Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 43

"Is this the bodyguard the Marshal gave you?" Wei Que approached Lin Yi and asked in a low voice.

Before Lin Yi could explain anything, Little A rushed to him like flying, and said loudly: "Master, Brother D!"

Lin Yi slapped the small A, and almost brought the hat on his head to the ground. Then he said to Wei Que: "No, Xiao D has his own job when he comes to Capital Star. I am its guardian in Capital Star. , It will live with us in the future."

Little D didn't know what method was used. At this time, Xiao A was lifted up, half-suspended in the air, and the two brains' faces were close to the faces, and they looked very affectionate.

The two communicated on a daily basis when they were away, and the relationship was very good, and now they are naturally affectionate.

After hearing Lin Yi's explanation, Wei Que still felt that Xiao D was terrific. Just its official military establishment in Capital Star would be able to kill the Quartet.

"What does it usually do?" Wei Que asked curiously.

Several people said as they walked into the open balcony.

"I work as a chef in the canteen of the First Army Corps of Capital Star." Lin Yi said, after thinking about it, and turning to Xiao D, "Xiao D, Wei Que and his three friends all work for me, and they will also be there in the future. Can you eat there?"

Little D heard the words neatly and said: "Of course you can!"

It leaped to Wei Que lightly and flexibly, and greeted him politely: "Hello, I am the No. 1 Intellectual Brain of the First Army. You can call me Xiao D."

Wei Que regarded Xiao D as Xiao A. Haha reached out and patted Xiao D on the shoulder. He just wanted to compliment him, but found that Xiao D’s face was sloppy, serious and unsmiling, and it felt like he was gone just now when he slapped someone’s hand. .

"Ahem, what? It's good, it's good." He retracted his hand and returned to Lin Yi's side in a swift motion. After a while, he found an excuse to leave first.

Lin Yi didn't have a lot of luggage, so she was picked up by Xiao A at this time to pack.

Xiao A's abilities are not good, but she has done well in all aspects of taking care of Lin Yi at home. At the moment the house is spotlessly clean and tidy.

Lin Yi lay on the bed and slept beautifully. When she woke up, Xiao D was no longer at home.

"Brother Xiao D said he went to work." Xiao A was guarding Lin Yi's bed, and the first sentence when he saw him wake up was to report Xiao D's whereabouts.

Lin Yi nodded, and Xiao A was immediately familiar with the warm towel he used to take a while away from the side and handed it to Lin Yi, letting him wipe his face.

"Brother D said, let us go to the place where it works for a while, Master, can I go?"

Lin Yi walked in front, little A followed slowly behind.

"Of course." Lin Yi said.

"By the way, there was a new email just now. Does the master need me to read it out?"

"Well, read it." Lin Yi sat down on the sofa, called up the virtual screen of the personal terminal, adjusted it to a large piece of suspension and placed it not far away, which happened to be a TV so that he could lie on the sofa and watch it comfortably.

"It was sent by the court in the Xingbei District of the capital. It said that in the future, the owner's repayment amount has been increased to 100,000 yuan each month, and it will be implemented from next month."

Lin Yi turned her head to look at Little A, and looked back when she saw it froze.

The email that Xiao A just read was sent by the client of the tea company that the original owner endorsed before, and the repayment amount was increased to 100,000. At this point, either he wanted to force him to sell himself or he wanted to force him. He sells kidneys.

In any case, when it seems to the outside world that Lin Yi will not have any income or works for the time being, it is regarded as the last cut to directly kill him.

After all, it is said that the implementation will start next month, and next month will be two days.

But for the current Lin Yi, let alone the monthly repayment requirement of 100,000, just let him pay all the debts in one lump sum next month, and that would not make him feel any pressure.

On the third day when Lin Yi returned to Capital Star, Xiao D had already resolutely rented a house next to the restaurant of the General's Department.

The military canteen is located in the more prosperous area of ​​Capital Star. The upper and lower floors of the shop next door add up to no more than 200 square meters. A month’s rent cost nearly 200,000 yuan. Fortunately, this shop was originally also. Used as a restaurant, the decoration inside is not very important.

The military canteen of Capital Star has been opened for hundreds of years, but few military staff who return to Capital Star will come here to dine. Therefore, if the military canteen is called by a more reasonable name for a long time, it should be called It serves as the capital's veterans nutrient solution distribution center.

Little D didn't change anything when he first arrived here. In addition, he was busy opening the restaurant next door for the first few days, and he didn't have time to pay attention to the one, two, three, four, five in the military cafeteria.

Pre-ordering ingredients, preparing the ingredients, and finally cooking and serving these links are all very familiar to Xiao D. The operation of the restaurant is not a problem. The only thing that Lin Yi is worried about is that the question he asked Xiao D is that the military is right. How its plan to open a restaurant reacted.

If you simply talk about the identity of the brain, Xiao D still belongs to the military. It seems a bit unreasonable for it to be self-employed outside, and it is even more unreasonable if you say it as a soldier.

"I gave it." Xiao D said, "Thirty percent of the profit must be turned over to the military department. The other is that the ingredients I need must be purchased from Huangxing. Otherwise, the military department does not care."

All the remaining money, excluding operating costs, was stubbornly connected to Lin Yi's account by Xiao D.

The name of the restaurant was taken by Xiao D, and it was directly called "Earth Restaurant" in an easy-to-understand manner.

The night before the restaurant officially opened, Lin Yi posted a piece of related information on his personal account. And completely ignored the pile of mountains under his last post, and hoped that he could tell whether he knew Qin Nuo's comments.

Lin Yi: The production of braised pork has been authorized to the Earth Restaurant, which will open tomorrow in the central business district, and interested friends can go to taste it at noon tomorrow.

This was the first post he posted since he returned from Huangxing. Whether it was a fan or a black one, he was a little surprised by the content of this post.

But most people still remember the braised pork dish made by Lin Yi in the first issue of "Where Are We From". In fact, the ratings of that episode of the show are still very high every day, and most of them are for everyone to use. Real experience tastes braised pork to relieve hunger.

So even if it's a black fan, it's inevitable to look forward to it in my heart at this moment.

Only Song Shu was a little surprised when he saw Lin Yi's movement.

During this period of time, she had almost left Lin Yi behind. Even the last time Qin Nuo spoke for Lin Yi, she didn't take it too seriously. Song Shu prided himself on knowing Qin Nuo. He had always been above the top and had perfect politeness, but he was not approachable. How could he really have anything to do with people like Lin Yi?

In addition, Archie's side had already let people take care of it, and she felt that Lin Yi's side had already been resolved.

Who knew that after the entire Wasteland crew had returned to Capital Star, Archie didn't have any movement at all. Naturally, Song Shu would not personally contact Archie, and her assistant would take care of everything. The reason why Song Shu knew that Archie had not returned to Capital Star was entirely because Archie's family could not detect his son's whereabouts in the past few days. According to the words before Archie left, he found Song Shu's assistant, which caused a headache. .

Where could Song Shu turn Archie out of here, angry that the other party hadn't done such a simple thing, and immediately drove Archie's family away.

Now, seeing Lin Yi's personal dynamics and Lin Yi who was mixed in the "Wasteland" propaganda over the past two days, Song Shu will inevitably feel dazzling.

Before Lin Yi, Song Shu had not tasted frustration. She was born in a house of power, and a person who was accustomed to everything went well. She became bored with the slightest unevenness. The more she didn’t want to hear Lin Yi’s news, let alone the news of Lin Yi. Allow Lin Yi to live a smooth life in front of her.

On the opening day of the Earth Restaurant, Xiao D was still a little nervous.

To celebrate the opening of the restaurant, Lin Yi bought a brand new chef's uniform for Xiao D, dressed in a decent manner.

On the first day of the opening, many diners who watched Lin Yi's personal information came over, and within a short while, the entire restaurant was filled. Everyone found that there was not only braised pork in the restaurant, but also three meat dishes, three vegetables, three pasta and two soups that were selected that day.

The number is not large, but the virtual taste experience on the menu clearly arranged all the diners. They were just those who came over to taste the delicious braised pork. Basically, one person ordered three or five dishes.

That is to say, Xiao D has rich cooking experience, and is a high-level intellectual who can take care of hundreds of thousands of people at once. In such a small restaurant, less than a hundred people are more than enough in it.

Without a little more effort, the fragrance of various dishes wafted from every table in the restaurant.

There is a clear difference between the taste of real food and the virtual taste experience. The delicious taste that is swallowed into the abdomen after the tip of the tongue is lingering, and the indirect feeling of happiness created by the virtual taste experience is simply incomparable.

One pass ten, ten pass one hundred, one noon time, the earth restaurant became popular on various social media, instantly like a heat wave swept the capital star. By the time of dinner, the number of reservations that the restaurant can complete today has reached more than 10,000 people. Because the traffic cannot be illegally blocked, everyone can only queue at home after taking the number, and then watch the number reminder on the personal terminal.

The person who is slow to get the number, his row number has been displayed until the next week to eat.

The four words # Earth restaurant# instantly flipped #秦诺#, which has always been on the top of the list, in just 48 hours, which is enough to show people's enthusiasm for eating.

By this time, everyone had basically forgotten that Lin Yi seemed to have something to do with this restaurant. Even according to the logic of self-defeating black powder, "The taste of the braised pork is the most common! Other dishes taste super invincible, haha, it is Lin Yi, he can keep the heat when others open a restaurant. The dish is authorized to the boss, tusk tusk, it must be correct!"

Lin Yi was bored to browse the star network. Seeing such comments, she just wanted to give her thumbs up to praise the opponent's ability to force logic and self-consistent.

But it's not a big deal. Lin Yi didn't intend to show up more about opening a restaurant.

As a result, early the next morning, Lin Yi lay down again.

The first place in the hot search on Starnet is #gear restaurant#, and the second place in the hot search is directly #林忆 Recommended Restaurant Out of Diner Poisoning Incident#

Lin Yi brushed his teeth while watching the video interview shown on the toilet mirror. He thought to himself that good things won't help him, and bad things will be given his name. His treatment is really not that many people can catch up.

There is no need to look at the forum or star network now, Lin Yi knows how many people can use the topic to swear him up and down.

While thinking about it, Lin Yi heard Xiao D’s angrily voice coming from the living room outside: "This is impossible! Every dish I cook has samples left, which are directly connected to the military cafeteria system and undergo backstage testing. , All the data yesterday is normal, this is slander!"

Lin Yi didn't go out of the bathroom, and heard Xiao A's silly voice on the side: "Brother Xiao D, don't be angry, TV will deceive people."

Lin Yi wiped his mouth with a towel, and walked out of the bathroom, and saw that Xiao D had changed his clothes and was ready to go out.

"Don't worry, adults, I will go out and solve this matter." Xiao D put on a formal military uniform, even a military cap.

Lin Yi nodded: "Well, I believe you."

He didn't care much about this at first, or Lin Yi knew he didn't need to care too much. He took money for this business because he took out the recipes, but don't forget that the military department of the restaurant still takes 30% of the net profit. This is a matter of the empty glove white wolf.

Now that it was obvious that someone was involved in trouble, Lin Yi didn't bother to send it out on her own. The thing he had worked so **** to the military department was just a matter of people moving their fingers.

At this time, the Earth Restaurant has not yet opened its doors, but the entrance of the restaurant is already long. The guns were drawn out. Lin Yi watched the live broadcast of the relevant channel and took a sip of the nutrient solution calmly. To say that such a multimedia reporter, each put his name on the top, there is no operation ingredient here, Lin Yi does not believe in this evil. .

Little D moved very quickly. About ten minutes later, the Earth Restaurant opened the door from the inside in the screen.

Under the anticipation of all the people, countless shots came to Xiao D’s face, but everyone’s expectations quickly cooled down, because no one thought that the one who came out of the house was not the boss, but a short and chubby man who looked fierce and ferocious. Wisdom brain.

"Huh? How does this intellectual brain wear a military uniform."

"My god, it's so cute!"

The eyes of the audience watching the video quickly focused on Xiao D, who was so adorable by it.