Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 35

Except for changing the space suit and chain buckles Archie gave him, Lin Yi did nothing, so it can be said that Archie was responsible for the sudden situation at this time.

The ground personnel and those remaining in the cabin also discovered the accident at the first time. There was a mess at the moment. Some people were afraid of Lin Yi's accident.

Lin Yi's face looked quite frightened. While taking off his space suit, he pointed outside and said, "Archie him."

He was an omega after all, and he was so good-looking, and his frightened appearance at this time seemed pitiful. The staff on the side immediately took him inside, and comforted him: "Don't worry too much, Archie is wearing a space suit, and nothing will happen temporarily. The emergency rescue system on the spacecraft has been activated."

Sure enough, Lin Yi followed the staff's line of sight and looked out. Through the small window, he could see a delicate search and rescue ship flying out in Archie's direction.

The filming was delayed because of this.

Fred on the ground was upset, but couldn't help but secretly thanked that the scenes needed for the film had been finished, otherwise, after such a thing, whether the crew can get the permission to shoot in space in the wild star is another matter. It's going on.

As a frightened victim, Lin Yi was arranged to rest in the inner lounge. Li Xingzhou learned of the accident on Archie's side after filming another scene, and when he returned to the lounge, he couldn't help but look at Lin Yi more.

When Lin Yi looked back, he immediately withdrew his gaze again, lowered his eyes and whispered, he didn't dare to talk nonsense when he thought of the muzzle of Xiao D's black hole.

About a few minutes later, there was a loud noise outside. Lin Yi turned to look. Through the incompletely closed door of the lounge, someone could be seen being carried in by the medical robot.

Lin Yi got up and opened the door and walked outside, just passing Archie who was lifted from the hallway.

Archie closed his eyes tightly, and there was another big breach in the space suit. Such a small breach in the space environment could cause fatal damage to him even for a few seconds.

Li Xingzhou also stood behind Lin Yi, and asked the staff curiously: "How is he? Isn't it that?"

Li Xingzhou didn't hesitate to speak straight forward, but he was able to ask what Lin Yi said in his heart.

Lin Yi looked at the staff member being questioned, and saw that the other party shook his head and said: "No, but his injury is serious, I'm afraid he will suffer a serious crime."

Because of this accident, Li Xingzhou's filming of the spacecraft landed back to the original spot before the filming was finished. Fred was very dissatisfied with this, but didn't say anything.

The logistical props are all in charge of Archie, and everyone in the entire spacecraft is monitored by their brains. Afterwards, you only need to ask if the brain has detected an abnormal situation.

The answer given by Wisdom Brain is: "Everything is normal, and no man-made sabotage has been detected."

The accident was therefore simply defined as an accident.

Lin Yi temporarily took another set of spacesuits or took advantage of the loopholes in Archie's originally malfunctioning spacesuit. Within a few seconds of losing sight of him, he used another chain, which was all normalized by the brain. , Because Lin Yi really didn't make any tricks on the space suit or the chain.

If there is any problem, it is that the spacesuit that Archie prepared by himself has indeed not passed the qualified inspection. After all, this is Archie's own responsibility.

Archie received emergency treatment on the spacecraft and was sent to the medical center of the First Corps immediately after getting down to the ground.

After all, it was such a big event. Of course, the crew here wanted to clarify the cause and effect of the incident, but as soon as they landed, the spacecraft was taken back by the First Army. When the crew asked the military to help investigate, they were taken back by the military. The Ministry unceremoniously rejected the rejection as not within the scope of responsibility, and logically rejected the crew’s request for extension of the spacecraft’s permission for shooting on safety grounds.

The only thing to be thankful for is that Archie's injury is not fatal. Although he may face disability in the second half of his life, he has already woken up in the military medical center at this moment.

Although it is still a while before the end of today's filming, the whole crew is not in the mood to continue filming because of this accident. Except for the staff, everyone basically went back to their dorms.

Lin Yi did not leave immediately in the lounge. After hearing the staff came back and told Fred Archie that he was awake, and after the military department rejected the request for investigation, Lin Yi stood up and followed Fred who hurried out. , Said to him: "Director, can I go and see Archie with you? After all, he was helping me shoot."

Fred thought Lin Yi was self-blaming, and nodded his head without forgetting to comfort him: "This matter has nothing to do with you. After all, his own work is not in place."

Now the progress of the entire crew is slowed down. If the filming cannot be completed normally in the end, I am afraid that even if Archie is not crippled, Fred will want to make him crippled.

Several people came to the military medical center in a mecha car. Before entering the door, they were inspected by the brain, and it took a lot of toss to enter.

The medical center is tall and tall, and the decoration inside is white and cold. Apart from a few medical brains passing by, no one is seen.

Everyone entered the room through the entrance guard, and saw Archie couldn't move his hands and feet, and there was a large bruise on his face lying on the bed, looking very embarrassed.

He heard the voice reluctantly move his eyes to look towards the door, first saw Fred, and then saw Lin Yi behind Fred.

Lin Yi put his hands in his trouser pockets, with a relaxed smile in his eyes. Seeing Archie looking at him, he also stretched out a hand to beckon Archie, making it clear that the thing was made by Lin Yi. Frightened and frightened.

Not only did Lin Yi know exactly what trick he wanted to do, but he also dexterously resolved the trap he set, and then pitted him fiercely. Knowing that he was likely to be abolished in the second half of his life, Archie was deeply regretful, but at the same time he had to quickly arrange a way out for himself in trouble.

First of all, he must knock down his teeth and swallow the blood. He has no evidence and no way to tell that Lin Yi did the things. After all, he prepared all the props himself. Saying it out is equivalent to telling that he wanted to kill Lin Yi again. plan.

This is very likely to be charged with murder on the basis of his current injury.

Then when he returns to Capital Star, he must find Song Shu and ask Song Shu to give him a sufficient amount of compensation, or else he will have a fight with Song Shu.

But before that, he has to be prepared to ensure that Song Shu can't hurt him...

When Archie was thinking about it, Lin Yi and Fred had already arrived in front of him.

Although Fred felt unhappy, Archie was a member of the crew. Now because of the serious injury of the shooting, Fred still needs to care.

"You take good care of your injuries, I will try to fight for it at the military department, and let them give a reasonable investigation result." Fred said.

Archie's face changed slightly, and he struggled vaguely: "Director, no, no, it's difficult to deal with the military, I'm afraid I won't agree."

Of course I knew that they wouldn't agree. Those **** are more difficult than anything else, Fred thought.

Just as he was about to reach a consensus with Archie, Lin Yi, who was silent after entering the room, suddenly spoke: "I will help you make an investigation request to the military department, and let the military department give a detailed investigation result as much as possible. To give you the fairest result."

His tone was sincere and solemn, but Archie's face turned pale.

Fred turned his head unexpectedly to look at Lin Yi: "Is this all right?"

He knew that Lin Yi was the most talkable person in the crew at the moment. If Lin Yi was willing to ask for help, then the military might really let it go.

Lin Yi looked at Archie, then nodded, and said with a soothing voice: "I can use the contact with the military cafeteria to make a request. I think that will give me some face more or less. After all, the military For the Ministry, it is not something that is particularly difficult to investigate. I believe that in a short time, the cause and effect will be revealed."

The causes and consequences have come to the fore. These words were like a shot on Archie's head, making his hands and feet cold and guilty.

Fred heaved a sigh of relief. He felt that Lin Yi was willing to stand up at this time. It was really good. He couldn't help but applaud: "Then I will trouble you." Fred paused and said to Archie, "Archie, You should thank Lin Yi."

It turns out that Archie fainted again sometime.

The delay before and after has missed Lin Yi's usual point of going to the military cafeteria for dinner.

Little D didn't see Lin Yi when the time came, and immediately sent a message to ask Lin Yi.

"My lord, why didn't you come today, do you need me to pick you up?"

Lin Yi clicked on the personal terminal and replied to Xiao D: "No, I am in the medical center, and I will go back to the dormitory in a while. After I take a bath and change clothes, I will come by myself."

Because the driving permit obtained from Huangxing is a small benefit, Lin Yi can apply for a temporary car with the First Army here. In the middle of the filming, Lin Yi had already received relevant emails, telling him that the application had been passed, and Lin Yi had driven his car in the remaining days.

He only needs to pay for energy and rental fees, which is less than two hundred stars per day.

Hearing the words of the medical center, Xiao D became anxious. It turned around in the cafeteria lobby and almost ran into Qin Nuo who was coming from behind.

"Marshal." Xiao D stopped his movements and paid a military salute to Qin Nuo.

Qin Nuo looked down at it: "What's the matter?"

Xiao D is naturally obedient to Qin Nuo, and is afraid that Qin Nuo will feel that he has lost his appearance just now, and hurriedly explained: "It was a chat with Lord Lin Yi just now. He said he was in the medical center."

Medical center?

Qin Nuo frowned, and suddenly remembered what he had glanced at before coming to the cafeteria. It seemed that the crew had an accident while filming in space, and someone was seriously injured.

Thinking that Lin Yi might be the injured person, Qin Nuo became as nervous as Xiao D. He looked around at the generals coming and going around, and without hesitation, he turned his head and walked into the nearby cafeteria toilet. After entering the cubicle, he turned on full sound isolation, and then dialed Lin Yi's call request with his personal terminal.

Lin Yi in the dormitory of the crew took a hot shower. She was wearing a soft bathrobe and didn't even have time to flush her hair.

Facing Qin Nuo's call request at this moment, Lin Yi was stunned for a moment. He wiped his hair twice with a towel, pulled it back, and then pressed the connect button.

Therefore, after a few tenths of a second, Lin Yi saw from Qin Nuo's perspective, with wet hair and water vapor, and his cheeks reddishly, so unguarded.

Qin Nuo was completely dazed, but Lin Yi asked him first: "Marshal, what's the matter?"

Qin Nuo recovered, and looked away from the screen uncomfortably.

"There seems to be some accidents on your crew today. I just want to ask if you are okay." Qin Nuo said.

"Ah, this," Lin Yi nodded, and then naturally turned on the drying equipment in front of Qin Nuo, and dried his hair in a few seconds, "There was indeed an accident, but I have nothing to do."

Qin Nuo's gaze was clearly moved away, but he no longer voluntarily fell on Lin Yi's hair, attracted by Lin Yi's slender fingertips passing through his hair.

"That's why you are caring about me." Lin Yi raised her eyes suddenly, her eyes bright, dark and full of smiles, which gave Qin Nuo a feeling of being caught.