Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 97: Cannon fodder counterattacks **** text (

In the heart, I don’t believe in the things of ghosts and gods. Although Li Bingxun has great doubts about the words of the Taoist priests, this matter involves the softness of his heart and mind, and he will never be able to remain calm.

If the truth is really as the priest said, is it really not dead?

Do you still have to stay in this grievance in Qinghe Town to waste time? If she is really coming back, but she does not see herself, will she be very disappointed and sad?

As long as she thought she would be sad and sad because of her own, Li Bingxun felt that his hard and irony heart suddenly turned into a soft water, full of reluctance and pity.

He has never been able to endure. With this luxury in his heart, Qinghe Town has completely lost its appeal to him. The guards who had been scattered out of the news were quickly summoned and urged to the fastest speed. Pack things back to Beijing.

Li Bingxun changed his short bout for horseback riding. In order to get back to Beijing as soon as possible, he didn't even want to sit in a comfortable carriage. It seemed like a fire was burning in his heart, which made him sit up.

The little **** with red lips and white teeth hesitated for a long time, finally biting his lower lip and walking to his side, whispering: "Wang Ye, is it a letter to Miss Zhao Er?"

Li Bingxun heard the words and groaned. After a long while, I remembered who Miss Zhao Er was. She thought that she had thought of her as a soft-back to the palace, and his heart rose to an unclear point. Feeling guilty, as if he betrayed the softness of his heart.

The heart was turned into an anger at the little eunuch. Li Bingxun gave him a cold look and said: "When the king does things, when do you need to remind you?"

If the softness really comes back, what he has to do is to forget the Miss Zhao Er! It is best that all the people in the world who know this have disappeared! There is no value in the substitute. She is not sad and disappointed. What is he doing? What more letter do you need to leave?

Even if it is soft, it doesn't come back... With his charm, when you just find an excuse, it is not a hand for a woman.

If there is no such thing as the Taoist priest, if he is in a hurry to return to Beijing, he will inevitably leave a letter that will be sent out in a gentle and affectionate manner. But now, in my heart, there is a soft shadow and her time to save herself. Panic and sweetness, where is he still in charge to manage what Miss Zhao Jiaji? !

Li Bingxun’s eyes glanced coldly at the little **** in front of him. Although this red-toothed face and fine-skinned body were quite his heart, if he returned to Beijing, he would have such a look...

But a monk.

Sensitively felt the cold eyes on his own body, thinking of the careful thoughts in his heart, the little **** trembled, and lost his blood on the face, becoming pale.

Not the same as the mouth said, even if Li Bingxun really listened to his suggestion and wrote a letter, he never thought about handing it over to Miss Zhao.

It is true that he is very embarrassed to Miss Zhao Er.

Why does the man do nothing, just rely on a face to make the prince gentle?

He has been with Wang Ye since he was a child. Everything has been done in everything. He has learned so many ways to serve people without shame, but still can't please Wang Ye's favor?

Just because he is a physically disabled person?

But Miss Zhao Er is just a sick man who can't even live in his 20s! How much better than myself?

The little **** looked at Li Bingxun’s tall back with some sadness. He only hated why he didn’t grow up like that soft.

In that case, even if it is to be seen as another person, as long as the prince can look at himself with tender and affectionate eyes, even if he only has one glance, he is dead without regrets...


Since receiving news that Li Bingxun has left Qinghe Town with a group of people, Ye Sinian’s life has been idle.

In addition to doing some physical and mental health exercises with my loved ones every day, the rest of the time is basically all around Zhao Feixiao.

The two husbands worked together to heal Zhao Feixiao's body and a three-viewer who was responsible for transforming her.

Perhaps it was the night that I accidentally listened to the corner outside the door. Zhao Feixiao always couldn’t help but blush when she faced them. While quietly observing the pictures they got along, they listened to their brothers and told her. Some interesting things.

During this time, her physical condition has been significantly improved under the treatment of Ziyuan Daochang. In the simplest case, she could not run for a while before, but now she can still stick to her teeth. It’s half an hour.

And my appetite is also open, and I feel sweet when I eat. Every time I can eat two bowls of rice under the surprised eyes of Jasper! You know, she used to have no appetite to eat a bowl of rice a day!

Feeling that his body is getting healthier, Zhao Feixiao is very happy, the pain and suffocation in his heart dissipate day by day, and his heart has become more lively. Naturally, he is also curious about the relationship between Ye Si Nian and Zi Yuan. Great increase.

But she is a woman after all, and she can't do anything to ask face to face. She can only satisfy her curiosity by observing their relationship.

I don't know why, every time I saw the figure of the two of them coming together, she felt excited. Seeing their occasional smiles and physical contact is even more heart-throbbing!

She sometimes thinks, is she sick again?

Otherwise, why would it be so strange, and they will be excited when they stay together, why wait until the evening to return to the house is still so excited and sleepless?

The picture of the two of them getting along is like a well-drawn picture, hovering in her mind, making her feel excited, often on the bed tossing and turning, always want to secretly hold up the brush to describe it!

If you are not afraid of Jasper discovery, you must have done it already?

She thought, my brother and the protagonist of Ziyuan must be deeply in love with each other? Although every time three people sat together, but somehow, she always felt that they could not accommodate any other person between them.

Even she can't.

The strange thing is that, aware of this, she is not only sad and lost, but more excited!

I must have had a strange illness?


In the pavilion, Zhao Feixiao twitched her eyebrows and sat on a cushioned stone bench, tangled for her strange illness.

See you in the sky! Why do you realize that you are more excited when you are born with that strange illness?

She was entangled here, and on the other side, the two who had caused her strange illness came side by side.

Ye Si-nian glanced at Ziyuan, who was next to him, and said: "This time it is clearly your own to ask for help. Why do I have to pay?"

There was no other person on the path. Ziyuan did not maintain the expression of the supernatural person. He pinched the hand of Ye Si Nian, and some of his mouth licked his lips, saying: "Look at the poverty road so active. In the case, shouldn’t Ling Qiu say something?”

Speaking of this problem, he is simply full of sorrow, although these days they often do some physical and mental health, but considering that they can't be exposed for a while, they never come back like that day.

Every day, I tasted it, and the desire to be provoked in the day. The fire just subsided a little. I haven’t had time to do it. I blew it out and the man took him out of bed.

These are already enough to make people feel uncomfortable, but this person around them still likes to sleep naked in their arms every night. This warm fragrant nephrite is in the arms, and in the daytime, the eyebrows are gone, the night is grinding, and the fire is not provoked. Give a full meal, where is the day of people? !

What is even more hateful is that this morning, this person also likes to laugh at his own column and want to be dissatisfied!

The desire of the heart. The fire is burning more vigorously every day, these days simply smashed him enough! Naturally, I have to think of other ways to ease it.

Ye Si Nian naturally knew his careful thoughts. He rolled his eyes and stopped looking at him.

It wasn't his pretzel. It was really a lot of people in this house. This person was tossing himself to the next day. If it wasn't for the jade to knock on the door outside, God knows how long he will toss!

He is really good at being served, but is it a glorious thing to lie in bed for a day? ! He can't always feel "discomfort" every day? !

After a long time, someone will always see that something is wrong. How can he explain it?


According to the general energy of this human being, can he really follow his heart without any scruples?

Thinking of the "mistaken" scene of soft waist and soft hands on that day, Ye Sinian pumped his mouth and thought that it is better to keep the current frequency.

Self-cultivation and nourishment.

Occasionally, it is more beneficial to have a husband and a gentleman.

How good.

Ziyuan didn't know the horrible thoughts of the lover's brain turning around to keep this frequency. He looked around in a circle, didn't find other people, and his face was on a happy day, and he tried to force Ye Siian into the hand. I am in my arms.

"What?!" Yessian had a pair of phoenixes, and he reached out and licked his earlobe. He was speechless by his daring behavior.

"Hey!" Ziyuan licked his mouth and snorted, feeling the strength on his ear as he thought it was loose. He smiled in his heart, but he was pitiful on the face: "Ling Qiu... Don't you know me? How hard is it to endure?"

The thigh was swayed by a hard object, and Ye Si Nian was almost mad at him whenever he was there. He looked around and saw that no one was there, and he was relieved. Turned a white eye and agreed: "Just tonight!"

Ziyuan's eyes brightened, completely following his words to ensure the meaning, the action quickly kissed him on his lips, said: "Reassured! There is a way, today must completely break her thoughts!"

The husband and the husband, who were not ashamed, were separated. They carefully arranged the clothes and found no obvious traces. This was done side by side to the pavilion not far away.


It was evening, the warmth of the setting sun was warm, and warm.

Zi Yuan carefully took Zhao Feixiao's veins, and the serious expression was loosened. "Yes, as long as you stick to it, you can completely heal after a month."

Although I know that my body is bound to be much healthier than before, I really heard that I can completely heal after a month. Zhao Feixiao is still unstoppable and full of excitement.

The face floated up with a healthy flush, and she smiled and nodded to Ziyuan, saying: "Xie Daochang's help!"

I don't know when she has seen Ziyuan as a relative like her brother. Although I don't know what to call, I am not too alienated when I get along with him.

Ziyuan is also very satisfied with her attitude change. After all, she is a close sister of her own dear lover. Although he does not care much, but for the husband and husband, he is still willing to fight with Zhao’s family for the sake of future sexual life. Good deal.

In the brain, other thoughts were turned, and Ziyuan suddenly looked at Ye Si Nian, who was drinking tea. It seemed to be inadvertently said: "Ling Qiu."

Ye Si Nian took a shallow drink in the delicate porcelain cup in his hand and gently said his head: "Well?"

With the faint nasal sound in the ear, Ziyuan's fingertips trembled, and the apex seemed to be scratched by feathers. He coughed and took back the thoughts of where he did not know, saying: "You said Will Li Brother come back?"

Zhao Feixiao was also red-faced by her brother's voice. She pinched the hand in her hand. Although she knew that it was very inappropriate, she couldn't help but erect her ears. She was thinking about what people would hear. Listening to the words of the heart and heartbeat, I heard the words of Ziyuan Daochang.

When the apex of the heart trembled, Zhao Feixiao almost immediately thought of Li Bingxun who had almost completely broken contact with him during this time. She couldn't help but tighten her mind and blurted out and said: "Which Li brother?"

When she spoke, she was a glimpse of it. She thought of how awkward this problem seemed to others. Her heart was tight and she just wanted to find an excuse to reveal this. Then she listened to the brother of the side: "Speaking of Li brother, The words can be long!"

Ziyuan received his eyes and nodded with a tacit understanding. He said with great emotion: "Yes! It’s a long story!"

Zhao Feixiao saw that the two of them did not notice their abnormality, and their hearts were loose. Although they knew that the best choice now was to avoid it, they couldn’t help but listen to it.

Although I haven’t thought about him for a long time these days, although I already have that terrible conjecture in my heart, but...

But after all, it is the first person that a girl's love affair is liked, and everything is still her own guess, so there is still some weight in the heart.

Ye Sinian wants her to continue listening. He smiles and looks at Ziyuan with a sigh of relief. "The brother Li is a son who I met with Ziyuan by chance. It looks like a handsome man." Handsome and unconventional! And unlike those who have their own appearances, Li Gongzi talks about the extraordinary goodness, it is really rude Shijiazi!"

Zhao Feixiao listened to her brother for the first time to praise a person with such awe-inspiring tone, and the heart is sweet and doubtful.

The sweet thing is that the person who is praised by his brother is his own person. Do you think that his previous guess against him is wrong?

Is that person really a unique match in the heavens and the earth?

Seeing that his lover is so eager to praise another man, Ziyuan’s heart is sour, although he knows that he is only acting, but his heart is inevitably somewhat unscrupulous. What is good for that person? As soon as the road came out, he immediately compared him to the dust!

Seeing that he was not picking up his own words, Ye Si Nian Zhao Fei Xiao did not pay attention, Feng Yan slammed at him, and the eyes were shaking.

Bastard! Say good help? How do you drop the chain now! Do you want to pay? !

Ziyuan instantly returned to God and temporarily suppressed the acidity in his heart. He looked quite agree with the nod and followed the words of Yesian.

This is very unsatisfactory to the person, and now I have to praise my conscience, and Ziyuan said that I have to bite my teeth later, and I almost didn’t kill myself!

Ye Sinian turned his eyes on his performance. Fortunately, Zhao Feixiao did not find his strangeness at all. She is now full of joys that the Italians are greatly praised by their two most respected brothers, and their cheeks are also a little bit It was stained with red.

I glanced at Zhao Feixiao’s expression and saw that the paving was already in place. Yesi’s suspicion directly interrupted the praise of Ziyuan’s increasingly unregulated tone. The tone changed from appreciation to regret. It’s a pity that “Li The son is also an infatuated person. He was originally a person from the capital. After his death, his heart was hurt. He simply left the servant and left the sad heart. During this time, he lived in Qinghe Town."

Zhao Feixiao heard the words suddenly stiff!

Like a big winter, I was poured a bowl of ice water. Zhao Feixiao’s face was pale. The nails on the onion tube were broken because of her strong grip on the movement. She did not notice the pain. Ye Si Nian and Zi Yuan's repeated praises and rising, the love of Li Bingxun suddenly turned into a full of chill, she opened her eyes in disbelief, opened her mouth, but found a word can not tell.

Ziyuan took her reaction to her eyes, and her heart was even more disgusted with Li Bingxun. He nodded and continued to say something cruel to her: "Fortunately, there is an adult beauty in heaven, and his beloved is actually Without his death, he was so excited that he couldn’t help himself. He immediately rushed back to Beijing with his family servant. Even the opportunity to practice was not left to us..."

The warm sun shines on the body, but Zhao Feixiao only feels chilly.

The speculation in the heart has finally become a reality. Her heart is so painful, but she does not want to show it in front of the two brothers. She has to bow her head slightly and bite her lip.

However, under the blow, my heart was full of sorrow, and my mind was blank, as if I could not see the direction of the future.

After all, it was the first time she had tasted the taste of being alone in her life!

Is it really a fool of heart?


Of course, Ye Sinian could not let her fall into this miserable state of mind. His purpose was to completely cut off Zhao Feixiao’s thoughts on Li Bingxun, and he did not want to blow her down.

As if I didn't see the sorrow and sorrow that filled her, Ye Sinian smiled and smiled and shifted her attention: "Speaking of the beloved person... Fei Xiao, you know how my relationship with Ziyuan ?"

In my mind, it seemed as if the eyes were bursting, and Zhao Feixiao’s spirit was shocked. All her minds were separated from the ignorance. She blinked and looked at Ye Si Nian, and looked at the purple beside, saying: What... What is the relationship?"

Although she asked this question, her eyes were bright, and some exciting guess in her heart almost blurted out!

Ye Sinian glanced at the same purple phoenix, and said: "I and Ziyuan have decided to join hands in life, and I need you to bear more."

After listening to his words, where does Zhao Feixiao have any thoughts on Li Bingxun? I don’t know why there is a strange excitement in my heart. She is a bit blushing on her face and swears: "What does your brother mean?"

"It's what you see." Yesi did not feel the emotions, and she took the hand of Ziyuan in front of her face, and the fingers were interlocking.

Zhao Feixiao's face is more red. She sneaked her eyes and looked at the two men standing side by side. Under the sunset, two handsome men with tall and slender legs were standing backlit, and the golden sun seemed to set a layer on them. In the warm Phnom Penh, they cling to each other's hands, the slender fingers are tightly intertwined, and the picture is moving to the extreme.

In the heart of the move, Zhao Feixiao’s brain was a hot one: “What does my brother need me to do? Fei Xiao is not talented, but he must do his best!”

The phoenix on the pick is full of smiles, and Ye Sinian smiled and said: "The other ones are not in a hurry. I and Ziyuan have planned to go to Beijing for a while, and my mother is getting older. When I am away, I will share some of the things in my home."

Zhao Feixiao looked at her brother with a burning gaze, and looked very serious and nodded, saying: "Brother is assured!"

After a pause, she swiftly swept her eyes and looked at her brother's purple heart with deep affection. She resisted shame and said: "But... my brother doesn't need me to help solve her mother?"

"Oh..." Ye Sinian had an expectation and excitement on her, and hesitated for a moment: "If you are willing, you can first test the mother's tone, but let me know when we come back."

He said that he and the purple beside him looked at each other, and then they looked back at Zhao Feixiao. There were some worries and sorrows in their eyes. The voice was low and low: "I don't know... I will not be willing to be there." Recognize me as a filial son..."

In her heart, the brothers of the mountains and stalwarts have always revealed a rare fragility. Zhao Feixiao’s heart hurts and is busy: “Brother, you can rest assured! You will definitely agree! I will not help again... and I will support you. !"

Ye Si Nian smiled comfortably. His eyes were full of gentle smiles. He reached out and patted Zhao Feixiao's hair. He said, "That brother thanked you first!"

Zhao Fei Xiaohong on the face, quickly blinked his eyes and said: "Brother is not polite! You and Ziyuan Daochang... very good match!"

When the voice just fell, she hurriedly stood up, blushing and running fast.

Red face went to his yard, Zhao Feixiao only felt that for the first time on his shoulders, he shouldered a heavy burden. The burden was the happiness of his brother and the future of Ziyuan.

Although she was somewhat uncomfortable with the weight on her shoulders, she felt an unprecedented level of hard work and enthusiasm at the moment. There seemed to be a thorny path in front of her. Although it was difficult, her heart was completely lost! She firmly believes that she can be like a strong woman in the book, and live up to her family's expectations, especially her brother's expectations!

My brother's future happiness depends on his own!

The first time I was relied on, I felt that I had a use for the first time. The excitement of Zhao Feixiao’s heart was about to explode!

She rubbed her hands tightly, her face was flushed, and she quickly thought about how to help the two brothers. Where do I remember Li Bingxun?

In the pavilion, the expression on Ye Si Nian’s face suddenly became loose. He squinted his lips and smiled at the purple beside him. He joked: “It’s good!”

Ziyuan’s face was stunned by the expression of optimism and happiness. He widened his eyes and could not help but increase his strength. He looked straight into the eyes of Ye Si Nian, and the low voice seemed to contain hail: "Just... just acting?"

With a brow, Ye Sinian smiled and wrapped around his neck, lifted his chin and kissed him on his lips. He said with a good intention: "What do you say?"

To his eyes full of smiles, Ziyuan’s heart suddenly became loose. He clung to Ye Sinian and printed a kiss in his ear. The low voice was full of magnetism. “I I am happy with you..."

The ring finger uploaded a burst of heat, and Ye Si’s ear was unconsciously a little red. He licked his lips and grabbed the man’s strong waist. He was blushing on his neck and his voice was sulking: “I am also ......"

In the deep eyes of Ziyuan, he quickly passed through the glimpse. He tightened the person in his arms and gently rubbed his red earlobe, and lowered the voice: "Go back? I want to get paid..."

Ye Sisian, who had just been confessed, felt a little bit. He held his lover's neck and nodded lightly. 2k novel reading network