Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 39

Wei Que let go in one breath, and Qin Nuo appeared.

One shock after another, his eyes almost fell on the display. After confirming that the source of the news was not fake, Wei Que just wanted to send Lin Yi an emoticon that deserved to be yours.

A small number of netizens who care about gossip are now holding a magnifying glass and searching for relevant content.

First, Qin Nuo paid attention to Lin Yi, which is an established fact at this time; second, Lin Yi did not return to Qin Nuo, which can be explained as Lin Yi is currently disconnected from the Internet; finally, not long ago, the emperor and empress’s accounts also followed Qin Nuo successively. But Qin Nuo ignored it.

Comparing Lin Yi with the emperor and empress, the lighter and the heavier are obvious. It is deduced that Qin Nuo didn’t even know that he had followed Lin Yi. It might just be that the road screamed when he saw the news, and his hands slipped. That's it.

Regardless of whether it is true or false, many netizens have accepted this statement.

Wei Que held back his excitement and trembling hands, and first confirmed to Lin Yi: Do you know the marshal?

Lin Yi's reply was quick: Knowing, what's wrong?

Even with a certain amount of psychological preparation, Wei Que almost passed away.

He felt that he had to call Lin Yi a big boss, not only to know Qin Nuo calmly, but also to be so calm when he mentioned the marshal.

Wei Que: Did you see the marshal on the Internet talking to you?

Fortunately, this time Lin Yi finally expressed some other emotions: Huh?

Lin Yizhen hadn't noticed yet. After opening his personal homepage, he saw the news prompt that was published on the whole network. It took a few minutes to connect the details before and after, and he couldn't help laughing.

He didn't expect Qin Nuo to protect himself from this level. Lin Yi could almost imagine Qin Nuo's serious expression and tone through words, and the combination gave him a wonderful sense of cuteness.

Lin Yi clicked on the chat box with Qin Nuo, tapped her fingertips a few times, and immediately flew out an emoticon pack.

A message prompt sounded from Qin Nuo. He raised his head and glanced up and noticed that it was Lin Yi's. Then he looked at Song Qinrong, and then said, "Stand up and turn your back to me."

It's not that he is too cautious. It is true that Lin Yi's emojis are not within his expectations most of the time, and they are not suitable for Song Qinrong to see.

Song Qinrong subconsciously obeyed the order, got up and turned his back to Qin Nuo straight.

Qin Nuo clicked on the dialog box, and the emoji inside flew out and landed on the table.

He was a chubby stick figure, with his hands on his hips and his head squinted and narrowly squinting. After a second or two, the little man pouted and blew a kiss to Qin Nuo.

Just an emoji, Lin Yi didn't say anything, but she said nothing.

Qin Nuo touched his lips with the back of his finger, concealing his emotions and said, "You are working, you should rest early."

Fortunately, Song Qin Rong turned over.

Qin Nuo stared at Lin Yi's head in the dialog box. It was a selfie. He was sitting on the carpet with an old model of Zhi Nao, with sunlight on the sides of the two people's heads. Zhi Nao had a face on his face. With a silly smile, Lin Yi covered half of his face with a book, only revealing a pair of bright eyes.

Before today, Qin Nuo's understanding of Lin Yi came from getting along with him himself. Only then did he know what Lin Yi had suffered on the Internet and the malice he was suffering from.

"Don't take things on the Internet to your heart." Qin Nuo thought for a while and sent a message to Lin Yi, vaguely worried about Lin Yi.

"I can't put those things in my heart." Lin Yi said, his typing speed was so fast that he continued in the second half of the sentence, "My heart is all you." A wink expression followed.

Qin Nuo blushed unsurprisingly, and the worries in front of him disappeared. As if Lin Yi saw his embarrassment in the air, he sent a series of hahaha.

Qin Nuo's rank is not as good as Lin Yi, and after holding back for a long time, he only replied: "Good night."

After sending this one, it took another thirty seconds, until the redness on his face was completely gone, before he let Song Qinrong sit back to his original position, as if he had just finished talking with the emperor.

On Lin Yi's side, Wei Que was still talking: What kind of person is the Marshal? Is he fierce, scary or scary? Did he drink Chaoyang brand nutrient solution? Is it true that when you step on a pit or move your little finger, you can pinch an ordinary alpha, and the whole army will tremble when you cough?

Lin Yi: ...Where did you hear all these messy things?

Wei Que couldn't help saying: Brother, you are so awesome, I don't know what to say. When will you come back? I will pick up the dust for you and prepare the best nutrient solution for you.

Lin Yi thought to herself that this could not go with the nutrient solution: don't have to be so troublesome, anyway, I don't have a nutrient solution that I like to drink.

Wei Que broke another sentence with him, and then he slapped him on the bed twice, stopping the frantic questioning behavior.

But Wei Que reminded Lin Yi of a very important thing. Not only did he not have the nutrient solution that he loved to drink, he also resisted drinking the nutrient solution every day. It's just that there is still a small D in Huangxing, but if he returns to Capital Star, he can't cook for himself every day.

Lin Yi knows how much he weighs, and his hands-on ability is totally inadequate. Moreover, even if he can really cook decent meals himself, he doesn't want to cook by himself every day, he doesn't have the energy and patience.

With such considerations, Lin Yi had to think about ways.

Because he had finished filming his last scene, and in Huangxing's four days, the crew did not arrange any itinerary for Lin Yi, and he could plan his time by himself.

Qin Nuo apparently notified relevant departments of the military department very quickly. When Lin Yi was having breakfast in the military cafeteria the next morning, a soldier came to him and told him that the accident happened yesterday. If the situation is updated, Lin Yi will be notified as soon as possible.

"We will try our best to investigate this matter clearly before you leave Huangxing."

"Thanks for your hard work." Lin Yi said, "If, I mean, if this matter is investigated, there are related people who are not in Huangxing, can the investigation result be obtained?"

The soldier didn't expect Lin Yi to ask this, but he quickly answered his question: "Please rest assured, as long as it is within the empire, the military has the right to investigate."

Lin Yi opened her eyes slightly, a little smile appeared in them. He is good-looking himself, and through exercise and dietary conditioning, he has also escaped from the weak and unrelenting appearance. At this time, the smile made the soldier's cheeks slightly red, and his heart jumped a few more times.

It's a pity that the soldier didn't have time to blush more. Yu Guang saw a chubby Zhinao squinting at him. I don't know if it was his illusion. Zhinao's eyes seemed to be full of "You are not worthy". , This time made him sober.

In the past, he only regarded Lin Yi as a recipe sharing boss, but this morning the order of investigation was said to have been sent by the Marshal himself. In this case, even if you don’t know what Lin Yi is in detail with Qin Nuo, it’s better to take it. Tighten the skin a bit.

"Thank you." Lin Yi said.

"This is my job, you don't have to be polite." The soldier took leave.

Lin Yi retracted his gaze, took a sip of the soft glutinous rice porridge, and looked down at Xiao D on his side.

Since Lin Yi gave Xiao D the suit, Xiao D hasn't worn the military uniform. He has a serious appearance all day long. He has also bought several sets of linings to match the jacket.

If you ask little D directly, what kind of answer it will give? Lin Yi thought, he put down the porridge spoon and said, "Little D, can you leave the barren star?"

Little D widened his eyes and raised his head to look at Lin Yi: "Why do you ask?" He said nervously, "I am a brain brain attached to the military cafeteria. I have a service life and there are fifty years left. Must be spent in the cafeteria."

Lin Yi nodded: "I understand this, so if you don't consider this, would you be willing to leave Huangxing?"

Yesterday, he carefully considered his future food problems, and felt that the most reliable solution was to bring Xiao D back to Capital Star and put him directly next to him.

Little D's wheels rolled forward, his whole body was standing close to Lin Yi's legs, and he hesitated to say, "But I have nowhere to go when I leave Huangxing."

Lin Yi smiled, knowing what little D meant, he didn't hide it, and said directly: "You can live with me and little A, are you willing?"

Even though Xiao D had expected to hear such words from Lin Yi, but he really heard it now, his head was still buzzing, and his processor was about to burn out at once.

But Xiao D still reacted quickly. It immediately hugged Lin Yi's legs, and said, "I am willing, I am willing, I am willing to marry the bride like a successful proposal!"

Lin Yi touched its head, with a relaxed smile on his face.

"But," Xiao D recovered from his excitement, and a huge gap surged in his heart, and said frustratedly, "I still have to stay here for fifty years before I can leave. You can wait for me in the capital. Do you? I will work very hard and try to retire early!"

"Don't worry about this, I will deal with this matter, so that you can leave the barren star with me." Lin Yi comforted Little D in a calm tone.

Little D became dizzy again, looking at Lin Yi like a god, hehe giggled and said, "Good, good."

So far, what Lin Yi has said is not unfulfilled. Now Lin Yi has said that he will take herself away. Little D feels that if this can come true, then it will be loved by someone, loved by someone, and touched by someone else. Touching the head beats someone's happy little brain that praises it.

After Lin Yi had communicated with Xiao D, and knew his wishes, the rest of the matter was easy to handle.

He went straight to the military office,

The military office has a large area, and Lin Yi found the person in charge of the military cafeteria, who was regarded as the general of Xiao D's immediate superior.

He is also familiar with Lin Yi, and occasionally meets him in the military cafeteria. However, Lin Yi sits at a table with Song Qinrong or Qin Nuo most of the time. In comparison, this general is really a small coffee.

So now he was very polite after seeing Lin Yi, but he didn't expect Lin Yi to startle him when he spoke.

After listening to Lin Yi's intentions, he almost shook his head without hesitation: "This is impossible. We won't be able to operate when Xiao D is gone."

The recipes that Xiao D currently has in his mind are the huge source of the daily happiness of the entire First Army. Everyday eating has become a thing that everyone expects. At this time, how can the military cafeteria let Xiao D go.

"Furthermore, Xiao D itself is still a new type of brain that has been purchased by the military canteen with a huge amount of money. It has not yet exerted one percent of its effectiveness." The general said seriously, "I'm very sorry, even if it's you, I asked me like this. I can't agree."

Lin Yi had anticipated this, and had already prepared a reason to persuade the other party.