Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 23

The training venue Song Qinrong applied to Lin Yi is exclusively for high-ranking generals. The various facilities and equipment are of the highest class, not only for ordinary physical exercises, but also for exercises in various extreme situations, as well as Fighter simulation flight, mech operation and so on are things that people outside the military area can't even touch.

Usually there are not many people in this place, of course there are even fewer people at this time. After all, they are all waiting for food in the cafeteria.

After Lin Yi entered his information at the entrance guard, he obtained all the permissions to use it. After a lot of exercise, he sweated well and found that there were various fighting courses in the brains of the training ground.

Lin Yi learned some fighting skills in her last life, first to strengthen her physical fitness, and second to cope with emergencies. She was forced by fanatic fans to wait for her to fly away.

However, the fighting skills provided by Zhi Brain to Lin Yi are more practical at this time, and at the same time, he also gave Lin Yi a personality test to determine what level of study he is suitable for now.

After the test, Lin Yi's current physique is only equivalent to that of an ordinary beta, and the content that can be learned is correspondingly limited. However, as far as the physical starting point provided by the original owner to Lin Yi, Lin Yi's current physique has improved a lot.

Such learning opportunities are not easy to find after leaving Huangxing. Therefore, Lin Yi intends to make good use of it during the fifteen days. Not to mention any major achievements, but at least not to waste time before leaving.

In the middle of the morning, Lin Yi was all soaked in the training ground. He chose a set of basic fighting training. After entering the virtual learning system, the training time will feel stretched, but the actual time will not change.

Therefore, Lin Yi stayed in the training ground for half a morning, but his body felt as if he had been there all day.

After exiting the training simulation system, he collapsed to the ground, breathing heavily for a while before slowly relieving. Fortunately, the simulation training will take into account his physical strength and body, and Lin Yi hasn't really been exhausted during this half-day.

Lin Yi picked up the jacket he threw aside and took a shower in the shower room. When he came out, he finally saw a few people outside of him in the training ground.

It was a few generals who had just come from the military cafeteria and were about to take a rest and began to disappear. Among them was Song Qinrong.

Usually, not to mention the personable but at least heroic high-ranking generals of the First Army. At this time, sitting on the bench outside the field without dignity, Song Qin Rong leaned against the back of the chair with his hands spread out, his face covered. It is the color of satisfaction.

Hearing the movement of Lin Yi coming out of the room, he turned his head and looked over and saw that Lin Yi was sitting on Qin Nuo’s aircraft, but he was still the one with all tails and tails. His mood relaxed a lot, and a smile appeared on his face. .

Thinking of the buns and dumplings they ate just now, Song Qinrong sat up straight again and said to Lin Yi excitedly: "Lin Yi, the dumplings and buns just now are absolutely nothing, but if you go to the cafeteria now, it is estimated that they are gone. What a pity."

He used a tone of uncertainty, but he had already determined that this was a fact in his heart. After all, he had personally witnessed the situation in the military canteen in front of him. The last dumplings and steamed buns almost overturned the roof of the military canteen, where there was surplus.

Hearing this, the colleague on the side dismantled his desk without hesitation: "What kind of garlic cloves? Just now you have eaten the most, so I'm not used to your hypocritical appearance."

Song Qinrong turned his head: "You eat less than me?"

The two talked as if they were about to be pinched up.

Lin Yi couldn't stand it anymore, he lifted his personal terminal and showed them a video content sent by the small D in front.

In the video, Xiao D shows a close-up of a row of chubby dumplings that have not yet been cooked, and there are also a pile of hot steaming buns. In this screen, although Xiao D does not appear, he can clearly hear its screaming in the background sound: "Where are dumplings and steamed buns? If you want to eat it, I will eat Baba. If I dare to break into the kitchen, I will bombard you. "

As a result, the camera turned to small D in the next second, and its tone turned 180 degrees: "My lord, I have left these foods from the mouths of the wicked for you, and they have been specially prepared to keep them fresh. You can come and enjoy it at any time."

The wicked Song Qin Rong and his colleagues immediately couldn't quarrel. Song Qin Rong said, "I knew that this chicken thief's D-Type One must have a back hand, so are you going to the cafeteria now? I can take you off. "

Song Qinrong said that he was about to get up, and several other generals also got up immediately, saying that he could definitely go to the military cafeteria again.

Lin Yi pretended that she didn't see their intentions, shook her head and said, "I have to go to the crew right now. I was notified just now that one of my scenes is ahead of schedule, and I am going to pass now."

Even so, Song Qinrong stood up and said that he could send Lin Yi over.

Lin Yi got on the mecha with him.

Song Qinrong's mecha was a model that was used more frequently by the First Army. Lin Yi saw the corresponding simulator in the training ground before. By the way, he thought of one of his previous thoughts and asked Song Qinrong at this moment: "General Song, if I pass the driving examination course at the military department, I can continue to use the driver's license here when I return to Capital Star. ?"

Song Qinsong smiled and said: "Of course, the driver's license obtained in Capital Star may not be able to travel throughout the entire empire, but the driver's license obtained in Wild Star allows you to travel throughout the universe."

He paused and asked Lin Yi: "Why, do you want to take a driver's license?"

Lin Yi nodded: "I have this idea, but I don't know whether it is convenient or inconvenient for the military."

"Convenient and inconvenient..." Song Qin Rong said, "This has no precedent before. It may be a bit difficult, but it's not insurmountable."

Lin Yi heard his overtones, and took the stubbornly on the words very honestly: "How to overcome?"

Song Qinrong cleared his throat and said solemnly: "You let the D-Type One reduce some of the hostility towards me. When you usually arrange to eat more, you can almost overcome this difficulty."

Lin Yi didn't expect that he would say this, and couldn't help but chuckle.

Song Qinrong looked serious, and explained to Lin Yi: "Don't you know how hostile the D-Type One is now? Two of the three sentences are offensive language, and now it's good to you. If it weren't for you, I would doubt if it has anti-human tendencies."

"But I think Xiao D is also very good to the marshal," Lin Yi said, "There is a saying that you have to tie the bell to untie the bell. Xiao D was hit too deeply by the negative reviews before, and I think the root of the problem is still there. For you, maybe you can try to write some good reviews to Little D."

"Really?" Song Qinrong said half-believingly, "Well, I'll try it later."

During the moment they talked, the car has also driven outside the filming location of the crew today.

Many crews blocked the outside with cars. Lin Yi didn't let Song Qin Rong drive inside. Instead, he got out of the car after a while and walked inside by herself.

It's more than an hour before lunch, but it's the same for the crew. Because the notice was received earlier, the spacecraft to deliver the nutrient solution will arrive tonight at the earliest, and everyone has to work hungry.

The reason why Lin Yi's scene was advanced is because the second male number Li Xingzhou couldn't bear it after being hungry all morning, and he didn't want to take pictures anymore. The director Fred was also angry at Li Xingzhou's inability to enter the play, and never got a shot that he thought could be used throughout the morning.

Li Xingzhou went on strike, but filming had to go down because these fifteen days were only the longest filming time applied by the crew. Once the time passed, the director Fred was not sure whether he could find such a big one. Mianzi asked the military department to extend their filming permit.

The current atmosphere of the crew is exceptionally bad. All the higher-ranking staff are calm, and the lower-ranking staff are all terrified.

Lin Yi walked to the mobile makeup van of the crew, and was stopped by Archie before he got into the car. He looked at him with an ugly expression and said, "Where have you been, are you coming back at this time?"

Lin Yi glanced at the time and said, "The morning is my free time, and the temporary notice I received earlier allows me to arrive before eleven o’clock. It’s only ten forty-five, or you want to stop. Let me break for fifteen minutes?"

Archie choked another bit for Lin Yi, and at the same time thinking of Fred, who was already on the verge of rage over there, he could only take a step back and let Lin Yi go inside.

The scene that Lin Yi is going to film for a while is a scene when he was playing the role as a teenager. After he entered the dressing room, he was immediately arranged to start repairing his makeup.

While wiping Lin Yi's face, the makeup artist sighed in a low voice, "Huh, fortunately, you have a good foundation, so it's easy to make."

Lin Yi is only in her early twenties this year, so it's really easy to play a teenager. The makeup artist didn't make any changes for him as a whole, but asked Lin Yi to put on a costume, and then put a few strokes on his face and pushed Lin Yi out.

Although Lin Yi is in this scene, the position of his 18-line dragon suit cannot be changed. The focus of the camera is still on the male protagonist.

The next scene is the hero returning from the battle in the mecha. After getting off the mecha, he strode towards the second man's house. In the courtyard, the little dragon set played by Lin Yi stood quietly on the side, and there was a camera around. A close-up of the passing.

And the hero Chen Qiaoxu was not ready at this time, and was communicating with a soldier of the military department how to drive the mech.

Director Fred was sitting not far away, his face was full of impatient, his gaze looked around, he suddenly caught a glimpse of Lin Yi walking under the eaves, his gaze was involuntarily attracted by Lin Yi.

Lin Yi's face was put on a few makeup, and the black eyes that were originally clear and translucent looked green and tender, and the whole person looked extremely pure. In fact, it was more in line with director Fred's vision of the image of a male second.

"Who is that?" He raised his head and asked the staff on the side.

The staff member in question glanced at Lin Yi and said to Fred: "This is Lin Yi, and I will play a servant of the second male house soon."

As for the fact that Lin Yi almost played the male number two before, Fred forgot, and the staff did not intend to mention it again. After all, not far from them, there was Li Xingzhou, who was unhappy, the current genuine man. two.

"Oh." Fred nodded, a little disappointed in his expression, but didn't say anything. No matter how capricious he is, it is impossible for him to change the position of the male number two at this time. Besides, he still doesn't know what Lin Yi can act like. He sees many vase beauties.

Li Xingzhou, who was hungry all morning, was in a bad mood. He heard Fred actively asking about Lin Yi, and he took a look at it. When he saw Lin Yi, he probably knew that Fred would ask about Lin Yi. Recall the reason.

Lin Yi's excellent appearance is something that cannot be denied even in the current empire. In this regard, Li Xingzhou is inferior to him.

Li Xingzhou looked at Lin Yi with a little bit more jealousy.

Lin Yi didn't care what they were thinking, and didn't plan to go up and get close to Fred recklessly at this time. He knew clearly that a madman like Fred would rather give him a good performance instead of flattering him.

Lin Yi randomly found a place to sit down in this gap, and sent a message to Xiao D, who had sent another message asking him if he had passed at noon, telling Xiao D that his shooting might last for a while. what to prepare. In addition, after thinking about it, I took the time to send two fresh recipes to Xiao D, suggesting that Xiao D can make them at night.

One is dry pot cabbage, and the other is spicy chicken. In fact, Lin Yi wants to eat these two dishes at night, and after using braised pork buns and dumplings, he determined that after giving the recipe, Xiao D can easily combine these. The dishes are made.

Since I can eat and drink well in these fifteen days, of course I am heading for this goal.

When Lin Yi finished sending the news, Chen Qiaoxu was also ready to officially start shooting Lin Yi's first scene.

Lin Yi’s role was growing up in the back at this time, with a docile and timid personality. He was an extremely humble domestic servant. When the male protagonist returned from victory and passed away, it was the closest moment in his life to the male protagonist.

Lin Yi was standing on the path, her head drooping slightly, her fists squeezed cautiously and somewhat nervously, her eyes half drooping cramped. When Chen Qiaoxu strode past him without looking back, Lin Yi's lips showed an imperceptible smile. There seemed to be bright light on his face, and his eyes lit up, although the body language of the whole body was even expressions. The changes don't seem to be big, but the thoughts and joy of the young man hidden under the humility are on the paper.

When the close-up shot swept across his face, just a gust of wind moved the broken hair on his forehead, revealing his smooth and white forehead. The rosy lips and the straight bridge of the nose formed an excellent side eye, making the back of the picture. The director Fred, who was staring at the screen, was stunned for a moment.

After a daze, Fred suddenly laughed out loud, gave a high-five applause, and then let the people end the shooting, announcing that the shot had passed at one time.

This morning's busy schedule finally passed. The hero Chen Qiaoxu was also greatly relieved when he turned back on the original road.

He walked to Fred and was about to talk to him, but saw Fred beckoning to Lin Yi, "Lin Yi is right, you behaved so well! It's completely the ideal state in my heart."

Therefore, Chen Qiaoxu turned his head to look at Lin Yi, with a smile on his face, and said to Lin Yi: "Hello Lin Yi, my name is Chen Qiaoxu, thank you so much today."

Lin Yi was a little surprised: "Thank me?"

He really couldn't think of anything he could thank Chen Qiaoxu for.

Chen Qiaoxu smiled and said, "I was leaning on your braised pork this morning. I drank five glasses of water. This is how it lasts till now."

His tone was brisk and casual, which made Lin Yi laugh.

Fred's interest finally increased over there, so he called Li Xingzhou over, and used Lin Yi's few seconds of footage as a demonstration to tell him a little bit of play.

Anyway, I don't know if Li Xingzhou listened. When Li Xingzhou walked out, his face was not very good. He glanced at him when he passed by Lin Yi, and then left without expression.

Chen Qiaoxu was afraid that Lin Yi was young when he saw it, so he went to his heart and comforted him: "Don't take it to heart, his temper is like this, not against you personally, it should be really uncomfortable to be hungry all morning."

At this moment, there was a lively noise outside. Chen Qiaoxu and Lin Yi turned their heads and found that a car used by the crew had drove in.

Archie ran in quickly beside the car and shouted to the crew members: "The nutrient solution has arrived."

Everyone was in a commotion and moved towards there one after another.

In fact, it’s not that the nutrient solution has arrived, but the crew made people coordinate all morning, and the military department finally released some nutrient solution for them. The amount is not large, just one bottle per person, it’s enough. It's time to solve the urgent need of the crew.

Everyone was hungry all morning. At this time, they didn't care about any demeanor or demeanor, and they were almost rushing forward.

Lin Yi is not hungry now, nor does he plan to fight with them. He just goes back to the rest area and sits down. She is not going to leave in the afternoon. Instead, she plans to watch the following scenes here.

He was sitting, and suddenly there was another person sitting on the opposite chair. Lin Yi looked up and found that it was Li Xingzhou.

Li Xingzhou sat down and said nothing, and Lin Yi didn't plan to talk to him either. The two were silent for a while, or Li Xingzhou couldn't help but said in a bad tone: "Isn't it uncomfortable to change from the second male number to a dragon suit?"

Lin Yi said calmly: "I think you seem to be more uncomfortable than me."

This is a statement of fact, but it pierced Li Xingzhou's heart. He angrily said: "I need to compare with someone like you? I don't look at how I feel now."

Lin Yituo looked at Li Xingzhou boredly, thinking that he was like a kindergartener.

Not far away, Chen Qiaoxu saw them sitting together, thinking of Li Xingzhou's temper, and worried that Lin Yi was being bullied by him, so he walked back quickly. When Li Xingzhou saw him, he really restrained a little. Although his face was stinking, he didn't say anything anyhow.

After a while, Li Xingzhou's assistant came back carrying the nutrient solution.

Chen Qiaoxu was a little surprised to see Lin Yi didn't go to get the nutrient solution: "Lin Yi, don't you go to get the nutrient solution?"

Li Xingzhou's assistant immediately said, "The nutrient solution is gone."

She knows what Li Xingzhou likes to listen to. Sure enough, Li Xingzhou's expression eased a lot as soon as her voice fell. He looked at Lin Yi sarcastically, then turned to the assistant and said, "I don't feel well physically. You can help me and the director for a while. I will postpone my scene until tomorrow, so let him shoot Lin Yi first."

Chen Qiaoxu frowned upon hearing this, "Li Xingzhou, why bother?"

He turned his head and said to Lin Yi, "I'll help you ask if there is any nutrient solution."

Chen Qiaoxu stood up and beckoned to Archie, and when Archie ran over, he asked, "Is there any nutrient solution? Give Lin Yi a bottle."

If it’s better for others to say that it’s on Lin Yi’s head, Archie can’t find a place to target him. Now he said: “The amount of nutrient solution is limited now, and it can only be divided according to the importance of the cast and crew. It’s his turn. Of course there is no more."

"If you don't have the ability, you will be hungry. This is reality." Li Xingzhou was in a good mood, and said something strange.

There were also a lot of small actors who were quite good at "reviewing the situation and evaluating the situation" and burst into laughter with Li Xingzhou's words. The scene was very ugly for the time being.

There is no shortage of people in the circle, Lin Yi can't take this to heart.

At this moment, the sound of an aircraft approaching came into everyone's ears.

Many people followed the sound source and found that a small aircraft measuring only one meter cubic meter was landing towards them from mid-air, and the aircraft had a conspicuous military canteen sign on the outside of the aircraft.

The aircraft stopped in mid-air for a while, scanned among the people, and then went straight to the rest area as if it had locked on a certain target, and stopped firmly at Lin Yi's feet.

The shape of the aircraft immediately changed after it fell. A display screen appeared on the top of the square, and a small D flashed out immediately.

"My lord, I learned that your crew has applied for a batch of emergency nutrient solutions. I guess it should be time for lunch on your side. If you let adults eat such low-grade nutrient solutions, it would be something Xiao D could not bear, so I have hurriedly prepared some lunches for you. I hope you don’t mind having lunches of the same specifications as the critics."

Around the circle of people who were still very happy with low-grade nutrient solutions in their hands, the men and women were suddenly stabbed to death by tears.

As a result, the blow of life is far more than that.

After Xiao D’s voice was over, the aircraft began to dig out of his stomach layer by layer, first a plate of braised pork, then a stack of steamed buns, followed by a bowl of steaming dumplings in sour soup, not to forget the gift A plate of white rice, and finally a whole row of high-grade nutrient solutions with different shapes, different functions, and various flavors are introduced.

Lin Yi picked a bottle of soda, unscrewed the bottle cap and took a sip, then put down the bottle and found that everyone around him was staring at him, especially Li Xingzhou, who was opposite him. At this time, his eyes were about to come out. Up.

Lin Yi picked up the chopsticks and smiled at him, and said frankly: "I'm sorry, I'm going to eat by my skills."

"Are you going to eat together?" He pushed the real braised pork in front of Chen Qiaoxu again, and generously invited.

Maybe I think the current scene is too funny. Chen Qiaoxu laughed after returning to his senses, and sat down beside Lin Yi unceremoniously under Li Xingzhou's black face, "Then I will thank you."