Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 44

Little D raised his head covered by the military cap, and said with a serious voice: "What are you doing here? I tell you in advance that if you publish any false reports, I will be held accountable to the end."

A young man from the reporter stood up. He obviously didn't take Xiao D seriously. He smiled and stood up and said to him: "We are here to interview the person in charge of this restaurant. Could you please call him out?"

There is another important reason why everyone prefers to draw up this restaurant to be related to Lin Yi. That is that the restaurant has too many elements related to Lin Yi. For example, it broadcasts programs related to Lin Yi in a loop, and there are photos of Lin Yi in the corners where you don’t expect it. , Coupled with the initial publicity, people naturally think that this restaurant may have a lot to do with Lin Yi.

A reporter asked loudly: "Is this restaurant related to Lin Yi, can I let him come out for an interview?"

As soon as this statement came out, the camera turned more and more towards the small D, which was considered a big battle. If you change to another brain, you will always panic at this time, but Xiao D is not another brain. It is used to staying in Huangxing. The brains who dare to work with a group of high-ranking generals can be affected by these. Is it scared by ordinary people?

"I'm the person in charge of this restaurant." Little D said, and at the same time the logo belonging to the First Corps flashed on its military uniform.

Everyone noticed that the clothes on this Zhinao were not like the high imitation military uniforms worn by ordinary Zhinao, and they were taken aback.

Little D slowly flew into the air, flying to a position higher than the end of these people's machines, and then looked down below with a cold voice: "I don't know who broadcast the so-called news about food poisoning, and who is the person who caused food poisoning, but I have applied to the military to intervene in the investigation, and I will surely return a credible truth to the public. As for Master Lin Yi, who did not participate in the operation of this restaurant, it has nothing to do with this incident."

The reporter who asked the question loudly in front was still alive and dead. After all, he was doing things with money. Now he asked: "Then what is the relationship between Lin Yi and the military department? Is the military department suspected of shielding him?"

Lin Yi watched this scene through the TV screen at home, took a sip of the juice handed by Little A backhand, and lay on the sofa with her legs crossed and relaxed.

On the TV, Xiao D suddenly flew up to the reporter when he heard the words, got close and threw a series of rhetorical questions: "How do you intend to involve Lord Lin Yi in this matter? What do you mean if you can't leave the military in a few words? , Are you questioning the impartiality of the First Legion’s military headquarters?"

The reporter was stunned by Xiao D's neat lips. Although he felt jealous after reacting, he still replied with a bit of unconvinced: "I am only exercising my civil rights, and we have the right to know the truth."

"The truth is unfounded, and seeking the truth is not an excuse for you to deliberately spread rumors," Little D's tone calmed down a lot. It flew back to the spot and said to the main one among the bunch of machines, which is also the live camera. On behalf of the military department, I hereby promise to the public that it will investigate the results in the shortest possible time and report to the public. If there is a food poisoning incident, the military department will directly intervene in compensation, and if this matter is fabricated, then the military The Ministry will not simply let it go."

After all, Xiao D also stretched out his hand to give a standard military salute, making a large crowd of spectators cute.

The interview ended here, and Lin Yi was now forgotten by the public. Compared with Lin Yi, who had been forcibly drawn into his existence in this incident, the military headquarters, the high-level intellectual brains of the military headquarters, and the public restaurant belonging to the First Army are more attractive. many.

The First Army has its own credibility for so many years, and thousands of explanations can't match this golden sign. This time, the interview, which was rushing forward to do something with the wind, soon became a boost to the newly opened restaurant in the public opinion.

A notice was soon released on the homepage of the Earth Restaurant’s official website, stating that the operation process of each dish is the same as that of the Military Canteen of the First Army, and the inspection process is also standardized, so that other diners don’t need to worry.

As a result, the originally hesitant diners almost dispelled their suspicion, and even more flocked over to have lunch. The reporters who stayed at the door and were eager to make some news were also complained by enthusiastic diners and were given by the patrolling brains of the business district. Please go.

"So this is the restaurant opened by the First Legion! I want to go even more. It's a pity that I have to wait until next week for the number plate in my hand."

"It's still early next week. I only found out about this restaurant when I saw the news today. It's been a month since I went to the queue. At that time, the day lilies were cold."

"I think food poisoning is impossible. I read the detailed announcement on the restaurant's homepage just now. I feel so relieved. Such a responsible food safety process is indeed the first army of Master Qin Nuo!"

"I also think it's impossible. It must be a deliberate suppression by someone who is interested, just because the restaurant business is booming."

Wei Que was still bald not long ago. How to solve the sudden involvement of Lin Yi, he didn't expect the matter to be solved in just a while.

Wei Que breathed a sigh of relief, and at the same time his heart itched. Before Xiao D asked him to go to the restaurant to eat, he still politely declined, but he has never been there once. Now that he sees so many good reviews on the Internet, he won't be impressed.

Turning to look at the other people in the studio, they are all staring at the Today's Specials on the restaurant's homepage on their personal terminal screens, drooling.

Wei Que tried to send a message to Little D, "Little D, can you arrange a table for us next month?"

After he sent this message, he refreshed a few messages as soon as he looked at the restaurant's homepage: "Wow, wow, cry, my appointment is now three months away!"

Wei Que's heart felt cold, and he saw Xiao D's response in seconds, "You can come over now, there is a table."

In fact, there is a special large box in the restaurant that is vacant all year round and reserved for internal personnel. Wei Que and the others, as members of helping Lin Yi, were also put into the category of internal staff by Xiao D, and they were blessed by it.

Wei Que and the others immediately took the public aircraft to the restaurant and had a good meal. They learned from Child D that they could come over for two meals a day in the future, and it was free, which was regarded as the employee benefits given to them by Lin Yi.

Wei Que settled the bill and almost covered his mouth and cried, because according to the price of the restaurant, if the monthly salary of a few of them wants to eat two meals a day here, the difference between their salary multiplied by two is not one and a half cents.

This is not because their wages are low. In fact, the wages Lin Yi gives them plus their traffic has already made a lot of money every month.

Of course, a few people are satisfied with this arrangement. Everyone eats belly and goes home. They don't forget to take a few photos and post a positioning to show off. Like Wei Que, he is the second child at home. There is an alpha sister on the top and an omega brother on the bottom. He has no sense of existence at home. He has grown a face in the family group because of dazzling food. This is the first time. Comparing his sister and younger brother, a large group of relatives asked him how to eat in, and if he could help him make a table.

Wei Que flushed with excitement due to the scenery.

Speaking of the food poisoning incident, the military department really quickly intervened in the investigation. The military-related intellectual brain sent out an investigation on the same day to find the person who claimed that he was food poisoned. At this moment, the person had already admitted that he was allergic to something and had nothing to do with the poisoning.

However, the military’s Intellectual Brain worked on business and did not listen to him. He directly took the person to the Capital Star Central Hospital for a comprehensive physical examination. The result of the examination was that there was no abnormality in the person’s body within forty-eight hours, and there was no food. Poisoning or allergies.

The argument of food poisoning was self-defeating, and the man immediately faced a year of imprisonment.

Hearing that he was going to be imprisoned, the man immediately changed his words and claimed that the slander was not his original intention, but was instigated by someone, and provided a lot of voice and chat evidence.

After all, the military department’s investigation in Capital Star should not be too public, so the matter has been reported to the Capital North District Police Station for investigation, and there is no result for the time being.

After Xiao D went home, he told Lin Yi the details.

"Are you sure it was instigated by someone?" Lin Yi asked.

"Well, sure," Xiao D nodded, "I just don't know what mentality it is. Maybe someone is jealous of our business?"

Lin Yi shook her head, "Not necessarily, but if someone is sure that it was instigated, I might know who it is."

"Who is it?" Xiao A immediately leaned over and asked Lin Yi curiously.

Lin Yi squeezed its face and smiled: "I'm not sure yet, wait for the results from the North District Police Station, um... if they can give us a result."

He has not forgotten that the North District Police Department took over the police after the original owner was injured, and there has been no result so far. Of course, this is not a problem with their ability to do things, but it is a problem that is not allowed to be said.

In the past few days, the most discussed thing in Capital Star, except for the newly opened Earth Restaurant, is naturally Qin Nuo, who will return to Capital Star tomorrow.

Qin Nuo returned to Capital Star in the morning, and the royal dinner was on that evening.

Little A has already prepared Lin Yi’s clothes for the dinner party and ironed them a few times excitedly. From time to time, he has to check if there are any wrinkles that pop out of the clothes. In the past few days, there have been a lot of advertisements. The words pop out several times.

"This is a glorious event. I want to record it in my log and never forget it." Little A sat in the charging pile at night and said to the next door D.

Little D doesn’t need to be charged like this. He just likes to stay with the silly little A. He hummed, and then listened to the little A’s words: "Brother D, you’re so amazing. I especially like you admiring you. You have also recorded it in my log, as my favorite friend, just behind the owner."

Little D turned his head and looked at Little A, and saw that in the dark, Little A’s head was slowly flashing like a rainbow. It was obviously an old ordinary brain, but how did Little D think that Little A was so beautiful? Whatever you say Let it be happy to hear it too.

Then Xiao A didn't wait for Xiao D to speak, and then asked Xiao D: "What about you, Brother Xiao D, do you like me?"

In the quiet darkness, Xiao D suddenly became a little embarrassed, and after a while he whispered: "Well, I like you very much, too."

It likes Xiao A as well as Lin Yi, more like the life it is now, thinking that he wanted to return to the factory to format himself not long ago, Xiao D breathed a sigh of relief, but fortunately not.

In the room, Lin Yi was on a video call with Qin Nuo.

Qin Nuo was already on the returning spacecraft at this time. Lin Yi adjusted the angle of view and raised the clothes prepared by Xiao A to Qin Nuo: "How about this set?"


"Sure enough, it is a comment without interest." Lin Yi vomited mercilessly.

Qin Nuo was slightly puzzled on the other side of the camera: "So what makes it interesting?"

Lin Yi didn't answer, looked at Qin Nuo for a while and said, "I will finally see you tomorrow. I think you can't sleep well, do you miss me?"

Qin Nuo hit the center of the heart by this straight ball, and suddenly he didn't know how to respond. At this moment, Lin Yi laughed and laughed, "I'll show you something, it's fun."

Qin Nuo frowned when he heard the words, and quickly stretched out, and then reluctantly followed Lin Yi with a smile.

When the call was hung up and the two lay down to sleep, Qin Nuo stared at the ceiling and whispered, "Yes."