Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 40

"You need to know," Lin Yi said, "All the recipes I told Xiao D are in my hands. Now the amount of recipes that Xiao D has in his hands is enough to open a restaurant anywhere, it's enough to get huge. Income."

"It is indeed true." The general did not deny this.

In fact, at this time, there are already some dishes imitating braised pork on the capital star, and the sales are very good. And the types of food they eat in the cafeteria every day are casually placed outside. Not only can they open a good restaurant, but it is foreseeable that it will become a very popular and popular restaurant.

"Do you mean that you want to take back the authority of these recipes?" The general asked Lin Yi cautiously, with a worried look between his brows.

Because according to the law, Lin Yi did have the authority to take back the recipes authorized to Xiao D at any time, and then returned the entire military cafeteria to the pre-liberation period.

Who can stand this.

But Lin Yi smiled and shook her head and said, "Of course not. In fact, even after I leave Huangxing, I can still provide you with new recipes that are at least several times higher."

The general opened his eyes as if he couldn't believe it, and then he was pleasantly surprised: "Are you telling the truth?"

"Really, but the premise is to let Xiao D follow me back to Capital Star," Lin Yi said, "All the recipes can be kept in Xiao D's mind. I know it can be done remotely from Capital Star to the kitchen."

This proposal was not thought of by the general, but it was indeed a feasible proposal. The key is that Lin Yi said that it would be too tempting to double the amount of recipes several times in the follow-up. After weighing the two, the officer was immediately shaken.

"This, but I'm afraid I can't make a decision directly on this matter. Can you wait for me to report it to you and give you an answer?"

Lin Yi nodded: "Of course it can."

At this point in the matter, Lin Yi was already 90% sure.

He got up and left the military office building and drove directly to the medical center.

Archie was still lying here for treatment. After Lin Yi entered through the door, he saw a crew member at the door of Archie's ward.

The other party was sitting in the same place playing games boredly. Hearing the voice looking up at Lin Yi, he immediately put down his phone and stood up, smiling and saying hello to Lin Yi.

Lin Yi glanced inside through the glass on the door of the ward, and there was a soldier standing in front of Archie's bed, asking him what, Archie's expression was a little nervous.

"People from the military department have just arrived, saying that they are going to investigate," the staff member said to Lin Yi, "you can wait a while at the door, the military department people are not easy to get along with, I was shocked when I walked in."

Lin Yi nodded and sat down beside her. After waiting for about five minutes, the door of the ward was opened from inside.

The soldier walked out the door, originally planning to leave, but turned his head and saw Lin Yi. He was surprised at first, then turned to Lin Yi, raised his hand to give him a military salute, and then said: "When the matter is investigated, I will give you a detailed report."

He finished speaking before leaving.

The crew of the crew watched it for a moment, and waited for the soldier to leave before daring to ask Lin Yi: "What's the matter, why is he so polite to you?"

Lin Yi said, "Maybe it's because I applied for a survey. Can I go in and see Archie now?"


The door of the ward opened and closed.

Archie in the room was lying nervously on the hospital bed. He turned his head when he heard the sound behind him. Seeing Lin Yi, his face was obviously nervous.

Although the soldier who entered the house in front did not ask anything, he obviously would not let the matter go, which made Archie very worried.

But he thought about things carefully last night, feeling that he still had to bite his mouth tight.

It is impossible for Lin Yi to have a deep relationship with the military department. He must have had some contact with the military department through one or two recipes after he came to Huangxing this time. Otherwise, Lin Yi wouldn't have been suppressed like that some time ago. This meager connection with the military department is bound to be severed after they leave Huangxing. This investigation may be just a form of the military department to deal with Lin Yi's departure.

But on Song Shu's side, the Song family behind her is one of the several big families in the empire. Even if she was really investigated, she might have messed up the matter and got it over.

If I really threaten Song Shu with this thing, maybe I can't eat and walk around. I might as well have a harder tone. Maybe I can let Song Shu remember his goodness and give him some rewards afterwards.

Archie made up his mind, and his gaze at Lin Yi became firmer.

"What are you doing?"

"Do you know how intentional homicide is defined in the imperial law?" Lin Yi said in a relaxed tone, sitting on the sofa next to the hospital bed, crossing her legs, and leaning on the back of her chair leisurely.

"What are you talking about? I don't understand at all." Archie said hard, "Now please leave, I want to rest."

Lin Yicai ignored him and said to himself: "Usually, the crime of attempted murder will be a lighter sentence. I checked some previous judgments of Capital Star and found that as long as you pay a certain amount of compensation, or reach an understanding with the victim, you will be released directly. There are many cases."

Archie didn't quite understand what Lin Yi meant, but what he said made Archie feel a lot relaxed.

He has Song Shu behind him. Even if he doesn't have the money to pay the compensation, Song Shu will always help him, and he won't have to bear any responsibility at all.

Unexpectedly, Lin Yi said, "But the problem is that the cases that occurred in Huangxing can only be tried by the First Legion, and referring to the case of the military department, the compensation has nothing to do with sentencing. Sex, for crimes such as intentional homicide, can easily be sentenced to death, and at the lightest level can be sentenced to more than 50 years in prison. What kind of sentence do you think you will get?"

"I will return to Capital Star according to the original plan, and then heal my injuries before I go to work."

Archie beats a drum in his heart, his hands clenched into fists, but he has to hold on his face as he speaks.

Lin Yi nodded slowly: "This kind of result is not impossible. After all, you are only instigated by others. It all depends on whether you are willing to say everything or take the responsibility."

Archie stared, surprised that Lin Yi seemed to know everything.

Lin Yi stood up, turned half sideways to leave, and took a half step back before leaving, "What do you think of the relationship between the Song family and the Williams family? In other words, do you think if the Williams family seizes the Song family? Will you sell this face to the Song family?"

Without waiting for Archie's answer, he turned his head and walked out. Only Archie, who was already nervous and sweating out of cold sweat, remained in place.

Archie was flustered by what Lin Yi said, he did not think of what Lin Yi said before. Will the Williams family sell the face of the Song family? Maybe, maybe not, Archie didn't dare to bet.

Not to mention that the Williams family does not actually need to sell anyone’s face, but that Qin Nuo’s return to the capital star is obviously to go to the core of the empire’s power. At this time, the Williams family should be happy to see the Song family. Face sweeping.

Because of Lin Yi's words, Archie's two thoughts were mixed together, and there was no clear idea for a while.

But as far as Lin Yi is concerned, he has kept up this matter, at least until the military investigation results come out.

The military canteen responded to Lin Yi at noon the next day and invited him to the military office building to discuss the matter in person.

Lin Yi knows that this is almost impossible. Nine is finished.

"That's it. After discussing here, we got the approval from above, but there is another requirement." The general officer looked at Lin Yi and carefully checked his face and said, "We can allow Xiao D and You return to the capital star to live together, but it still belongs to the military until it is officially discharged 50 years later.

During this period, it needs to work at the military canteen branch in Capital Star every day, responsible for the three meals a day there, and at the same time remotely share a storage system with our D-Type No. 2 that replaces it here. Of course, this The sharing authority is controlled by D-Type One, and D-Type Two has no right to use it by itself. "

The general finished this series of content, and then coughed: "Of course, the premise of this matter is that you can continue to provide recipes."

It seemed that he felt that his requirements were a little too much, and not only did he not suffer, but he also took Lin Yi's advantage. The general felt embarrassed in his heart.

Lin Yi didn't feel too much about this. After all, it was unrealistic that she didn't want to give a high-level intellectual brain who would abduct millions of others.

He nodded, but Li Shang Xianglai made two more requests to the general: "If you can promise me two easy tasks, I totally agree with your terms."

"Please say."

"The first one is that I hope to continue to use the military training field after I return to Capital Star, so if the military department can give me the permission to continue to use it, I will be very grateful, and the second one is that I don’t know the military’s side. Can you book an aircraft for me?"

The two requirements are indeed simple and easy for the military. The first one only needs to enter a string of military-specific codes into Lin Yi’s personal terminal from the military department, and he can directly enjoy some of the military’s benefits.

The second point is Lin Yi's own car purchase plan. Although there are many aircraft that individuals can purchase, they often lack inventory. This is especially true for some aircraft with better performance.

If you help with the reservation from the military department, there will be no such problem at all.

This matter is considered agreed. The general officer immediately took out an official document from his drawer. The content of the document was short, except that he handed Xiao D's guardianship to Lin Yi.

Lin Yisuo signed his name on the document, and officially took Xiao D to his own name.