Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 20

Lin Yi swiped the access control, reset the room code, and turned around to close the door.

He was still allocated a four-person room, but he was the only one living in the four-person room now.

Each room has an independent brain in charge of duties. Lin Yi set up relevant data according to her own habits, went to the window and opened the curtains to look down.

Zhi Nao also reported to him the shooting arrangements for the next few days.

Tomorrow is the first day of filming, and Lin Yi is not involved. In fact, he was free for most of the days after being here.

The sky outside the window has gradually dimmed, and the afterglow of the setting sun is shining on the distant horizon. From Lin Yi's perspective, a mecha car can be seen driving towards them.

In the hall downstairs, Archie was still angry, and even more and more angry, he raised his foot and kicked against the wall. He is an alpha, and when he stepped down with all his strength, he immediately attracted the attention of the construction management brain.

A beam of blue light shone from above his head, and the warning sounded at the same time: "Sabotage has been detected and recorded."


Archie, who originally wanted to punch another punch, had to stop his movements with a dejected expression on his face. When he thought that Lin Yi had embarrassed him in front of so many people, Archie transferred all his anger to Lin Yi’s. On the head.

If it was said that the previous target was nothing more than taking money to do things, now it is the resentment from the bottom of my heart.

The contract that everyone had signed before the shooting of Huangxing indicated that even the accidental death of Huangxing was counted as the default situation, so as long as he finds the right opportunity, even if he kills Lin Yi, he can get rid of it. Do nothing. Those who contacted him above should also be more happy facing Lin Yi's death.

There was a harsh light in Archie's eyes. He was standing in the living room in a trance, and a mecha car outside the door slowly stopped. The car door opened wide, and Song Qin Rong jumped out of the cab and strode towards the crew dormitory building.

Song Qin Rong didn't wear a military cap, and the first button of his uniform was also open, revealing a neck. He strode into the room and met Archie who heard the footsteps turning back.

"Where does Lin Yi live?" Song Qin Rong asked in a loud voice as he walked towards Archie.

As Qin Nuo's deputy, and also a noble son of Capital Star, Archie naturally recognized Song Qinrong, and he immediately greeted Song Qinrong flatly: "General Song!"

Then he came back to Song Qinrong's question just now. He didn't think how he would find Lin Yi, so he asked with some hesitation: "General, do you want to find Lin Yi?"

"Why, inconvenient?"

"No, no," Archie saw Song Qinrong's expression impatient, and he was a little frightened by the alpha pressure on his opponent. Archie's mind turned quickly, and he couldn't think of Song Qinrong coming to Lin Yi at this time. For what, is it possible that Lin Yi still secretly reported the matter to the military headquarters?

Thinking of this, Archie said quickly: "General Song, please don't listen to Lin Yi's words. I have already arranged accommodation for him beyond the specifications."

Song Qin Rong was a little inexplicable, and was too lazy to listen to Archido's words. He raised his right hand, raised his fingertips, and motioned Archie to shut up, "You don't need to talk to me about your accommodation. It has nothing to do with the military. "

At this moment, Song Qinrong’s public and private distinctions made Archie sigh of relief, thinking that since it wasn’t because of what happened just now, then he had nothing to worry about, so he quickly contacted Lin Yi with his brain. , Let him go downstairs.

After sending the message, Archie bowed slightly to Song Qinrong: "The message has been sent, Lin Yi will come down immediately."

As soon as the voice fell, Archie's personal terminal received a simple and neat reply from Lin Yi: "No less."

Archie almost made smoke.

Song Qinrong noticed the change in his face, glanced at Archie's personal terminal, saw Lin Yi's reply, and raised his eyebrows unexpectedly.

Archie complained: "I'm afraid you don't understand Lin Yi. He asked for special treatment to be assigned to a single room just now when he was assigned to the dormitory. Madam Shu."

Speaking of this, Archie suddenly had a flash of inspiration, and he felt that he probably knew Song Qinrong's coming. As Song Shu's cousin, Song Qinrong was most likely to teach Lin Yi at this moment.

Unexpectedly, after he finished saying Song Shu’s name, Song Qinrim sneered. Then he ignored Archie’s words just now and asked him to push Lin Yi’s contact information to him. Then he raised his hand and sent Lin Yi a voice. Message: "Lin Yi, I'm Song Qinrong from the First Army. If I want to ask you for something, please go downstairs."

Lin Yi was a little surprised when he received Song Qinrong's news. He knew who Song Qin Rong was, and he was a very talkative person in the First Army. Although they belong to the Song family, they obviously mean to move closer to the Williams family, so there is no need to worry about the relationship between him and Song Shu.

After Song Qinrong sent the message, he sat down on the sofa in the living room, looked at the elevator not far away, and didn't talk to Archie again.

About a minute later, the elevator came down from the upper floor and stopped on the first floor.

Song Qin Rong didn’t know much about Lin Yi, and only heard of his name many times. He inevitably confuses Lin Yi with the omega in his stereotype. He preconceived Lin Yi’s character and behavior, thinking that Lin Yi should be. He is a more feminine and delicate person.

However, as the elevator doors opened, he unexpectedly opened his eyes slightly.

After all, after eating virtual braised pork for a few days, Lin Yi’s face Song Qin Rong certainly knew him, but after breaking away from the video’s sense of distance, Lin Yi, who was walking towards him at this time, walked calmly. Hei had black hair, handsome, handsome, and half. When the downcast eyes were lifted up to look at him, the light inside had a galaxy glow.

Song Qinrong was involuntarily stunned for a moment. In this moment of kung fu, Lin Yi's footsteps had stopped in front of him.

"General Song, what can you do with me?" Lin Yi asked.

The words that could come out smoothly from the mouth suddenly got stuck in Song Qinrong's throat.

Song Qinrong met such a hearty and uncomfortable omega for the first time. He felt that letting Lin Yi like this to cook for him seemed a bit inexplicable, just like treating a person as a cook.

"That," Song Qin Rong coughed, facing Lin Yi's open gaze, his confidence seemed a little lacking, and his voice was lower, "I just want you to help me make a bowl of real braised pork. See you before. I did it on the show and I like it very much."

Archie, who was waiting for Song Qin Rong to clean up Lin Yi, was speechless.

I thought Lin Yi would hesitate or felt offended, but I didn't expect Lin Yi to nod almost without hesitation and said, "Okay."

A good relationship with the military is only good, but there is no harm. How could Lin Yi refuse this? He will stay here for half a month. It depends on how well the rest of the day is.

Thinking about it this way, Lin Yi looked at Song Qinrong with more enthusiasm for slaughtering a small fat pig.

Song Qin Rong didn't know Lin Yi's thoughts, but felt that when he was looked at by the omega, even if there was no pheromone, people couldn't help but flutter.

Facing Lin Yi's questions on the road later, he answered very happily.

When the car stopped at the entrance of the military canteen, Lin Yi had already asked everything that should be asked.

He can't go to the closed areas on the barren star, but in fact he can't go to the open areas alone, because the local transportation is owned by the army and the civilians can't use it at all.

"It turned out to be so." Lin Yi sighed with regret.

During such a short period of time on the road, Song Qinrong had completely changed his outlook on Lin Yi. When he spoke, he moved forward and retreated in a manner that made people feel extremely comfortable.

"What's wrong, do you have any place you want to go?" Song Qinrong said, "If so, maybe I can take you there in time."

"Will it be too troublesome for General Song?" Lin Yi said. Hearing Song Qinrong's half-truth and half-fake politeness, he gave another dose and said, "In fact, besides braised pork, I will also have some other side dishes. "

The second half of Lin Yi's sentence made Song Qinrong, who originally wanted to say "I should find time." immediately changed his words: "Why is it troublesome, I have so much time."

There is really only one braised pork that Lin Yihui personally made. However, artificial chefs have long been abandoned in the military canteens, and they are all programmed brains. Although the programmed process will be somewhat inaccurate on the taste, But it is more convenient for Lin Yi.

The good things he had eaten in his last life are countless, but if he is allowed to cook with his mouth, then Lin Yi is almost a mobile high-level recipe.

Song Qinrong looked forward to taking Lin Yi into the military canteen. This is a section dedicated to high-level generals. Those who usually dine here are all respectable people in the military.

At dinner time, there are quite a few people sitting here in twos and threes. Song Qin Rong glanced at them and walked around Lin Yi's side to slightly block him.

There were too many monks and less porridge. I saw this group of people. Lin Yi was afraid that a bucket of meat would not be enough.

It's just that the more he was like this, the more people noticed it. When Song Qin Rong took Lin Yi into the back kitchen and closed the door, several colleagues not far away beckoned his adjutant to come and inquire.

In the kitchen, Houchu Zhinao was a little awkward. The feedback on the food it cooked in the past two days was very average, which made it very frustrated. Since the program actually doesn't know how to match the correct dishes with seasonings, the dishes it tries hard to make every day are always not up to the ideal taste.

Coupled with the fact that the officer’s feedback system also flew negatively, it severely affected the confidence of Houchu Zhinao.

At this time, only its intellectual brain was in the room. It simply soaked itself in cold water, and occasionally one or two frustrated bubbles appeared from the top of its head.

Life is desperate, and no one can save its depressed soul.

Song Qin Rong took Lin Yi into the back kitchen after verifying his identity. He turned his head and didn't see Zhi Nao. Although it was a bit strange, he raised his hand to Lin Yi and said, "The tools and ingredients are all complete, you see. Use it."

He didn't think Lin Yi could use the back-cook Zhinao, after all, the things that Zhinao has made so far can't even pick up Lin Yi's bits and pieces.

Lin Yi didn't want to do it himself. He looked around and saw the light on Hou Chu Zhi's head in the corner. He walked over and stopped by his side and touched it, "Go to work."

Regardless of who came from the back kitchen, the brain only shrank his head, and said in a huff, "I am off work, anyway, I am a useless brain that no one loves and no one cares about."

Song Qin Rong also walked over, frowned and said, "What mental state, should I send it back to the factory for overhaul?"

Hearing the words of returning to the factory for inspection, the back chef Zhinao became enraged. It splashed out of the water, turned its back to Lin Yi and gave up and said: "Yes! Send me for inspection. Anyway, I'm just a cook and it tastes bad." I don’t want to live anymore!"