Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 148: Tell you a secret (six)

Ye Si Nian clung to Adam's neck and clenched his teeth. The red eyes were filled with tears, but there was no sound.

The apex seemed to be pinched to the usual fine and dense pain. Ye Si Nian buried himself in Adam's neck, and the hot tears fell straight into his collar.

The hot tears slid down the collar, as if to burn into the heart, the expression on Adam's face was full of distress, but also know that the best way to vent at this time is to cry, so although the pain is to the extreme, but still Forced to hold on to other emotions in the heart, tightened the heartstrings and quietly embraced with Yessian.

After all, it was a tree. Before, he didn't understand human emotions very much. He was just full of love for the little soft child. He didn't know what it was like.

It was not until that night that I saw the handsome figure on the screen.

The kind of crisp, numbness that was hit by lightning in an instant, the kind of stunning that made him shine...

It’s like, after so many years of waiting, there is finally a reason, and there is expectation.

But unfortunately, I am very fortunate that he finally encountered such a dangerous situation when he finally found him.

He still couldn't hear the sweet "Good morning! Adam!" but saved his life.

Until now, he still can't imagine if there was no one at the time...

The child he is thinking of may never be like this, and his eyes are held in his arms.

In the past, he didn't know what God meant, and he didn't know what was destined, but when he really had a person who would never let go, he was really grateful in his heart.

If the fate is destined for us together, those sufferings and sufferings will eventually be refined into sweetness.


"Hey, why don't I know that you are still crying?"

When Adam spoke on his mouth, his fingers moved gently and gently wiped the tears on Ye Si Nian's face. His eyes touched the red-eyed eyes, and his heart filled with distress.

Ye Si Nian squinted at him and sighed silently without saying a word.

The heart sighed sweetly, and Adam raised his hand and licked the hair on his head, and took him into his arms again.

Ye Si Nian licked his lips and reached over his neck, his cheeks gently rubbing against his shoulders.

As long as he thought of the sinister things he had experienced before, he couldn't help but feel nervous if he thought that he might almost lose him forever.

Experienced hundreds of worlds and experienced?

That kind of self is nothing but an empty shell without a soul.

The heart was sour and soft, and Adam bowed his head and kissed him. His voice was low: "I don't want to know how I remembered it all?"

"Well, how do you think about it?" Yessian blinked, her wet eyes were red, although there was no sound, but the voice was inevitably somewhat hoarse.

He patted his head in a distressed manner, Adam said: "If you say you, don't you cry?"

Yesi couldn’t help but smile and nodded.

Adam put down half of his heart, and bowed his head to his forehead, and the golden eyes turned, as if he had thought of something terrible, proudly and proudly smiled.

"Do you remember the old witch who was always closed?"

It is a magical world. Almost everyone has the ability to move mountains and seas, but there is no ambition to compete. In addition to practicing retreat or retreating throughout the day.

The retreat "old witch" is the goal of Yeshian’s task that needs to be counter-attacked. Ye Si Nian’s identity was his 30th generation grandson. There was no intersection, but the man compared with others. It looks amazing.

Because I was ravaged by the **** of the states when I was young, I didn’t know whether it was a shadow or not. The person likes boys and girls very much, and because of the cool nature, it is often used by children in the family.

Of course, in the words of that person, our children look more pleasing to the eye...

At that time, Ye Si Nian had just passed through the former mech world, and the whole person was violently abused by the boring theoretical knowledge. When he encountered the old ghost who wanted to take advantage of the opportunity, he broke out.

The world of magic, the high-tech world, the tragic world of villains... The ignited Yesan could not listen to the warnings he issued at the time, and he used all the experience and means accumulated in the world to use that person. Body...

At that time, I had a little feeling for Ye Si Nian, and of course I couldn’t see the old bastard. So after several times of dissuasion, I symbolically punished him, and then I closed my eyes. Let him let him go.

The result of laissez-faire is...

He still remembers that misery.


"What happened to him?" Yessian frowned in disgust. The man was too disgusting, or he would not have left such a deep impression on his mind. He did not know anything about his own actions at the time. I regret it, and now I think it is very deflated.

Thoughts slammed away from the horror of the scene. Adam smiled and bowed his head on his forehead and said, "Do you know why he suddenly died at that time?"

Ye Si Nian slammed his eyebrows and thought of his previous words. He flashed a light in his mind and said, "What are you doing?"

"Yes." Adam looked proud and proudly tightened Yersian's waist and said, "I have to give you out! So I will fall asleep and look for him..."

At that time, Ye Sinian had already completed many tasks. Adam’s fragmented and seriously injured body also solidified a lot, so he dared to break into the old **** retreat.

After all, it is higher than the universal level of the world. In addition, the old **** at that time was really incomplete by the whole system of Ye Sisian, and it was so rude that he was killed by his own effort.

It was also there that Adam discovered his own uniqueness and embarked on a path he had never thought of before.

He originally wanted to explore the situation. After all, it was not an entity. He did not have to worry about being seen, and it is reasonable to say that he could not hurt others.

But did not expect...

The death of the old **** opened the door to the new world for him. Adam also discovered from that time that he could temporarily leave the system and live in the mission world.

So he started to try.

But what disappoints him is that although his body is getting more and more solid and his ability is getting stronger, he can only stay in the system for an hour.

More than the time, it is the pain of burning fire.

But fortunately, he knows how to get out of the system, and the rest is waiting quietly.

Waiting for yourself to be stronger, waiting... Wait until you can stand in front of Yates in an equal, brand new image.

Not the nasty, noisy, tortoise system Adam, but a... a person who can love.


He fell in love with him.

As long as he thinks that someone might take advantage of him, his heart seems to be grilled on the fire, and it is both awkward and angry, and it is precisely the kind of sudden emotion that makes him recognize his heart.

So it is as powerful as possible, but he is strong, and the closer Ye Si Nian's distance can return to the real world.

at last……

In the heart of the unwillingness to be full of motivation, the ignorant, paranoid, system Adam, which was only oppressed by tough means, finally made up his mind.

In the front of Ye Si Nian, I crossed into the mission world.

But after all, the rules are limited, and it is the limit that can safely cross the world, and his memory is erased again.

But well, thousands of years of co-existence have not been wasted, and the sight of betting on him day and night makes it all awkward and logical.

love at first sight……

Until now, he can still think of the tremor in the training field, when he first saw the figure staring at the grass in the corner, the stun of the heart, as if the heart was suddenly hit.

It's just like……

Tens of years of waiting and guarding finally got the perfect ending, and the dark clouds in my heart were dispelled by a light, the feeling of being in the air for a moment...

He thought, that must be love?


There was some suspicious blush on his face. Ye Si Nian’s lips couldn’t stop curling up and said: “So you like me?”

Adam smiled and couldn't help but reach out and touch his side face, bowing his head and offsetting him.

"What about you? Why did you like me at the time?"

Feeling speechless and ashamed of his sullen expression, Ye Si Nian could not help but stick his fingers to poke on his face.

"Well? Why do you like it?" Adam reached out and grabbed his hand, punishing his teeth at his fingertips, ambiguously saying: "Come on!"

There was a itch in his fingertips. Ye Sinian’s phoenix phoenix flashed and shook his nose. “It’s been too long, I don’t remember.”

Say, you have to pull your hand back.

"Don't lie." Adam held his hand tightly, and the deep golden eyes stared straight at the twinkling eyes of Yessian, as if they were going to look into his heart, the voice was hoarse and magnetic: " Or do you want me to help you?"

Ye Si Nian raised his eyebrows and said: "How do you want to help?"

When Adam’s eyes turned, he pointed his finger at the empty system space and said, “Do you think there is nothing missing here?”

The line of sight glanced in the direction of his finger in the room covered with cold metal color. I thought of the origin of the room. Ye Sinian’s light flashed slightly, and the lips were tilted up, but the mouth was Do not care to dismantle the road: "Nothing is missing!"

"No, no, there is a very important thing." Adam stunned his eyebrows, and looked at it for a moment, solemnly opening his mouth.

"What?" Yesan blinked and her heart was a little curious.

"You close your eyes first." Adam's golden eyes flashed, but the face did not see any abnormality.

Ye Si Nian’s line of sight turned around in this room again, guessing what might happen, and he closed his eyes under his urging.

In the vast system space, the soft golden light flashed.

"Well, no?" Yesan curiously frowned. Because of her eyes closed, he could only feel the temperature in the room was a little higher, but he couldn't tell what was going on.

A burst of familiarity with the fragrance of the vegetation, Ye Sian's eyelashes trembled, and had not had time to react, the slightly opened lips were blocked by the cockroaches.

The thin waist was clamped by a pair of iron arms. Ye Si Nian suddenly squinted and exclaimed that he had not yet exported, and Adam was swallowed into his mouth.

The flexible and hot tongue-splitting machine slammed in, and with the enthusiasm of fire, Ye Sinian's tongue was caught in fierce entanglement, even if it was retired, it was still chased.


The style of painting became too fast, and Yesi had some reactions but did not raise her hand and pressed it on Adam's shoulder. The wet phoenixes were full of surprises.

Adam seemed to have not noticed his surprise and incomprehensibility. He pressed his hand to the caudal vertebrae. The two slender and firm bodies were closely attached, almost between the breaths. I felt the daring giant that became hot and hard.

The heart trembled and tightened. I don’t know if it was due to lack of oxygen. I was scared by the behavior of his beast. Ye Sin’s face involuntarily floated a few blushes, and the tip of the ear was red and bloody.

The fiery lips and tongues were intertwined, and after waiting for so long, I was finally able to get what I wanted. The raging fire in Adam’s heart almost burned myself and nothing left. He clung to his lover in his arms and felt his heart. That panic and uneasiness can only be completely comforted by this way.

He said... he doesn't remember.

How can I not remember?

That is the first time you fell in love with me, it was you and I were really together for the first time...

How can you not remember?


This scene was a little overwhelming. Ye Sisian’s hands reached Adam’s shoulders, and he looked up and withstood his fiery invasion. He squinted hard and carefully looked at his expression.

But except for a pair of closed eyes, he saw nothing.

When he noticed his distraction, Adam couldn't help but press his hand at the caudal vertebrae. He tried to put aside the slippery soft tongue, and the sharp tip of his teeth caught his wet lips. Punished biting.

"Hey!" There was a slight tingling in the lips, and Ye Si Nian returned to God.

Breathing is more heavy, Adam reluctantly let go of his lips, the golden eyes are deep into the extreme, the inside is like a burning fire, staring straight at the Ye Si Nian in his arms, the voice is more hoar, Shen said: "Don't let go."

The dark phoenix flashed and flashed. Ye Si Nian involuntarily swept his eyes and his red lips with a bright color. His heart jerked, and he pressed the urge to bite, some of his anger. Silently: "What's wrong?"

"I want you." Adam raised his hand and pinched his chin, his thumb slowly but a little hard rubbing his lips that were kissed into a bright color, and the fire in his eyes was brighter.

The apex of the heart is like being violently tightened. Ye Sinian’s face can’t control it and it’s red, and the eyes that are surging can’t help but flash.

"Give me, huh?" Adam was clearly inquiring in the mouth, but he did not give him the right to choose in his actions.

The temperature in the vast system space rose again and again, like igniting the inexhaustible fire, and the two slender and powerful bodies were entangled together.

The crackling sounds in the quiet environment to the extreme, Ye Si Nian's slender legs are wrapped around Adam's waist, and the whole body stays in the air only by Adam's support. He held Adam's face in both hands, and the two men joined together seriously.

The big hand held his hips, and the steel arm supported his light weight. The fire under Adam was more eye-catching, and the blue veins between the neck and the fierce tongue entangled Ye Si Nian.

The other hand was not idle at all, and he violently tore off the clothes of Yesian, sullenly rubbing his smooth, tight back.

I don’t know when there was a big bed that looked very soft and comfortable. Adam licked and licked. He kissed the neck of Ye Si Nian’s long white, and took him to the bed.


The man's heavy body covered himself, and the body was soft and incredible. Ye Sinian only felt that he was surrounded by soft and hard things, and the brain that was burning to the point of irrationality was even hotter.

The muscles are smooth and the white calf is gently squatting on the side of the man's strong thigh. Ye Sinian's eyes are like the water of the hook, and the slightly upturned eyes are dimly red. The eyes that come over are enchanting.

Adam's breathing was a little more hurried. He stared at the fascinating and incredible lover under his body. He only felt that the heart was almost bursting open, bursting with fireworks that could illuminate the entire sky.

The strong and strong waist slowly moved, and the two men felt. The extreme part of the waist was rubbed together. Ye Si Nian snorted, and the eyes that were full of water were brighter, and could not help but Yang He got up the upper body and reached for Adam's shoulder.

The burning breath blends together and almost melts each other. Adam's strong and beautiful muscles are a little bit sweaty, and they look very sexual in the bright light.

The desire to tumbling in the body. The fire has reached the point where it is difficult to suppress. Adam endured the blue veins and sweated. The iron arm was on the face of Ye Si Nian, and the muscles of the protruding knots could be seen. It was obvious that the arrow had to be sent on the string. He still stared straight at Ye Si Nian under his body, using the hoarse voice to the ultimate voice: "Give it to me... huh?"

The twilight flashed, and Ye Si Nian stared at the crystal sweat that rolled down from his forehead. The apex seemed to be gently scratched with soft feathers. The swaying buds grow up in the warm and humid spring breeze and open beautiful flowers.

The hand that climbed on Adam's shoulder was lightly pressed, and Ye Si Nian's lips were filled with gentle smiles. The dark phoenixes were full of soft and sweet love.

The eyebrows moved uncontrollably, and Adam leaned down his strength.

A soft kiss fell on Adam's ear, and the sound of deep love rang softly in the ear.

"I love you."


There was a fireworks bloom in my mind. Adam looked at the blushing lover. I only felt that my heart was filled with soft and sweet emotions. The uneasiness and jealousy finally disappeared under his gentle gaze. .

He said... I love you.

He did not hear the mistake! The three words are... I love you.

After he confessed everything, he still loves himself...

"I..." Adam opened his mouth, and under the gaze of trust and love, he suddenly had the urge to say the inner uneasiness.

"I want you to remember." The golden pupil trembled, and Adam's thin lips almost became a sharp line. He stared straight at the lover below, and for the first time in his life tried to sculpt another independent individual. I am not so hard inside. "I am afraid you will not remember..."

I have waited so long, I have been looking forward to love that I have finally come to, I want to remember each other forever.

The expression on Ye Si Nian’s face was blank for a moment. He was a bit stunned by the eyes full of serious eyes, and his mind flashed, and he thought of what he had just said.

Finally, I knew why he was so abnormal. Ye Sinian opened his mouth and couldn’t help but tremble. The whole heart was soft and incredible.

The slender white palm gently stroked his sweaty side face, and Ye Si youngly slammed Adam's neck and looked up and exchanged a soft and extreme kiss with him.

"I remember." The face was slightly warm, and Ye Si Nian couldn't help but hook the lips, and the eyes overflowed with a gentle smile.

Like a milk cat, the tip of the nose is gently rubbed on his side. Ye Sinian’s double phoenixes are shining, and the sound is like a sugar with a crack, with a sweet meaning: “I always remember... ”

Said, Ye Si Nian licked his lips and put on a serious expression, and frowned. "Is it just a new trick developed by Ye Shao? It's a magical usage... Ye Shao, I am sorry to I only know you now..."

The golden eyes looked at themselves like this, and the deep love and joy in them were almost turned into essence. The eyelashes of Ye Si’s long curly trembling, the temperature on his face could not help but rise a few degrees, finally Red face closed his mouth.

Full of love, in order to extinguish the fire, almost burned him to ashes, Adam's golden eyes brightened to scary, breathing is a bit thicker, his body temperature is getting higher and higher, he finally endured Live in Ye Si Nian, come 2k novel reading network