Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 3

Replied to the corresponding e-mail, and soon released a new official announcement on the Internet. Of course, the news of Linyi's participation in the show was not a surprise to the tens of billions of young netizens on Star. On the contrary, it was a fright, and at the same time questioned the choice of the program group "Where do we come from".

Of course, the program team had already prepared for this, and they all rejected Lin Yi's personnel arrangements set before the negative news broke out. Whether it's true or not, it's so settled anyway.

Lin Yi read the comments for a while, and I have to say that the netizens surfing on the Imperial Star web are indeed slightly different from those familiar with the earth.

Due to the wars that have lasted for many years, the development of the entertainment industry in the empire lags far behind the living standards of ordinary people, so that even the rice circle culture that Lin Yi was originally familiar with has not developed much. In addition to the reasons for war, the more important point is that the empire is recognized by the mainstream as restraint and rational emotions, which also inhibits the prosperity of the overall entertainment culture.

This is not only reflected in the personality of netizens, but also in many current film and television works, mainly because the actors in the current film and television works have almost no expressions. This is fundamentally different from the poor acting celebrities that Lin Yi was familiar with before. The reason is that the overall character of the people of the empire is implicitly restrained, even if the inner emotions are already surging, but it shows The outer part can still be stored as long as it can be stored.

This overall personality affects not only film and television works, but also music. If film and television works can hit 50 with a perfect score of 100, there is almost only 10 left of the shortcoming of the empire of music.

It's not that there are no beautiful music in the Empire, but people don't tend to use music to convey their hearts. Therefore, most popular music is soothing and soft, and there is no habit of writing words. There is quite a way to just listen to it. Feel.

The following comment from the program group of "Where Are We From" Lin Yi was too lazy to watch it for the time being. He turned off the relevant web pages, then lay on the sofa and closed his eyes to think about his current situation.

The debts of the original owner plus the monthly living and rent are estimated to be about 20,000 yuan, which is also a large monthly expenditure in Capital Star. The liquidated damages for advertisements are currently unchangeable, but Lin Yi intends to withdraw it. This house was found by the people from Yinyue Entertainment Company when I first came to Capital Star. Now that I have torn my face, I can't live in this house naturally.

Lin Yi doesn't think the sudden increase in rent this month was an accident. Living here is no different than living in a well and waiting for others to hit the rocks.

"Little A, help me find some houses on the Internet with a price of around two thousand. It doesn't matter if it is smaller, as long as you have a bed and a bathroom," Lin Yi said.

Although his family conditions were good in his previous life, he suffered a lot while growing up. He never stopped practicing, not to mention that he went out to film with the crew when he was a teenager, stayed in the yellow sand, and rushed through the ice and snow. It is also common not to sleep for several days in the hardest time.

The small A should play. While it was busy, Lin Yi considered the next thing.

It is said that I can get 50,000 yuan for this variety show, but Lin Yi calculated the imperial tax rate, and there are some miscellaneous things. It is estimated that there will be more than 30,000 yuan.

Of course, he doesn't dislike the more than 30,000. After all, he is just a person with only a few dozen dollars left in his name. Even more than 30,000 will only be able to sustain him for the next month.

According to the current reputation of the original owner outside, if it weren't for Yinyue Entertainment's idea of ​​trampling him to death, it would be impossible for Lin Yi to get such a variety show invitation. So on the other hand, the fact that he was about to step on his foot relieved Lin Yi's urgent need.

He doesn't plan to suffer from a variety show, let alone let people play with him, but this also means that after the other party knows that he can't please him on such a thing, it is impossible for him to be stupid and give him such a chance of exposure.

As for other programs or companies, this time, it will not throw an olive branch on Lin Yi. An artist who just debuted and was blocked by all the netizens without any splashes of water. Even if the others were brainstorming, they wouldn't look at Lin Yi more.

Under such circumstances, Lin Yi must consider her own livelihood later. He can't rely on others, he can only rely on himself.

Lin Yi soon had a plan in her heart. Although Lin Yi has a good heart in filming, and he is still confident that he can do a good job, it is obvious that he may not get such an opportunity in the short term. His only breakthrough is to compose music.

He likes music, enjoys music, but also has a creative talent. Once on the earth, the identity of the singer-songwriter may be more representative of him than the actor's identity. If he was born again on the earth, then he might be a little worried that the listeners whose tastes are nourished require him to put more effort to please. But the current situation of the First Empire is very beneficial to Lin Yi.

This is like a blank piece of paper, allowing Lin Yi to let go and draw her favorite transformation.

At present, if you want to publish your own work and make some famous, the only channel for ordinary people is to publish their works in the gathering places of the same friends on the network platform. It's like looking for an entertainment company to post a song, which is absolutely impossible for ordinary people. Now the major entertainment companies in the empire don't care about music-related businesses at all, unless it is a great person who has a good reputation in these fields, only then can they consider the opportunity to get a record once in more than ten years.

But the so-called big cows rarely release this kind of record, because anyway, it's just a little style, and it is not necessary for everyone to release it or not.

Of course, it is impossible for Lin Yi to find an entertainment company to post his work. He is more inclined to publish his work online. But this publication will not be based on his current real name, at least with the help of an anonymous identity, otherwise it is estimated that everyone can directly sentence his works to death without listening to his songs.

Lin Yi opened a big forum following the memory of the original owner. The content of this forum is rather complicated. It can be said that as long as there is something in the empire, an independent section can be found here, and there is not much separation between the various sections. In terms of statistics from the last time, 60% of the Empire’s Internet users have been to this forum at least twice a week, and the traffic is self-explanatory.

The music section is not very well-known here, but there will always be people uploading their own works here. The website will also give creators a part of monetary rewards based on the number of clicks on the work. In addition, listeners can also give rewards to those who post the work according to their wishes.

Lin Yi just clicked in at this moment and saw the hot posts within three days displayed under the general section inside. The content of the posts ranged from the fancy eating method of the nutrient solution to the high-quality alpha summary of Capital Star. The span is extremely huge.

Not surprisingly, Lin Yi also saw several popular black original posts on the front row, which he didn't bother to read. He is only going to register an anonymous account for himself first.

Unlike on the earth where only two genders are selected, there are six genders displayed here. Although she was still a little bit troubled in her heart, Lin Yi tried her best to restrain her desire to complain, and then ticked off the "omega male".

After registering for this, he clicked back to the forum homepage. He hasn't started writing the song yet, and there is nothing to post, but he glanced at the essence post in front of the main forum, and after seeing the post of "Capital Star Premium Alpha Summary", Lin Yi's gaze stayed a lot. For a moment, then after thinking about it, I clicked in.

The original owner grew up on a small planet, and he basically studied at an omega vocational school since he was a child. The alpha he has seen is not only the quantity, but the quality is indeed very average.

The moment Lin Yi clicked on the post, a website appeared in front of him that looked very well done. Lin Yi, who originally thought he would see a water sticker like a big photo on the Earth Forum with a few soft texts, was stunned. It is not that he is easily surprised, but that this website is a bit exaggerated.

There are dozens of categories in the website, divided into regions, family backgrounds, physiques, heights, and even weights. There are dozens of categories that can be selected by single or multiple selections.

Does this really hurt privacy? As Lin Yi thought about it, he randomly poked a link in the first place. He immediately jumped into a neatly constructed and beautiful web page. There was a photo in the upper left corner of the page with a detailed height next to the photo. Weight, age, and even information about marriage. There are still a lot of text introductions that are left, starting from the learning experience and personal experience of alpha, I don't know how to do it in detail.

The average height of male omega in the empire is about 1.75 to 1.8 meters, and a few may reach more than 1.8 meters, which would be regarded as unpleasant height. And the height of male alpha is about 1.85 to 1.19 meters, and 195 to 2 meters is the data of a few alphas with extremely good physical fitness.

Lin Yi's body height is barely within the pleasing range, not tall or short at 1.79 meters. It's not bad to look at it this way, but in terms of the height of the alpha that he browses now, which is easily 190, he is still a little birdy.

Lin Yi hadn't talked about love seriously in her last life, but her sexuality was definitely a man who loves men. He felt that this could barely be counted as a comforting thing, otherwise if he was a straight man and was sent to such a world as a destined recipient, then he might have to die again.

He hastily browsed a few alpha pages, and his eyes fell to the real-time message area below.

"Rely on this post every day! Oh, oh, I really want to give birth to monkeys for these alphas, hey, it’s a pity that I’m just a beta, and it’s impossible to be with alpha in this life. At most, I’ll find someone as ordinary as me. Live the beta."

"Don't be discouraged by the beta girl upstairs, dreams are always required, maybe there is a good alpha?"

"Hey, I said, big brother, encouraging people is not so encouraging. Don’t write bad checks. Alpha and omega together are determined by the physiological mechanism. Omega casually reveals a pheromone taste, which is enough to make a boiled water. The tasteless beta rubbed on the ground, what do you think."

"That is, how can you compare with others without pheromone?"

When Lin Yidu came here, he was still a bystander who couldn't beat him. Unexpectedly, someone below suddenly said, and a stick hit Lin Yi's head.

"You say it's like Lin Yi. Didn't you mean that his gland was seriously injured and he has lost his fertility? Then he can't emit pheromone?"

"Positive answer, an omega like him can't be called an omega at all. The omega without pheromone and fertility is not as good as beta. At least beta can give birth to children, and the physique is stronger than him."

"A vicious person like him deserves it! Even the alpha who can't find a spouse on the barren star can't take another look at him."

Yes, Lin Yi closed the webpage calmly. It seems that he has to be shot everywhere in a short time, so he might as well go to sleep.