Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 38

The special effect of opening a certified account flashes. At this moment, most of the netizens who log in to Starnet’s homepage did not pay attention to the scolding war at the previous moment. It was just because the words Qin Nuo were too attractive, so it was almost instantaneous. In between, his homepage was flooded with more than a billion people's traffic.

Although the Xingwang server is good, it is not often subjected to such tests, not to mention that the current number of one billion people is not the upper limit, and the subsequent number of people is still jumping up in the million level every second. I don’t know if it will stop at the end. where.

As a result, Qin Nuo's personal homepage seemed a bit stuck at this time, but this didn't stop the enthusiasm of netizens at all.

In the midst of this group of netizens, the one who received the most impact was Lin Yi's black fan, who had been arguing with Qin Nuo in the first place.

Qin Nuo has not been on the star network for so many years, and has not engaged in data traffic. Basically, everyone has assumed that it is impossible for him to open a public account and have any contact with the public. As a result, just now, a male **** who was unattainable in everyone's eyes, and who usually had so few intersections on the Internet, suddenly fell into the world.

"Uuuuuu, Master Marshal is a lifetime series, right."

"I'm going to call my mother! She will be so excited."

"Wait a minute! Don't you nympho, stop and take a look at the most critical issue right now?"

What is the most critical question? That is of course to go back to Qin Nuo's remarks when the netizens scolded the war, and the material that Lin Yi's black fans picked up and laughed at.

If Qin Nuo only speaks for Lin Yi, then netizens can barely understand that Marshal Lord is upright and compassionate, and he just speaks righteously if he can't stand the online violence.

But **** it, with such a Jinguiyi account, there is only Lin Yi on the watch list. What's the matter?

In the past, Qin Nuo was far away from the public, but not only with the public, in fact, he was not close to the ladies and masters of the nobles. There hasn't been a scandal spread in the past few decades. Almost everyone has become accustomed to Qin Nuo's sense of distance.

But today this sense of distance suddenly disappeared, and he seemed to be classified as a mortal at once, showing some popularity everywhere.

More importantly, this popularity seems to have something to do with Lin Yi. The infertile omega, the omega without pheromone, is still an omega, enough to make the whole empire's omega full of sour teeth at the same time, directly wanting to smash against the wall.

Qin Nuo's fans are increasing by several million every second, and there is no sign of stopping. However, his personal homepage did not publish any new trends, the only one was the content automatically issued by the system after the authentication was previously activated.

"I just passed the personal certification, follow me~"

This post naturally became the only place for fans to comment.

"I'm on the verge of a heart attack every minute. I can't believe that the Marshal has opened a personal account! Ah, life is indeed colorful and full of surprises."

"Stroke back and forth, the Marshal first spoke for Lin Yi, and then opened a certification for Lin Yi that has not been activated. The key is that he only paid attention to Lin Yi, and I didn't dare to think about it."

"I just want to know what happened during this period of time. Didn't Lin Yi go to Huangxing to film? It would be strange to know it, but Lin Yi eh?? How can he attract the Marshal?"

Both pheromone and fertility are basically two important indicators for judging omega at the moment. Lin Yi happens to have none of them. The key is that most of the netizens are his black fans.

This kind of feeling that the idol I put on the altar one day suddenly and the disgusting star is more than a **** can make it clear.

But either Qin Nuo's personal aura is still strong, and for a few ordinary stars, Qin Nuo will have to be scolded at this time, but now Qin Nuo is different, he is not a small star who started with traffic. Whether it is family history or personal achievement, he is enough to stand at the pinnacle of the empire.

In addition, there are too many passers-by who don't care about the entertainment industry in his comment area. Turning his head and looking at the scolding battle ahead, Lin Yi's black fan became a target.

"No, I don’t understand. Why do you want to be so malicious to a public figure? What you say is speculation that has not been confirmed? Therefore, I can say such a vicious curse. I really don’t Understood."

"Hiding behind a network cable and hurting a stranger with dark thinking and terrifying language can really bring you happiness?"

Numerous comments and negative complaints flooded into the first few black fan heads who were flying with a rhythm, so that two black fan heads had to log out their accounts immediately, and the remaining ones were reported too many times in a short period of time. It was also frozen by the official website of Xingwang.

Even the people who brought Xingwang directly withdrew a few topics related to Lin Yi manually.

Qin Nuo closed the screen of his personal terminal, raised his head and looked at Song Qin Rong who was dumbfounded and didn't know how things could be handled like this, and "started to work."

Come on, Song Qin Rong accepted his fate and plunged into the file.

And then back to Lin Yi's side, the timeline moved forward. He clicked into Qin Nuo's topic before and didn't go out. In the essence area of ​​Qin Nuo's related topics, I looked at various summaries related to Qin Nuo.

It is not clear where the netizens' information came from, but there are indeed many details that Lin Yi is not clear about. For example, what color Qin Nuo likes, what shoes he likes to wear, and what brand of nutrient solution he likes most.

Although they are all trivial news, Lin Yi still finds it quite interesting.

Lin Yi was not busy, but Wei Que was busy.

He wanted to try his best to bring back the crooked rhythm, turning his head and paying attention to all the dynamic information related to Lin Yi at the moment, and even noticed that a trumpet called Qin Nuo had become the focus.

Waiting for Wei Que to go back to see the Imperial Forum after a short while after a busy lap, before he could catch his breath, he discovered another thing that had something to do with Lin Yi.

Star network can almost be counted as a daily scolding war. Soon after the start of the empire forum, there is a new post on the homepage. The content is simple, not simply the person who posted the post.

The title of the post is just three words "invitation letter", and it was posted by the Royal Family of the First Empire.

"I sincerely invite anonymous 271239 to attend the royal dinner on the 1st of next month. I am very looking forward to hearing your live performance." In addition to this text, there is a link below. Click it to see that it is exclusively for the music area to be normalized. An anonymous boss.

Others don't know who this is. Can Wei Que still know who it is? He almost jumped three feet high at the moment, turning his head and shaking his hands and poked Lin Yi directly.

Wei Que: Are you there? Are you there? Are you there?

Lin Yi saw the news and pulled out her hand, and simply replied a question mark to Wei Que:?

Wei Que didn't talk nonsense, and forwarded the post directly to him, and then sent an expression of excitement covering his face and crying.

This is not to blame for Wei Que’s emotional richness, but for such a level of royal dinner, not to mention being able to perform, even if you find a chance to go in and serve dishes, it is a privilege that can be remembered for a lifetime, and you can tell your children and grandchildren in decades. Kind of, "your grandpa served a plate at the royal banquet".

For example, Lin Yi is now directly invited by the royal family to perform on stage, then this is a good opportunity to change his fate and soar into the sky.

Lin Yi followed the link given by Wei Que and took a look, and her mood didn't change too much.

Lin Yi: I see.

In these dozens of seconds, Wei Que's thoughts jumped from being very glorious to worrying. Lin Yi’s current bad situation is entirely due to Song Shu’s envoys, and the Song family is the queen’s mother. From this perspective, if Lin Yi really agrees to this invitation, he will go to the royal dinner. Up.

When the time comes, don't let people catch them and kill them even if they are on stage. Once Wei Que's imagination flew up, he couldn't hold back it, and all kinds of bad consequences were bouncing back and forth in his mind.

Wei Que: Are you going?

Lin Yi responded quickly, because it didn't take him into consideration at all: Go.

Wei Que: Well, I'm just a little worried about Song Shu's side, her heart is black, and her family probably also has a black heart.

Lin Yi sent him an expression of rubbing his head, and then typed with a smile: Don't worry, my heart is darker than her.

Wei Que didn't believe these words at all, thinking that Lin Yi was joking with him. The Lin Yi he knew was not only a darkhearted person, but was actually gentle.

Only Lin Yi knew that he didn’t mean to be joking. He doesn’t like to suffer. Song Shu takes things away from him, whether he cares or not, wants what he doesn’t want, that’s not important, what’s important is that Song Shu takes away. How much, Lin Yi would only take it back.

What the original owner loses, Song Shu will also lose, and if the original owner has suffered, Song Shu had better be prepared to bear it a hundred times.

The two of them chatted for a while, and it happened that Qin Nuo had reached the highest point in the Star Network and made his identity public.

Because Lin Yi clicked on the Imperial Forum, he immediately shut down Star Network.

He logged into the forum account, entered the background to receive the invitation letter left by the royal family.

The royal family’s invitation to stay in the forum itself received a high degree of attention from the forum after it was sent out, especially an old man in the music area, who almost cried with his mouth.

When Lin Yi’s two songs were released, the traffic brought to the music forum completely retained the music forum, and it can be regarded as half saved. The traffic of the music forum for a while, the profit can fully support the operation, and because of Lin Yi Some hesitating newcomers are encouraged and are willing to give themselves a chance to make a try, so there are more users in the music area.

The royal invitation will undoubtedly push the glory of the music district to the highest point. Countless people speculated that Lin Yi would come out to receive this invitation and then appear at the royal dinner.

Lin Yi typed slowly: "It's a great honor to receive an invitation from the royal family. I will be there on time to show you a perfect performance and bring you a perfect surprise."