Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 98: Cannon fodder counterattacks **** text (

The next morning, Ye Sinian approached the bronze mirror and made a sigh of relief. Most of the traces on the neck were successfully covered up by the collar. The remaining ones could also be removed from the mosquito bites. This was a relief. .

On the bed, Ziyuan, who was naked, turned over and held his chin on the edge of the bed. A pair of ink-colored eyes stared straight at his movements, and the smile on his lips was very proud.

Ye Sinian glanced at him and walked over and reached for a hand on his muscular back. He said, "What? This time you will not get up?"

"Yeah!" Ziyuan nodded without any psychological burden. He reached for the waist of Yessian, and the other hand propped up his body. He buried a deep sigh in his neck and his voice was low: " The enchanting skill is deep, and the road is almost drained."

When he was not ashamed, he provoked a red face. Ye Sinian took his unfair hand and stood up at the bed and said, "Are you not ready?"

Ziyuan nodded, turned over, and stretched openly under the eyes of Yessin, saying: "This road has to restore some skill."

The line of sight involuntarily slid down his muscle lines. Ye Si Nian reached out and picked it up on the chin raised by Ziyuan. He said: "The performance was good last night, and I will let you go."

Zi Yuanyi turned around in his waist and licked his lips: "Is this good? If not for the people who are full of things..."

Ye Si Nian’s lips were deeper in his smile. He held the purple chin’s chin and leaned over and kissed him. He said, “This son is waiting for you to come over!”

The door was opened and closed, and the interior was quiet.

Since Zi Yuan Lai refused to leave here, under the command of Yesi, the ones headed by Ziyu never took the initiative to come here again. The daily cleaning and cleaning was allowed, and they dared to carry out. So at this time, Ye Si Nian walked, and suddenly there was silence.

Ziyuan, who was lying in bed and said to "restore his skill," looked out and confirmed that he was really gone. He immediately climbed up and hurriedly dressed and hurriedly went out.


I didn’t know what Ziyuan had done to do something good. Ye Sinian was sitting at the table and looking at the booklet in her hand.

The old housekeeper who had been in Zhaofu for several decades looked at him hesitantly, and he stopped talking.

He had already noticed his gaze, and Ye Si Nian was waiting for him to speak, but he was still hesitant to wait for him, and he simply let go of the book in his hand and looked at him: "Wang Shu, is there something to say to me?" ”

Wang Shu blushes and sighs, saying: "The young master really wants to marry all three gimmicks?"

"That is natural." The finger clicked on the booklet, and Ye Si Nian said: "The three of them are also here. I am a young master. Naturally, I have to express it."

Speaking of it, he originally planned to do it himself.

However, Mrs. Zhao has always been in a good mood since this time, and she is full of energy and happiness. Because Master Zhao has taken over the family industry, she is not like a woman who runs out of the house. So she gave the porridge to her. Trust the next person to do it, stay at home.

This person is naturally unsuitable when she is idle. When Ye Si-nian went to her and said that she would marry the three, she was looking for something to do.

She did not know too much about Ziyu and Jasper, but she was always aware of the ruby ​​that she was waiting for at her side! Originally, she did have some other plans, but now I don’t think that my son’s thoughts are in the room. Plus, the three are not old, and they don’t want to see them become old girls. They simply agree and take over. This is the case.

Ye Si Nian’s original plan was to separate Jasper from Zhao Feixiao. The red jade and the purple jade are just incidental. After all, he already has Ziyuan, and he has no interest in others. Why bother to delay others’ good years? ?

Just as the red jade and the purple jade have a loved one, he simply makes a good thing.

Moreover, the two little sisters they love are also the people in the government. He is a young master.

Wang Shu, who is already a little older, regretted to sigh. He looked at the young master and said that he was disrespectful. In his heart, the young master was no different from his children. Now he looks at the age of his relatives. Nothing to move, where can you worry?

In his opinion, even if you want to marry a wife, you need to pay attention to fate, but it is also good to collect a few people in the room!

Which one does not want to be a young master?

Ye Si, who is considered to be very unruly, smiled and did not plan to explain more. He continued to look back at the booklet.

Zhao Feixiao’s change is in his eyes, and his heart is naturally very satisfied. In order to maintain this transformation, he must make arrangements before he can go to Beijing.

On the booklet, he is a young woman who has carefully selected and collected. Everyone’s heart and character are recorded carefully and carefully. The body’s influence on the lady is too great. After turning away the jasper, he is unwilling to appear again. People, Zhao Feixiao, who has made him hard and right, bend back, so naturally he must be carefully prepared.

What he has to do now is to arrange the specific work of everyone.

He didn't believe it. With his fierce butterfly who struggled to flap his wings, can the plot come back?


Since knowing that his wife is going to find a wife in her servant at home, Jasper has been completely flustered.

There is always a secret hope in my heart. Reality and fantasy are simply different. How can she be willing?

But how can she not be reconciled?

Both the ruby ​​and the purple jade are happy to accept the arrangement of the lady. If she refuses alone, what will the lady think?

She did not want to look for Zhao Feixiao to help in the past, but this time, somehow, the young lady avoided her regardless of what she did, eating to avoid her, painting to avoid her, sleeping to avoid her, even every I don’t want to follow the time when I’m in the heart of Ziyuan’s long pulse!

Miss’s behavior is so wrong, can she not think too much?

I was afraid that my previous thoughts had been exposed. She had been careful during this time. When she missed her, she was embarrassed. When Miss looked at her, she was even more shocked!

Every day, I am afraid that I will find that I have been unmasked in the morning, and I have no choice but to ask for help from the lady!

All of Zhao Feixiao’s current minds are placed on his own brother and the long-term leader of Ziyuan. They only want to pave the way for their confession, and they have no choice but to take care of others.

And after all, she is a girl who has not left the cabinet. It is naturally a shame for this kind of marriage. I originally thought about whether or not to talk to Jasper about the intimate words of the girl’s family. But these days, Jasper always avoided her. I always talked to myself about Li Gongzi. Now she doesn’t even call her. She doesn’t even enter the room. She always talks to her with a low voice like a mosquito, twice or twice, twice. She almost decided that Jasper would be shy.

Also, is it not shy to marry a girl?

Unwilling to make her feel embarrassed, although Zhao Feixiao was very sad about her being married to the country's village, but still did not ask more.

Because she finally found a way to help the two brothers!

However, if there is any use of this method, I still don’t know it. She only sneaked it into her heart. After she finished the work, she would look for someone to look at their reaction. If it really works, she can Take it to my mother!

I can definitely help my brother and Ziyuan Dao!

Everywhere in the family and the harmony, the parents are physically and mentally ill-free, the sister's health is three-dimensional, and the threatening grandmother is also separated. Ye Sinian looks at his own achievements and only feels refreshed. .

When everything is ready, Ziyuan Ye Sinian’s little girl with a sullen face finally embarked on the road to Beijing.


On the other side, Li Bingxun, who was quick-moving, finally rushed back to Beijing.

Different from the original fate trajectory, Li Bingxun of this world did not return to Beijing because of the letter of the prince. It was even because of a strange words of a strange Taoist.

He went out to avoid the trouble and took care of his body. He did not say hello and went back to Beijing. He was afraid of blaming the prince. Secondly, he was the first time to see the person who was in the heart, so he went back to Beijing. Did not go to the Prince, but with a feeling of embarrassment and expectation directly into the harem.

His reputation in Beijing is almost enough to stop the children's nightingale. Where can the people in the palace dare to stop him? Plus, when he was still soft, he often came over, and the emperor closed his eyes with one eye. Where did they stop at this time?

So Li Bingxun drove straight into the Yunhua Hall where the softness was.

But often it is counterproductive.

Li Bingxun’s footsteps were nailed to the outside of the door, and his face looked uncertain.

It’s different from the imaginary two people who are eager to meet each other’s desires. The person who is obsessed with his heart is full of dependence on his father’s arms, although he can’t see the expression on the face. But the deep affectionate and sweet voice is like a knife with a cold light, straight into the heart.


The old **** was standing anxiously with his face, and wanted to smash the three imperial princes, and he was afraid that the sound would be louder and louder, and he couldn’t eat it. His heart was full of helplessness, and he couldn't help but press down the voice. "Three emperors, the saint is in the inside and the soft is talking, you are..."

This is also a coincidence.

It has been two or three days since the softness was found. After the examination and treatment of the doctor, it was determined that the body was not bad, even when it was much healthier than in the palace, the emperor only got up and thought. .

Who would have imagined that it would be so coincidental that it was hit by the Three Emperors?

Knowing the impulsive and violent character of the three emperors, the old **** is afraid of what he can do under his impulsiveness, and he will reach out and pull his sleeves with a bitter face.

Li Bingxun's face was dark and he noticed his movements. He gave him a cold look and silently opened his hand.

The old eunuch, who was not very clean in his eyes, couldn’t help but tremble with his eyes, and he retracted his hand and couldn’t afford the courage to let him go.

He also saw that the three emperors did not intend to disturb the two people in the room. If so, then he would not see it!

Otherwise, according to the temper of the Lord, it is not impossible to cut a knife with one knife. At that time, there is no place to cry.

I don’t know anything about the outside of the house. The emperor, who is not too young, is full of sorrow and sorrow, and his eyes are curious and delightful.

As the saying goes, it will be a blessing to die. He is not too young now. It is precisely when he is gradually interested in this kind of ghost and god. The original love for the soft five or six points suddenly rose to seven or eight points. After careful observation of the ground, she found that her face was better than the past, her body was weak and gentle, and even after she was dyed with some fishermen's generous heart, she couldn't help but feel that her hand on her soft shoulders gradually became uneasy.

The emperor is like this. Can you understand what he means when you understand the softness?

I learned about the sound of the clothes and the shyness of Sosuo's clothes. In the ears, Li Bingxun clenched his fists into the blue veins, and the anger in his heart almost became the essence!

He stared at the door in front of him, his eyes were bright and his breath was getting thicker.

The old eunuch, who had already put down half of his heart, was shaking again. He slammed his eyes and stared at Li Bingxun. He planned to open his throat and call the guards if he had any change! 2k novel reading network