Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 47: Counterattack youth campus text (4)

"Stupid, goods." Yesi years lazily glanced at him, the shape of the red lips slowly open, spit out two mean words.

Since the birth, Shen Jinbin has never been said in person, and the anger in his heart is about to be sprayed out. His extended hand slowly retracts and grips, with a tone of restraint and patience: "What do you mean?!"

"I don't understand?" The contempt in Ye Si-nian's eyes is even more serious. It is a face that is expressionless, but others clearly read out the contempt of how IQ can communicate.

Suddenly, my heart flashed a little, and Shen Jinbin frowned. But I thought that this person must be acting in a pretentious manner. In fact, when I face myself, my heart must be extremely fearful. This suppresses the anger that I want to break out in my heart. :"You do not know who I am?!"

Ye Si Nian had a sneer in his eyes, as if he was so embarrassed that his three sentences could not be separated from his own identity. Some arrogantly lifted his chin and said coldly: "I should know you?" ”

"You really don't know me?!" Shen Jinbin is out of anger. He is a grandfather of Shen Jiada. This person is not only ridiculed, but also does not know himself! It is simply an insult!

Ye Si Nian’s eyebrows were very timid, and he looked at him angrily, as if he was very annoyed with his endless entanglement, but suddenly, he looked like something, his eyebrows slammed high and his voice was uncontrollable. Something is high: "Do you have more brains and idols?! How? Want to draw my attention through this method?!"

Some of his sharp chins were lifted higher, and he remained in a sitting position, but he looked full of condescending feelings. Feng Xiaoyin Shen Jinbin showed a trace of astonished face. Ye Sinian licked his lips with a sinister taste. Cool and authentic: "But sorry, but this means is useless to me, I am still not interested in you."

His voice just fell, and there was a violent sigh of noise in the classroom. He was always watching that their people were finally forgotten by the bomb-like news. They were so surprised that they couldn’t believe that all kinds of eyes that were suddenly realized were thrown in. The stunned Shen Jinbin is simply messed up in the wind.

No wonder! They also said that Bin Shao had just been in a courteous manner but was alienated when he faced them. How to take the initiative and ran to greet Song Zichu! That's it!

Shen Jinbin finally noticed something wrong from the reaction of the people. He suddenly widened his eyes, his face was filled with anger and anger, and he raised his voice angrily: "What are you talking about?!"

The ear sharply captures the whispers of two girls who are not far away, and hears words such as "fearful anger", "shy" and so on. Ye Sisian’s eyes are more intense, and his eyes are clear. Liu Hai’s eyes were reddened by Shen Jinbin, and he silently ordered a row of wax for this person.

When you are angry, you are angry, what kind of ghosts are blushing, look, misunderstood?

In the heart, two drops of crocodile tears were squeezed out, and Ye Si’s face was not obvious. In the face of Shen Jinbin’s angry question, he chose to raise his eyebrows. The knuckles were knocked on the table, and the domineering and the second issued a declaration: "I don't need anyone to stay with me, you can leave."

Shen Jinbin almost has to be blown up! He is not embarrassed, naturally can hear those people who think they are very quiet, the hands of the fists are violent, and he hates to look around for a week, the subtle eyes that are meaningful or disdainful or understanding.

Deeply took a breath, Shen Jinbin forced to endure the anger of the heart.

What he does now is wrong! If you don't refute it, you want to pursue him by default. If you refute it, it is more like pleading not to be angry!

That's it! Don't blame me!

Shen Jinbin’s heart is worried, and he will quickly come up with a plan for revenge.

You are not saying that you are not interested in me? ! it is good! Then I must catch you up!

I must let you fall in love with me!

I want to watch you show the expression of sensuality and indulgence under me! I want to make you look like a shameless climb on my bed!

I want to play with your body and mind thoroughly!

Dare to insult me! I want you to pay a painful price!

The maliciousness in Shen Jinbin's heart almost overflowed. He thought that the people who are so proud in the future will feel very happy when they turn around under their own authority.

The heart is full of the thrill of retaliation, he tried to make his own maliciousness less obvious, his face squeezed a gentle smile, said: "If this is the case, then I can only regret, but, we Can you still be friends?"

I was a little surprised by his patience. Ye Si Nian raised his eyebrows in a strange way. For the first time, he looked at the hero in front of this brain-breaking plot.

The heart is full of the expectation and strange excitement of the opponent who can fight. Ye Si’s annual vacation makes it difficult to directly squint the lips. In the eyes of Shen Jinbin who are more and more full and bright, the red lips open and close. One word and one word: "I, no, need, want."

Once again, he was ruthlessly stunned. The hatred of Shen Jinbin’s heart almost burst out. He breathed a few points and his face almost distorted: “Why?!”

"Want to start with a friend? How long will it be?" Yesny sneered at the corner of her lips and said coldly: "Dream!"

"You!" Shen Jinbin's good qi martial arts could not suppress the anger of being humiliated in his heart. He slammed the table violently. When he just wanted to export the threat, he heard the bell ringing.

Full of anger was poured out by a basin of cold water, Shen Jinbin was so mad that he vomited blood, he took a deep breath, reluctant to come home to school, he passed home to make news at school, so he could only press the heart The hatred turned and turned back to his seat.

He is temporarily forbearing, but the people on the side do not think so.

In their view, Master Shen Jia changed the image of elegant and mature rumors, like a hairy boy who started his temper. He first wanted to use the means of kindergarten children - to bully people to achieve the purpose of attracting others' attention, but very Unfortunately, the object he wanted to pursue was an iceberg with some poisonous tongues. Not only did he see through his means, but he refused him mercilessly in front of everyone!

After being rejected, Master Shen Jia not only did not give up, but also flexibly changed his strategy. He wanted to use the long-term sensation method of lover from friends to achieve the goal of saving the country by curve, but helpless, this time was also seen, even more Reluctantly refused.

Therefore, Shen Jia, who is not refusing to ask for love, is angry and angry!

If it’s not the **** class bell, maybe they can see a wonderful show!

what a pity!

but! Shen Jinbin will definitely not stop here! As for the end, it’s irritating and anger, and asking for love is not a revenge, or if you are stalking and swearing, you can only wait for time to witness.

Where can the people who are excited and depressed in their hearts still have a quiet listening class? The souls of the gossip are burning, holding mobile phones in their hands, maintaining various hidden postures, and discussing each other fiercely in various ways.

Of course, the reason why they reacted so much is indeed because they believe that Shen Jinbin is pursuing Song Zichu. This news is really too good, but it is undeniable that they have not felt a bad feeling in their hearts.

Look, even if you Shen Jinbin background hard and how? Still not rejected? !

Most of the people have been chased and raised since childhood, and they have always enjoyed only others to please themselves. Where have you done a few times to please others?

They are all high-spirited people. Although they have tried hard to lower their postures in the face of Shen Jinbin, how many of them are willing?

If Shen Jinbin is not a young master of Shen Jiada, it is very likely that he is the ruler of Shen’s future. How can they please him? !

So, now that Shen Jinbin is eating at the Song Zichu, how can they be unhappy?

Look! You are so embarrassed, but it is just that!

While many people feel happy, they also have a faint change in their views on Song Zichu.

This person is really hidden! Actually dare to be so ruthless, Shen Jinbin’s face!

Sure enough, the choice to stay away from him at that time was correct!

As a result, the image of Ye Sinian in their hearts instantly rises, and it is even more profound and unpredictable! The pale face of his thin body became a symbol of identity. His indifference and whispering expression became a arrogance that he did not want to communicate with ordinary people. His choice of sitting in the corner of the classroom represented the loneliness of his inner high!

As a result, many people still hold the temptation mentality and keep a distance with him. After this incident, they have tried their best to show their best in their hearts, even if they can't be friends, they should not be offended.


Ye Si Nian did not care about other people's views. He was standing in front of the textbook, and opened the control panel in an expressionless manner, quietly tampering with the body's scum.

The original Lord can endure being beaten and kicked by Song Shu, but he can't stand it!

He even wants to personally let the Song Shu taste the taste of being beaten by his loved ones!

But this body is, after all, the parent of Song Shu. If he takes the shot, isn’t he the same as Song Shu?

Of course, this does not mean that he can't retaliate. Although he can't take it himself, he can use other means to let Song Song taste the pain.

There was a cruel smile in his eyes, and Ye Sinian’s fingertips were light, and the original case was changed to be complicated and complicated.

Looking at the above words with a blank expression, roughly estimated the time that Song Xiu will stay in Beijing, confirming that time is enough for himself to grow and be ready, and Ye Sinian satisfactorily hooked his lips and reached out to control the panel.

He wants to look at it, then Song Shu, who is trying hard to maintain a good reputation in the industry, will have a look after the truth is revealed. 2k novel reading network