Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 25

The content of the scene that Li Xingzhou has been unable to live through is not complicated, and there is not even much emotional transition.

Soon after the war broke out, the male lead returned from the front line. The male partner was really depressed and begged him to take himself out of this small courtyard.

"Father said that there was a mess outside, but I didn't notice much, and finally came across you back. If you are unwilling to take me out for a walk, then it's really meaningless."

The male role modeling is somewhat naive and excessive. When Li Xingzhou could not show the purity and agility he was protected when he was a boy, this naivety turned into stupidity and willfulness. If it weren't for the role, Chen Qiaoxu would want to give Li Xingzhou a kick, who was arguing with him.

Li Xingzhou repeated this line again, his patience was exhausted, but he couldn't make a face straight to Fred, and only gave his assistant a wink, asking her to find an excuse for a while.

He couldn't read anymore, and Fred couldn't listen anymore. He asked a staff member beside him to call Lin Yi over.

There was no show in the afternoon, Lin Yi had already removed her makeup and put on her own clothes, "Director, what's the matter?"

After watching their one-minute scene, it's been over and over again for almost an hour. Of course, Lin Yi knew what Fred was annoyed at this time. But knowing that you know, the process of asking is still going to go.

"You can show me the performance of the stage just now." Fred said, and let people tell Lin Yi the lines.

With just a few words, Lin Yi just remembered his ears. He stepped forward to take the place of Li Xingzhou, and smiled at Chen Qiaoxu: "Happy cooperation."

Chen Qiaoxu smiled back at him, and the two of them stood still and waited until the staff there gave an instruction.


"My father said it was messy outside, but I didn't notice much." Unlike Li Xingzhou's complaint, Lin Yi raised his eyes and looked at Chen Qiaoxu's eyes, with a low tone and confusion on his face.

There was no sloppy expression, and the voice was clear no matter how high or low, Chen Qiaoxu was directly dragged into the play when he opened his mouth.

Lin Yi held Chen Qiaoxu's arm and raised her head slightly, expecting to ask him, "Can you take me out to see it? It's hard to come across you back. If you don't want it, then it's really meaningless. "

Chen Qiaoxu's some distress was more helpless, and a smile appeared on his face unconsciously.

Upon seeing this, Lin Yi immediately bends her eyes, silently coming with the satisfaction of her wish.

With just such a small clip, Fred looked at him comfortably. He turned his head and asked Li Xingzhou: "Do you see the difference between this and you just now?"

One is the dude who makes people want to draw a whip, and the other is the little young master who makes people unbearable.

Let Lin Yi be his teacher in front of him, Li Xingzhou couldn't think of anything more scornful than this. If he had to admit that Lin Yi was better than him, how could Li Xingzhou be surprised?

He frowned and struck his neck: "I didn't see any difference."

If it weren't for Li Xingzhou's popularity in the empire, and he clearly wrote the contract to determine the role and officially announced it, Fred is now almost like directly changing the roles of Lin Yi and Fred.

A staff member on the side was afraid that things would stir up, and quickly stepped forward to say a few good things, and then asked everyone to rest for ten minutes before coming back and filming. The scene was not embarrassed.

Lin Yi and Chen Qiaoxu also went to the rest area, and Chen Qiaoxu sighed, "If you follow the cast list at the beginning, you won't be so strenuous now."

What he said at the beginning of the cast refers to when Lin Yi played the second male second.

Lin Yi smiled and said, "That's not necessarily true."

Before reaching the rest area, Lin Yi didn't want to go inside. Chen Qiaoxu stepped halfway on the steps and looked back at Lin Yi somewhat unexpectedly: "Do you have a place to go?"

Lin Yi nodded: "Anyway, there is nothing left to do with me, so I'll leave first and see if I can take a turn on the barren star."

Chen Qiaoxu said: "I should have one or two days free after I finished filming the main feature, but I don’t know if I can apply for a permit. I heard that the First Army has strict control over civilians, but I still listened to it before I set off for the Wild Star. There is a piece called "Dawn". I heard that it was created with the battle of the First Army as the background. I listened to this when I was reading the script. It was able to help me enter the drama. The opportunity appeared in the song. A, I guess they are all here, and I have to see it with my own eyes if I find a chance."

Lin Yi's smile deepened when he heard the word "Dawn".

Chen Qiaoxu was okay when he was idle. Seeing Lin Yi smiled and thought he was interested, he said a few more words: "That song is really good. If you haven't heard it before, I will send it to you via personal terminal in a while. I sent it back to Fred last night, and he liked it very much, saying that if he can contact the original author, he would like to discuss a cooperation, but the identity of the original author is still a mystery so far."

Lin Yi said: "It won't always be a mystery. Maybe when we return to Capital Star, the author's identity will be made public."

As he said, he glanced at the time of the personal terminal, turned his toes out, and waved his hand to Chen Qiaoxu: "I'm leaving now."


Lin Yi walked out of the filming area where the crew was located, and there was a whole wasteland outside. It only took less than ten minutes to fly from here to the military cafeteria, but the actual distance was almost the same when he flew from Beijing to New York when he was on the earth. Thousands of mountains and rivers.

He raised his hand and used his personal terminal to send Song Qin Rong a message to ask him if it is convenient for someone to come and pick him up to the training base. Only then did he receive a message from Song Qin Rong that he was on the road, and there were two mechas in the distance. The car fell in front of him back and forth.

The two ordinary fighters got on and off the mecha, trotting all the way to Lin Yi, and asked him very politely if he was going where he could get in their car.

"Fuck me."

"Fuck me."

The two soldiers did not give in, and looked relatively strong.

Although it is indeed purposeful, no matter who is stopped by two unfamiliar alphas and let him get in the car halfway, he probably won't be too calm in his heart.

"Sorry, may I ask you who are you?" Lin Yi asked cautiously.

"Ah," the two soldiers realized that they seemed to be a little reckless, and hurriedly reported themselves, "General Li asked me to come."

"I'm General Zhang."

Lin Yi still looked at them a little puzzled.

The two soldiers probably didn't do this kind of flattery. At this time, they were obviously embarrassed, but they had to do it because of their military life.

One of the soldiers said to Lin Yi with some embarrassment: "General Li would like to ask, I heard that there is a new dish tonight, what kind of dish is it?"

"General Zhang would like to ask if you go to the military cafeteria at night, and if he can sit at the same table with you then."

After all, it's for a word.

Lin Yi felt that after she returned to Capital Star, just talk about this kind of gossip, and these generals who are usually known for their seriousness would be able to make headlines for a day.

The two soldiers here hadn't received any accurate answers, and a small aircraft appeared in the air.

Song Qin Rong saw this scene outside in mid-air. He already knew what the two men were going to do. As soon as he jumped off the aircraft, he straightened his face and said, "What are you doing, the training mission is completed?"

When the two soldiers saw him, they looked like a quail immediately. They ran away wherever they dared to **** someone from Song Qinrong.

Song Qin-song didn't ask the cause and effect. After seeing the two soldiers leaving, Yu Guangli immediately said to Lin Yi, "You didn't promise them anything? If you promised something, give me a copy anyway."

"Don't ask first what's the matter?" Lin Yi was amused, and followed Song Qinrong into the aircraft. When he went up, he noticed that this was the aircraft he had sat in in the morning. It was Qin Nuo's aircraft.

"What else can it be, eat it?" Song Qin Rin said, "The other common soldiers' cafeterias also cooked braised pork and steamed buns at noon today. The consumption of nutrient solution has been reduced by more than half. The soldiers of a legion are all waiting for dinner."

Song Qinrong looked at Lin Yi with a long way to go, showing Lin Yi the goose bumps.

"Your responsibilities in the future will be very heavy," Song Qinrong said, "Now it's not a person from the military cafeteria pointing at you, but the entire First Army Corps pointing at you, thinking about what you can think of. Other dishes come."

Lin Yi thought about the number of soldiers in the First Army, as calm as he was also a lot more pressure.

"It's fine if you don't mention me." Lin Yi said.

He didn't point to making a name for himself in eating. After all, all the recipes he gave were not researched by him himself, but only his experience of eating in his previous life.

"We did not intend to over-promote you. The army cannot engage in personality cult, but we can't do anything about it." Song Qinrong shrugged. "The authority of the cafeteria is in the hands of Type D One. I believe that if it weren't for the design It did a certain restriction at the time, and it is now going to build a temple for you."

This topic was too pressured, Lin Yi simply turned aside: "Why are you driving the Marshal's aircraft?"

Song Qin Rong smiled upon hearing this: "I happened to be practicing with the marshal in the training base. I was planning to shoot my subordinates to pick you up, but you have seen it. If I didn't come here in person just now, I might even grab it. Without you, the Marshal's aircraft model is the fastest, so I will apply for it with him."

Speaking of this, Song Qin-song showed Lin Yi a little bit of scrutiny and inquiries: "You...when you were with the marshal in the morning, what did you say to him?"

Lin Yi asked, "What do you think we can say?"

"I don't think you should be able to say anything," Song Qin Rong is familiar with Qin Nuo's character. He is definitely not a stranger who has met for the first time, especially an omega who can talk a lot.

Not only can't say anything, it's more likely to say nothing.

He looked at Lin Yi and saw that his expression was the same, so he swallowed the doubts, but he was still strange in his heart.

Qin Nuo’s aircraft is an advanced customized version. You Qiang is a special version of the Mecha Research Institute that you have to have face. The entire universe does not have a second version.

Song Qin-song didn’t know how many times he had been greedy, and asked how many times Qin Nuo had borrowed to relieve his greedy, but every time without exception, he was directly rejected by Qin Nuo. Only this time he said he wanted to pick up Lin Yi. It wasn't an excuse, Qin Nuo just looked at him for a while before he agreed.

"In the morning, you and the marshal had a flying machine, weren't they scared by him?" Song Qinrong asked Lin Yi again.

"He is an ordinary man, why should I be frightened by him?" Lin Yi asked.

When the voice fell, Song Qin Rong was startled by him.

For the first time in his life, he heard someone describe Qin Nuo as "an ordinary man." He knew a little bit where Lin Yi was.