Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 41

While Lin Yi was signing the contract, Xiao D was undergoing a check on the situation of his superiors at the Zhibrao office.

Little D was transported back by assembly line from one machine to another, and finally stayed in front of a large screen with light blue light.

This is the first-generation intellectual brain of the Legion, in charge of all the intellectual brains on the barren stars.

Little D felt a little nervous, and looked up at it and said, "My lord, what can I do?"

Today it was suddenly called here for inspection, but it was still a while away from Xiao D's usual routine inspection, and it was never seen before he had to ask about it after the inspection.

A gentle female voice came from the edge of the screen: "D-Type One, you have passed the inspection. The following will focus on testing your mental state. From the offline reaction, your mental state is not good, which may be harmful. Your follow-up arrangements have an impact."

Xiao D was not very convinced when he heard this, and only asked: "Is it the generals who judged it?"

"You don't have permission to know the identity of the reviewer."

Little D heard it, and was even more determined in his heart, wishing to take the knife back to the military cafeteria and kill them one hundred and eighty times.

The first generation of brains detected the violent psychological fluctuations of Xiao D at this time, and then reminded it: "If your mental state is evaluated as unstable, you may not only not be able to leave the barren star, but you may be forced to return to the factory for inspection."

If you change to the former small D, you should also say arrogantly at this moment: "Go back to the factory."

But at this moment it still remembered the promise Lin Yi had said to it. Little D was willing to bet on it, and quickly calmed down, and respectfully said to the first generation Zhinao: "I know the wrong adult."

Only then was the first generation Zhinao satisfied, and began to conduct systematic psychological evaluation of Xiao D.

In the score evaluation stage, there were only Xiao D and the first generation of brains in the entire space. Except for silence, it was silence, which made Xiao D feel a little nervous.

After a while, the screen lighted up again, and then a text prompt appeared: the mental state is poor.

Little D's mental state is indeed not good. A normal brain will never threaten humans at all times, but it also has self-restraint, and it will not really cause harm to humans.

"Although the evaluation passed, but I must report your mental state to your new guardian, who will decide whether you stay or leave." The voice of the original intellectual brain was calm, but Xiao D became nervous when he heard it.

"My guardian?" Little D asked in a low voice, "Who is it?"

Lin Yi's face jumped out of the screen, and then said: "The military has passed his review. If he is willing to accept you, you can go to Capital Star to live with him in the future. Of course, the premise I have just said. Now, I have to report your unstable mental state to him, and then let him decide whether to accept you like this."

Little D became more nervous, but at the same time he comforted himself like a mutter: "Master Lin Yi is different from everyone else, I believe him."

"Then does he know that your mental state is so unstable?"

"Impossible, I performed very well in front of Master Lin Yi." Little D believed himself briefly.

"So when you were in front of him, you deceived him with the appearance that other people can't see." The first generation of wisdom brain spoke sharply and directly caused Xiao D to wilt.

It really deceived Master Lin Yi to a certain extent.

With that said, the life-changing opportunity that seemed to be close at hand slipped away from him. When Xiao D went out of Zhinao's office, the wheels didn't have much energy to roll.

On the way back slowly, the big canteens sent urging notices to Xiao D, asking him to go back quickly to prepare meals, or else the officers below would not see any food after they arrived in the canteen, fearing that they would lift the table. .

Little D's forehead was so angry that he jumped from the ground to mid-air, flew out like a small firecracker, and returned to the military cafeteria aggressively. When he entered the door, he saw several generals sitting and chatting. Smashed on the table in front of others, the muzzle was half frightening and half asking: "Is it you? Did you secretly punish me again?"

Several generals were so frightened by it that they almost jumped up. These people all know the power of Little D, and even if they do, they cannot admit it in front of him, so they touched their noses to cover up: "How come? We don’t do this kind of thing."

"You all lie." Little D was aggrieved, and he jumped from the table to the ground, not knowing what he should do.

Finally, there is hope to go to Capital Star with Master Lin Yi, and now he is about to fall into the hands of these people. Why?

Little D turned around, before he could put his muzzle away, and when he looked back, he saw Lin Yi standing a few steps behind it, looking at it with some surprise.

Little D was stunned, and then suddenly cried. He felt that his bad side was caught by Lin Yi, and he turned his head and wanted to run back to the back kitchen.

Lin Yi didn't know why, so she stepped forward to stop Little D, squatted down to be almost level with Little D, and then turned to look at the generals: "You bullied Little D?"

Those generals simply aggrieved and said, "How dare we?"

I dare to be decapitated several times a day if I don’t dare to scream.

"Then what are you crying for?" Lin Yi looked at Xiao D in a puzzled manner.

"Does the lord want me?" Xiao D stopped crying, looking very pitiful.

"Why do you say that?" Lin Yi showed a smile on his face, and put his hand on Xiao D's forehead.

"Because my mental state is unstable, I went for a check just now, and they said that my mental state is very poor." Whether the mental state of the brain is stable is an important indicator of whether it will be popular.

Little D now feels that the sky is falling.

Lin Yi called up the personal terminal, clicked on the evaluation report of Xiao D received not long ago, and then signed the following confirmation to Xiao D to see: "Did you mean this? But I have signed and agreed, and this, "He called up another guardian's contract document and showed it to Little D, "I don't know how long it will take until the entire procedure is completed, but I'm all over here."

Lin Yi paused, and said with a smile: "You are already my intellectual brain. Of course, it will take another fifty years to officially belong to me."

Little D stared at Lin Yi's personal terminal blankly, and finally confirmed what the file above meant, and then suddenly cried again, and put his head in Lin Yi's arms, "My lord, I will be good. , I will be very good from now on."

Lin Yi was a little helpless and couldn't help but laugh. "It doesn't matter," he touched Xiao D's head. "You don't have to always be behaved. Feelings, anger, sorrow, and joy are normal emotions. You don't have to feel any burden for this. , I don’t think your mental state is bad either."

Intellectual brains shouldn't have personal emotions. At least a high-level intellectual brain like Xiao D is born with such an education, and all non-positive emotions must be obliterated.

Therefore, hearing Lin Yi's words at this moment, Xiao D's emotions fluctuated violently. This is the intellectual brain that some people love, and they can have small emotions.

Unprecedented confidence appeared in Xiao D's heart, and at the same time it deepened his attachment to Lin Yi.

Song Qinrong stepped into the canteen of the military department and saw such a picture that seemed to be affectionate between father and son. He almost shivered and got goose bumps.

Little D also withdrew from his personal emotions at this time, and saw a group of people staring at him and Lin Yi, a little embarrassed. It rolled the wheel and slowly said, "Then I'll go cook first, and wait for me, my lord."

This was for Lin Yi. When he looked at the generals, Xiao D cherished his words like gold, and just hummed heavily.

The same formula, familiar taste.

Lin Yi and Song Qin Rong sat down at a table, and after a while, Xiao D ran out to give Lin Yi tea. Song Qin Rong had a drink, and the two chatted.

"Will the Marshal be very busy after returning to Capital Star?"

Song Qinrong said: "It depends on the situation, it may be busy, it may be idle."

Facing Lin Yi’s curious look, Song Qin-song explained: “In the beginning, there will definitely be many social entertainment occasions. If the marshal wants to go, then I can conclude that in the first half of the year, he may not be able to cope with different sessions every day at noon and night. It's over, but the Marshal may not participate in these occasions. In addition, cough, I can't tell you something."

What can’t be said is also simple. It depends on whether Qin Nuo is willing to be emperor. If he wants to be emperor, it’s not impossible to be an emperor this time, but it also means that he will be very busy. If Qin Nuo has no intentions for the time being. Taking over the throne will be very idle again.

"Does the Marshal need a male partner this time at the royal dinner to welcome the Marshal back to the Capital Star?" Lin Yi took a sip of tea in a relaxed tone.

Song Qin Rong: "But the Marshal never liked attending such banquets. He had already said that he didn't plan to go."

"Really?" Lin Yi nodded, without further questioning.

After lunch, Song Qin-song returned to the military office, but he was thinking of Lin Yi's words in front of him. He always felt that the "is it?" Lin Yi said had no deep meaning.

Song Qinrong took the time to confirm to Qin Nuo: "Marshal, you can't confirm that you can't go to the royal dinner, are you?"

Qin Nuo buried his head in a pile of documents and said without looking up: "How many different answers do you expect me to give you for the same question?"

This is not going to go, Song Qin Rong was sure in his heart, and said with a sigh: "I still want to go, not for the beautiful and handsome guy, but also for my idol."

Qin Nuo stopped writing and looked at Song Qin Rong.

Song Qin Rong explained: "It is the anonymous composer. He has already issued an announcement to perform live at the royal dinner. The song "Rain" is the performance. This is the most anticipated part of the entire royal dinner. If you don’t go, Marshal, can you see if I can change our two seats in your name? After all, the seats arranged for you over there are far ahead of me."

There is a lot of front, but the golden position of the whole dinner, watching the performance is first-rate, second only to the emperor and queen.

"That anonymous composer is going to the dinner party?" Qin Nuo's impatient look just revealed disappeared without a trace, and he looked at Song Qinrong with a little surprise.

"Yes." Song Qin Rong nodded, and repeatedly confirmed to Qin Nuo, "Marshal, can I take your seat?"

Qin Nuo lowered his head again and said lightly: "No."

"Why?" Song Qinrong didn't understand, "Aren't you not going?"

"I'll go." Qin Nuo calmly played to the extreme after changing his moodiness.

Song Qin Rong felt that he had been targeted.