Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 21

Hearing that Hou Chu Zhinao claimed to be a small waste, Song Qin Rong was a little bit frustrated, because yesterday he went back after eating in the cafeteria and wrote a negative comment anonymously, which mentioned the word "waste".

He touched his nose, then turned to persuade Lin Yi: "Then leave it alone, come by yourself."

It was impossible to come by himself. Lin Yi didn't plan to come here to be a cook. He walked two steps around to Hou Chu Zhinao's body, gently placed his palm on its head, and stroked it with his fingertips. , And then comforted: "What a great job in charge of the daily diet of so many people, how can you claim to be a waste?"

At the beginning of the design, Houchu Zhinao added that I would improve it based on user feedback. It was good before, and the relative negative content was completely self-digestible, but I started a few days ago because of Lin Yi’s In contrast, it not only does not have any satisfaction in cooking, it also receives a lot of negative reviews one after another, which is not a volume that can be digested by the brains of the chef.

Negative emotions accumulate to a certain extent but they cannot be relieved, and no one cares or cares. Once the time comes, it will malfunction and be sent back to the original factory for maintenance and clearing the memory.

The reason why Song Qin Rong could say such things lightly was because Hou Chu Zhi Nao had gone through several overhauls a long time ago, which seemed to him to be nothing more than a daily routine.

A soft touch came from the head stroked by Lin Yi’s fingertips, and Houchu Zhinao felt the comfort of the outside world for the first time. It turned its head to look at Lin Yi and was comforted, but it was still uncertain: "Really Is it? But they all said I was useless."

"Who are they?"

Song Qinrong took a half step back, trying to reduce his sense of existence.

"I don't know, they all commented anonymously." Houchu System thought of the relentless derogation, and quickly lost his mood.

Not only the comments from officers at all levels, when Houchu Zhinao was stationed in the army, he came as a rising star in the Houchu Zhina The brain scoring area has been reduced to the countdown.

On Zhinao's limited free information exchange platform, Houchu Zhinao sometimes takes a peek, and breaks the glass every time after reading it.

"When I left a message before, they all praised me for admiring me. Now they laugh at me every day. I know I'm a little rubbish, but I really work hard every day." Houchu Zhinao's level is obviously higher and emotional The injection was also much richer. Compared with the drowsy little A in Lin Yi's house, Chu Zhinao became more and more pitiful after this moment, and just burst into tears behind.

Song Qinrong was a little uncomfortable next to him, but Lin Yi showed a gentle smile. He sat down beside Houchu Zhinao, "I can teach you how to cook."

Hou Chu Zhinao was still mournful when he heard the words: "Oh, cooking can't save me, I'm already indifferent to life and death."

Song Qinrong couldn't help but interject: "Listen, does this seem to be something a qualified back-cooking brain can say?"

"Who are you cursing around the corner?" The emotion that Hou Chu Zhinao had just calmed was aroused by Song Qinrong's words. His chubby body jumped into front of Song Qinrong like lightning, and a pair of eyes shot out. Dao's dazzling light scanned Song Qinrong up and down, and said suspiciously, "Your tone is familiar to me. Have you ever written negative reviews and scolded me?"

Fuck, this intellectual brain is about to rebel, Song Qinrong coughed dryly and refused to answer this question. He looked at him from left to right, pointed to Lin Yi and said to Houchu Zhinao: "Then do you know who he is? He It's Lin Yi, you have learned people braised pork for so many days, don't you know who they are?"

The angry little flame in Hou Chu Zhinao’s original eyes immediately disappeared. It turned to Lin Yi, swept its gaze over him, and finally fixed on Lin Yi’s face, comparing it with the memory in the database, and it really gave the person That's right.

"You, you," it ran back to Lin Yi quickly, "You really are Lin Yi, do you want to teach me how to cook?"

"Well, I can teach you braised pork. If you learn fast, maybe I can teach you some other dishes." Lin Yi said.

"I'm studying, Master Lin Yi, I must study hard!" Houchu Zhinao's tone was respectful.

"Isn't cooking can't save you." Song Qin Rong spit out beside him.

This made Houchu Zhinao feel a familiar tone.

The brains of the back chef flew out a dish to Song Qinrong, and speculated fiercely: "The king of evil critics, anonymous 2039 is you, right?!"

Guess well.

Song Qinrong quickly lowered his head, the plate flew over his head, and fell on the ground with a crisp sound, shocking the ears of several generals and deputies who were eavesdropping outside.

After Houchu Zhinao threw the plate and turned back to Lin Yi pitifully, "My lord, I think I can save it."

Lin Yi nodded in agreement: "I also think you can rescue it."

After all, he must be saved, and only after he is saved can he be a chef.

Teaching people to cook is not necessarily easy. There is no talent. People who can make a meal just by looking at the recipe are rare. However, teaching Zhineng to cook is different. Lin Yi only needs to tell him the ratio of the ingredients. If every step takes a few minutes and seconds, the brain can restore a dish without any difference.

And the practice of one dish can be deduced to many dishes of the same type. Lin Yi remembered that there were already many automatic cooking machines and the like in the Earth era. At this time, the intellectual brain would not be worse than that kind of blunt machine.

Sure enough, Lin Yi told Houchu Zhinao about the preparation process and the material ratio of the braised pork, and when he asked if he remembered it, Houchu Zhinao immediately said, "Remember, as long as you do this, you can make it. Is it delicious braised pork?"

"It's worth a try." Lin Yi said.

Houchu Zhinao immediately started to move.

When the back kitchen brain was not unfolded, it was only the size of a small cabinet, but after it was really unfolded, it changed into three heads and six arms. It took almost tens of seconds to complete all the preparations, and the pot was already heated.

Song Qin Rong leaned against the cooking table, watching with some suspicion that Hou Chu Zhi's brain was so busy, then he covered his mouth with one hand and asked Lin Yi softly: "Can it be made comparable to yours?"

"Maybe better than me." Lin Yi said.

No matter how he could do it, it would be difficult for him to do everything in a precise and suitable time, but the brain of the kitchen can grasp that it is not bad. In theory, it should indeed be able to do better than Lin Yi.

Sure enough, less than ten minutes later, as the braised pork was slowly aroused in the bubbling broth, the aroma of the ingredients was slowly stimulated, and the rich meaty aroma could not be suppressed by the lid.

Song Qin Rong had eaten virtual meat for so many days, and he couldn't smell the meat. He sniffed, and people immediately became energetic. He walked closer and smelled it again, confirming that the smell was coming from the pot in front of him, and his face was full of smiles.

The scent became stronger and stronger, and finally passed along the door of the back kitchen to the outside, making the outsiders unable to sit still.

Several generals who had originally planned to leave after eating were all confused and uncontrollably walking towards the door of the back kitchen, asking as they walked, "Isn't this the taste of braised pork?"

Originally, the number of people at the door of the back kitchen increased from four to five, and when the braised pork was about to come out of the pot, the thick door panel could no longer see a place that was not blocked by anyone.

A group of alphas pushed the door panel, and had a strong urge to enter the house. No matter how strong the door of the back kitchen was, it would be difficult to support it.

As usual, Song Qin Rong should have noticed the fluctuations in the atmosphere of the people outside, but now he wholeheartedly looked at the attractively colored and fragrant braised pork in the pot, thinking about what he should do for a while. How to enjoy it exclusively, I didn't notice the movement outside at all.

With the forceful push of the generals in the last row, the door panel finally couldn't hold up and made a muffled noise, and then it collapsed and was heavily slapped to the ground. The generals who were in the first row were fortunate to have been training all the year round. They had some skills and quickly organized their appearance, staggered two steps to stand firm, and then together pretended that nothing happened.

It's just that this crash still caused the people in the room and Zhinao to be alert. Song Qinrong stood up straight and stood in front of Lin Yi, and even the back of the kitchen Zhinao pulled out a small black hole from his arms and aimed at it. The outside, strictly speaking, was aimed at Song Qinrong's back waist, and all touched his waist and eyes.

Song Qinrong had to turn back and warn Zhinao after being distracted: "D-Type One, don't retaliate privately. Do you remember the Zhinao rules?"

Hou Chu Zhinao righteously said: "The back cook is my area of ​​jurisdiction. I have the right to use force when the back cook is violated. You bad critics, why do you want to open the door of my back cook?"

Its two lines of sight shot back and forth on the generals, defining them as bad guys. After accusing the generals, it did not forget to turn around to comfort Lin Yi and said, "Don’t be afraid, my lord. I protect you. My weapon is very powerful. Great."

Generals usually have faces and faces in front of their soldiers. It is inevitable that they will feel embarrassed at the moment, but they don't care what embarrassment is really. Because the scent in the room is too strong, just take a few more puffs and it feels like it's going to float.

No matter how real the virtual fragrance is, it is slightly different from the real feeling. The higher the level, the sharper the five senses of the physique. Therefore, in Lin Yi's opinion, the taste that is not very different is still different for these generals.

In addition, the braised pork made by Houchu Zhinao at this time is more refined than Lin Yi's method, and the taste is better, and the fragrance is naturally gone.

"Why is it so fragrant?"

"It's so fragrant."

Everyone didn't notice Lin Yi who was completely blocked, and they all eagerly came forward. With so many people, the meat in this pot is not enough for one bite. Song Qin Rong's scalp is numb, and his arms stretched out and said loudly, "What are you doing, what are you doing? This is the meat I made. What does Xiang have to do with you?"

"Can you still make meat out of thin air?" someone asked, and finally noticed Lin Yi behind Song Qinrong. He turned his head and recognized Lin Yi at once, before and after. I knew what was going on, and I got better with Lin Yi's self-acquaintance, "Lin Yi! It's your meat. Give me two pieces."

Song Qin Rong quickly said: "What are the points? This is the meat I promised Lin Yi to accompany him out and go around the barren star these days. You want to eat meat if you don't give anything?"

What he wanted to emphasize in this sentence was that he paid, but these colleagues did not. Who knows that these people are thick-skinned, and immediately after hearing this, you start to change the law and bribe Lin Yi.

"I can still let Lin Yi open my mecha for fun."

"Lin Yi, I'll take you to the military training ground to play, what can be better outside?"

"As far as you can, I can do all these things."

Even though Lin Yi wanted to use braised pork for a little benefit when she first came here, she didn't expect that just such a plate of braised pork would make a group of high-ranking generals so shameless.

Of course, if there are advantages that don't take the bastard, Lin Yi doesn't have that bad problem, he thanked them one by one.

When the noise of the crowd subsided, Lin Yi pulled Houchu Zhinao to her side: "I have handed over the braised pork to Xiao D. I will stay here for fifteen days later. Many things can be taught slowly. To little D."

Everyone's eyes focused on Houchu Zhinao again, and their eyes were full of light, just like watching a baby. Thinking that Lin Yi would stay here for fifteen days, the eyes of Lin Yi also became eager.

Is this the feeling of being valued?

Houchu Zhinao felt these gazes, and an unprecedented passion suddenly surged in his chest.

These are all because of Master Lin Yi, it completely scanned Lin Yi into the core area of ​​its own database, and felt that Lin Yi should never be forgotten before it was scrapped and recycled.

There was only one plate of braised pork from the pot, which was not enough for any official to stuff his teeth between his teeth. The chef Zhinao insisted that the first dish he made should be served to Lin Yi, so Lin Yi simply served the braised pork. Eat a plate of white rice.

The gravy is accompanied by the fragrant and soft rice with distinct grains, and a piece of fat and thin meat with a dry mouth and a soft taste. Every bite of Lin Yi's chewing is like slow motion in the eyes of people who can't eat it.

The feeling of seeing and not being able to eat was really uncomfortable. Everyone sighed and simply hid outside, reluctant to go, and sat in rows at the table outside waiting for the next pot of meat.

Song Qinrong sighed: "If it weren't for you idiots, I would have eaten meat a long time ago."

All the idiots turned their heads to look at him, "wipe off the drool before talking."

In the kitchen, a large bucket of braised pork is boiling in a pot.

Little D was full of dissatisfaction with the generals, but was very close to Lin Yi, who saved his dignity from the fire and water. He hopefully said to Lin Yi, "My lord, come to me for dinner when you are here. Well, I will try my best to make meals that you can eat."

"Can I come over?" Lin Yi asked, he was not very clear about the military's rules.

Little D nodded vigorously: "Of course, I have the first authority to control the military canteen. You send me your work and rest time, and I will drive to pick you up every day from now on."

Lin Yi immediately gained a full-time driver and chef, and his standard of living rose sharply.

He unceremoniously agreed to Xiao D's invitation, and then listened to Xiao D: "I will keep the data confidential for every dish you teach me. You don't have to worry about leaking it out."

At this time, the recipe of a dish is indeed important. Many popular restaurants in Capital Star actually master one or two signature dishes and maintain a high turnover.

Although Lin Yi didn't care about the confidentiality of these recipes that did not belong to him, but at this time he still bent over and smiled and gave Xiao D another candied date: "I believe in you and your abilities."

Anyway, if you are good, you don't need money.

The scholar died for his confidant, and Xiao D suddenly felt that he could shed blood for Lin Yi.

Outside the house, a small aircraft landed slowly, and the mecha cars at the door turned on their lights, and then retreated some distance aside.

The aircraft stopped and the door opened.

Before Qin Nuo took off his military cap, he strode towards the canteen door, and his calm gaze as soon as he entered the room and saw the officers sitting in rows, he couldn't help showing some surprise.

Especially everyone didn't eat anything in front of them, and they looked wary of each other.

He pinched the brim of the hat with his fingertips, took off the general hat, looked around, and asked, "What are you doing here?"

The generals quickly stood up like a cat and gave a military salute to Qin Nuo. Facing Qin Nuo's question, they didn't know how to answer, and felt a little shameful.

An officer next to Song Qin Rong secretly pushed Song Qin Rong with his hands, pushing Song Qin Rong out of the list, so he had to bite the bullet and explain: "Report the marshal, we are here waiting for dinner. ."

Qin Nuo walked up to them and sat down. He was naturally ready to eat when he came over. However, Qin Nuo frowned when he glanced over the door that the kitchen broke to the ground, "You did it?"

Everyone was a little embarrassed, but they all nodded.

The room was quiet for a while, until Song Qinrong's mind flashed, and suddenly he thought of a key point, Lin Yi is an omega.

He glanced at Qin Nuo who was sitting across from him, and immediately replayed the lessons learned countless times in his mind.

The reason why Qin Nuo has been soaking in the barracks is, firstly, to avoid the marriage urging at home, and secondly, it is because he really can't stay with the omega. Because the system is too strong, if Qin Nuo relaxes slightly, the leakage of pheromone may trigger the omega's estrus to come early.

He couldn't accept a relationship that was maintained entirely by pheromone, so he simply stayed away. Therefore, when many people in Starnet or the Empire Forum speculated about how Qin Nuo, as the strongest alpha in the Empire, should have experienced a lot of battles, few people knew that Qin Nuo hadn't even touched the hands of omega.

Song Qin Rong is not sure whether Lin Yi’s glands are completely broken, if not, Qin Nuo will induce estrus fever again. An omega is in heat in a barracks full of alpha, which will cause a headache chain reaction. ?


Thinking of this, Song Qin Rin suddenly stood up.

Qin Nuo raised his eyes to look at him, with some doubts in his eyes: "What are you doing?"

"In the kitchen," Song Qinrong had to report, "Marshal, forgot to tell you that there is an omega in the kitchen now."

Qin Nuo's expression also changed. He pushed aside the stool and stood up, while reprimanding in a low voice, "Take the omega to the military cafeteria, where is your brain?" He was about to walk outside.

At this moment, the outside suddenly thought of thunder, and the sudden heavy rain became the background sound of the surroundings.

In the back kitchen, Lin Yi also heard the sound of rain outside.

He walked to the back kitchen together with another door outside, and turned around and asked Little D: "Little D, can I open this door and take a look?"

Little D said: "As long as the adults like it, of course you can."

The difference between the natural weather on the barren star and the earth is not too big, but it is only possible for people to experience the four-level temperature in one day. But when it rains, it's like early summer on the earth.

Little D turned the fire down a bit, drove to Lin Yi's side, and drew an umbrella from his arms like a trick: "My lord, I will accompany you."

The door of the back kitchen to the outside world was opened, and Lin Yi took a step outside holding the umbrella, and the hurried raindrops slid down to the ground along the surface of the umbrella.

Lin Yi hadn't felt such a real weather change for a long time. He stretched out his hand and felt the weight and temperature of the rain falling on the rain screen with his fingertips. Not far away were rows of mecha cars and aircraft. There were some green plants as far away as they almost disappeared from Lin Yi's sight, faintly shining in the lights of the base, wet by rain.

At this time, Qin Nuo just broke through the rain curtain and walked outside. Song Qinrong was two steps behind him, a little embarrassed explaining why Lin Yi was allowed to appear here.

The people on both sides are on both sides of the corner, one side stays in place, and the other side gets closer and closer.

"My lord, do you like rain?" Little D asked Lin Yi.

"Well, I like rain." Lin Yi replied.

When he spoke, he heard footsteps coming from his side, and Qin Nuo and Song Qinrong also heard their conversation. The two umbrellas turned again, unavoidable, and the eyes of the two pairs of eyes fell on Together.

The rain is warm.

The wind blowing along with the rain rushed towards Qin Nuo with the refreshing smell of Lin Yi's body. He frowned subconsciously, but after a moment he showed a puzzled expression again.

Because Lin Yi didn't have the slightest scent over-exposed by pheromone, it was a refreshing taste, similar to nothing, hiding in the breeze, there was a comfortable feeling that he couldn't ignore.

It was as if Lin Yi looked at him at this moment, clean and thorough.

"Hello, Marshal." Little D said crisply, interrupting Qin Nuo's gaze to Lin Yi. He said hello to Qin Nuo in a proper way, but after seeing Qin Nuo's stunned and nervous Song Qin , Immediately changed his tone, "Huh, Anonymous 2039, I will never forgive."

If it weren't for this kind of nervous moment when he couldn't predict what would happen in the next second, Song Qin Rong would almost want to get distracted and go out to give Xiao D a brain collapse.

When Qin Nuo was watching Lin Yi, Lin Yi was also watching Qin Nuo.

Qin Nuo's military hat has been put back on again, but even though the brim of the hat has pressed his brows, Lin Yi can still see the doorway that he wrinkles and loosens in an instant, and the corners of his mouth that are slightly squeezed revealing excessive seriousness. And caution.

With his back to the light, Qin Nuo's green eyes still revealed the depth of the morning mist in the forest. The lines of the mandible and the general Adam's apple showed his meticulousness and over-repression, as if he was overwrapped. A beautiful and intact gift is waiting for someone to open it, and it's hard not to please people.

Interest appeared in Lin Yi's eyes, and his heartbeat quickly followed.

The rain was even stronger at this time, as the pouring rain almost crooked the umbrellas of the two of them, and the rain continued to pound into small puddles at Lin Yi's feet.

Qin Nuo relaxed for a moment under his sight, and a trace of pheromone ran out along, making him a little annoyed.

Lin Yi's nose smelled fresh, like the fresh smell of moist grass after rain.

When Qin Nuo saw his sniffing movement, a trace of uncomfortable flashed in his heart, and he didn't want to stay here any longer. He turned his toes and prepared to leave, but he didn't want Lin Yi to suddenly reach out and block him.

"Hello marshal, my name is Lin Yi."

Lin Yi's voice was comfortable, and his voice was between a teenager and a young man. At this moment, there was a relaxed smile in the middle, which made the rapid rain seem to ease a little.

Qin Nuo was stunned. He had countless experiences of fighting on the battlefield, but he had never had much in-depth contact with omegas other than his family. It was the first time he met someone who was so calm in front of him like Lin Yi. omega. Naturally, it made Qin Nuo forget the gender difference between the two for a while, and subconsciously stretched out his hand.

Fortunately, before he touched Lin Yi's hand, Qin Nuo recovered and immediately wanted to withdraw his hand.

Lin Yi saw his thoughts, and hurriedly took Qin Nuo's hand before he completely took it back. In Qin Nuo's stunned Song Qinrong, Xiao D's admiring sight, not only held Qin Nuo's hand, Still dared to sway greatly.

"It's nice to meet you," Lin Yi said, and the raindrops rolled on the two men's hands exposed outside the umbrellas, dripping quickly.

This is indeed an ordinary etiquette, and no one can fault it. But for Qin Nuo and Song Qinrong, it was undoubtedly a shocking bullet.

Song Qin-song quickly wondered if this was Qin Nuo's first encounter with the hand of the opposite **** since he was an adult. And if he dared to ask this sentence and Qin Nuo was willing to answer him again, he would get an affirmative answer.

The Marshal, who was considered by almost the entire empire to be an upright stallion, was touched by an omega for the first time today.

Qin Nuo was absent for a moment, and Lin Yi's hand was a stranger he had never felt before. It's a bit weird, but it's not annoying. But what really surprised him was Lin Yi's calmness, and was not affected by him at all.

In his moment of loss of consciousness, Lin Yi had released his hand and took a step back, leaving enough space for Qin Nuo to walk.

It wasn't until Qin Nuo returned to his aircraft that he realized that the initiative for a while before was all in Lin Yi's hands.

After adjusting the autopilot, he couldn't help but raised his hand and looked at his palm. It turned out that Omega's hand felt that way.

The other generals in the room didn't know what was happening outside, and they had no time to get distracted. Because the strong smell of meat in the room was about to extinguish all their sanity.

Someone couldn't bear it anymore, but sneaked into the back kitchen but found that Little D was not there, and he lifted the lid and wanted to taste it for himself.

Little D sensed the intentions of the people inside, and rushed back like a gust of wind, shouting: "I'm going to shoot!"

There was another round of roars and curses in the back kitchen. The First Legion, the empire’s most accomplished army, all the soldiers who had done a lot of combat exploits, and the legendary king’s masters who could not be divided, instantly scrambled together for a plate of braised pork with an angry brain in the middle.

Sure enough, no matter what era, eating is always an eternal theme that can manipulate human emotions.