Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 45

Ever since Qin Nuo remembered, whether it was due to physique or family background, he was demanded by the strictest education. Such requirements constrained all aspects of his life, and his life path was thus determined to death by rigid rules.

Qin Nuo's father is such an aristocratic alpha. He strictly followed the ethics and faithfulness to the end of his life, but he could not even save Qin Nuo's biological mother.

Qin Nuo did not approve of people like his father from the bottom of his heart, so he entered the First Army immediately after he became an adult, and participated in dangerous wars despite the opposition of his family. In the past ten years, he smoothed out all obstacles to his path and made himself Became the unshakable principal in the family.

But in the final analysis, the influence of the family is still profound for Qin Nuo. While he hates many nobles to be factionists, he can't deny that he is also an old and stubborn one.

Compared with Qin Nuo, Lin Yi is like two extremes. His words and deeds were not familiar to Qin Nuo, but they attracted Qin Nuo.

At this moment Qin Nuo was lying in the dark sleeping cabin with his eyes open, and Lin Yi and the things he had said and done appeared in his mind. The corners of Qin Nuo's lips softened, and he felt like he was floating in a warm cloud, his heart beating briskly.

The moment is completely unrelated to pheromone, which makes him feel a sense of extreme enjoyment. But when I was with Lin Yi, the emotional fluctuations that followed Lin Yi's words and deeds were not less than the influence of pheromone.

From the physiological mechanism, the stronger the alpha, the stronger the resistance to omega, and the lower alpha is easily affected by omega. Therefore, Qin Nuo is inevitably affected by the pheromone, but due to his special physique, the omega on the same level as him has not yet had matching data in the empire. When facing ordinary omega, he has complete self-control and can do nothing. fluctuation.

The current political situation of Capital Star is not complicated, but also because whether it is the emperor or the queen, the family power behind them is currently completely unable to compete with the Williams family. Coupled with Qin Nuo's unshakable public support, even if he ascends the throne on the spot this time, no one can say no.

However, Qin Nuo had no intention of the throne for the time being. His return to Capital Star would only further control the military headquarters of the empire and integrate the Second and Third Legions. Even so, it seems impossible to say that he is not an emperor. After all, military power is the essence of a country's power. The emperor whose military power is emptied is simply a civil servant.

But power is inherently unfair, just like the current emperor knew Qin Nuo's plan, so he could only welcome him back with a smile. Without tearing their faces on both sides and maintaining peace on the surface, the two families of the emperor and empress naturally still have a good life to enjoy endlessly.

The next morning.

The light in the room was shining brightly, Lin Yi covered her head with the quilt, frowned and murmured vaguely. A pair of robotic hands stretched out to pat Lin Yi's back gently, "Master, it's time to get up."

Lin Yi poked her head out of the bed, squinted at Little A beside the bed, and then looked up at the time displayed on her head, frowning even more tightly: "It's only half past seven, what's up..."

"Does the master not beautify?" Little A asked seriously, then jumped out a series of advertisements from the beauty center, and gave Lin Yi three beauty packages in succession.

When Xiao A finished talking about this non-breathing string, Lin Yi also babbled to it so much that he was not drowsy. He sat up and stretched his waist, then patted Little A's head both lightly and lightly: "I'm not going."

Little A touched his head, but didn't insist: "That's all right."

Little D outside the house had already prepared a rich breakfast for Lin Yi. Unsurprisingly, Wei Que and the others were already on the sofa waiting for Lin Yi to come out and have dinner together.

During the meal, Wei Que asked Lin Yi excitedly: "How do you go to the dinner party in the afternoon? Will the marshal come to pick you up?"

"I am not," Lin Yigang wanted to say that I am not a girl, and no gentleman's courtesy is needed. However, after realizing that his current gender is not fundamentally different from that of a female on earth, he paused.

"I don't think this is necessary." Lin Yi said.

He really didn't think he needed Qin Nuo to pick him up. In fact, because of his habit, the moment Wei Que asked him, Lin Yi still felt that he should pick up Qin Nuo by himself. After all, at present, it is he who is clearly pursuing Qin Nuo, and the suitor will naturally be more proactive.

As soon as the voice fell, a message reminded from Lin Yi's personal terminal, which was sent by Qin Nuo.

"I have already got off the spacecraft. I will pick you up at about 4:30 in the afternoon and give me your address."

Regarding this, Lin Yi looked at the picture on the TV and refused Qin Nuo without hesitation.

"You don't have to come to pick me up, by the way, can we enter separately at that time?"

At the moment, the TV screen they were watching was a live broadcast of the Qin Nuo spacecraft landing. Qin Nuo walked on the red carpet, checking the news with one arm raised.

He was wearing a neat military uniform, and his tall figure was clearly outlined by the neatly cut lines. The excellent proportions and the face half-hidden by the military cap when he lowered his head also made people dreamy. Every step Qin Nuo took under his feet was squeaked regularly by his army boots, and the beating on the ears made people's ears itchy.

Next to the camera were crowds of onlookers, and the shouts resounded across the sky from thousands to 800 meters, not knowing how exaggerated it was in Qin Nuo's ears.

This is still a long-distance reaction. I don’t know how exaggerated it was when I waited for the live broadcast of the royal dinner to be broadcast live holographically just before entering the venue.

Lin Yi took a sip of porridge and watched Qin Nuo stop and raise his hand to wave to the people on the screen. There was a burst of cheers in the crowd that broke the limit.

At the same moment, Lin Yi received Qin Nuo's reply.

In three simple words: "No."

"Okay," Lin Yi compromised, "but you really don't use it to pick me up. My spaceship has arrived, and I just want to try its performance."

The spaceship was purchased by Lin Yi on the request of the military department, so naturally, he came here today with the officers who returned to the capital star.

Just now, Lin Yi’s personal terminal received a message indicating that the spacecraft was already in transit and would arrive at his residence around noon.

Qin Nuo didn't say anything to Lin Yi's thoughts. After his footsteps disappeared at the end of the red carpet, the live broadcast faded away.

Of course, the hot discussion on Starnet has just begun, and the protagonist is of course Qin Nuo alone.

During the previous live broadcast, his appearance in just a few tens of seconds has been repaired by technology and turned into a holographic reality experience version by the big guy. At this time, an individual can walk directly to Qin Nuo to experience the wonderful side by side with the marshal. Feel.

"Ahhhhh, I'm going to faint!"

"Woo, I now think that the Marshal may not get married to take care of the feelings of the people of the empire."

"Alphas like Marshal can be clean and self-contained, those of the empire, I don't call the alpha, I still mess around every day."

Also praised by netizens is Qin Nuo's male partner at the evening banquet, an anonymous composer. Although Lin Yi only released two songs, because of the empire’s complete blankness in this regard, he became the pioneering Pangu himself. He attracted fans regardless of age or gender, and the number of fans on music forum accounts had already been established. One billion people, counting the time accumulated by this fan, is already a top-tier configuration.

"There are two surprises for me tonight, hehehe."

"Although I don't want the Marshal to have a male companion, if it is a big brother, I can barely accept it!"

Compared to the emotional boiling outside, Lin Yi can be said to be like water in his heart.

At noon, his car was delivered on time. Lin Yi sat up and tried for a lap, and the driving feeling was good. He flew directly to the training center of the First Army Corps in Capital Star for two hours, and then went home after sweating out.

It was already half past two in the afternoon when I arrived home, and Xiao A was so anxious at the door of his home that he asked Lin Yi, "What's the matter, what's the matter, doesn't the master stop looking at the time?"

"What's the tone?" Lin Yi patted A on the head again.

Xiao A covered his head and screamed, but still insisted: "The royal dinner, this is the glory of the Lin family, Xiao A must maintain."

Looking at it, Lin Yi was still confident, and couldn't help but smile again: "Go and put a bath water for me first."

Xiao A just ran away.

When Lin Yi took a shower and dressed up again, and finally put on clothes and was about to go out, Xiao A was already eager to drive him out.

It wasn't until Lin Yi entered the cockpit and closed the door of the spacecraft that he was a little clean.

On the other side, the live broadcast of the royal dinner has already begun.

Each member who attends the dinner will receive an invitation letter, which will indicate each person's arrival time. This time will be controlled very accurately. In order to maintain order, it cannot be early or late. To prevent accidents, the time on the invitation letter is usually adjusted dynamically.

Lin Yi's invitation letter and Qin Nuo adjusted into a pair afterwards, and the two had to enter the venue together.

At this time, the spacecraft was in the autopilot mode, Lin Yi and Qin Nuo rushed to the dinner party from different directions and were talking.

Lin Yi glanced at the open environment and the guards on both sides, and said to Qin Nuo: "I have reached the parking lot on the north side."

"I will arrive in about five minutes. You will wait for me in the waiting area," Qin Nuo said.

While talking, Lin Yi's spacecraft has passed the first security check and officially entered the range covered by the live footage.

The spacecraft was forbidden to move forward at this place, and people attending the dinner will have a small waiting area here, and they will not enter the red carpet area until their arrival time.

The people in front had already begun to enter the arena in order, and the next pair happened to be Lin Yi and Qin Nuo, so the waiting area was empty at this moment, and there were only a few security brains busy back and forth around.

Lin Yi went down to the ground, let the spacecraft leave by itself, and then strolled into the waiting area.

The waiting area is a small high ground with steps, and there are two soft sofas inside. Lin Yi walks in and sits down comfortably, arranging her cufflinks with her eyes down.

At this time, Qin Nuo was approaching the stage, and the atmosphere in the live broadcast was also very high. The live broadcast shot happened to send away the first pair of people who entered the venue. At this moment, he turned to the waiting area and aimed at Lin Yi's face.

Lin Yi’s appearance was amazing, but today I did a little bit of dressing up. Most of the people have a real-life experience when watching the current live broadcast. The camera is aimed at Lin Yi, and Lin Yi seems to be sitting in a sitting room. In front of them.

As if perceiving the alignment of the camera, Lin Yi's gaze that had originally fallen on the cufflinks lifted her eyelids and looked towards the camera. The bright light suddenly appeared, and she was extremely handsome.