is very important to Ye Ge. If there is any scorpion, don’t say Sister, he can’t forgive himself.

How important is the laurel of the Emperor, but anyone who knows a little about this circle knows that this is an honor that can go down in history!

At such an important moment, how can I drop the chain as an assistant?

That must kill all the bad signs in the cradle!


The carnival is finally over.

Even if he didn't drink alcohol, his body was inevitably contaminated with alcohol. Ye Sinian frowned and loosened his tie and strode to his car.

Staying in such a hot environment for a long time, Rao is not wearing much clothes, but also a little hot.

Fortunately, in the whole circle, people in the whole circle know almost everything, so although the whole night was entangled with some irritability, but no one did not look up to want to drunk him.

So he can stay awake at this time.

"Ye Ge, really do not need help?" I don't know if I was excited or drunk in the carnival just now. The assistant's face was red and the tongue was a bit big.

Finally completed his dream, Ye Si Nian was very happy at this time, could not help but glance at him, hooked lips: "Is you? Will not take me into the ditch?"

It was only when I remembered that my state was not suitable for driving. The assistant’s face could not help but be a little more red, and smirked and scratched the back of the head.

"Well, you continue to play, I am leaving."

The window slowly rose, and there was only one person left in the car. Ye Sinian looked at the front, and the twin phoenixes flashed through a dark mantle.

Finally, the joy of winning the laurels of the actor was filled with innermost feelings, and the lips were always upturned. Ye Sinian licked his lips and drove forward.

I have been striving for this goal since I entered the industry. Now I have finally achieved my goal. It is reasonable to say that I should be happy to completely indulge myself, but there is always a kind of heart...

Just like not being able to achieve perfection, I always feel that something is missing, and my heart is not strong.

what is it?

There was a trace of doubt in his eyes, and Ye Sinian frowned and drove to his own time.

It was late at night. He was pulled up from the morning and began to prepare. He was still continually working with people who congratulated him, but his body was really tired and he was waiting for rest.

Moreover, this kind of good moment to achieve the goal, it is time to go home and sleep well, always thinking about what is going on outside?

There was a lot of thoughts in his mind, and Ye Sisian drove his car in a blank expression and went straight ahead along the road.

The street lamps on both sides of the road were connected to a fire dragon that seemed to be invisible. The dim light hit the flat ground and overlapped into irregular, bright or dark spots.

On both sides of the road, tall and tall trees are planted. The canopy spreads a green umbrella in the air, standing quietly on the roadside, forming a continuous green sea.

The weather tonight is not very good. The clouds in the sky are piled up thickly, blocking the bright moon and the hustle and bustle of the stars. There is no trace of wind, and there is silence in the four.

Only the sound of the engine could be heard in the ear. Ye Si Nian took a long sigh of relief and couldn’t help but glanced at the delicate sandalwood box placed on the passenger seat.

There is a delicate and gorgeous trophy lying quietly inside.

The lips were unconsciously raised a few degrees. The phoenixes were bright and full of joy. Ye Si Nian licked his lips and turned his head to look at the empty road.

But only for a moment, the pair of phoenixes were smashed.

Not far from the intersection, a red-light truck ran straight towards him.

The harsh brakes, the huge roar of the vehicles colliding, the sudden pain...

There is still a trace of ... warm peace of mind.

The consciousness finally sank into the darkness.


At this time, Adam could not be found in his own existence, and the panic of his heart was gradually enlarged. He shivered and pulled the roots out of the soil and went away at the intersection not far away.

The beautiful black car has completely changed shape, except for the sound of gasoline dripping, I can't hear a trace of noise, and there is silence in the four.

I completely forgot to converge myself. The tree of one person flashed with soft golden brilliance, and the leaves and branches shivered slightly, making a squeaky voice.

It is like... the sorrow of the tree alone.

The powerful branches tore the iron and shivered and took the man inside the blood.

The bright red, with the temperature of the blood dyed the golden leaves and branches, the big tree trembled a bit more, the first time in his life, finally got his wish to hold him in his arms.

The soft and warm child in memory finally got him into his arms.

But I can no longer open the big bright eyes, smiled sweetly and said to myself: "Good morning! Adam!"

The heartache was at its peak. Adam was holding his arms in Ye Si Nian, trying to wake him up to his new ability. He wanted to complain why he hadn’t seen himself for so many years and wanted to let him open his arms. Hold yourself again.

but now……

Adam was stunned by the gradual loss of temperature, and he was in his arms, and his mind was in chaos.

What should he do?

The inside of the body slammed into a shock, like a cloud of thunder and stagnation, and Adam’s branches slammed with leaves, and the whole body could not help but tremble.

The golden light of the whole body is flourishing, pure and soft, and the golden light is slowly radiated from every leaf and every branch, and gently wraps the man in his arms.

The dark clouds piled up in the sky don’t know when it’s thickest, and there’s a faint thunder.

The wind swelled and the trees on both sides were squeaking, and the speed was so incredible. A thick purple thunder broke through the clouds and slammed straight down.

The big tree stretched out the whole body and was struck by lightning. The thick and strong roots were firmly rooted in the soil. Under the tree, the man with blood was wrapped tightly by the soft golden light, and the body that lost temperature slowly became. Warm up.

One by one, the thunder and lightning went straight down, the golden light on the body became weaker and weaker, the big tree shook and became sparse foliage, and stared straight at the tree and was wrapped in golden light.