Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 42

Hurry up and hurry up, the crew Haolai also completed all the filming within the deadline of the last application, otherwise Fred wanted to cheekily ask Lin Yi to see if he could help extend the filming with a few words.

The post-production after the shooting does not take time, and the film will be officially broadcast within three or four days after returning to Capital Star.

When the rest of the crew embarked on the spaceship on their way home, Archie was temporarily left on the deserted star by the military department for the reason that the investigation had not been completed. Fred didn't care much about it, only vaguely surprised that the military's investigation this time was too rigorous.

Archie was not there, and the person in charge of logistics changed a staff member. This time, Lin Yi was arranged to live in a slightly different place than when he came. He was arranged on the upper deck of the spacecraft, second only to Fred and the two leading actors in the room.

The whole room is not only spacious and comfortable, but enough for Lin Yi to run a few laps in it.

Of course, what are the considerations for this, you may have to ask about the muzzle of little D who is accompanying Lin Yi.

Little D is undoubtedly the most unique existence on this spaceship. Although it is an intellectual brain, its identity is a solid soldier.

Just as at this moment, Xiao D rolled the wheels slowly past the spaceship's public hall, and everyone next to him stopped quickly and stared at it cautiously.

Little D didn't squint, and the food that was just made with the spacecraft's kitchen system was in his belly, ready to be taken back to Lin Yi to eat.

But when it reached the center of the hall, it suddenly stopped again, and then turned to face everyone.

"Do you want to eat?"

Want to eat? Of course I want to eat. All the crew members have spent so many days on Wild Star. The conditions are so much harder than Capital Star. I don’t know if there is something they will miss, I’m afraid it’s the food in the cafeteria.

In the end, it was unexpected that Little D would follow them on the spaceship.

Everyone gathered up the gossip together, only then did they know that Xiao D was going to follow Lin Yi back to Capital Star to work in the military cafeteria of Capital Star.

These people on the crew have long been accustomed to Xiao D's stern look and even fierceness, and they all hurriedly said at this time: "Yes."

Little D nodded solemnly and said: "This meal is not in time. The evening meal is fine. It is the old rule. I will come to collect the reservation in half an hour. Then I will pay the deposit first and come here to pick up the meal in the evening."

Everyone was overjoyed, nodding their heads to see Xiao D leave.

Xiao D returned to the upper room, took out three dishes, one soup, and a bowl of white rice from his stomach. While serving it to Lin Yi, he told him about the job request from the military department he had just received and its future in the capital. The timing of the stars.

"There are not many people in the military cafeteria in Capital Star. I checked the data. Many times it doesn't open for half a month. I am usually not busy, so I considered renting the place next to the military cafeteria." Xiao D said. "My lord, don't worry too much about money in the future."

Lin Yi took a sip of the soup and asked curiously, "What do you rent for?"

Because the military department had job requirements for Xiao D, Lin Yi didn't think much about what happened after Xiao D returned to Capital Star.

But I didn’t expect Xiao D’s plan to be well organized. He listed it out one by one with Lin Yi at the moment: "My lord, although I don’t have a salary at work, there are a lot of subsidies from the military department. It probably allocates money in my name every month. It's about 10,000 yuan. I used very little before. In addition to the money I collected for cooking for the crew when I was in Huangxing, I now save more than 300,000 yuan.

The recipes you taught me can’t just be idle, so I want to open a small restaurant that can be open every day from the morning, so that it will continue for a month, and there will be a lot of income. I will give all the money to the adults. "

Lin Yi was amused by Xiao D's ambitious plan, and asked him with a smile: "You don't need to give me money, will it be too hard to continue for a month?"

Little D shook his head, and solemnly grabbed Lin Yi's arm and said, "My lord, you don't have to hide from me. I know that you owe a lot of money outside. It doesn't matter. As long as I am here, I will never let you and Little A has a hard time."

What the **** is this tone that you and the child gave me? Lin Yi wanted to laugh more, but at the same time, she felt that Little D was really a smart brain, and couldn't help but slap her **** Little D's head.

"Don't worry about debts," he took a look at the balance in his personal terminal. "I don't have debts at the moment, but I think you can really consider your proposal to open a restaurant. After all, with your cooking skills , I think it can be very prosperous."

Currently, none of the Internet celebrity restaurants on the Capital Star can match the culinary skills of Xiao D. It is very good at summarizing the rules. In many cases, the recipes given by Lin Yi are not very accurate, and Xiao D can figure out suitable tastes and methods by himself, and accumulate relevant experience.

Although he didn't have the great motivation to work hard to pay Lin Yi's debts, Xiao D was still inspired by Lin Yi's encouragement, so he spent most of the entire return journey thinking about setting up a restaurant.

As for Lin Yi, the journey back is more leisurely.

Eating, exercising, sleeping, and watching the daily news on Starnet, another important thing is to write words for "Rain".

The only vocal part of the previous song was the simple dialogue between him and Qin Nuo, and now it gradually takes shape as each word and word are filled in.

As soon as the spacecraft left the airspace under the jurisdiction of the wild star, that is, the day after boarding the spacecraft, the network had cancelled the original shielding and returned to normal.

For this reason, the publicity work of the wasteland crew is also on the agenda, and the official blog sends out pictures and videos suddenly like a machine gun every day, which arouses the public's great expectations for the film.

The shooting method of "The Waste Land" itself, the shooting location is very realistic, and it is almost a hundred blocks away from other movies, but also because it perfectly matches the time node of Qin Nuo's return to the Capital Star. There are also Li Xingzhou and Chen Qiaoxu. One of the current top currents, the heat will naturally not be small.

The time on the spacecraft was very boring. Li Xingzhou ate a large bowl of braised beef noodles at noon, and was content to start surfing the star net.

Not long ago, the official blog of "The Waste Land" released a mixed-cut trailer, which included some major actors and clips. The comments below are already at the million level. Li Xingzhou originally wanted to poke in and see what his fans were saying. Rainbow fart, but he didn't expect to poke in the front row and see all Lin Yi-related comments.

The clip comes in with Lin Yi playing the role of a teenager. The boy is clean and clear in the lens, looking back, it seems that the time at that time has been frozen.

In terms of appearance, neither Li Xingzhou nor Chen Qiaoxu and Lin Yi are indeed in the same order of magnitude. Lin Yi's Yan Fen is naturally very satisfied, and Gao Zan has a few praise him.

"From the perspective of passers-by, what impressed me the most is Lin Yi. He looks exactly the same as before, but completely different from before. What's going on?"

"Quietly Bibi, better-looking than Li Xingzhou."

Li Xingzhou took a breath of blood in his throat, pulling down again, and seeing Lin Yi's black powder dancing, he finally balanced a little, and smiled on his face.

"Disgusting! This bad omega is really disgusting. It's just this superficial performance that confuses the marshal."

"The marshal must be confused for a while."

Li Xingzhou, who had been disconnected from the Internet for half a month, didn’t know what these black fans were talking about. So after searching like this, he discovered that Qin Nuo had opened a public account. At this moment, his fans were already at the tens of billions level. The Xingwang account that surpassed the emperor and empress has become the top current public account.

As a result, it is such a top stream, so far I have only paid attention to Lin Yi.

When he reached Qin Nuo's homepage, Li Xingzhou, who was so excited to pay attention, only felt that his chest was beaten severely, and he just wanted to scold him.

The crew returned to Capital Star five days earlier than Qin Nuo and Song Qin Rong, so during their time on the spacecraft, Qin Nuo still did not leave on the Barren Star.

Since that night, according to the data, Qin Nuo has never used his public account again, and Starnet has a mechanism to follow a certain topic or participate in a certain topic, it is easy to mistakenly focus on the topic related Characters. Therefore, so far, people are more inclined to believe that Qin Nuo said something to Lin Yi that night because of the injustice, and then in order to prove that he is not Lin Yi’s navy army, he also specially applied for a public account, and he was hand skating halfway through. Followed Lin Yi.

All this has nothing to do with Lin Yi’s personal charm. After all, in the eyes of, except for the braised pork made by Lin Yi in the first issue of "Where Are We From", Lin Yi is still covered in black spots. , Where's the personal charm.

"After all, the Marshal is so innocent, he has never been in contact with any omegas, he is like Lin Yi, who knows how rich the experience is, alas, I hope the Marshal and Lin Yi really have nothing to do with each other."

"Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, the marshal must keep his eyes open and don't be fooled by the bad O."

Lin Yi also read these comments. Seeing Qin Nuo fans blowing Qin Nuo into a small white flower, and thinking about Qin Nuo's meticulous appearance, Lin Yi couldn't help but feel funny.

He randomly sent screenshots to Qin Nuo, and then asked him, "Is that the case, Marshal?"

Qin Nuo immediately dialed the video call over there soon: "Don't listen to public opinion on the Internet. I know who you are better than them. I won't take these words seriously, and you shouldn't take them seriously."

Lin Yi touched the screen with her fingertips and laughed: "No, what I care about is that you have not been in contact with other omegas, so you are clean and self-conscious, and have no desires?"

His tone was brisk, and compared with Qin Nuo's seriousness, the final sound of the last "clear heart and few desires" was almost frivolous, like a ball slipping from Qin Nuo's heart.

Qin Nuo froze for a while, not knowing how to answer, where someone would dare to ask him face to face, and this thing that could have been told the truth, under Lin Yi's gaze, somehow became awkward.

After a while, Qin Nuo said, "It depends on the premise. In terms of the relationship between lovers, I really haven't dated any opposite sex."

"This is good news for me." Lin Yi said.

The emotions Qin Nuo could conceal in front of him were all burned to the tip of his ears. He coughed and said, "If there is nothing else, I will hang up first."

"There is one thing." Lin Yi said, interrupting Qin Nuo's move to hang up the call.


"Can the marshal help me ask if General Song has confirmed his partner for the royal dinner?" Lin Yi said frankly, "Of course, if it is not convenient, I can ask him later."

It's just that Qin Nuo's ears didn't sound so pleasant. He frowned, "Why do you want to ask him this?"

"If I want to attend the dinner, maybe it would be better to have someone familiar with me come back together. Originally I wanted to ask you, but you don't seem to want to attend." Lin Yi said.

"Of course I will participate." Qin Nuo said immediately.

"So," Lin Yi followed, with more smiles on her face, "Can I invite you to be my male companion?"

How could Qin Nuo not agree.

In the afternoon, Xingwang, which had no big news but was slightly dull, was swiped by a newsletter issued by the royal family.

"The Marshal has confirmed to the royal family to attend the dinner!"

As soon as the news came out, it caused a sensation in and exploded a bunch of netizens who usually silent. Later, someone discovered the mystery in the public seating arrangements. The seat originally reserved for Qin Nuo has changed a little. As an important member, Qin Nuo sits on the table where the royal family sits, but after the public participation, one more person comes in beside him. That person is no one else, but the anonymous composer who is popular on Starnet at this time.

Moreover, the colors displayed for the positions of the two persons are the same. From an official point of view, they will only be displayed like this when they are partners attending the dinner together.

However, Lin Yi's anonymous identity is basically regarded as alpha by netizens. As soon as this arrangement appeared, many netizens opened their minds.

"Is the Marshal's male partner Alpha...So is the Marshal's sober heart for so many years because he wants AA love at all?"

"Wait, isn't AA romance illegal?"

"Breaking through the worldly notions, you deserve to be a marshal! This alpha fan finally ushered in its early days!"

Everyone guessed it wrong, and the feelings in the hearts of the few people who knew the inside story were also very complicated.

When Wei Que saw this news, he was taking Xiao A at Lin Yi's house and waiting for him to get off the aircraft. After Lin Yi got down, before he could go forward and gossiping, he saw Xiao D in uniform after Lin Yi.

With the uniform, the configuration, the small raised head, and the dazzling first legion logo, Wei Que felt that his legs were weak.