Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 1

There was silence in the empty bathroom.


The already calm water surface in the bathtub suddenly showed a few fierce water halos, and then a hand jerked out from the edge of the bathtub, and tightly grasped the cold-toned edge of the bathtub. The pale fingertips were due to excessive force. And a little bloody, and then a wet head broke through the surface of the water and exposed out of the bathtub.

Lin Yi, who had just broken free from the suffocation that enveloped him, was soaked, even with water on his eyelashes, his expression was a bit startled because of the confusion of his head. Immediately afterwards, he coughed two involuntarily, and even spit out several mouthfuls of water that had choked in.

Embarrassed and at a loss.

Lin Yi finally stopped coughing and looked down at her arm. The thin black shirt clung to his body with the water, and the exposed wrist was too white, looking fragile and slightly sick.

The scene before his death in the car accident is still clearly reflected in Lin Yi's mind. He can be sure that he has no chance of surviving, but what is the situation now?

He raised his hand and moved his hand, his fingertips were slightly cool, although his body was weak, he could feel the full vitality in his body.

Lin Yi propped up her upper body and stood up from the bathtub. She wanted to follow her body's habit and strode forward, but she almost fell in soft legs before she stood still. He staggered and held on to the wall, his head was dizzy, and another memory suddenly emerged to entangle him, and quickly merged with his original memory. At the same time, Lin Yi's heart throbbed, and with it came the pain from the back of his neck.

He stretched out his hand to cover the back of his neck, staggered and stood on the wall again, walked to the mirror with his legs soft, and saw his face clearly again.

The person in the mirror was a boy in his early twenties who seemed to Lin Yi to be too slender and weak. At this moment, two memories also explained everything for Lin Yi.

He was indeed dead. He died in an ordinary car accident on earth, but he didn't know how he was reborn in such a person, in such a distant time and space.

The same name is Lin Yi, but in the blink of an eye he changed from an ordinary man to a male omega.

"Omega." Lin Yi muttered the word silently, and at the same time thinking of the attribute that the word represented, she couldn't help frowning deeply, but she was ready for a moment.

All the memories in the original master's mind were enough for Lin Yi to know the rules and background of this world so that he could live without flaws. However, in Lin Yi's eyes, the rules of this world are light and light in terms of **** words alone.

The place where the original owner died was the capital star of the First Empire. The First Empire ended its rapid expansion about two hundred years ago. After defeating all its opponents, it entered an unprecedented period of stability. The Capital Star is the most prosperous of them. A planet.

People in the empire are clearly divided into three, six or nine classes based on their bloodlines and attributes. The division of blood has the most obvious influence on the empire for a long time. Take Capital Star as an example. Almost all the residents of Capital Star have been genetically optimized. Not only do they look outstanding, but their physical fitness is constantly enhanced. The so-called attributes refer to the six divisions of male and female gender plus abo attributes.

Alpha has the strongest physique and assumes the most leadership positions in the empire, while beta is mediocre. It has the most number in the empire and has ordinary fertility. The rest is omega, which has the weakest physique and appearance, but has strong fertility. . It is also the fertility of omega. There was a period in the empire that the destiny of omega was to depend on alpha, and then fertility was regarded as the goal of life.

Under the current laws of the empire, alphas of different levels can be marked with one to four omegas, while betas can be marked at most or once, and omegas can only be marked by one alpha and depend on him for survival. To survive the estrus period under the unique fertility mechanism of omega

Such a social structure should be primitive and animalistic, but it is actually in an interstellar empire whose civilization is much more advanced than the earth.

In this era when everyone can live 300 years on average, the original owner is only 22 years old, and he is really still a half-year-old child. Lin Yi's parents are researchers in a small company. Both of them are betas. They have lived on the rare star all their lives. The only bright spot in the ordinary life is probably the birth of an omega Lin Yi who is in the middle and upper physique.

It's a pity that the two were killed in a spacecraft accident when Lin Yi was 18 years old, leaving Lin Yi alone, and the family's meager family, which at most supported Lin Yi's legacy of graduating from the Omega School of Zhenqixing.

The First Empire is not without connection to the earth, because in legend, the origin of this civilization is a branch of earth civilization thousands of years ago.

It’s just that the migration of humans on the earth was full of hardships, and there have been many near-extinction wars. In this process, most of the original data brought from the earth has become a history that cannot be recalled. His appearance was covered with a veil of mystery.

People always like to trace the origin. As the origin of the empire and the hometown of mankind, the earth occupies a very important place in the empire anyway. People are keen to understand the past earth from the restoration of images. With the progress of some archaeological discoveries in recent years, such as the discovery of spacecraft wrecks with sporadic earth-related records in space, there has been a wave of earth heat in the interstellar space for nearly 30 years.

Taking advantage of this craze, some marginal galaxies, humans who could not afford genetic screening, have caught up with their seemingly flawed looks. For example, the original master Lin Yi, his pure black hair and black eyes, and the pure oriental appearance are unique among the empire.

Lin Yi raised her head and looked at herself in the mirror again.

He has not fully substituted his identity, so the expressions of the person in the mirror are more inclined to the original owner. His lips are slightly pursed, his skin is very white and thin, the corners of his eyes are slightly drooping, and his eyes are dark and moisturized, not only harmless but also weak and deceptive.

In fact, the original owner is indeed such a person.

The original owner was discovered by a scout accidentally after graduating from school, and he was taken to Capital Star for development. The original owner has no skill, and his personality is simple and deceptive. After being said a few words by the skillful scout, he dreamed of his life after becoming a star.

After coming to Capital Star, the original owner quickly picked up an advertisement, and Xiao Xiao gained a certain degree of popularity. It's a pity that the original owner didn't have time to be happy to learn that this opportunity was actually called him by a big boss, and the reason for calling him was of course clear.

The boss soon started contacting the original owner, stating that the original owner wanted him to be his lover. Although Alpha can legally marry a few omegas, the boss is just keen on having fun, and does not intend to smash his face with his wife.

The original owner admired simple feelings and couldn't accept this kind of unethical relationship, which angered the boss severely. But I didn’t expect that the other party was just bragging about himself, but in fact it was a little white face attached to his wife’s family life. After being discovered by his wife that he seemed to be involved with the original owner, he beat all things to the original owner, saying it was the original owner. Seduce entanglement.

The man's wife has an arrogant personality and has dealt with her husband's countless flowers and plants along the way. She has been ruthless and unbelievable. She even directly sent someone to wound the original owner's glands and cut off his ability to bear children.

In this era, an omega cannot have children, or even release its own pheromone, it is no different from a monster.

The original owner was hospitalized after being injured, and was unable to perform repair surgery because he could not afford the high surgical fees. Soon after he missed the golden repair period, he was judged that his glands could no longer be repaired, and he lost his fertility forever. Before he recovered from the shock, he saw the news reports. Numerous media outlets have unanimously implied that the original owner was injured because he was involved in another person’s marriage and tried to harm the other’s partner. This triggered a general upset on the Internet against the original owner. Abuse and sarcasm.

The original owner can only hope that the imperial police can give him a fair decision through the investigation, but he did not expect that this matter was like a stone sinking on the police side. Although the police who came to visit the original owner expressed sympathy for him more than once, his case was not. There is no more news, obviously someone deliberately put pressure and operation.

Immediately after the original shooter's commercial also accused him of breach of contract on the grounds of his poor image, and offered a astronomical penalty that the original shooter could not afford for a few lifetimes. This is tantamount to the last straw that crushes the camel for the original owner who can't even pay the hospital fee and the apartment he lives in will soon expire.

In despair, the original owner chose death to end all this.

The life experienced by Lin Yi before his death can be said to be two extremes compared with the original owner. His mother is a well-known singer, and his father is a well-known domestic opera bone, born under the attention of the public. With such a family background and strict tutoring, it is basically difficult to be mediocre. Not to mention that Lin Yi has indeed inherited all the advantages of his parents and has shown amazing talent since he was a child.

From the age of sixteen when he received his life’s first significant award for best actor in a movie, and nearly two decades later, Lin Yi’s life has been hailed online as a close-up, regardless of whether he is a singer or an actor, he relied on it. The strength of the **** kills the male celebrities of the same generation, leaving them 800 miles away.

No matter who mentioned Lin Yi, it was basically unavoidable to praise him, and it was probably not enough to say that he was God's food. In those two decades, the name Lin Yi was equivalent to a genius.

It's just that no one thought that such a person's life would come to an abrupt end at the age of thirty-five.

Lin Yi had never feared death, but never thought that after death, he would be reborn in another person in another time and space, and that person's situation would be so bad.

He took a deep breath, put his fingertips on his clothes buttons, slowly took off his soaked clothes, and turned on the heater on the side to warm his body with some chills.

Lin Yi gathered her hair with her hand, and the blue veins on the back of his hand faintly revealed white skin under the light. It was only after this moment that the eyes of the person in the mirror were completely different, arrogant and cold, and there was no trace of the original owner.