Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 34

"What do you think this is?" Qin Nuo raised his voice and asked Song Qinrong.

He couldn't help but where this narration dialogue came from, but he was not sure whether Song Qin Rong had just said what he heard.

At this moment, Song Qinrong's energy to nod his head was gone, and his heart raised his throat again. I don't know what Qin Nuo's reaction originated from, so he could only answer cautiously and carefully: "It's the previous song" A new work by the composer of "Dawn"."

Song Qin Rong's mood tightened, but he felt the atmosphere suddenly loosened, and Qin Nuo's expression suddenly relaxed.

The sudden ups and downs of emotions in this short period of time left Song Qinrong puzzled. Then he heard Qin Nuo say: "You go out first."

Song Qinrong turned his toes outward without hesitation, and ordered to retreat.

Qin Nuo sat back on his office chair, opened Starnet, and found the initial page of the song "Rain", and also saw the phrase left by the anonymous creator when he released the song. This song was written for your favorite. Human.

An affirmative sentence.

Accompanied by Qin Nuo's light and happy tunes that began to play after he clicked on the page, he jumped across the room cleverly.

The infinite conjectures that raged in Qin Nuo's heart at the moment before suddenly turned into some comical inconfidence. He was like a child who had opened a mysterious gift, intertwined with surprise and helplessness, curiosity mixed with cautiousness.

Lin Yi easily affected his emotions, Qin Nuo's gaze fell on the line of words on the screen, and he was taken aback for a while. The song had already turned around and started playing the second time.

The repeated chanting reminded Qin Nuo of his failure to watch the rain. The two wandered through the soft forest. The raindrops suddenly hit the top of their heads and the two ran in embarrassment and then looked at each other and laughed.

That simple and relaxed mood turned into a note, it turned out to be such a melody.

Qin Nuo appreciates the song "Dawn", but because of the special meaning behind it, probably no one cares more about this song than Qin Nuo.

After discovering that this song was a surprise made for myself, it was accompanied by another layer of more wonderful feeling.

In Qin Nuo's eyes, Lin Yi has become a more concrete and plump person. He is special and full of charm, vivid and incapable of turning his attention away. As long as you look at it for a while, you will find that Lin Yi is shining brightly. .

He came to Qin Nuo in an attitude of neither looking up nor down, which made Qin Nuo also strip away the appearances that had been piled up by the world, and intertwined with Qin Nuo himself, which made it difficult for Qin Nuo to restrain his throbbing.

Just like Qin Nuo's slightly rapid heartbeat and excitement at this time, Qin Nuo felt strange and fresh.

He was moved by Lin Yi.

The first thing Lin Yi noticed before returning to the crew to shoot was that everyone on the crew seemed to be fatter. If it was just one or two, he might not notice it, but all of his faces were rounded, which made it difficult for Lin Yi to fail to notice.

After learning about Lin Yi's question, Chen Qiaoxu raised his finger to the car in the military cafeteria parked not far outside the crew, "Now that car is resident for almost 24 hours, and everyone in the crew can't wait to eat eight meals a day."

Lin Yi smiled: "Isn't it such an exaggeration?"

"It's an exaggeration. Everyone eats like this. After all, we can't find the same place to eat when we return to Capital Star." Chen Qiaoxu glanced at Li Xingzhou who was putting on makeup in the dressing room not far away, and whispered. You just look at his face, it takes several layers of trimming."

As he said, he turned his head and looked at Lin Yi carefully, "Hey, your body control is very good."

At this time, a staff member came over to let Lin Yi hurry up and prepare.

As soon as Chen Qiaoxu finished filming, he was idle for a while, so he followed Lin Yi's side and said, "Are you going to get on the spacecraft into space? Please pay attention to safety."

"Well, thank you for your concern." Lin Yi gave Chen Qiaoxu a smile, and then strode onto the spaceship.

This scene in space is the highlight of the role played by Lin Yi. The scene where he jumped out of the spaceship and was swallowed by the darkness in space was not originally the main scene in the script, but after Fred’s rearrangement, this The importance of the shooting of one scene has also risen a lot.

The spacecraft used for filming is one of the antique-class spacecrafts of the First Legion, and the crew rented it for filming at a high price. However, although it is an old-fashioned spacecraft, many new spacecraft have evolved from this model in the future, so when Lin Yi was learning driving skills, he also dabbled in the knowledge of this spacecraft.

There is almost no difference between the simulated scene in the simulation cabin and the spacecraft that I saw with my own eyes at this time, except for one point.

Standing outside the spaceship, Lin Yi glanced at a few nearly invisible chains outside the spaceship, and one of the key parts was somewhat damaged. However, due to the semi-invisible effect of the chain, the damage is basically invisible unless you have the relevant spacecraft knowledge.

Lin Yi's eye fell and took it up extremely quickly, and there was no difference between it and an unintentional glance. After recording the locations of several chains, he stepped into the spacecraft.

There were not many people in the spacecraft. Because it was shooting dangerous scenes, there were only a few ordinary staff in the cabin except Lin Yi, and Li Xingzhou, but Li Xingzhou was shooting scenes in the cabin, and there was no danger at all. Fred and others are all under the spaceship.

Lin Yi kept in touch with Fred through the newsletter, and put on a special space suit. At that time, this space suit was connected to the chain that Lin Yi saw on the outside of the spacecraft. These two pieces of equipment allow Lin Yi to complete the journey into space. The key to a leap.

"Put it on, and be ready in five minutes." Archie handed Lin Yi a space suit from the side.

A qualified spacesuit has strict parameter requirements. Lin Yi took the spacesuit and glanced down, then raised his head and glanced at Archie again.

Archie, who consciously arranged everything properly, was inexplicably guilty by Lin Yi's glance without much emotion.

"Quickly put it on, it's your responsibility to delay the shooting." Archie said gruffly.

Lin Yi put down the space suit and said to Archie: "I'm a little nervous, I have to go to the bathroom first."

Archie frowned, but couldn't stop this normal physiological situation, only raised his hand impatiently: "Go and get back."

On the other side, Li Xingzhou was complaining that he was seasick and asked to give him seasickness medicine. Archie was helpless, and quickly walked over, and at the same time looked back at the space suit that was left in place.

Everything has the right wind. As long as Lin Yi puts on this space suit and connects to the problematic chain, when he jumps away from the spacecraft, he will soon lose connection with the spacecraft because the safety chain breaks. At the same time, he will give Lin Yi's space suit was damaged again. Once it entered the space environment, it could not support the oxygen supply at all, and it was impossible to support Lin Yi to complete the rescue.

In this way, Lin Yi’s death was logical, and he took a 10,000 step back. Even if Lin Yi didn’t die, he would still have half his life. No matter how he completed the task well, after returning to the Capital Star, he would have to make a fortune. of.

Thinking of this, Archie felt a burst of excitement in his heart.

When he got Li Xingzhou's seasickness medicine and returned to the preparation work area, Lin Yi had already put on his space suit. The space suit also has a certain degree of invisibility. At this time, the light is sufficient and the outline can be seen, and when it is in space, it will be integrated with the user.

In order to ensure that things go smoothly and the shooting itself needs, Archie himself will also put on a space suit and go outside the spacecraft.

Lin Yi walked in front of him to the side of the hull of the spacecraft that still had a protective cover.

When Archie reached out for the chain, Lin Yi stretched out his hand and patted his spacesuit. Archie turned his head subconsciously, but suddenly found that the spacesuit had failed for a few seconds, and his eyes seemed to be blocked by something as dark as it was.

"What's going on!" Archie whispered, just about to report to the ground, but before his eyes returned to normal, looking over, Lin Yi was standing beside the chain of question, stretching out his hand to connect with him.

Archie relaxed again. He took a safety chain to connect his space suit and urged Lin Yi: "Are you ready? It's time to start."

The shots between the two of them that could be obtained on the ground were blocked by their backs. After knowing that the shooting could be officially started at this time, the position of the equipment was adjusted and the protective cover outside the spacecraft was slowly evacuated.

Archie and Lin Yi were exposed to the space environment at the same time. Lin Yi grabbed the edge of the spacecraft, looked back at the camera, then let go of his hand, and slowly jumped back into the darkness.

This shot was stretched in slow motion, and the close-up gave the look on Lin Yi's face, desperate and relieved. He just fell straight into the distance, coordinating with his interpretation, making all the staff on the ground looking at the monitor wonder whether he was really integrated into the character and floated away.

Only Fred is as sweet as eating honey. Lin Yi hasn't come to the crew these days. He is afraid that Lin Yi will not be able to play and forget all the tricks, but it turns out that Lin Yi is a baby, and it was normal for the last second. Speak, immediately enter the role in the next second to act out the person.

"Okay, it's okay." Fred shouted, announcing the end of the filming.

Archie stared scorchingly at Lin Yi who was still falling outward, hoping that he would show a panic expression in the next second.

Suddenly at this moment, Lin Yi's original out of focus sight fell on Archie's face, and there was a light that made Archie's heart guilty. Then he saw Lin Yi stretched out his hand to grab the safety rope, and floated back to the spaceship after a few strokes.

How could this happen?

Archie looked back in disbelief, and then was surprised to find that his safety rope was only slightly connected to the spacecraft at this time, and within his time, it had been separated from the hull itself.

Lin Yi was approaching the spaceship, he was far away, and the moment the two passed by, Archie saw the shivering smile in Lin Yi's eyes, as if everything that happened at this moment had been expected by the other party.

Archie could instinctively stretch out his fingertips to grab Lin Yi, and at the same time he saw Lin Yi also extend his hand towards him. In desperation, Archie's all hope was Lin Yi's palm, but he only felt Lin Yi's The fingertips rubbed his fingertips.

"Ah, that's awful." As Archie fell into the depths of space, he heard Lin Yi's unhurried voice, some jumping, just like a haunting ghost after a successful prank.