Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 29

The discussion caused by the picture sent by Wei Que reached its peak at noon on Capital Star.

Since there is no background explanation, and Lin Yi's original role is the eighteen-line dragon set, so even the movie "The Wasteland" did not bring Lin Yi when it was promoted. It mainly revolved around the two starring actors Li Xingzhou and Chen Qiaoxu.

In addition, the contact between the production crew of the wasteland and the outside world is basically in a state of interruption. The official propaganda line has been suspended, and no one will come to claim Lin Yi's picture.

Guess and guess, netizens couldn't guess the source of this photo in the end.

The beauty of this photo is one point, but the most important thing is the "cleanness" of this photo. After countless netizens saw this photo, the first feeling was to lick the screen, the second feeling was that they wondered why this photo didn’t taste like pheromone, and the third feeling was that they suddenly realized that Lin Yi had no such thing as a pheromone for a long time. They were attracted by a photo without pheromone.

Wei Que knew how to seize marketing opportunities, and took advantage of the opportunity to seduce Lin Yi a wave of enthusiasm.

Originally, the number of people who disliked Lin Yi was not too many. Most of them were filled with righteous indignation. After the wave of wind on the Weique Entertainment Vessel last time, many people who were not firm in their positions turned back a lot. At this time, the good reviews and bad reviews under Lin Yi's personal account were basically five to five, and they tore each other every day.

On the barren star, the shooting is still in full swing.

In addition to the odds and ends, Lin Yi needed to shoot the background board, it was already after noon.

Little D still brought Lin Yi lunch, of course it was richer than the day before. Lin Yi teaches two dishes to Little D on average. It was rather unfamiliar at first, and as he mastered a certain pattern, he would read the feedback from a large number of diners. There were only a few meals, and the whole seasoning was nothing. Coming up.

Probably the last time I let the aircraft deliver food, I encountered an unpleasant scene. This time Xiao D did not let the aircraft deliver it, but came by himself.

At noon, the light outside was so hot that the big guy finished the morning shooting and was gathering in the rest area to receive the noon nutrient solution.

The mecha transport vehicle in the military canteen slowly abducted from the main road and immediately attracted the attention of everyone.

When the mecha car stopped and the door of the cab opened, everyone couldn't help but stretch their necks to look.

I originally thought that an upright soldier would come down from above, but I would have seen a chubby, but very agile robot brain jumped down and fell fat and light to the ground.

However, no one dared to look down upon such a robotic brain, because the shell of the opponent’s machine showed a straight military uniform, indicating that it was also a member of the First Army. In the empire, as long as it is in contact with the military Personnel, status directly kills most of the ordinary staff present, not to mention that this is currently the most powerful First Corps.

Little D made his entry style big, and then walked with the wind like lightning to Lin Yi.

Lin Yixian was also taken aback. Although he knew that the appearance of Little D could be constantly changing, he had never seen Little D in military uniform. He could see that this little thing was going to support him.

"My lord, please come with me."

Seeing its serious appearance, Lin Yi couldn't help but smile, stretched out his hand to touch Xiao D's shell, and praised: "Little D is very handsome today."

Little D smiled, and said to Lin Yi: "My lord, I have brought enough food. You can invite friends to enjoy them."

Lin Yizheng had this intention. He always ate alone on the spot. I'm afraid that wasn't what he said in the past. At least people like Fred and Chen Qiaoxu who are friendly to him, Lin Yi can't always hang on.

He walked to Fred and said, "Director, do you want to have lunch together?" Then he turned to Chen Qiaoxu, "Let's go together."

Before Fred had spoken, Chen Qiaoxu had already rushed to pick up the conversation. He nodded like smashing garlic, "It couldn't be better!" He said and took Fred's arm again, "Fred, I told you You promise, you might regret missing this meal."

Fred followed them halfway, and asked Lin Yi unclearly, "Lin Yi, how can you get this in Huangxing?"

We must know that the face of soldiers is the hardest thing to buy. They spent a lot of effort just to come and shoot, and all that was left was to prepare for half a month of hunger and starvation.

"I told the recipes of a few dishes to the military cafeteria, so I had some friendship with the brainchild D in the cafeteria." Lin Yi explained it simply, but it was also reasonable.

Fred nodded when he heard the words and believed it.

Apart from Fred and Chen Qiaoxu, there was no other more important person than Li Xingzhou.

When Lin Yi passed by him, she stopped and smiled and asked him, "Should we come over to eat together?"

How do Li Xingzhou think that Lin Yipi is smiling and not smiling, and he is not happy with Lin Yi in his heart. Although he is very greedy at the moment, his natural reaction is: "Who is rare."

Fred and Chen Qiaoxu are two rare things: "..."

Fred glared at Li Xingzhou, and then speeded up his steps: "Walk around, leave him alone."

Had it not been for Li Xingzhou's influence, Fred would surely scold him at this moment.

Chen Qiaoxu didn't take it to heart, that is to say, he looked at Li Xingzhou more humorously, and looked at Li Xingzhou more brightly. Even if he felt regretful in his heart, he had to hold on at this moment.

Lin Yi had expected this a long time ago, and didn't care at all.

Little D has opened the door of the mecha at this time. The space inside is more than ten square meters. It is very spacious. Before coming, it was cleaned up by Xiao D. When Lin Yi and the others walked in, they would still be in a daze. I think this is a private room of a high-end restaurant.

The dishes on the table are rich and kept in their best condition.

When Lin Yi and the others entered, Xiao D closed the door again. The airtightness of the door completely ensured the privacy of the people inside, and at the same time ensured that outside sounds would not be transmitted inside.

As soon as the car door was closed, Xiao D slowly turned around and looked at the stunned staff behind him seriously.

Then Little D’s scroll wheel moved again. It walked into the crowd and began to speak: “The following words are spoken by me on behalf of the Military High Canteen. They are restricted by the First Legion’s secrecy regulations. Whoever speaks them will be severely dealt with. deal with."

Without knowing what little D was going to say next, everyone was startled by what he said, and then they all got serious.

"As the chief cook of the First Army, I am not satisfied with you," Xiao D slowly said, "Some of you are very poor in character. It is good to come over and endure hardships. If you want me to say, you shouldn't be given any nutrient solution. You sent me to ask you to find poisonous mushrooms in the primeval forest every day, but Master Lin Yi is soft-hearted, so I let the nutrient solution go."

Little D has a sonorous and powerful tone, really like a soldier.

Everyone was a little flustered by what he said, fearing that it would change and detain the nutrient solution.

"Speaking of which, in the next ten days, you will work with Master Lin Yi. It is possible to help him in some places, so I decided to open up some food permissions to you, that is, I will send you every noon every day in the future. When you come by car, you can pay to book lunch for the next day through there, and directly purchase certain drinks and snacks. The premise of these permissions is, "Little D has a torch, and quickly uses the portrait capture function to write down everyone's face." In the next ten days, I don’t want to know that anything unpleasant Lin Yi will happen in the crew. Have you remembered?"

Playing a stick and then giving a sweet date, or being so worldly, may be a bit difficult for a stupid like Little A, but for Little D, it's a piece of cake.

Everyone present has been suppressed by Xiao D, and if he listens to the benefits that Xiao D has said, he can't wait to immediately recognize Lin Yi as his brother.

What's wrong with lunch? Everyone who eats the nutrient solution with the same taste for three meals a day is almost vomiting, and changing the taste is simply a life-saving thing.

At the moment everyone nodded, and someone boldly asked Little D: "Excuse me, can I book now?"

Little D pointed to an electronic display on the outside of the armored car and said, "I plan to go there."

With a crash, everyone swarmed up.

Li Xingzhou felt a bit shameless in front of him. Although he felt itchy after hearing this, he couldn't help but let his assistant hurry over and order two copies, while he sat in the rest area with a sullen face holding a shelf.

Because everyone rushed towards the mecha, only Li Xingzhou was left sitting alone during the rest period.

He was originally full of dissatisfaction, and was muttering alone, but suddenly heard the sound of wheels rolling, and when he looked up, he realized that it was Little D who didn't know how to get in front of him.

"What are you doing?" Li Xingzhou didn't look good at the things that touched Lin Yi.

Little D didn't speak, his belly suddenly opened, revealing a bento inside, braised pork with white rice, plus a tomato scrambled egg and some small vegetables, and then placed this thing in front of Li Xingzhou.

Li Xingzhou came to understand what Xiao D was doing. He thought it was Lin Yi who asked him to show his favor. He felt a little proud of it. However, it didn’t really last long before he saw that there were two black holes drilled in Xiao D’s stomach. The muzzle was directly at him.

Li Xingzhou saw this muzzle in his introduction to the First Army. It is said that a small gun can directly destroy a battleship, and its power cannot be underestimated.

Li Xingzhou felt as though he was being aimed at the gun. He knew who was coming. Anyway, he froze and didn't dare to move. He could only shake his voice and say, "You, what are you doing? I'm a law-abiding citizen."

Xiao D's body became longer, allowing his round head to be at the same level as Li Xingzhou's line of sight, and then the negative test opened his mouth and said: "Eat your meal well. I won't be humming in front of Master Lin Yi in the future. Adults are kind and kind. He doesn’t care about you. I won’t. If you let me know that you slap your face or bully others, I will kill you if I find a chance. I will ensure that the methods are clean. Leave."

Li Xingzhou Yu Guangli saw people moving in the distance, but his voice was stuck in his throat and was so scared that he couldn't come out. He shook his head and finally squeezed out a word, "No, you can't."

Xiao D lifted the muzzle up, and directly hit Li Xingzhou's heart: "You try? Most imperial laws can't control the wild stars."

Li Xingzhou's forehead was dripping with sweat, and layers of fear came up in his heart, knowing that what Xiao D was saying was not a lie.

Xiao D asked coldly: "Have you heard what you said?"

Li Xingzhou nodded repeatedly, his palms sweating.

Upon seeing this, Xiao D snorted and lowered the muzzle to restore it, then turned his head and left.