Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 99: Cannon fodder counterattacks **** text (

Dada’s hooves, crisp bird songs, oncoming winds... all kinds of sounds are in the ears, but there is no sound that makes people’s red eyes warm and heartbeat, Tsing Yi’s eyes are not squinting. With a carriage, I feel refreshed.

There is no such interference with the unharmonious voice. Although Xiaozhen still couldn’t help but guess what the two people behind are doing, but the mood is no longer so depressed, the whip makes a crisp sound in the air. With a light smile on his face, he went straight to the end of the road.

Behind the new carriage.

Ye Si Nian touched his chin and touched the right side of the chin. Not to mention the sound insulation performance emphasized by Zi Yuan. The generous and spacious shape and the intimate details of the whole place are worthy of 32 praises.

Don't mention the smugness of Ziyuan's face. He grabbed the waist of Yesi from the back, and a pair of ink-colored eyes sparkled. "How? Like?"

"Like." Ye Sinian turned his head and kissed him without twisting. He said: "Besides the purpose is not simple, I did not expect you to have this craft!"

Ziyuan heard that his chest couldn't help but be quite quite awkward. He proudly and proudly said: "This road has been in the rivers and lakes for many years, but this is a small skill!"


Unlike the sweet husband who is here, the other side of Li Bingxun only feels that the heart that was so hot and passionate has been thrown into the bottom of the glaciers without mercy. The pain of the heartbreaking is almost thick. Unable to open, he opened his mouth and found that he could not make any sound at all.

One of the parents in the room is the father of his birth, and the other is the elder who has the life-saving grace for him. Shouldn’t he be happy for her to receive the favor of his father?

As a beggar, isn’t it true that the father is so bad for her?

But why, the anger in the heart is burning more and more, the more burning, the more prosperous, let him want to completely tear the man who touched her, even if that person is his father?

He wanted to rush in and smash the man who was pressing on her to the ground. He wanted to grab her shoulders and ask her why? !

Why do you give up even for my life, but now I am turning around under other men. Happy? !

Is it... Is it a gentle word, isn’t that the one who wants to take care of himself, is it just wishful thinking?

Do not! The facts must not be like this! This is definitely a helpless move!

Li Bingxun’s chest was vigorously undulating twice. His palm was stabbed by his nails. He was bleeding down the red blood. He didn’t care. The red eyes were like a hail. They looked at him and stared at him. The old eunuch.

The old **** stunned, and the momentum that was ready to go was suddenly loose. He shrank his neck and dared not look at him with his eyes.

"I have not been here." Li Bingxun opened his mouth with a blank expression, and his voice was hoarse and low, like a cold chill with a quiet place.

Feeling that life was threatened, the old **** was busy nodding, and lowered the voice: "The king is relieved! The old slave did not see anything!"

After hearing a satisfactory reply, Li Bingxun finally looked back and took a deep look at the closed door. More and more intense wheezing and suppressed exclamations came into his ears. He clenched his teeth tightly. Take a breath.

Then he turned his face and left to leave.

Li Bingxun only felt that the heart seemed to be smashed vigorously, and his heartache was almost suffocating.

But the difference in identity is greater than the day, even if his heart hurts to the extreme, he can only helplessly leave.

But of course he doesn't plan to swallow this breath!

For the first time in my life, I fell in love with a woman. The person is also interested in himself. Just because of his identity, he has to commit himself to the father. As a man, how can he be indifferent? !

Li Bingxun clenched his hands, as if he could not feel the pain, and calmly went to the Prince’s East Palace.


The younger brother who has been causing trouble for himself has gone out of his heart. Although the Prince has some concerns in his heart, there is inevitably a feeling of relief.

He is a calm and cautious person. He grew up in the education of his mother. He has always strictly demanded himself with the standards of Ming Jun. This is why he can still be stable in the situation where his family is not obvious. The root cause of the praise of the minister.

But there is always something unexpected, although it is not good to think so, but the presence of the third brother does make him stained.

The younger brother and his age are a little different. When the third brother is still a baby who is still crying in his mother's arms, he has already followed the way of studying the country after Taifu. The palace has always been the only one who does not like it. Big brother who talks, he naturally likes this white and tender baby.

He was very fond of him since he was a child, and then he had a dying dying after his mother. He naturally opposed Li Bingxun.

But patience always has a day that has been ruined, and people with a broad mind can't stand the three-and-a-half times.

He didn't excuse his three brothers, let him converge on his own temper, at least not so easily caught by the handle, but he promised every time he was in front of himself, and when he turned around, he fell down again. Countless disasters have come out.

He is also a human being, and he will be tired. The minister who has dealt with the treacherous gangsters in the middle of the day has been very laborious. With the increasingly fierce suppression of Mei Long, the elderly father is more and more blind to young and strong. By the way, he has almost had to work hard.

However, the third brother is still still asking me to solve his troubles for him.

To be honest, if it wasn’t for the third time that the third brother offered to go out, he really didn’t know when his patience would be exhausted.

After all, unilateral pay is never possible to maintain the relationship. If he has become a emperor and has no threat of shaking his position, he will not be so bored, but the key is that he is only a prince. Only!

Even the status is gradually unstable, and all the princes will be lost if they are not careful!

Why is the third brother not understanding and understanding his own difficulties?

He is no longer a child, and he can't be his own helper. Why do you have to sneak down on such awful things to drag yourself down?

When Li Bingxun overturned the blocked guard and broke into the study room, the Prince was listening to the doorman to give him advice.

Without the drag of the third brother, Mei Yi could not find a handle that could be attacked in his own body. Therefore, since this time, the DPRK has fallen into a strange balance, calm and calm.

He was planning to put forward his own ideas on the doorman's suggestion, and he listened to the door being vigorously opened. Li Bingxun, who was short-lived and servant, appeared in the eyes of everyone.

His eyes were covered with red blood, and Li Bingxun’s face was dark and watery. He looked at the doormen and his eyes finally stopped on the prince who was surrounded by the middle. The tone was hard and anger: "Two brothers, you Let them go out first."

Everyone in the door is a glimpse of the heart, and when it comes to reaction, it is a burst of fire.

Although they all rely on the prince to achieve their ambitions, but at the very least, there is still a minimum of self-esteem. The three emperors will not give up the troubles to the princes on weekdays. After all, the princes are willing, and he has never had a direct relationship with them. Conflict, but what is it now? !

Is he treating them as slaves who are ready to go? !

Receiving the angry eyes of everyone, Li Bingxun’s anger that had just been suppressed began to wriggle in his heart. His eyes full of killing swept through the faces of the people, and the threat in his eyes was self-evident.

The eyes of the Prince flashed flashy in the eyes, but he knew the temperament of the three younger brothers. He knew that there was no reason for him to attack. He was afraid that there would be irreparable conflicts and contradictions. He swallowed his heart and swept. The face was unpleasant, and the face smiled and nodded to the smug-stricken door-to-door visitors. The temperature and the authenticity: "Speaking for a long time, the gentlemen must be lacking, come here today!"

The doormen were helpless, but they had a deep understanding of how the princes loved their younger brothers. Although they were still very dissatisfied, they still retired.

But inevitably, Li Bingxun’s image in their hearts is a lot worse.

The Prince looked at Li Bingxun, and he waved his hand and motioned him to sit down and smiled. "Three brothers, the speed of your return is really fast!"

Li Bingxun's full anger was instantly ignited by his words. He was red with his eyes full of accusations and looked at him. The neck between the blue veins violently screamed, and asked loudly: "Softness is coming back! Why don't you tell me?!"

I just watched the beloved one being possessed by other men. The feeling of helplessness was all violent at this time. He stared angrily at the prince, and his anger was tumbling. He could not control his own. mood! The tone is very aggressive and full of temper: "When do you want to hide me?!"

When the Prince was on the spur of the moment, he blinked a bit in a sly manner. The question of Li Bingxun was very unclear. However, for the first time in his life, he was so eager to ask his face, and his displeasure was more intense, but after all, They are used to taking care of him, so they also depressed the dissatisfaction in their hearts and wondered: "Three brothers, I sent you a letter! Don't you receive a letter?"

"What letter?" Li Bingxun's full anger suddenly stagnate, and his eyes full of anger and questioning also recovered slightly and asked doubtfully.

"I specifically sent people to tell you the news that the softness was found back..." The Prince was puzzled and frowned. "You didn't receive the letter? Then how come you suddenly came back?"

Li Bingxun’s full anger was replaced by 愧疚 and 尴尬, and he guessed where the person who sent the letter was and what he missed, so he did not care much about it and said: “In Qinghe Town, I met a Taoist who was fairly fortune-telling. He said..."

Thinking of what the Taoist said, Li Bingxun’s voice paused, for fear that the Prince would ask what the Taoist priest had said, and his look became somewhat unnatural.

After all, he still dared not say in front of the Prince that he likes soft words.

Such a big rebellious feeling, he knows that if the Prince knows, let alone support, the biggest possibility is to let himself stay away from the capital and completely cut off his thoughts.

So in front of the Prince, he can only disguise the feelings of men and women as the envy of the younger generation to the elders. Because of the softness of the past, they were very gentle to themselves, and then they lost their lives to save themselves. So the Prince’s Feelings don't feel too strange.

The prince did not notice his unnaturalness at all, and even all his mind was attracted to the past by the priest. He thought of the secret of inadvertently hearing, and his eyes looked at Li Bingxun a little brightly and said: "What is the priest called?"

When Li Bingxun saw him and did not ask the words of the Taoist, he quietly let out his breath. Although he felt that his problem was a bit strange, he still tried his best to remember it. "It seems to be called purple..."

"Purple Yuan?!" The light in the eyes of the Prince is even worse, and the breathing does not consciously become a little rush.

"Yes! It's Ziyuan!" Li Bingxun suddenly realized, half awkward, and looked at the bright eyes of Prince Edward: "Two brothers, do you know him?"

The prince was stunned and pressed hard to suppress the complex emotions in his heart. He evoked a touch of peace in the peacetime. He said: "If you hear it, look at your servant look, don't hurry to wash it. clothes?!"

I just misunderstood the Prince and asked him, and I felt awkward in my heart. Li Bingxun couldn’t help but feel a big sigh of relief. He nodded and turned to the study.

In the quiet study room, the prince slowly raised his eyebrows, and he coveted his hands and muttered in his mouth: "Purple Yuan..."