Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 37

Lin Yi was not completely surprised by the fact that the program group did not say anything during the second period. After all, the black material on his body is not completely cleaned, and if the first period is not for Song Shu's back operation, and the final result is wrong, the first period has nothing to do with him.

So if the show team just didn't invite him to participate in the second issue, Lin Yi didn't feel much, but this kind of fans who are in the comment area and obviously have fan attributes are singing and yin and yang weird, Lin Yi can't bear it.

But it's not only that. The content of this reply was used by black fans as a strong proof that Lin Yi is a idiot. At this time, it has been cited as a popular content on the Internet, and the rest of Lin Yi's maintenance focuses on Lin Yi At this time, Huangxing was still filming, and the crew going to Huangxing was still isolated from the world. Lin Yi had no reason to contact the show crew.

Anyway, it was just some drooling, and the fire was directly burned to Lin Yi's public account.

Lin Yi glanced at the hot comments for a while, and then saw a piece of content from the netizens' replies that kept his eyes on.

"The royal family has said that they want to eliminate bad artists. I think Lin Yi should directly block him so that he can't do anything, otherwise it would be too unfair [picture]"

This reply is accompanied by a picture that was posted by the Royal Family’s official account two days ago. It is about how to regulate the artistic ethics and character of celebrities so that they can become public models, and some notorious celebrities should be blocked.

Although there is no name or surname, Lin Yi has been on the cusp in the entertainment industry in the past few months. Therefore, Lin Yi has been cueed the most in the comment section of this royal dynamic.

The online comment on Lin Yi itself has not been completely reversed. Now there are two more credible official accounts with the rhythm. The wind direction that was brought back a little before was immediately brought back, and at first glance it almost seemed to be back. Lin Yi's appearance when he first came to this world, only to pick one out of a thousand miles to see a maintenance comment on him.

After Wei Que sent a message on the program group of "Where Are We From", she had already sent a message using the account of Lin Yi's support group.

The comments on the support group are still positive, but even so, there are still a lot of negative comments.

The real-time hot spots on Starnet have been refreshed again, and the hashtag #林忆滚出娱乐圈# is already on the list.

However, this label didn't make Lin Yiduo keep a few inches of gaze. Instead, it counted up a lot of places. The hot search now ranked first on the star network made Lin Yiduo glance at it twice.

Because the number one tag is #秦诺#, which is simply two words, occupying the first place in the search, but it is of course no pressure.

The day Qin Nuo will return to Capital Star is getting closer, and everything related to him will be infinitely magnified at this moment. The degree of discussion was already unusually high, and when it was reported that Qin Nuo might also attend the royal banquet during this period, the public's expectations for him reached a high point.

After all, it has been a few years since Qin Nuo appeared in the public eye last time. This time it is a rare royal public broadcast dinner. When that time, holographic images can be used to walk directly to Qin Nuo. This kind of welfare is rare in ten years.

At this moment in the military office.

Qin Nuo and Song Qin-song had just returned from the military canteen not long ago. Because they are leaving Huangxing within a few days, the handover work for a while is very cumbersome, and both of them have to stay in the military office to continue working at night.

While waiting for the documents to be delivered, Song Qin Rong was bored and brushed the star network.

In the past few days, the popularity of his personal account has been steadily rising. Taking advantage of Qin Nuo's time by his side, he quietly took a picture of Qin Nuo's leather shoe toe, with pictures and text.

"One day of overtime, I will show you shoes."

This dynamic drama has Song Qin Rong's personal authentication blessing. In the blink of an eye, he has been surrounded by a swarm of netizens. I can’t wait to shake Song Qin Rong directly across the screen, hoping to pour more from him. Information about Qin Nuo is coming.

"Marshal's shoes are so perfect, I love them!"

"General Song! Will the marshal really attend the royal dinner in a while?"

"In fact, if the marshal doesn't come, it would be good for General Song to come, and I can retreat to second place."

"What?" Song Qin Rong wanted to knock on the head of the netizen who had to take second place through the screen. He whispered a few words and raised his head to look at Qin Nuo.

"Marshal, your popularity has reached the top again." Song Qinrong said, "Do you really not consider opening an officially certified personal account?"

There are two types of accounts on Starnet. One is the ordinary account. Although you need a real name to register, you don’t need to identify yourself when you make it public. You can pick your own nickname at will. Most of the netizens in the Empire are basically this. Number of ways. There is also an account that you can apply to become a certified personal account. The requirement for this account is that the nickname is unified with the real name or identity. After the authentication, the page will automatically display the official certified special effects.

Like Lin Yi, Song Qinrong and the public account they usually use is the second type.

Qin Nuo didn't. He didn't have a Starnet account, but he didn't use it at all. Among the thousands of netizens named Qin Nuo, he appeared to be even better than the passerby.

"What is it doing?" Qin Nuo leaned back in his chair, his posture rarely seemed a little relaxed, he said casually: "Publishing some extremely boring content on the Internet or starting a pointless argument with others?"

Qin Nuo categorized everything like this kind of tearing and tearing on the Internet, or posting pictures to attract fans to start business, basically all classified as useless and boring by Qin Nuo.

Song Qin Rong didn't have to refute, only saying: "In fact, there are also very interesting things. Netizens are very interesting. Look at this." He forwarded the content displayed on the virtual screen of his personal terminal to Qin Nuo. You have reached the top again, and you can see all kinds of rainbow farts when you click in."

"Rainbow fart?" Qin Nuo was curious. He lowered his eyes and looked again, but his brow frowned, because another topic not far from his topic was #林忆滚出娱乐圈#

"What's the matter with this?" Qin Nuo manually zoomed in on the virtual screen, then picked up the topic alone, and asked Song Qinrong with a ugly expression.

Song Qin-song immediately dismissed the relationship and couldn't raise his hands up to surrender. "This is the star network's current affairs topic ranking. It is made by netizens. It has nothing to do with me."

Seeing that Qin Nuo didn't change his face after listening to what he said, but frowned even more, Song Qinrong explained: "This is's normal."

He hadn't said his original intention in half of his words. The cold light in Qin Nuo's eyes had directly hit Song Qinrong's forehead. Song Qinrong immediately straightened his waist: "No! I didn't mean that this kind of thing happened. Normal, but referring to Lin Yi's previous reputation in the circle, many netizens have misunderstood him, so there may be such topics that are relatively unobtrusive."

Song Qinrong had to show Qin Nuoshun about the pomp that Lin Yi was still being hacked by the entire network not long ago, and then said, "This period of time has been relatively much better."

"The reason?" Qin Nuo asked Song Qinrong.

He probably checked some things related to Lin Yi, but it is currently limited to online information. Of course, the content that can be learned from this aspect is very limited.

Song Qinrong is not the person involved. Of course, he cannot give a completely affirmative answer. He can only say: "It may have something to do with Song Shu. It is not far from ten. It is not the first time that she has used black hands to deal with civilians. Specifically, she and Lin Yi I am not very clear about what happened in between."

Qin Nuo: "It doesn't matter, I figure it out myself."

This sentence was calm, but it made Song Qinrong breathe the most. Qin Nuo said that if he wanted to figure out one thing, he would definitely figure it out. The most important thing is that Qin Nuo said these words, which proves that he has to take care of this matter.

Song Shu and Lin Yi might have had the status of a commoner and aristocrat, but once the Williams family intervened, what would the Song family count?

Song Qinrong was surprised and apprehensive about this, but on the whole he was a little bit happy. After all, he is also from the Song family, but in today's Song family, he can only be regarded as a side branch. Now that the head of the Song family has fallen, he has a chance to stand up.

I thought that Qin Nuo would end this topic at this point, but Qin Nuo opened his personal panel again and brought up the topic #林忆滚出娱乐圈#.

Naturally, it is impossible for Lin Yi's fans to brush this topic. All the black fans in the topic are all black fans. Both words and actions rush to leave Lin Yi out of the entertainment circle, and some people even apply. Go to the official website of the royal family to initiate a voting petition to allow the royal family to use an official ban to ban Lin Yi's performance path.

"A useless and vicious person like Lin Yi's appearance on the big screen is a blasphemy of the values ​​of the empire!"

"You don't need to get along with you to know what Lin Yi is usually like. He is such a sinister and small person who can't see other people's good people. He should have a ban that he can't get close to the omega of the entire empire."

"Let me say that it's best for this kind of people to be exiled directly to a remote galaxy."

"Isn't he in Desolate Star now? Just let him stay in Desolate Star and don't come back."

"Wow, it's not very cheap for him. There are so many alphas on the barren stars. I guess Lin Yi can't walk when he sees them. Then it is a reward for his stray omega, you know?"

Song Qinrong looked at the remarks of those netizens, feeling a little unhappy in his heart.

Although Lin Yi had the attributes of a scumbag in his opinion, there was no problem in other aspects. However, the behavior of these netizens is no different from witch hunting. If a word is inconsistent, they have to use hearsay that there is no way to distinguish the authenticity and wish to kill a person.

At this moment, a notification sounded outside the office, and it was the officer below who sent the documents.

Song Qinrong got up and opened the door. After getting the documents, he closed the door while watching and walked back. He lowered his head and said to Qin Nuo, "Marshal, I may have to be busy until eleven today."

He didn't hear a response after he said this sentence, so he raised his head and looked at Qin Nuo, only to find that he was typing with his hands on the virtual keyboard, and it didn't take long to press an enter key to send it out.

This was nothing, but almost immediately afterwards, Qin Nuo's personal account kept beeping.

Because the interface on the virtual screen is still the previously opened tab that is related to Lin Yi, what Qin Nuo just sent out must be related to Lin Yi.

Song Qinrong became curious and leaned in to ask, "Marshal, what did you post?"

In the time of his questioning, the news was already continuous and almost turned into a continuous sound reminder, Song Qin Rong increasingly wanted to know what Qin Nuo did.

Qin Nuo turned the virtual screen to Song Qinrong, and then showed him the line of words he typed just now.

Qin Nuo picked the account of a very popular Hei Linyi and made a reply below.

"There is no evidence for your defamation. I think whether starting from the imperial law or imperial education, what is truly unacceptable is your unprovoked attacks and slanders on strangers, not Lin Yi. Gathering on the Internet to spread such malice, The blind and irrational fanaticism is sad."

This sentence directly stabs the black fans' hearts, and the content of the reply is in the dynamics of the black fans. Isn't this stabbing a hornet's nest. As far as Song Qinrong read this sentence, Qin Nuo's account reply prompt sound has not been interrupted, and a 999 Att logo has been quickly displayed below.

The fans originally just gathered together to scold Lin Yi, and when they were comfortable with the scolding, they should disperse or change the venue directly. Qin Nuo suddenly sprinkled a spoonful of water into a hot oil pan, and the oil pan exploded.

Netizens of course come from the fair warrior, justice defender, where anyone thinks their judgment is wrong.

"Wow, where did the honest netizens come from? Oh, I took a look at a trumpet that doesn't have a fan, and I paid attention to Lin Yi. What do you mean by that, don't you need to say more?"

Qin Nuo's private account was opened many years ago, but has never been used. In addition, he directly used Qin Nuo as his ID. There were neither 100 million nor 50 million in the star network. No one could find him by looking for a needle in a haystack, so this account still has zero attention until now.

"Tsk tusk tusk, it's too unqualified. This trumpet has done it, and it exposes its own masterpiece. Hahaha, I can't get a salary when I go back."

"Either say that IQ depends on the master, or pretend to be a reasonable customer."

"Fuck, the ID turned out to be Qin Nuo, **** it, and I suddenly felt that Marshal Lord was insulted by this stupid man. Qin Nuo was also the word of your vicious master?"

"Hahaha, don't laugh at Lin Yi, people want to climb up the marshal to the interview camera, don't they dream of having one?"

"Speaking of which, all the information has been communicated, this trumpet is made by Lin Yi himself, hahaha."

Just after Song Qinrong read these replies, Qin Nuo turned the screen back, typed quickly with his fingertips, and replied seriously: "I am not Lin Yikai's trumpet."

The Marshal, who didn't know much about Xingwang, didn't even know how much his reply seemed to be overshadowed.

Of course, what Song Qin Rong wanted to ask Qin Nuo at this time was actually, he said that if he didn't play Xingwang, Xingwang was particularly boring? ? ?

Sure enough, the man's mouth is a deceitful ghost.

Qin Nuo’s new reply was directly used as an ironclad proof by the black fan head, who directly forwarded Aite’s reply to Qin Nuo, opened a post, and added a hashtag #林忆小号揭# and another one. #林忆滚出娱乐圈#

Two tags were added together, and several **** fans went straight off the stage, and the enthusiasm was fired up again. Even the places outside Starnet, such as the Empire Forum, were discussed by various netizens.

In the end, within half an hour, Qin Nuo's account was used as Lin Yi's trumpet round for countless times.

#林忆滚出娱乐圈# The label hasn’t been cool yet, and the label #林忆小号揭# has been warmed up again.

Song Qin-song felt that he wouldn't make a move anymore at this time. Maybe Lin Yi had to raise his knife to kill the Marshal. He raised his hand to show his sense of existence, and said to Qin Nuo: "Then what, Marshal, or I will come."

Qin Nuo doesn't play Xingwang, so no matter how to explain this question, he can't explain it clearly. Once netizens think that what you are telling is false, then they are used to regard the facts they think as the only truth. At this time, no matter how Qin Nuo explained that he was not Lin Yi's trumpet, I'm afraid he would be regarded as more and more tarnished.

"No need."

Qin Nuo is too lazy to reply to these netizens, but he is the one who is involved in the scolding war that is related to Lin Yi but shouldn't be Lin Yi.

"Then this," Song Qin Rong didn't know how Qin Nuo would take back this scene.

The popularity of the Internet at this time has become higher and higher, even reaching the number one #秦诺# tag. Now the real-time star network dynamics are all distressed by the popularity of the Marshal.

Qin Nuo turned off the personal message reminder and comment forwarding permission, and then tapped a few lightly on the keyboard.

For about ten seconds, a crisp reminder sounded suddenly.

"Your certification application has been passed."

Song Qin-song was taken aback when he heard the sound, and then looked at his dynamic interface, and suddenly there was a message reminding all users of to put the homepage on top.

"@秦诺Marshal passed the star network certification!"

In this moment, all the Lin Yi fans who were still mocking the trumpet also witnessed a cosmic miracle. The ID of the trumpet that was still mocked by their group at the moment before was so fake that it could no longer be faked suddenly flashed up. The golden light that only the top real-name verified accounts will shine. Such a golden account is currently in the Imperial Star Network, except for the emperor who is the queen, so far no third person has enjoyed this honor.

Therefore, when an account called Qin Nuo flashed this light, then who would this account belong to is not a question worth asking at all.

"Fuck... trough...?"

All netizens broke their teeth after eating the melon in their mouths.