Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 76: Counterattack of cannon gray cat (2)

Baked, fried, fried, fried, stewed, braised, steamed, boiled... There are various ways to make snake meat in your mind. Ye Si, who has been appetizing, has licked his lips and just wants to stand up and go back and find some If you eat it, you will inadvertently pick up the shadow of the waves.

The action of getting up was stopped for a moment, and under excellent vision, Ye Si-nian saw the fast-moving figure clearly.

That is……


The deep purple scales reflect the sun's rays in the sea. As the fishtail swings, the fascinating brilliance flows. The long dark hair spreads out in the sea, like a curly-wound seaweed. The strong upper body is strong and powerful. Covered with a layer of muscle that looks very full.

His speed is almost at its peak, and it flashes away in the white spray.

Daddy, like what he felt, he suddenly stopped his figure and looked at him with a sharp look.

The line of sight collided in the air, and Ye Si’s mind was in a hurry.

The deep dark-colored pupils were deep in the depths, like two cold lakes that were not deep in the bottom. Their eyes were alert and cold, like two knives flashing cold, flying over.

The contours are chilly, like the five-legged three-legged and deep-cut, and some pale lips are tightly clutched. He is keeping a close eye on Ye Si-nian who smashes into his territory. His expression is very bad.

For the eyes that are full of expulsion, the apex seems to have been poked a few times by a small spike, a fine and dense pain.

Ye Si Nian blinked, and his heart suddenly wondered why he couldn’t say a few words about the grievances.

It's just like……

He should not look at himself with such a look.

There was a flash of light in my mind, and Ye Si Nian licked his lips, meaning that he did not get up and left, because he already remembered who this person is.

Odri, the only mermaid in the Ig tribe.

Due to the mixedness of various ethnic groups, natural enemies will inevitably appear among the members of the Ig tribe, but since everyone is expelled and not recognized by the original tribe, although sometimes they can't help but give birth to appetite, but in the end Or the atmosphere is more harmonious and harmonious.

In the Yige tribe, which has a good relationship, Odley has always been a special existence.

No one knows why he was expelled by the mermaid tribe, and no one knows why he joined the Igg tribe. He almost never touched others. Although he could become a humanoid, he could become a humanoid, but I don’t know if it is not. Adapted to life on the shore, he never went ashore and lived in the sea.

When the weather is good, people in the Ig tribe can often see his fitness exercises in the sea. No one tries to associate with him, but he seems to be very disgusted with others, and rarely floats in Shanghai, so basically Free on the edge of the tribe.

But after all, it belongs to the same tribe. Although Odley barely contacts other members, he has not heard of any attacks.


I don't know why, there is always a feeling that Ye Sinian will not really hurt himself.

That feeling is inexplicable, but the **** moment occupies the whole mind.

So, although O'Deal's eyes and expressions are not good at the moment, Ye Si Nian is not worried about how he will be to himself.

If he is not good, he can fly too~


On the flat and wide reef, the young and thin teenager was holding his knees in his hands, his red lips were slightly picked up, the blue eyes were wide open, his eyes were full of flaws, and he did not seem to move.

Audrey slowly tightened his fists and his eyebrows gradually wrinkled.

The warm sea breeze passed, the tail swayed gently, and O'Brien's strong figure instantly disappeared into the waves.

Always paying attention to his Ye Si Nian’s surprise, the hand that was holding his knee tightly was loose. He couldn’t help but stretch his neck and look at the empty sea. He wanted to find the solid and strong one. The figure.

With a bang, the transparent drops of water rushed in the face, and Yess’s eyes blinked stunned, his face falling with crystal drops of water, and his furry ears were wet.

But at this time, he had no choice but to take care of the other. The pupil did not consciously zoom in. He held his eyes wide open and breathed, looking at the handsome face in front of him.

The thick eyelids stared at themselves, the fragile neck was caught by a cold hand, and the sharp, sharp nails fit the pulsating blood vessels.

The shadow of death shrouded in an instant.

The heart seemed to be clenched, and Ye Si Nian looked at the cold scorpion and felt a blank moment in his mind.

Odley licked his head, and the dark eyes passed a trace of unknown emotions, but the strength of his hands was unconsciously loose.

An unknown refreshing breath came to the fore, and Ye Sinian finally recovered from the horror. He subconsciously reached out and held his hand on his lifeline, breathing with a big mouth, his eyes licking, and some were at a loss. Look at each other.

"This is my bed." Odd looked at him blankly, and the other hand patted the surface of the clean reef, his voice chilling: "What do you want, little milk cat?"

Can't help but swallow the water, Ye Siian quickly swept the flat and smooth stone surface under his eyes, innocently said: "I didn't want to do anything..."

"No." Odley frowned, and the hand holding his neck did not move consciously.

For many years, I haven’t been forced to live like this. The feeling that life is being controlled by others is a bit of a strange excitement. Ye Sinian, while spitting in her heart, is getting more and more abnormal, and she licks her lips and says: “Otherwise? ?"

Yan Hong’s tongue tipped out slightly, and passed through the thin red lips. Odley’s twilight was a little deeper. He frowned and thought about it. He said: “Like others say, throwing a gift. hold."

The brow slammed up and Ye Sinian stared at him with disbelief.

Odley did not give him a chance to argue. He loosened Ye Si Nian’s neck and quickly swung into the loose animal skin neckline. The sharp and sharp nails were lightly hooked, and Ye Si Nian only felt a loose neck. I saw that the pale skin of the hand was holding back a black rope.

The smooth blue stone beads that are polished are falling into it.

Holding the black rope and putting it close to him, Odry stared at him for a while, frowning and frowning, and licking his tongue.

Unknown, so he looked at his Ye Si Nian's eyes wide open, almost spurted by the picture in front of him to spurt nosebleeds.

The long black hair slipped from the shoulders of the white scorpion, and the handsome and handsome man looked slightly at his head, his eyes looked puzzled at the blue stone beads in front of him, and the bright red tongue tipped out from the thin lips. The rounded surface of the beads...


Ye Si Nian slammed his hand and covered his nose.

Odley looked up at him, and Yersian’s furry ears shook, and the long tail behind him trembled unconsciously.

"I am."

Odley hooked his lips, and the hands with sharp nails instantly turned into long, powerful human hands. He moved his fingers uncomfortably, and his lips were not expertly worn on his neck.

"This is mine!" Yesn years, holding his hand, hate the earth: "What do you want?!"

Frustrated and looked at him for a few seconds, Odrich compromised and sighed and jumped into the sea.


Yesian Petrochemical generally maintains the action in place.

what's the situation……

This...this is angry and can't open?


The sound of breaking water came again, and Yesian closed his eyes in a reflective condition.

When he opened his eyes again, he was almost blinked by everything in front of him.

The slender white palms are put together, and the palms hold round pearls of various sizes and colors, which exude a charming soft glow in the sun.


Audrey hooked his lips with satisfaction, put the long-awaited beads into the shell next to them, and pushed the shells in the direction of Ye Si Nian.

Ye Si Nian: "..."

Muscles and strong arms swooped over his waist, and O'Dried sat in his arms with satisfaction, feeling the little milk cat's hands on his chest. He couldn't help but smugly stiffen his chest, low and sweet. There is a smile in the voice: "My."

Under the palm of his hand is a man's full muscles, and Ye Si Nian’s brain is generally subconsciously touched.

Uh... it feels good.


The furry ears on his head shook and slammed his hand and pushed him away. Ye Sinian hated him and glanced at him. The furry wings behind him slammed open and slanted toward the coast.

It’s a hell!

Didn't you just want to go on your own?

If my brother is coming, see how I can pack you!



Seeing the slanting figure not far away, Iss, who did not find his brother in the tribe after hunting, finally breathed a sigh of relief.

The wings behind him slammed two times, and Isis swiftly swooped away to the younger brother.


Like the eagle catching a chicken, Isis easily carried his brother who had not fully grown his wings into his arms.

"Ian, where did you go?" Isis flew in the direction of the tribe, and sneaked: "It’s dangerous outside, you don’t want to run alone, you know?"

It wasn't that Isa was too cautious. He had just returned from a rebirth and experienced such a terrible and cruel danger. Although he did not show it, it was a bit of a psychological shadow.

Moreover, he was very fond of his younger brother in the arms, and lost the long-awaited child, so he even put a lot of regrets on his younger brother. In the past few days, he was reluctant to hold his brother in his hand.

Now, when he sees him coming back from the outside, of course he will be a little scared.

Ye Si Nian held a small but heavy shell in his hand, and naturally licked the neck of Iss, while he was humming his head and looking at the sea not far away.

On the wide, flat reef, the mermaid with its deep purple fishtail straightens its back and looks at itself with a burning gaze.


Some things are not completely certain, but...

Time is still growing...

Ord looked blankly at the little milk cat that had been slanting and slanted and was kept away from himself.

Flying farther and farther, it finally disappeared into sight.

The darker color of the scorpion became more and more intense. He licked his lips and did not skillfully raise his hands. He tied the rope with the blue stone beads to his neck. 2k novel reading network