Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 36

Lin Yi's question to Qin Nuo is undeniable.

After talking for so many days, Lin Yi, who knew exactly how Qin Nuo would react, did not expect Qin Nuo to give a direct answer. He quickly gave Qin Nuo a step by himself: "Are you in the military cafeteria now? I’ll be there in about ten minutes. If it’s convenient, I can have a meal together."

Qin Nuo's nervous heart relaxed for a while, he nodded lightly, and gave a hmm.

After hanging up the communication, Qin Nuo didn't fully recover. He straightened his already-straight collar, and then unscrewed the door and walked out.

As soon as he walked into the cafeteria hall, Qin Nuo heard a call not far away.


He tilted his head to see that Song Qinrong was walking towards him quickly.

Qin Nuo stopped: "What's the matter?"

Song Qin Rong had already recovered from the previous shock, and now there was something serious to tell Qin Nuo, so after a few steps in front of Qin Nuo, he stood straight and said to Qin Nuo: "It's the news from the royal family, the emperor. I plan to prepare a dinner party on the second day of your return to Capital Star. I hope you will be able to attend by then."

"Rejected." Qin Nuo directly refused.

He knows the route of this kind of royal dinner very well, and he also knows the boring and troublesomeness of it. The most troublesome thing is that no matter what type of dinner, as long as he has attended in recent years, he can always toss into a blind date.

"But the royal family seems to have issued an announcement." Song Qinrong hesitated.

Qin Nuo said: "Does the royal family have the right to decide on my itinerary on my behalf?"

Ordinary people certainly don't have any say in front of the royal family, but Qin Nuo undoubtedly dominates this issue.

Song Qin Rong had already anticipated Qin Nuo’s answer. At this time, following in Qin Nuo’s footsteps, he only slightly regretted: "Oh, I read the list of invitations. The last time the royal family held such a large-scale gathering of nobles. It’s still fifteen years ago, and I don’t know when the next time."

"So you really want to go?" Qin Nuo asked without looking back.

Song Qin Rong said: "Of course I want to go. There are some noble ladies or young masters who can be eye-catching. After finally returning to the Capital Star, I always have to consider personal issues."

He couldn't compare to Qin Nuo, and he couldn't understand how the attention and admiration of omegas who seemed so sweet to him could become a burden in Qin Nuo's eyes.

Of course, what Song Qinrong doesn't understand the least is that it is clear that Qin Nuo is the most scumbag and righteous person in the entire empire. He is now on the road of being scumbed and never looks back.

"Only by broadening your options can you know who is most suitable for you. To give the public a little more chance is to give yourself one more chance." Song Qin Rong pointedly pointedly, using his life to imply Qin Nuo.

Qin Nuo glanced back at him coldly: "Do you want to stay in Huangxing for more than ten years?"

Song Qinrong's back was cold, and he immediately apologized.

When Lin Yi finished changing clothes and drove to the military cafeteria, Xiao D was the first to greet him.

It has received a reply from Lin Yi saying that there was no accident, but the behavior of Xiao D after seeing Lin Yi at this time obviously shows that it does not believe it very much.

Lin Yi strode forward, and Xiao D quickly circled him, using the scanning tool to check whether Lin Yi was injured. After confirming that Lin Yi did not have any special injuries, Xiao D was relieved and changed the pace of movement to the same level as Lin Yi, and then said: "It's fine if it's okay, it's okay if it's okay."

Lin Yi couldn't help but laughed, stopped and dropped her hand to touch Xiao D's head, and then said, "Sorry, I didn't make it clear before that made you worry, but one of our crew members was injured. I have nothing to do. ."

Little D nodded, but still said, "Oh, but when Master Lin Yi returns to Capital Star, what should I do?"

As the day when Lin Yi left got closer, Little D's mood became more and more complicated. Especially after Lin Yi bought new clothes for him, and made him feel that a mind-brain who has a family and someone cares about can live so happily, Xiao D feels more and more that the nose is not the nose and the eyes are not the eyes in the military cafeteria. .

Two words sum up hell, and four words are cold-blooded hell.

Lin Yi didn't pay attention to Xiao D's self-talking worries, his gaze at the moment had been raised over the crowd to lock Qin Nuo and Song Qinrong where they were.

Song Qin Rong and Qin Nuo also saw Lin Yi one after another. Song Qin Rong originally wanted to wave his hand to Lin Yi enthusiastically, but when Qin Nuo was looking at him, he immediately moved his hand down again. Moved, with only a slight shaking amplitude, and quickly retracted.

Lin Yi walked up to them and naturally sat beside Qin Nuo, diagonally opposite Song Qinrong.

"I'm sorry I'm late and I'm not familiar with the road conditions." Lin Yi said, and then pulled out the smart panel on the table to call up today's menu, "Have you ordered your meal?"

"No." Song Qin Rong said.

Lin Yi directly ordered the dishes for three people. After Xiao D was ready to serve the dishes, Song Qin Rong took the initiative to ask Lin Yi.

"I heard that your crew seems to have had an accident today?"

Lin Yi originally bent her chin and turned her head to look at Qin Nuo. He turned to Song Qin Rong and said, "Well, after a worker who worked with me fell out of the spacecraft, something happened in the spacesuit rupture, but fortunately, it was a rescue. No life was hurt in time."

Song Qin Rong and Qin Nuo didn't care about this, this kind of thing has little to do with the military, and they don't need to care about it for a passerby.

However, Lin Yi's conversation changed a second later: "But I still hope that the military can intervene in the investigation, because I have reason to suspect that this incident was not an accident, but someone deliberately did it."

Song Qin Rong curiously said, "Well, how do you say?"

Lin Yi said, “Because the injured staff member had done a lot of actions against me from the beginning, and as a logistics staff preparing the shooting props, the chains and space suits used for his injuries were originally prepared for me.”

When these words fell silent, Qin Nuo and Song Qinrong both showed solemn and surprised expressions. Qin Nuo, who hadn't spoken much before, said, "So you think this matter is for you?"

"At present, this is the most possible. Some of the things that have happened to me before are not accidental. If I can follow this line to track down, maybe I can directly find the main envoy behind."

Song Qinrong immediately thought of his hapless cousin Song Shu.

According to Song Shu's character, she was responsible for all these things.

"Can you?" Lin Yi asked Qin Nuo.

Regarding the fact that Lin Yi’s glands were deliberately damaged, from the perspective of a stranger, Qin Nuo might feel a little sorry for him at best, but from today’s perspective, he is naturally angry. It was Lin Yi's attitude that became calmer and calmer.

"Of course," Qin Nuo said, "I will let the minifigure carefully check it out, and then tell you the result."

Careful careful attention to these four words made Song Qinrong secretly sweat for Song Shu, because he could not be more familiar with Qin Nuo's character. Carefulness in Qin Nuo's mouth means carefulness, and the result is what the truth of the matter is.

Whether it was the Williams family or the First Army, Qin Nuo wanted to use any background check to happen in the empire, let alone Song Shu, even if the current emperor did it, no one could cover it.

Lin Yi laughed: "Thank you."

It has not been a few days since Qin Nuo returned to Capital Star. In addition, the royal family released a notice of the dinner and indicated that Qin Nuo might participate in this event. Capital Star’s network has been filled with restless and cheerful atmosphere these days. .

The royal dinners are divided into different levels, either public or closed. If it is a public dinner, then from the beginning of the entrance to the final exit, the whole process will be broadcast live on the star network, and all netizens can watch it online.

In addition, a table will be vacated at the banquet so that the audience can experience real-life dining, basically as if they had attended the banquet. Therefore, the number of public dinners is very small, but each time it is held, the popularity will exceed the previous record.

In addition to live broadcasts, the dinner is just a social occasion for the nobles. There will be some special performances when the nobles have a meal, and there will be a dance party after the meal. People who are invited to perform for the dinner in the palace usually regard it as their supreme glory.

Of course, this is indeed a kind of glory, after all, anyone who can be invited to the royal dinner must be at the master level. In other words, even if you weren't a well-known master at the beginning, you will eventually become a master-level person that everyone in the empire knows through this dinner.

Lin Yi put one hand on the back of his head, and flicked the news page on the virtual panel with the other hand. After reading the introduction about the royal dinner, Wei Que suddenly sent a message to Lin Yi angrily.

Wei Que: Have you seen the announcement of the second lineup of "Where Are We From"?

Wei Que: It's too shameless. It's simply a disdain for the rules. Later I will write a small essay to scold them to death.

After reading these two messages, Lin Yi didn't wait for him to search for what Wei Que was talking about. A new email reminder popped up in his personal center.

Lin Yi clicked on it and found that it was the "Where We Come From" program group sent it. The content of the e-mail is very simple. It can be summarized in one sentence that although Lin Yi won the first episode, he should be allowed to continue to the second episode of the show, but the program team considered that he did not understand the subject of the second episode. So I can only regret terminating the cooperation and so on nonsense.

Lin Yi was not surprised by this, but he glanced at the keywords of the second issue of "Where Are We From", and then couldn't help but chuckle.

Music, the keyword for the second period.

Then Lin Yi logged into her personal account and found the second guest lineup released by the official account of "Where Are We From" on the homepage, and immediately understood what made Wei Que explode.

Because Lin Yi wasn't just being brushed down as a winner, the key was that Xi Qingyu, who should have been eliminated, took his place and was already at the forefront of the program group.

The most important thing is that Lin Yi found a reply in the official blog of "Where Are We From" to a netizen asking why Lin Yi didn't participate but Xi Qingyu was invited to participate.

The tone of the questioner is not very good. Looking at the nickname, it also shows that he is a fan of Xi Qingyu. The language jokingly asks if the official blog is brushed down because of Lin Yide's incompetence and incompetence. Guanbo did not explain, but instead replied. A meaningful smirk.

Lin Yi feels itchy hands