Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 27

Due to the need for confidentiality, Huangxing's network has layers of authority, but the rules are not dead, especially when the person sitting opposite Lin Yi is Qin Nuo, things are even simpler.

Lin Yi answered Qin Nuo's question earlier: "Yes, I want to contact the intellectual brain that stays at home."

Qin Nuo nodded: "Okay." Then he clicked on his terminal, and didn't know what he had entered. After a while, Lin Yi's personal terminal showed that he had connected to a different network.

Upon hearing this, Xiao D leaned forward and asked curiously: "Is the adult's intellectual brain?"

"Yes, do you want to get to know it?" Lin Yi asked Xiao D.

Little D seemed to be a little nervous suddenly, and he squeezed a bit before saying: "This, can, is it okay?"

"Of course," Lin Yi clicked on the personal terminal, and while replying to the message to Xiao A, he said to Xiao D: "Little A will definitely like you very much."

Lin Yi can pack a ticket. As a model of an old brain, Xiao D likes the brain that is better than it. Xiao D is a new brain that was launched by the military this year, even though he is in charge of the back kitchen. But in fact, it seemed to be used to scare the generals' muzzles at every turn. There were real guns in there.

Strictly speaking, Xiao D is in the First Army and is currently in the service stage, and he can enjoy the same standard treatment as the official soldiers.

Lin Yi's reply to Xiao A is not complicated, but a simple "peace, don't read it."

Little A received news from Lin Yi after a few days, but was so excited that he immediately dialed Lin Yi's request for real-time communication.

Lin Yi agreed, and a small virtual display screen immediately appeared in front of him, and Xiao A's face was reflected on it.


The colorful lights on Little A's head kept flashing, and his face seemed to be waiting to cross the screen to meet Lin Yi.

"Are you home by yourself these two days?"

"I stay at Master Weique's house during the day and go home to rest in the evening." Xiao A replied honestly, and then asked Lin Yi worriedly, "Master, did you really live well in Huangxing? The nutrient solution there is delicious. taste not good?"

Lin Yigang wanted to answer that the food here is actually better, so he listened to Xiao A's grunting: "Are you still worried about which nutrient solution to choose? Blue Sky brand nutrient solution, you can choose from a variety of flavors, and you can reach all major planets directly. "

Qin Nuo and Xiao D next to them were all taken aback.

Lin Yi got used to it. He turned the virtual screen around and pointed it at Xiao D. At the same time, he said: "This is Xiao D. It's a friend I know here. It's amazing. Let me get to know you."

Xiao D was a little embarrassed by the praise, and then looked at Xiao A on the screen, and found that the other party was surprised, and then wowed, and a series of rainbow farts flowed out.

"Your model is so advanced. Is this what the advanced brains look like? It's really extraordinary. I didn't expect that I would be able to interact with you in my lifetime. It makes me so happy."

This is another problem for Xiao A. When he meets a brain that is better than himself, it is the face of the brainless fan.

Little D still ate this set very much. After getting Lin Yi's permission, he ran back to the kitchen with the virtual screen and chatted with his new friends.

"The one just now was an advertisement brought by Wisdom Brain?" Qin Nuo asked.

"Yes, because it was a discounted model with an old model when it was purchased, so it was considered a setting that could not be changed."

"That is indeed a very old model," Qin Nuo said, "didn't you consider changing it?"

"If you change one, Xiao A will be recycled and scrapped. I don't want such a thing to happen to my companion who has been with me for more than ten years." Lin Yi said.

Qin Nuo was noncommittal, but he had a more complete and vivid look of Lin Yi in his heart.

Lin Yi seems to be a very gentle person. This is true of Type D One, and the same is true of her own intellectual brain.

In the back kitchen not far away, Xiao D was being blown dizzy by Xiao A, and the two exchanged contact information so that they could communicate directly without bothering Lin Yi in the future.

"You are really good, like I can't do many things, I can only take care of the trivial things in the house." Xiao A said.

The version model is too old to be upgraded, but it also has the obsession to become stronger, which is probably the source of its wisdom-brain worship that is stronger than its own.

Little D can also see that the version of Little A is extremely old, but because of this, it has a more favorable impression of Lin Yi, which completely shows that Master Lin Yi is a nostalgic and very kind to intellectual brains.

"Master Lin Yi treats you well, right?" He also applied for Internet access to Master Marshal specifically for Xiao A.

"Yeah!" Little A heard this, and immediately flashed the rainbow light on his head happily, "Does my shell look good? The master just bought it for me not long ago."

Little D felt envy for the first time at this time. As an independent brain in the military, he should have been proud of his independence, but he wanted to change his position with an old and outdated brain.

"Lin Yi-sama is the best in the world."


The two brains, tearful eyes, reached a consensus on this point.

Outside the military cafeteria, Song Qinrong arrived late. When he saw these people sitting inside, his face wanted to be flat, but Yu Guang immediately caught a glimpse of Lin Yi and Qin Nuo sitting at the table inside, and quickly recovered. After finishing facial expression management, putting on a leisurely and dedicated appearance, he walked over slowly.

When he was in the position, he took off his military cap and paid a military salute to Qin Nuo, and then sat down beside Qin Nuo, muttering, "I don't know if I will have two more bites for dinner today."

As he said, he opened his personal terminal and called up the evaluation panel to show Lin Yi: "Look, see, I wrote this all afternoon."

It contained Song Qinrong's name evaluation, eloquently wrote a few hundred words, it was a sincere and sincere writing, it is probably to move out all the praise vocabulary that I know.

Lin Yi gave him a thumbs up, "Yes."

As soon as the hour for the meal arrived, the back kitchen slowly turned on, and Xiao D's figure appeared in front of the back kitchen door, and the generals suddenly became nervous as if they were in a military court waiting for trial.

At the same time, there are several other main canteens scattered around Huangxing, which are crowded with people, just waiting to eat.

The two new dishes that Lin Yi asked Little D to add have already been made at this time. Before the meal, everyone made their own choices. At this time, a robot came out and served them quickly.

Lin Yi and their table were brought by Xiao D himself. First Lin Yi, then Qin Nuo, and when it was Song Qinrong's turn, Xiao D slowed down. It stared at Song Qinrong and said, "I see Your comment."

After a pause, Xiao D gave a concise evaluation: "It's okay."

Then he served Song Qinrong a plate of big meat buns, spicy chicken and braised pork. The weight was much more than before, and there was no more threat of eating shit, so Song Qinrong could not help but let out a big sigh of relief.

This meal was again so that the entire First Legion was full of happiness, and almost everyone's mentality transitioned from eating to live to living to eat.

For the first time, everyone felt that the meal was so promising.

Before leaving, Lin Yi and Qin Nuo agreed to go to the primeval forest: "I won't have a job tomorrow, can you spare time?"

Song Qinrong looked at Lin Yi in a strange way, and did not understand what Lin Yi was referring to. He looked at Qin Nuo again.

Qin Nuo nodded, "I will be free tomorrow afternoon."

"See you tomorrow," Lin Yi waved to Qin Nuo before boarding Xiao D's mecha, "Good night, Marshal."

After Lin Yi left, Song Qinrong asked Qin Nuo, "Marshal, did you have an appointment?"

Qin Nuo said, "Lin Yi invited me to accompany him to the primeval forest."

Is there any omega who actively invites alpha to go out on a date? Wait, Song Qinrong whispered to Qin Nuo to verify: "Is this a date?"

Qin Nuo glanced at him coldly, and said solemnly, "Such frivolous words will not be said later."

This is frivolous, Song Qinrong said in his heart, why didn't you blame him for frivolousness when Lin Yi invited you?

After all, Song Qinrong thinks about it for himself, still feels that Lin Yi is as he expected, it is a fake O possessed by scum A, but there is one thing Song Qinrong did not expect, that is, his marshal is like A. On the contrary, they are reserved like an innocent omega.

This is probably called one thing drop one thing?

When Lin Yi returned to the dormitory of the crew, the nutrient solution ordered by the crew finally arrived. Lin Yi also received a group in the room and was saved by the management brain.

I thought it was because of the encounter with Little D at noon, Archie didn't dare to target Lin Yi too clearly.

Lin Yi didn't care too much about Li Xingzhou and the like. There was no shortage of bullying people in the circle. He had seen more in his previous life. But Archie's targeting was somewhat unfounded, which made Lin Yi a little wary.

After washing up, he lay down on the bed and contacted Wei Que with his personal terminal.

These days, Wei Que has not been idle, and he hasn't sent all news about Lin Yi, but she has always mentioned Lin Yi occasionally to keep him warm. Another thing is that Chen Qiaoxu and Lin Yi once mentioned something, and now Wei Que also told him the letter.

"The director of "The Waste Land", Fred, is said to have contacted the Empire Forum, wanting to know who the creator of "Dawn" is, and has the intention of cooperation."

"I already know about this, and I will contact you if necessary."

After hanging up the communication with Wei Que, Lin Yi's mailbox rang to remind him of new mail.

He opened it and saw that it was a new timetable sent to him by the crew, with a new script attached.

Lin Yi picked up the script and read it again, with a smile on her face.

On the premise of basically not changing the original plot trend, Fred added a few scenes to Lin Yi, making his character image obviously plump. It fully presents the bumpy fate of a low-level figure during the war. This can be regarded as the finishing touch to the simple presentation of the great family of people in the initial script, which enriches the level and theme of the film.

Fred was obviously satisfied with such changes. The scripts he sent over were even handwritten wild handwritings, and it could be seen that it took a lot of time to revise.

There was a scene with Lin Yi the next morning.

Compared with yesterday's boyhood, this scene has a certain time span. It took place in the later period when the role played by Lin Yi fell in the chaos of war, and his appearance was completely different from yesterday.

Lin Yi got up early and went to the training ground for a hearty exercise, and then had breakfast in the military cafeteria before stepping on to the shooting scene.

When the makeup artist saw him, he hurriedly pulled him into the cabin for a while. When Lin Yi Quanzhuang appeared, even Li Xingzhou was taken aback when he saw him.

Compared with yesterday, Lin Yi looks like a different person. Except for those eyes with similar eyes, the rest of it is like a piece of extremely malleable clay, which makes people squeeze into another look.

"Good-looking?" Lin Yi asked Li Xingzhou with interest, speaking in a tone that Li Xingzhou hated.

Only then did Li Xingzhou recover from the daze, and said nonsense: "It's so good-looking." After that, he turned his head and left.

Seeing him angry, Lin Yi was upset with nasty fun. At the same time, he didn't forget to open his personal terminal to send a message to Qin Nuo. "Good morning, I can't help but feel good when I think of you."

Qin Nuo, who was far away in the military office, was dumbfounded by the news, and his ears became red again after a long while.

He hesitated again and again, wrote and deleted in the typing box, and changed "Me too" to "Thank you." Then he pressed his lips seriously and pressed the send button.

Song Qinrong knocked on the door of Qin Nuo's office. As soon as he walked in, he saw Qin Nuo's appearance. He was surprised: "Marshal, what's the matter with you?"

Seeing him coming, Qin Nuo concealed: "It's nothing."

Compared to Qin Nuo's caution, after Lin Yi glanced at the dialog box, he immediately returned Qin Nuo's emoticon without thinking.

It is a picture of a villain holding a pile of love and throwing it out. On Qin Nuo's side, the emoji package was transformed into a real-world image, and a bunch of red hearts were thrown directly on his desk, and it took a while to disappear.

So Qin Nuo's pretentious concealment was completely in vain.

Song Qinrong across the desk: "..."

Qin Nuo glanced at him, and a strange silence spread between the two.

Song Qin-song clearly felt that his marshal's personal settings for decades had begun to loosen. He coughed and asked Qin Nuo boldly, "My lord, is it Lin Yi?"

Except for Lin Yi, Song Qinrong suddenly couldn't remember anyone who would dare to throw an emoji to Qin Nuo like this.

Qin Nuo was a little surprised, his eyes widened slightly in surprise, "How do you know?"

Song Qinrong laughed dryly: "What, I just guessed it."

He thought to himself, is it necessary to guess? Except for Lin Yi, he couldn't do such a big thing.