Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 2

Lin Yi pushed open the door of the bathroom. There was no light outside. The light from the bathroom shone out, leaving a small square bright, and the rest of the room was dim.

"Turn on the light." Lin Yiqi said with his lips, he looked down and saw that the back of his instep was also surprisingly thin, and this body was too weak.

Other than that, if he didn't change the physical fitness of this body, Lin Yi couldn't tell when he would die again.

After hearing Lin Yi's instructions, the personal brain in charge of the entire apartment immediately turned on the light in the living room, and then asked with concern: "The master looks tired, how are you?"

The intellectual brain that speaks to Lin Yi is the standard equipment for the residents of the empire, and the work it undertakes is determined by the intellectual brain's level. For example, the brain that Lin Yi currently has can basically take care of his diet and daily life, monitor his basic health, manage his personal account, and connect to various entertainments of Xingwang. The basic functions of the intellectual brain are almost the same, and the level difference depends on its empathy ability.

It is the limit set by the program to ask Lin Yi whether it is okay like this for the little brain A that Lin Yi owns.

Lin Yi sat down on the sofa: "Fortunately, Little A, help me get some food."

The head of the chubby little robot that had been standing quietly in the corner of the room flashed a flash of light, and then moved.

"Master, you have a few new mails, do you need me to read them to you?"

Lin Yi nodded, and at the same time the little robot that had left in front ran back silently and quickly. Its original round head turned into a square flat tray with a glass of milk-like liquid on top. It's just that this is not milk, but a cup of nutrient solution to ensure that Lin Yi needs nutrients throughout the day.

The nutrient solution is not difficult to drink. Lin Yi raised the cup and took a sip. There was a faint fruity taste in his mouth immediately, with a slightly unreal sweetness, some of it seemed to be drinking juice.

As for the original food culture on earth, it has long been replaced. From the perspective of high efficiency and time saving, Lin Yi feels that the nutrient solution is not bad, but he is reluctant to say goodbye to all the rich tastes of traditional diets.

Xiao A received Lin Yi's nod, and at this time he had already started to read the first email.

"...According to the assessment of your account balance and your repayment ability, the best monthly repayment amount has been planned for you. You only need to repay 10,000 per month. It will be implemented from next month. I hope you have enough The balance is easy to deduct..."

Although Lin Yi knew a lot of bad things about the original owner, this first email was urging for money, and no one was happy.

The advertisement received by the original owner was a tea advertisement, which gave the original owner a total of 500,000 yuan in advertising fees. As a result, he turned around and demanded compensation from the original owner on the grounds that the poor image of the original owner had affected the brand. The original owner didn't have much money left because of the operation, and he couldn't afford the expensive lawyer's fees in Capital Star. In the end, the total amount of money added up, he just had to pay the other party more than 10 million.

He sneered, 10,000 a month, enough for the original owner to be a hundred years old.

"Little A, check how much money is left in my current account." Lin Yi said.

Little A immediately replied: "Master, you still have 461 stellar coins in your account."

Despite being prepared, Lin Yi couldn't hold back a mouthful of nutrient solution stuck in her throat when she heard this value, and she couldn't get up and down.

He knew that the original owner was poor, but he didn't expect the original owner to become like this.

The consumption level of Capital Star is basically not much different from the original one on the earth. If the amount of more than 400 yuan is not to do other things, it is a question of whether Lin Yi can eat well for the remaining nearly 20 days of this month. Not to mention that when the next month arrives, this small apartment will have to pay four to five thousand rents and a monthly repayment limit of 10,000.

The most important pass for the circulation of personnel in the empire is the credit point. If Lin Yi can’t afford the money, it’s not just as simple as living on the street. Maybe even the original rare star can’t go back, so he can only go to some very partial hospitals. The planet, and the security and personnel complexity of those places is definitely not something that Omega can face.

Xiao A saw that Lin Yi seemed to be in a bad mood, so he paused and asked him: "Master, do I want to continue reading?"

Lin Yi put down the cup and wiped her mouth, and said in a deep voice, "Keep on reading."

Anyway, it's not that I don't know how miserable I am now, it is better to listen to it all at once.

Sure enough, there was nothing good in the future. It was the rent increase, the hospital reminder, and the urge to ask him if he wanted to renew the nutrient solution. To renew the subscription for two days, he would have to pay for it.

Apart from the debt collectors, Lin Yi paid more attention to the nutrient solution.

The nutrient solution is also hierarchical, more gender-specific. The nutrient composition of alpha and omega is very different. In addition, I won't say much about the taste gap between more money and less money.

Xiao A is very familiar with this, so he doesn't need to say Lin Yi: "Is it still the Omega exclusive A package?"

Lin Yi opened the brain on his wrist, and a screen that floated in front of him immediately popped up in front of him. He carefully read the accompanying package introduction, and then replied to Little A: "No, give me an alpha package A."

Little A seemed a little surprised, but he didn't question his master's mechanism, and quickly settled an alpha package for Lin Yi. Just after booking, I reminded Lin Yi: "Host, omega's alpha package may have a lot of side effects."

"For example?" Lin Yi was staring at the dozen dollars left in her account balance and frowned, and asked indifferently.

"There may be overnutrition. If you cooperate with exercise, your body may have more obvious muscle lines." Little A's tone remains unchanged, but Lin Yi clearly reads a little worried from it.

Of course, this is indeed the right worry for the Empire's current aesthetic bias towards omega, but Lin Yi doesn't care about this.

What he wants to throw away is this soft body, okay? Just one thing is a pity, Lin Yi thought, that is, omega's inherent physical fitness is relatively poor, so no matter how hard he works, he may still not reach the best state he hopes.

"It doesn't matter." He dealt with Xiao A casually, and was about to let A take a break by himself. When he was so focused on looking at the current situation in the star network, Xiao A spoke again.

"Master, there is the last email from Yinhe Film and Television, do you need me to read it?"

Galaxy Movies?

Lin Yi raised her head unexpectedly and looked at the little robot with a chubby head.

Galaxy Film and Television is a film and television company of Capital Star. It is strong and has a semi-official background. Whether it is TV series or other TV shows, it is stable and stable. It enjoys a high reputation throughout the empire. However, the original owner did not have any intersection with it before.

Lin Yi couldn't think of the reason why Yinhe Film and Television would send emails to herself.

Anyway, he won't be a creditor who came out, or is it a pretend to deceive others?

He didn't let Little A read it at all, but directly opened the mailbox and started reading.

The letter was really sent by Yinhe Film and Television, and the content was simple and clear, and Lin Yi was invited to participate in a variety show called "Where We Come From", which will be broadcast a few days later. The variety show content is to catch up with the retro craze of the past few years. It is a special traceable program. The theme is to introduce the earth from all aspects. It has high expectations on the star network before it starts. You can't get on this kind of show.

Not to mention the now notorious Lin Yi, who had a good reputation when he first debuted and attracted a small number of fans. He may have to think about whether he can go to the auditorium and sit on his **** after receiving a variety show invitation from Yinhe Film and Television. , Not to mention the current situation.

Lin Yi now knows this better, and at the same time he has a vague guess as to why he received the invitation. When he searched this program on and jumped out of Xi Qingyu's name, the guess in his heart became Determined and clear.

Xi Qingyu, to be said to be the old predecessor of the original owner, is well-known in the entertainment circle of today's empire for his good personality and good popularity. If it hadn't been for the original owner to break the negative news, the contract should have ended, and now it would be a company with Xi Qingyu. And Xi Qingyu's company is not another company, it is Yinyue Entertainment, a subsidiary of Yinyue Film and Television.

Yinyue Entertainment’s CEO Ye Jin is the one who defeated the original owner Yihra. His wife is rarely exposed, and even the surname is not well known to the outside world, but it is certain that his wife is inseparable from the royal family. The relationship between Lin Yi and Lin Yi is indeed light and handy.

At present, the empire is governed by the royal family, and the royal nobles have a lot of power, but like the army, they are not in the hands of the royal family. The various big families check and balance each other to maintain the stability of the empire.

When I first met, Xi Qingyu was warm and kind, and he didn't forget to take pictures of the original owner to share the news. The original owner didn't go through these masks in the entertainment industry, and did not have the smoothness of Xi Qingyu's work. He really thought that the other party was good for himself, so he was very grateful.

Who would have thought that Xi Qingyu would be the first person to step on him after something happened.

The media are still insinuating and distorting the facts. Xi Qingyu posted several news in a row, and confirmed that the original owner was harming others and not self-sustaining. This caused a large number of melon-eating netizens to immediately stand in line and directly The original owner's personal account was almost squeezed, and all kinds of attacking speeches appeared endlessly.

The contrast is not difficult to understand. When I first met Xi Qingyu, he probably thought that Lin Yi was leaning against the big tree to enjoy the coolness, so he naturally wanted to come up and make affectionate. When things changed, Lin Yi had obviously been rectified again, so he naturally wanted to stand in line to express his position. If you can add a bit of fire by the way, then you can even show your attitude, win the favor of the boss, and find a future for yourself.

As for the pitiful or innocent original owner, those who believe in self-interest will not care about this.

Lin Yi clicked into Xi Qingyu's account following the official announcement of Yinhe Film and Television, and scrolled down a few items, and the news from more than half a month ago re-entered his eyes.

"I didn't expect that the younger generation that I valued would do such a thing, but the facts before me also make me have to believe it, and I can't help but feel a little angry while shocked and embarrassed."

The hundreds of messages below this post basically expressed one meaning, "Distressed that Qingyu made friends carelessly, don't blame yourself too much, this is not your problem! [Hug]".

"I'm so angry! So how could Lin Yi be so disgusting, can he be an omega, even he can do something wrong with others?"

"So he is completely self-sufficient now. He deserves it. There is no sympathy for him. Even if he doesn't hurt himself, I think he should be deprived of the right to reproduce this kind of omega!"

Lin Yi glanced through the comments below with a calm face, and then moved his eyes to the latest news posted by Xi Qingyu, which was the content of the official announcement of Galaxy Films.

Xi Qingyu: Looking forward to it! [Heart] [Heart]//@Galaxy电影:...

Although Xi Qingyu’s original reputation was not small, he was not allowed to directly appear as a resident guest on variety shows at the level of Yinhe. This time the presence of such airborne resources is obviously also the last time he stepped on Lin Yi and made the big guy happy. , By the way, give him some benefits.

As for why Lin Yi was invited, Lin Yi closed the homepage of Xi Qingyu’s personal account and clicked on his own account. His personal information was blank, but the private messages were filled long ago. Just click on one of them in various language combinations. Personal attacks and vicious curses.

Obviously, such an attack is not enough to satisfy the people above. It is best to invite Lin Yi to a show platform that is broadcast live across the empire, and humiliate him again in all directions, so that he has no chance to stand up.

As for the possibility of Lin Yi's rejection of this invitation, the other party clearly knew it too. The reward of fifty thousand yuan is life-saving money for Lin Yi at the moment, and neither the original owner nor the present Lin Yi could not agree to it.

Lin Yi's fingertips lightly nodded on his knees, his whole body turned back. They wanted Lin Yi to be unable to walk down this road, and wanted him to be trampled under his feet with humiliation, and to treat him as a **** and flattened grass.

But the world is unpredictable, and Lin Yi feels that it is impossible to say who will step on it in the future.