Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 22

At seven o'clock in the morning, Lin Yi was awakened by the housekeeper Zhi Nao in the room.

When the curtains were opened, one wall in the room was made of transparent floor-to-ceiling glass, and the outside scene could be clearly seen from the inside.

There are already crew members who drove vehicles back and forth to prepare for the first scene of the morning.

Lin Yi glanced at the fixed makeup photo that Zhi Brain had just transmitted to him.

Huangxing is a non-civilian area where the First Army is stationed. The crew did not get permission to connect to the star network for fifteen days this time. That is to say, with so many people in the crew, they have to endure the disconnected life in the past two weeks. For the sake of information security, they now only have a local area network on the barren star. The speed of news entry is the same, but they cannot communicate with the outside world.

In the mailbox of the personal terminal, in addition to the makeup photos sent by the crew, there are also a few messages sent by A.

Little A: The day I miss my master. [With a self-portrait of hard sweeping]

Little A: I feel a little depressed when I think that my master suffers hardships in the wild star and I enjoy the good fortune in the capital.

Today is the first day of filming. Lin Yi has no scenes in the morning, so he can go to the scene after noon.

He washed, and before he changed his clothes, Song Qin Rong and Xiao D's messages had already been sent over there.

When Song Qinrong sent him back last night, Lin Yi asked him if he could use the training ground in the army. He didn't want to interrupt his continuous exercise habit in the past half month.

Fortunately, Song Qinrong said that this was just a trivial matter and agreed to Lin Yi's request. The only thing is that Lin Yi’s identity is quite special. As an omega, it is not suitable for the training field used by ordinary soldiers in the army. Therefore, Song Qinrong came over this morning and took Lin Yi to a separate training field used by generals. Ask someone to pick him up and down.

As for the generals who exercised there, they naturally wouldn't be so. After the braised pork meal last night, everyone was convinced. As the saying goes, cannibalism is soft, and this is the truth now.

Not to mention that Lin Yi said yesterday that the dishes he could teach Xiao D were far more than braised pork, and there were even more delicious dishes than braised pork, which caused the generals to have a rare collective expectation.

As for the message sent by Xiao D, I sincerely hope that Lin Yi can go to the military cafeteria for breakfast this morning.

"Little D has specially applied for the top-grade nutrient solution for adults, waiting for the adults to come over and enjoy it."

Lin Yi felt that if he could reply to Little A's message at this moment, he should be able to tell Little A that he actually lived better on Barren Star than on Capital Star.

But it is estimated that Xiao A will not believe it.

Lin Yi first returned a message to Song Qinrong: "You don't need to come and pick me up, Xiao D will pick me up to the military cafeteria, where we will meet."

Song Qinrong replied in seconds: "Will you eat braised pork in the morning?"

Early in the morning, Lin Yi saw the three words braised pork, and his mouth felt greasy.

What kind of big fish and meat you eat in the morning, of course you have to eat lightly in the morning. This is also an important reason why he is going to the military cafeteria now. Let Xiao D be a steamed bun and a dumpling, which one is not better than braised pork?

"Don't eat braised pork, eat other things."

At 7:15, Xiao D's car appeared downstairs in the crew dormitory on time.

The car is huge, with the big four words "Military Canteen" written on one side of the car.

Many people passing by showed strange expressions, and it was a little strange how the car from the military cafeteria appeared here.

The first scene this morning was for Li Xingzhou. Since director Fred insisted on the idea of ​​using as little special effects as possible, the actors will be much more exhausted from filming.

Li Xingzhou had to get up at six o'clock in the morning to start makeup preparations for shooting, and he didn't see the shadow of the nutrient solution until this point.

This again has to talk about the food supply of the crew. The food supply on the barren star is actually very sufficient. There is a self-sufficient ecosystem independent of the overall supply system of the empire, even if it is separated from the outside world, there will be no problems.

If the food on the crew side were provided by the First Corps, Li Xingzhou and other leading actors would have eaten food already. The problem is that the crew of "The Waste Land" did not get permission to shoot at the beginning. Later, it was director Fred who found various relationships to let

The supply of ingredients on the Barren Star was actually not discussed with the First Legion. The First Legion did not welcome the arrival of the crew, let alone arrange the ingredients for them, and directly rejected them with the military's exclusive supply.

The crew here can only order the nutrient solution from the outside, and there was some malfunction on the way to the spaceship full of nutrient solution that should have reached the Barren Star with their front and rear feet. Just now, it was notified that the nutrient solution above would be about half a day later than expected. It can only be delivered, which means that not only the breakfast is gone, but even today’s lunch is hanging.

At this time, the car in the military cafeteria stopped, which gave the crew a lot of hope. Especially the assistant next to male number two Li Xingzhou, a beta, has been scolded all morning for trying to appease Li Xingzhou's temper. At the moment, he only hopes that this car will come to relieve her urgent need.

Speaking of Li Xingzhou, his status is actually the highest in the entire crew. He debuted for ten years. Earlier, most of his starring roles were love traffic dramas. In the past few years, there have been more young newcomers in the circle. He also felt the pressure of transformation, and then he was ready to take over the drama "The Wasteland". But it didn't go well at the time, because the show was cut off by Lin Yi halfway.

It's a shame that the character hasn't robbed the newcomer. Even if the latter character was in Li Xingzhou's hands because of Lin Yi's own problems, it felt completely different from directly taking it.

Li Xingzhou has a bad temper and is generally popular. There are still a lot of people teasing him about this matter behind the scenes, which makes him even more depressed.

"That car must have come to bring us breakfast. Why don't you go and get my share?" He sat in the swivel chair and looked at his assistant impatiently from the mirror.

The assistant responded and ran out quickly. He was about to knock on the car door and ask the people inside. He saw that the door on the other side opened, and then saw Lin Yi got into the car from there and the car drove straight away.

Not only the little assistant was stunned, but also the other onlookers who wanted to take a closer look.

The assistant looked around, found Archie in the first row of the crowd, frowned and asked, "Why did this car drive away? Isn't the thing on it our breakfast?"

Archie said: "It should not be. This is a military vehicle. We have not received any notice here."

"Then who went up?" The assistant's eyebrows tightened.

Archie spread his hands, but he had a place to ask. He followed the car in the military cafeteria with some shady eyes until the opponent disappeared from view.

The assistant had no choice but to bite the bullet and returned to the dressing room, and explained the situation to Li Xingzhou, who had a dark complexion. Of course, it was no surprise that he was almost hit to the foot by the teacup that Li Xingzhou threw over.

The most stable mood in the entire dressing room is the male star Chen Qiaoxu. He made his debut early, but he was born as a child star and is now one year younger than Li Xingzhou, and his temper is notoriously tepid.

At this moment, Chen Qiaoxu was holding a cup of hot tea and watching the braised pork video while drinking it. He had a good mentality to fill his hunger with water, and he didn't even notice Li Xingzhou's fire.

And speaking of Lin Yi, he was heading to the military cafeteria in the car at this time.

He was the only person in the car, and Xiao D was talking to him through the intelligent system on the car. It takes about fifteen minutes to drive from here. Lin Yi first told Little D how to knead the noodles and prepare the fillings, and then Xiao D projected the real-time image to Lin Yi's eyes.

By the time Lin recalled, Xiao D had already kneaded all the dumpling wrappers into shape, and several fillings had also been blended. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is top three.

On weekdays, the military canteen is basically empty at this time. In the morning, most people choose to consume nutrient solution directly to cope with it. But after that meal last night, the canteen really hooked the souls of the generals.

In addition to some generals who didn't come here last night and heard the news later, the military cafeteria ushered in the most prosperous one in its history early in the morning. Lin Yi stepped up the steps, and as soon as he raised his head, he saw that the room was full of Dangdang sitting neatly.

Song Qin Rong sat in a row close to the outside and saw Lin Yi at a glance, and he immediately stood up to greet him.

Lin Yi asked him: "What are you waiting for?"

Song Qin Rong said, "Wait to eat."

"What to eat?" Lin Yi looked at the mass of air on the table in front of them, not knowing what to say.

Song Qin Rong said: "I just wanted to ask you, what do we eat in the morning? Type D One will not tell us or let us in."

In addition, when they communicated with Xiao D, Song Qin Rong was reduced. In fact, the original words of the anti-general Zhi Nao Xiao D who were judged to be problematic by the generals were: " Who said that eating papa is better than eating what I made?! You all eat papa, don't want to eat my meal!"

This is the shape of the brain that exulted after a meal of braised pork yesterday, with a vengeful heart and a full counterattack. Unfortunately, the negative reviews were written by these generals themselves, and they couldn't even refute them. There is only one decision for tolerance at the moment.

Lin Yi was about to talk, he and Song Qinrong's side kitchens, who had been repaired, drove up, and Xiao D rushed out like a gust of wind: "My lord, you are here, please come in!"

Song Qinrong followed Lin Yi to enter the house, but was stopped by Xiao D, and said indifferently: "The idlers can't wait to enter."

Song Qinxin swallowed in order to take a bite, pursing his mouth and backing out.

The door of the back kitchen opened and closed.

The back kitchen scene at this time is very different from last night. At this time, it is more like an assembly line factory. Several machine shells that look similar to Xiao D but are all controlled by Xiao D are kneading dough and stuffing.

It can be seen that the mouthpiece is the mouthpiece, and Xiao D still prepares the ingredients for everyone outside.

Lin Yi drank the nutrient solution in the kitchen, and watched Xiao D made dumplings and steamed buns. After he passed the test, he left the kitchen and gave everything to Lin Yi, who was inspired by a few words. D.

"What are you eating today?" Song Qinrong asked him again before Lin Yi walked outside, before sitting down.

Other people around also looked at him.

Little D has full control of the canteen. The play screen in the canteen started to play the Lin Yi segment of "Where We Come From" from the beginning of the morning. He was in a state of obsession, and he wanted to give Lin Yi a god.

I didn't eat the braised pork last night, so Lin Yi's eyes are especially eager now. If any omega is stared at by a group of military alphas, it is estimated that he will be frightened and faint, so that Lin Yi can sit down and answer Song Qinrong's questions freely.

"Sour soup dumplings, and big meat buns." Lin Yi said.

"It's better than braised pork?"

"It's about the same as braised pork." Lin Yi thought for a while.

He raised his hand and glanced at the time and said: "Why don't you send me to the training ground first, I should just be able to catch up when I come back."

As soon as Lin Yi's words fell, the generals around Song Qinrong immediately agreed: "Yes, yeah, Lin Yi's matter is important, you should send someone there first.

After all, one less person and one less mouth, Song Qin Rong did not rob meat less last night.

Song Qinrong wanted to give them a fist: "Don't think I don't know what you think."

He was struggling, and suddenly remembered something. He raised his hand and glanced at his personal terminal. Then his eyes lit up and he quickly sent a message out. After a while, Song Qinrong smiled at Lin Yi with a soothing expression: "I'll give it to you. Hitched a ride and it will be there in thirty seconds."

"Okay." It didn't make any difference to Lin Yi who was in the car, he got up and walked outside.

When he left, a colleague asked Song Qinrong: "At this point, whose ride did you call? The training ground Lin Yi is going to is not authorized to enter by ordinary soldiers, right?"

Song Qin Rong smiled slightly, seeing death as homecoming and speaking clearly: "Marshal's free rider."

Hearing this, his colleagues would have to give Song Qinrong a thumbs up no matter how unsatisfied.

It is also for one bite, which is called courage and determination, and it is definitely worth eating two more bites later.

Lin Yi stepped down the steps and saw an aircraft coming here from a distance. He looked around, guessing that it was this aircraft, and stepped closer.

When the aircraft stopped, the side door slowly opened towards Lin Yi.

The whole body of the aircraft is black, about the size of a double-decker bus, the exterior lines are very smooth and sharp, and the Williams family crest is also printed on one side of the aircraft.

When Lin Yi saw the pattern of the family crest, she knew who this ride was for.

The door of the aircraft slowly opened, which really confirmed Lin Yi's conjecture. Qin Nuo was sitting in the simple cabin.

Qin Nuo raised his head and saw Lin Yi, with a slight surprise on his face, as if he didn't expect that it was him who hitchhiked.

In fact, Song Qinrong did not explain clearly to Qin Nuo in order to fool Qin Nuo.

Lin Yi's pace did not change. After entering the cabin, he smiled at Qin Nuo: "Good morning, Master Marshal."

The cabin door was slowly closed at this time, and it flew into the sky again.

"Good morning." Qin Nuo adjusted his expression.

When Song Qin Rong said he was going to hitchhike, he thought it was Song Qin Rong himself, and didn't know that the other party was referring to Lin Yi, an omega.

Even at this time, Qin Nuo had already put away his pheromone immediately, and some undiminished smell still remained in the cabin. Lin Yi confirmed it again, it was indeed a faint moist scent of grass.

Compared with the image of Qin Nuo's tough guy, this is a surprisingly gentle taste.

"Today the military cafeteria provides a new breakfast, don't you want to try it?" Lin Yi took the initiative to speak with Qin Nuo.

Qin Nuo's impression of omega is actually not very positive.

It's not that he has stereotyped prejudices against omega, but the omegas that have swarmed like mad bees and butterflies since he was an adult, and all staring at the omegas who directly slept with him gave him a lot of shadow.

Being in the same room with a young stranger omega so peacefully like this time was something he couldn't imagine before.

"I am used to drinking nutrient solution." Qin Nuo said, his voice inevitably a little unaccustomed and blunt.

"You don't have to restrain your pheromone," Lin Yi said suddenly.

Qin Nuo looked at Lin Yi, his face was calm, but there was a bit of nervousness in his heart, experience to follow, generally speaking of his pheromone, the following is not something he likes to listen to.

Basically, it was all positive talks like me that made Qin Nuo's scalp numb.

"My glands have been permanently damaged, and I can no longer produce any mood swings or physiological reactions due to pheromone, so you don't need to restrain it. Besides," Lin Yi laughed and praised generously, "Your pheromone It smells very good, like the scent of grass after the rain."

"The smell of grass after the rain?" Qin Nuo was surprised.

Omega and alpha have obvious pheromone flavors, but generally few people pay attention to what a person’s pheromone tastes, because it is necessary to strip off the influence of pheromone on human emotions and just look at the pheromone itself. Very difficult.

Qin Nuo himself had never understood the taste of his pheromone.

Lin Yi nodded: "Well, it smells good."

Qin Nuo's heartstrings seemed to be slightly plucked by Lin Yi. Lin Yi was very strange, so strange that it eased his mood. Qin Nuo tried to relax a bit and released a little pheromone. When he saw Lin Yi's face was not red and heartbeat, but still sitting there, Qin Nuo completely relaxed.

Smelling the scent of green grass in the air, the corner of Lin Yi's mouth slightly twitched.

In the short distance behind, the two said nothing, and Qin Nuo became more comfortable along the way.

It wasn't until Lin Yi got off the aircraft that Qin Nuo came back to his senses. During this period of time, he expected to feel that the long time passed unexpectedly quickly.

After the aircraft took off again, Qin Nuo read the document in his hand and looked over the desk in the middle to look at the place where Lin Yi had sat before. Somehow he used his personal terminal to search for Lin Yi.

Click on the content related to the video. The first one is "Where We Come From", and the second one is the interview with Lin Yi by reporters who participated in the festival for the past few days.

Qin Nuo clicked on the second video.

"A person's life should not be determined by whether he is a, b or o, let alone whether he can reproduce offspring..."

Under the projection of reality, when Lin Yi said this passage, it was as if he was sitting opposite Qin Nuo. The confidence on his face was so conspicuous, like a star shining brightly that could not be ignored.

Qin Nuo couldn't help but follow Lin Yi's face with every change in his expression, until the end of the video, the whole picture came to an abrupt end.

"You can't become Marshal Qin Nuo's spouse in this life."

"A bet?"

Becoming Qin Nuo's spouse is probably a dream shared by many people in the empire, but it is the first time someone has said such a thing in public, and it makes Qin Nuo not hate it.

Lin Yi was like an unpredictable light that was beyond common sense and flashed past Qin Nuo's eyes. It was extremely fresh, and from this moment, he firmly grasped Qin Nuo's sight.