Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 46: Counterattack youth campus text (3)

Looking down at the school uniform that was not rustic enough, Shen Jinbin frowned and uncomfortably frowned, and put the bag to the back with impatience, and stepped into the school with his hands.

He didn't want to go to any high school at all. Except for the knowledge he had learned so far, what else could he teach him in school? ! The father said that he was allowed to train his network, but what common topics can he and the group of childish little children who are not weaned?

It’s a waste of time!

In my heart, Shen Jinbin did not show up at all. The expression turned into a graceful and elegant smile in the moment when I stepped into the classroom. My eyes looked around for a week, and I smiled and walked to the best position that was reserved.

"Bin Shao! You are here!" The boy next to Shen Jinbin’s seat was bright. He pointed at the seat next to him and said: "There is a place here!"

Shen Jinbin politely smiled at him and walked very well.

Ever since I heard that I was planning a class with Shen Jinbin, Sun He, who has been occupying a seat and refused to let others sit, was very excited. He tried to keep himself from being so diligent, but it didn’t work for a long time.

"Hello is not good! I am Sun He! It is the second son of Sun Fuhai, the boss of Sun's group!" Sun He and other Shen Jinbin sat down and couldn't wait to introduce themselves.

Shen Jinbin glanced at his smiling face, and his eyes flicked through a contempt and disdain, but he had never seen anyone like Sun He from childhood to big, and this time he came to school not to collect some younger brothers! So I just flashed a few thoughts that I couldn't see, but my mouth was admired for a long time. Generally speaking, "Is it the famous Sun's building material? It is really admirable to make it stand up from scratch!"

"Bin has won a prize, haha!" I didn't expect Shen Jinbin to know his father. Sun He was shocked and happy, and his heart was full of pride. He also had a better affection for Shen Jinbin, and he was modest again and again.

Shen Jinbin gently hooked his lips and felt that his father’s so-called task was just like this.

Look, just a few short sentences, this person is excited to the point...

How difficult is it to overcome the entire school throughout the entire grade?

But so.


Most of the people in the class said that they are still children, but after all, they came out of such a family background. The things they touched from childhood were different from those of ordinary children, and now they have already reached high school. In fact, everyone is actually not a simple little. Children, before everyone can be so fast, a large part of the reason is also because of their similar family background, so they are willing to release a friendly signal, willing to be friends with each other.

Now, there is a young Master Shen Jia who is richer than everyone else. How can they ignore it?

So for a time, the originally quiet classroom was full of excitement, and everyone was pretending to greet Shen Jinbin inadvertently, and the attitude was also with no trace of diligence and even pleasing.

Shen Jinbin is not a visitor. He is very good at working with everyone. It doesn't look like it is in the classroom. It is like a cocktail party dedicated to the development of interpersonal relationships. In fact, he is indeed expanding his interpersonal circle. .

Skilled and enjoyable to accept the show of others, Shen Jinbin not only did not feel bored, but faintly has a kind of glory that has been the focus of the stars.

These people have also been sought after in the past, but now they are all pleading for themselves...

In the eyes of Shen Jinbin, there was a glimmer of light, but he had adapted to this situation after all, so he did not stun his head because of the praise and quietness of others. Instead, his mind was very clear-headed.

He glimpsed his eyes without a trace, trying to hide his smugness in his eyes, but inadvertently picked up the figure that was sleeping on the table.

Shen Jinbin glanced at him, staring at the person who had no reaction to his appearance or even slept.

Who is he, so embarrassing?

At the foot of the slight movement, Shen Jinbin just wanted to step up and walk in the direction of the man, and he heard the bell ringing, so he could only hold his footsteps and temporarily press the doubts and slight anger in his heart and sit down with his lips. .

The first section is the language class of the class teacher. Everyone has come up with thick textbooks and waits for the arrival of the strict class teacher.

Mr. Yan, the teacher in charge of the class, is an old teacher with some stereotypes. He taught at Jinyang High School for several decades, and he has taught countless wealthy and high-ranking officials, which can be described as Tao Li.

As a result, he was full of enthusiasm in the face of the rich and expensive students in the classroom, and even the possibility of a high point of view because of the student's identity was not.

How many fools can you sit in this classroom? I have already figured out the details of the class teacher, and found that I really did not have the capital of arrogance, and everyone has reached the extreme.

Ye Si Nian is the same.

In the original fate trajectory, this Yan teacher has never revealed contempt for the temperament of the original master. He has taught countless students, but he has not been shackled by him at the beginning of the students, but just met. He perceives his inferiority and guards against the character of others. He once talked to the original owner and Song Shu many times and tried to open the knot to the original owner, but he did not think that Song Shu, who was very concerned about his son, was the chief culprit. So there is no effect at all.

At the end of the first semester of the first year of high school, he left the position of the teacher for physical reasons, and was taken over by the family to recuperate. Since then, the original owner has never heard of him.

The original Lord is really grateful to him.

And he is full of regrets for the original Lord.

Ye Si Nian has always pursued the principle of acting in revenge and enmity. Such a good teacher, he naturally will not disrespect.

As a result, Yesian slowly sat up straight and kept his head down. He took out the textbook from a stack of books, and the long white fingers turned over and spread the book in front of him.

The corner of his eye has been paying attention to the thoughts of Shen Jinbin here. His eyes glimpse through the straight back of the man, slowly moving forward, and finally falling on the beautifully shaped hands of the long white coat. .

Slightly frowning, Shen Jinbin kept his head turned back. He couldn't figure out how the man's hand and the exposed wrist were so thin.

Feeling that falling on himself is like a real eye, Ye Si's invisible hook hooks, jerked up one's head, and the ink-like eyes straightened up to the eyes of the two.

Shen Jinbin’s heart jerked, and the pupil suddenly retracted. The body subconsciously leaned back and was obviously shocked.

But the man did nothing, even the extra movements, just like everything just happened, just retracted his sight at a glance, and lowered his head to focus on the textbook.

Shen Jinbin frowned and licked his lips, feeling very embarrassed and angry for the self-conscious retreat.

He glanced at the pointed chin under the long bangs of the man, and the hands on the table gradually tightened and became a fist.

He is the young master Shen, the heir to the future of the family. How can he be scared back by an unknown soldier? !

It’s a shame!

Anxiously staring at the man sitting in the corner, Shen Jinbin criticized the man from top to bottom in his heart!

I just thought that the person was very, very high and unpredictable! Just blinked!

Look at the dress that can't be seen! What special can such a person have? ! Especially frustrated? !

Look at where the person is sitting! And the action he just avoided with his own eyes! Such people will be inscrutable? !

Obviously, it is pretending to be a high-profile pretend!

I almost got cheated! Really hateful!

Shen Jinbin gnawed his teeth, and the elegant expression on his face was almost not stretched!

The warning swept his eyes and sneaked at his grandson with strange eyes. He watched him being scared and quickly turned back. Shen Jinbin frowned and felt that he must do something, so that he would lose his face!

When I thought about it, Shen Jinbin never knew that she needed to be patient with her, so he went to the side of Sun He and hooked his finger and whispered something to him.

The two men whispered for a moment, Shen Jinbin sat up straight, and his lips raised a sigh of laughter.

It seems that the early Song Dynasty was quite pretending, not only letting him almost look away, but also successfully fooled everyone in the class!


If so, let yourself uncover his disguise!

Thinking of the reaction after the person was exposed, Shen Jinbin hooked his lips and revealed a full of malicious smile.


After the class bell rang, the strict teacher with some stereotypes never had the habit of tossing the church. The expression was serious and the voice was low and the class was announced. Then, with the textbook, the teacher slowly walked out of the classroom.

Shen Jinbin’s eyes were bright, and he couldn’t wait to stand up and lift his legs to go back to the direction of Yesi’s on the table.

The expression on his face was too eye-catching, and the students who were going to go out also dispelled the idea of ​​going out, staring at Shen Jinbin’s movements with a mentality of not wanting to miss the good show.

The smile on the lips was smug and cruel. Shen Jinbin reached out and knocked on the table. He looked at Ye Si Nian, who looked up from his arms, and extended his hand to make it friendly: "Song, how, unwilling and I know? I am Shen Jinbin."

Ye Si's eyes squinted and squinted at the hand in front of him. If he is not here but he is the original owner, then he will be scared by Shen Jinbin who suddenly came over, and even nervous to say no. In any case, regardless of his reaction, Shen Jinbin has achieved his goal, because the original character is indeed such a character, and his true character is very different from everyone's imagination.

Therefore, a hat that is arrogant and pretentious can not be picked up.

But unfortunately, he is not the original owner.

Yesan slowly raised his lips, and his tone was quite pitiful: "Shen Jinbin?"

Shen Jinbin smiled proudly and nodded: "Nature!"

"How much is the person who named you in the end?" Ye Sinian’s eyes are just the right kind of disdain and disdain that can be perceived by others, and Shen Jinbin, who is incomprehensible, looks at his feet from the beginning, like It was incredible for his IQ, and he turned his eyes in disdain. He lazily pulled his lips and his lips were closed, slowly spitting out two unrelenting words.

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