Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 28

Without Qin Nuo's reply, Lin Yi didn't take it very seriously. He walked into the filming location that had already been set, and his goal was to look like a romantic place with a century-old style.

The whole interior is rich in color, and when stacked together, it creates a sense of carnival in a desperate situation, which is incompatible with the darker tones of the whole film, but it also emphasizes the drunken gold fans who live a day in the war.

Lin Yi took a photo of himself with his personal terminal. He stood on the edge of the scene, facing Hua Guang and hiding the shadows.

He sent this photo to Wei Que and asked him to send it out with the official account of the support club.

Wei Que quickly returned three big question marks over there, what kind of fairy photo is this?

There is a time difference between Capital Star and Huangxing Star. At this time, Capital Star is still early in the morning, but Wei Que is working overtime, so he didn't sleep either. After receiving the picture, he was very professionally prepared to use the picture editing software to fix it. But when he was about to start, he felt that the raw picture sent by Lin Yi was in good condition, so after thinking about it, he sent the raw picture directly.

The account fans of the Lin Yi Fan Club have recently been in a relatively stable position. There is no special new black material, but there is no increase in favorability.

In addition, these days when Lin Yi was filming with Huangxing, there was nothing to post on the account. The picture taken by Lin Yi now was considered timely rain, and Wei Que posted it without hesitation without even adding any words.

Wei Que feels that adding characters is unnecessary. Instead of giving this photo a defined meaning, it is better to keep it an open story for the audience to define.

Lin Yi's fan composition is actually very simple. After the first issue of "Where Are We From", there are more culinary fans here, and most of the real fans who gather under the account are basically Lin Yi's face fans.

Lin Yi's skin is fair and his facial features are exquisite. Under the premise of fully conforming to the aesthetics of the empire, he uniquely possesses the delicate characteristics of the original Orientals during the earth period, and is one of the best looks even in the entertainment industry.

Therefore, although Wei Que sent this photo in the early hours of the morning, it still attracted a lot of comments.

"Oh my God, Xiao Yi looks so good!"

"Is this look from "The Wasteland"? It looks unexpectedly beautiful!"

"Ahhhhhh, I can do this brother."

"It's strange, it's a photo, but it feels like a short film of information."

"Xiao Yi is really good at taking pictures."

Back to Lin Yi on the set.

Fred was already sitting behind the monitor. When Lin Yi came in, he immediately called him in front of him, and looked at Lin Yi up and down.

"Very good," Fred complimented. "Play well in a while."

He was not sure if Lin Yi's performance yesterday was a coincidence, or Lin Yi himself has that kind of personality. However, what Lin Yi wants to play today is a person in a different psychological state and situation. If he can still perform the effect he wants today, Fred feels that he is a treasure.

Only when the empire is lazy in all walks of life collectively, will Li Xingzhou be shaped one by one. They have excellent appearance and sufficient means of making stars, so they don't need to work on any basic skills at all. Over time, the basic skills of actors are a topic that makes everyone feel unfamiliar.

Fred has been filming for so long, and there are only a few easy-to-hand actors. Chen Qiaoxu counts as one, but he is still not the most admired in Fred's heart.

At the moment Fred had boundless expectations for Lin Yi, as if Lin Yi was a stone waiting to be cut, not knowing whether it was a dark stone or a translucent gem.

Today’s play is the scene where Lin Yi wanders into the Fengyuechang to accompany the guests. It is inevitable that there will be some physical contact with the alphas who play the benefactor. Although these contacts are limited to some pulling of the upper body, they are placed in In the current empire entertainment circle, this is still a very extraordinary performance for omega.

Therefore, before filming started, Fred called Lin Yi over again: "Can you act in that scene for a while? Are you mentally prepared?"

When the play was included in the script, there was a virtual image in it to show Lin Yi how far the content would be performed.

In Lin Yi's view, that is to hold someone on the first floor's shoulders and touch the back of his hand. The most extraordinary thing is to show his shoulders while pulling.

How big is it?

Lin Yi nodded to Fred and said, "I can act."

To say that before, Fred didn't know who Lin Yi was, and he didn't care too much about it. At the moment because of some expectations of Lin Yi, he has a lot of constraints.

The shooting officially started, and the lights and machinery were all in place.

The three alpha dragons were sitting on the sofa, while Lin Yi knelt down on the cushions at their feet, pouring wine in a hip flask.

The three alphas are talking loudly about the latest war. Speaking of the current battle situation, there are countless casualties every day.

His eyes were drooping, and he listened to them while pouring the wine. His expression seemed the same, but he could see the anxiety and worry on his face. However, when the three glasses of wine were filled, when Lin Yi raised his head again, there was another welcoming smile on his face. He carefully handed over the wine glass, his movements were extremely gentle, and he played very well with courtesy and caution.

Lin Yi's face was facing the light, and as he blinked, he could clearly see the shadow of his eyelashes and the side of his face, and even the redness and softness of his lips were blending with the light just right.

This scene itself requires several alphas to show a certain degree of affection.

Before the filming officially started, these people even got together and teased Lin Yi in a low voice. They felt that in the face of an omega without pheromone, it would really take some acting skills to show affection.

However, at this moment, when Lin Miao raised his eyes to look at them, they all hit their hearts, and their bodies were all half-struck, and their eyes were not quite right.

Alpha is the group most controlled by hormones. The alpha nearest to Lin Yi watched Lin Yi raise his hand and put the wine glass to his lips, and then showed a bright smile to his lips. The lips that were in contact with the wine glass seemed to be electrocuted in half.

When the alpha reacted again, all he heard was director Fred's angrily shouting: "Stop!"

He turned his head to look at Fred blankly, but saw Fred grabbed a teacup and threw it under him, and cursed: "If you take a good shot, you will be ruined. Haven't seen omega?"

The alpha subconsciously caught the teacup to prevent him from being injured, but at the same time Yu Guang caught a glimpse of the place where the teacup was going to hit. Only then did he realize that for a while, he unexpectedly lost his stance in front of the entire crew.

Lin Yi glanced at him sideways. Although his eyes were faint, it made him feel more embarrassed.

Take a five-minute break and start shooting again. The alphas are all defensive this time, which is much better, but the same performance becomes stiff again, and Fred almost throws out the teacup.

After this one has finally passed, it is already five or six times later.

In these five or six times, not only the three alphas that played against Lin Yi, but almost the entire crew uncontrollably turned their eyes on Lin Yi alone.

Every movement of his limbs and every movement of his eyes are precisely controlled, and people can't help but show indulging gaze. This kind of charm exudes from Lin Yi's whole body, completely beyond the charm of pheromone.

Because it's not just the alpha, the beta or even the omega present can't deny the throbbing Lin Yi brought them when they entered the performance.

His performance is so natural that people really blend into the situation, and the story seems to turn into reality.

Of all, director Fred was naturally the most touched. After repeating the effects that he had just taken twice, he was extremely happy, because now he was completely sure that Lin Yi was the treasure he had been seeking so hard for.

At this time, it has been more than an hour since the official photo of Lin Yi’s official support club was released, and dawn began to dawn on Capital Star. Lin Yi’s photo has been posted in real-time hot news, sparking more discussions.

Song Qin Rong was sitting behind his desk and was reviewing an application submitted by his subordinates. When he looked up, he saw a notification flashing on the virtual screen.

"Lin Yi's recent photos were exposed, sparking heated discussion"

He clicked on it, and was taken aback first, then looked at the door of Qin Nuo's closed office, and after thinking about it, he posted the photo.

Unexpectedly, it stabbed a hornet's nest because of this.

The photo flashed across Qin Nuo's desktop. Qin Nuo raised his eyes and glanced, frowning slightly, turning his head to let Song Qinrong enter the office.

Song Qinrong thought that what Qin Nuo was about to talk about was the problem with the photos he sent him earlier, and was still smiling, but when Qin Nuo asked him seriously, "Do you know how Lin Yi's glands were injured?"

Qin Nuo did a search on the, and the related reports that popped up were basically saying that Lin Yi didn't want to get involved and resented him. Qin Nuo didn't think Lin Yi was that kind of person. These were not the main points of the content that he cared about. He wanted to know. It's just who hurt Lin Yi's glands.

Song Shu naturally played an important role here, and Song Qin Rin, as Song Shu's cousin, was naturally the most suitable person to be questioned at this time.

Song Qin Rong didn't expect Qin Nuo to ask this. After thinking about it, he said, "Actually, I don't know. It's just an estimate based on Song Shu's personality. It should be that she deliberately targeted Lin Yi with some means, but specifically I don’t know where the matter started, and what step it took. As you know, I’m not close to my family."

Qin Nuo nodded and said solemnly: "I see."

What kind of person Lin Yi was, Qin Nuo didn't know all the details yet, but from the perspective of feeling alone, Qin Nuo had already been completely biased towards Lin Yi at this time.

Not to mention that Song Shu's family and Williams family did not deal with it, Qin Nuo's face became colder.

Song Qinrong just breathed a sigh of relief. When he thought he could go out like this, he heard Qin Nuo say again: "You are not allowed to send me this kind of photos in the future, and don't use it as a mockery. Lin Yi is an omega after all. Don’t let him feel shy and troubled."

If Qin Nuo was speaking for other omegas, Song Qinrong thought he could understand it, but Lin Yi?

Especially the Lin Yi who threw the Marshal's table full of red hearts in front of him without embarrassment, would he really be bothered by his teasing?

Song Qinrong deeply doubted this. He felt that Lin Yi didn't stop him with a hundred sentences in turn. However, in the face of Qin Nuo's serious instructions, he had to raise his hand and pay a military salute, "Lead!"

A dull thunder sounded outside the window, and Qin Nuo asked Zhi Nao to turn the surrounding walls into a transparent color, and he could see the patter of heavy rain hitting the wall.

"I don't know if it rains or not in the primeval forest today." Qin Nuo said to himself, he still remembered Lin Yi saying he likes to rain.

When Zhi Nao heard this, he immediately announced the weather in the primeval forest, "Marshal, the weather in the primeval forest today is a rare sunny day in ten years, and the overall temperature is also very pleasant."

Qin Nuo: "..." What is afraid of.

Seeing that Qin Nuo didn't speak, Zhi Nao asked, "The Marshal has a plan to go to the primeval forest?"

Qin Nuo nodded, "Yes," he paused and said decisively, "Arrange for an artificial rainfall in the virgin forest this afternoon."

No one can stop him from going out to watch the rain.