Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 26

Lin Yi had been crooked in her last life, and she was in the entertainment industry. It was long past the time when she was fascinated by flowers, but if Qin Nuo didn't attract him, it was fake.

Excluding the pheromone that has no effect on Lin Yi, Qin Nuo can still attract him from all aspects. Especially Qin Nuo's meticulous appearance made Lin Yi have the urge to pull the button that he buckled to the top.

Qin Nuo's figure must be perfect, Lin Yi thought.

But Song Qinrong seemed to breathe a sigh of relief again and praised Lin Yi: "I thought the omegas of the entire empire would fall under the marshal's knees. Unexpectedly, there were exceptions. You were indifferent to the marshal."

Lin Yi thought for a while and said, "I am not indifferent to the Marshal, I like him quite a bit."

Song Qinrong: "..."

Why does each of your answers fall precisely beyond my expectations.

It’s not just Song Qinrong, but Qin Nuo, who has been able to listen to the conversation between the two of them, with all the permissions of the aircraft since just now. After so much effort, his feelings have been followed by Lin Yi’s words. .

Lin Yi's words didn't twitch or hide it, just like when he bluntly said that his pheromone smells good in the morning.

Qin Nuo recalled Lin Yi's smile at that moment, coupled with the words like him now, Qin Nuo's ears suddenly became red.

Qin Nuo can be sure that Lin Yi really treats him as an ordinary person, not the heir of the Williams family or the strongest alpha.

He was a little moved. For the first time, he had such a strange emotion. When he thought of Lin Yi coming over for a while, he was a little bit expectant.

The aircraft landed slowly outside the window, Qin Nuo got up and walked to the window, looking down from a high level to watch Song Qinrong get off the aircraft first, and then stretched out his hand to help Lin Yi.

Qin Nuo stared at Song Qinrong's hand, then looked at Lin Yi.

Lin Yi glanced at Song Qinrong's hand, and said casually: "No." So he jumped off and landed firmly on the ground.

Song Qin Rong didn't matter, his extended hand changed to touch Qin Nuo's aircraft, rather nostalgic.

Qin Nuo caught this scene in his eyes and turned away from the window.

Lin Yi wanted to practice driving, but the original owner couldn't. He had to learn from the beginning. Although the majority of aircraft flying at this time are controlled by the brain, it is necessary to master the skills of independent piloting before being eligible to purchase an aircraft.

Now that Song Qinrong said that he could study in Huangxing, Lin Yi didn't want to delay, just taking advantage of the opportunity to study directly.

There were few people in the training ground, and Lin Yi saw Qin Nuo coming out of the elevator at a glance.

He smiled at Qin Nuo, and when he got closer, he said, "Hello, Marshal."

Qin Nuo looked at Lin Yi's smiling eyes, and felt the red that had only faded from the tip of his ears and slowly climbed up.


Song Qinrong pointed to a room not far away and said to Lin Yi: "There is a driving simulation system in there. You can go ahead and get familiar with it for practice."

Lin Yi nodded, walked two steps forward and then suddenly turned around and asked Qin Nuo: "Will the marshal go to the military cafeteria for dinner today?"

Qin Nuo was startled, "Yes."

"Then let's go together?"

Song Qin Rong stood behind Qin Nuo, avoiding Qin Nuo's sight, and couldn't help giving Lin Yi a thumbs up.

There are too many people who like Qin Nuo, but there are few people who dare to invite straight **** like Lin Yi. The key is that Lin Yi’s face is not red and heart beats, and there are totally two omegas who are so obsessed with Qin Nuo before. It looks like.

Song Qinrong had to say that Lin Yi's naturally familiar attitude was not like omega at all, but more like a scum alpha who was used to omega.

Qin Nuo was also surprised by such an invitation, but his mood suddenly brightened, and he quickly replied, "Okay."

Lin Yi just turned back with a smile, and walked into the simulated cab with ease.

Of the three people present, Song Qin Rong felt like he had finished watching a horror movie.

People in different places at the same time have completely different moods.

On the set of the crew, Fred was facing Li Xingzhou, who couldn't play the feeling he wanted, having a headache. If he hadn't read Lin Yi's version before, he would probably not be so annoyed, but he would just compare the damage.

Fred turned his head around, looked around and didn't see Lin Yi, then asked the assistant next to him, "Where is Lin Yi?"

The assistant said: "It seems to have gone."

Fred couldn't help sighing, feeling frustrated. He also knew that even if Lin Yi was here now, he could do nothing except let Lin Yi demonstrate to Li Xingzhou.

He digs out the script for a while, finds out the other two scenes of Lin Yi, and looks at them again and again, and he has an idea in his mind.

He couldn't change Li Xingzhou's play, but he could add Lin Yi's play.

With this thought, the look on Fred's face eased a lot. He called Li Xingzhou and Chen Qiaoxu in place and asked them to do it again. Li Xingzhou patiently repeated the previous performance. Because his patience was exhausted, he became more and more arrogant and self-willed to act like a decent young master.

Li Xingzhou thought he would hear Fred's dissatisfaction and criticism again, but he nodded his head calmly when he saw Fred's face: "Very well, ready for the next game."

Everyone on the set breathed a sigh of relief almost at the same time.

Lin Yi spent the afternoon in the simulated cockpit, and was already familiar with the driving skills of various aircraft.

Song Qinrong did not brag. The driver's license obtained in the capital star may not be able to fly the entire empire, because the driver's license on ordinary planets cannot enter space, and the driver's license on the side of the wild star is prepared for military soldiers, covering The type of driving is more comprehensive, and the aircraft entering the space is also a compulsory item.

Of course, this also means that the difficulty of passing the entire exam will increase a lot.

Even though the time in the simulation cabin was faster than outside, Lin Yi still couldn't say that he was sure to pass the exam when he walked out of the simulation cabin.

It was getting late, Lin Yi jumped to the ground and walked out of the room to look around. The entire training ground was empty. I wonder if Song Qinrong and Qin Nuo have both left.

Lin Yi opened her personal terminal and wanted to contact Song Qinrong, but an unfamiliar message suddenly popped out.

"I'm waiting for you outside."

Before Lin Yi wondered who this was, another message popped out: "I'm Qin Nuo."

The corner of Lin Yi's mouth was hooked.

When he walked out of the training ground, he saw Qin Nuo's aircraft stopped outside. Lin Yi walked to the door, and the aircraft opened the door automatically.

Qin Nuo was sitting in the cabin. At this time, unexpectedly, he did not wear a military jacket, but revealed the light-colored shirt inside. The only similarity was that the buttons of the shirt were still buttoned to the top, almost touching Qin Nuo's Adam's apple. Even the buttons on Qin Nuo's wrist didn't show any slackness, making it hard to imagine what Qin Nuo would look like when he really relaxes.

"Please feel free." Qin Nuo only glanced at Lin Yi when he came up, and after saying this, he immersed himself in the cumbersome documents of the military department.

Zhi Nao on one side stepped forward and asked Lin Yi what he wanted to drink.

"If you have hot tea, please give me a cup." Lin Yi said.

The temperature inside the aircraft was a bit low, making Lin Yi feel a chill.

Zhi Nao stepped back, and soon served Lin Yi a cup of hot tea, Lin Yi held the hot tea in his palms.

"Is it cold?" Although Qin Nuo didn't look up, he suddenly asked Lin Yi like Tian Ling Gai had eyes.

Lin Yi dresses casually, but there is a difference between omega's physique and alpha after all, and she feels cold is normal.

"There are some."

Qin Nuo stopped working when he heard the words, and tapped a few lightly on the screen beside him with his fingertips. In almost an instant, the temperature in the cabin warmed up a lot.

The aircraft flew over a place where it was raining, Lin Yi turned her head and looked out the window, originally wanting to take a look at the scenery outside, but because the aircraft was so fast, the rain did not turn into a burst of rain passing by the window. When the water mist and the scenery outside came into Lin Yi's gaze, there was only a green field that could not be distinguished in detail.

But probably to judge it, it should be a vast forest, with many trees almost towering into the clouds.

"Where was it just now, was it raining?" Lin Yi asked the intellectual brain who came over to add tea to him.

Zhi Nao said: "It is the virgin forest on the barren star. It belongs to the rain area on the barren star. It rains half of the year. The two months belong to the rainy season, so it rains more frequently."

"Can I go to that place?" Lin Yi asked, not to Zhi Nao, but to Qin Nuo instead.

Qin Nuo said: "Yes."

"Do you want to go?" Lin Yi asked again, and then added, "If you are willing to go with me, I will be very happy."

Another invitation within a day was unexpected enough, and what surprised Qin Nuo was that he wanted to agree to Lin Yi immediately.

"For safety reasons," Qin Nuolie said awkwardly, "because there are many beasts over there, it is indeed better to have someone to accompany you."

Lin Yi looked at Qin Nuo with a smile, "Does the Marshal Lord have time?"

"Yes." Although Qin Nuo maintained the composure on his face, the tips of his ears turned red undisguised.

It wasn't the time for dinner, but there were already a lot of people in the military cafeteria, and even Qin Nuo was a little surprised when he walked in and met.

When the generals saw Qin Nuo, the scene that was still noisy immediately calmed down. Strictly speaking, there are still ten minutes before getting off work. These people are all caught by the boss on the spot.

Qin Nuo walked to an empty table and sat down, and the generals around him were nervous, lest Qin Nuo spoke a word and let them practice all night today.

In fact, Qin Nuo frowned and was considering this issue.

Lin Yi was probably the most relaxed person present. He sat down opposite Qin Nuo, and leisurely took out his personal terminal to check the mail messages.

Little A still sends silly news to Lin Yi every day.

"There is no network in remote galaxies? Dixin has launched a network package that covers 99% of the empire, allowing you to enjoy worry-free communications at only 99 yuan a month."

"Surprised, Zhi Nao was abducted, and he couldn't help the original owner after formatting. It was very sad."

Lin Yi tapped his fingertips on the personal terminal, and thought that there might be something to ask Qin Nuo.

"Marshal, can the network permissions here be open to civilians?"

Qin Nuo asked: "Do you need it?"

The door of the back kitchen suddenly opened at this moment, and Xiao D rushed out like a gust of wind, and when he was almost in front of Lin Yi, he slammed the brakes and stopped at his feet.

"Master Lin Yi, you are here!"

Lin Yi turned her head, and when she saw Xiao D, she reached out and touched Xiao D's head.

Little D immediately laughed, and when he noticed the sights of the surrounding officers, it immediately flashed a warning red light, and the muzzle in his arms seemed about to move.

Generals on the side: "..."

Not fate with others.