Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 33

The logo on the package shows that it is from a planet other than the barren star, but it does not identify what the contents are.

Little D moved slowly, looking around the package before finding the opening. It lowered its head to reveal its identification code for the parcel scanner to read. With an electronic tone, the parcel was successfully verified by the recipient, and it opened automatically in front of D.

Song Qin Rong looked more seriously than Xiao D beside him.

As a result, the contents of the bag were beyond their expectations.

It had nothing to do with the sanctions documents. The package contained a set of clothing exclusively for intellectual brains.

An exquisite card in the corner of the package was also activated at this time, and flew erraticly to the sight of Little D, then flashed a flash, and began to play the recording that was prepared in advance.

It turned out to be Lin Yi's voice.

"I hope Little D is happy every day, and I also hope that Little D doesn't need to worry too much about work matters. You are a very good brain. Always remember this. Don't deny yourself easily. Little gift, I hope you will like it."

After listening to this passage, Xiao D brushed it and stretched out his hand to shake the small suit out of the package, and then buried his face in the fabric under the turbulent emotions in his heart, and there was a cry.

Fortunately, it has no real tears, otherwise the new clothes are too choking for it to toss.

The bit of sourness and frustration in front of Little D disappeared, replaced by a touch of emotion that can hardly be vented.

It's a brain that some people care about, someone likes someone cares.

Others' liking for it may be disguised, but Master Lin Yi will not. Long before it was a real little rubbish, Master Lin Yi was already very kind to it.

Human treasure! Human light!

Little D pulled his head out of his clothes, and then changed his military uniform to this one without hesitation. The suit cufflinks, and a pair of small leather shoes, came out like an elite intellectual brain.

Little D put his hands back again, and slowly turned around to look at Song Qin Rong who was about to leave quietly, his emotions stabilized.

The world is so beautiful, but I am so irritable.

Song Qin Rong looked at it, it looked at Song Qin Rong, and then Xiao D suddenly gave Song Qin Rong a smile, yin and yang weird.

"What to eat or drink, say by yourself." Xiao D turned the wheel leisurely and left after speaking.

In this way, Song Qinling was scared enough, afraid that Xiao D would secretly get him some rat poison.

Lin Yi had already started his driving test at this time.

As the imperial planet with the highest requirements for driving skills, the driving test here is undoubtedly the most difficult. Starting from the simplest model to the most complex, all knowledge points are involved. It not only covers the planets, but also the space flight related to the outer planets.

Lin Yi calmly followed the test requirements in the simulated simulation environment, and every time he completed something, a system sound would appear to judge his score.

"Full score."

"Full score."

"Full score."

"Congratulations, you got an excellent test result."

As the last reminder sounded, the virtual screen in front of Lin Yi receded, and at the same time his personal terminal issued a shallow light. He looked down and found that the highest level of driving permission sign appeared on his personal center page.

The price of personal aircraft is not very expensive, the starting price is only tens of thousands of yuan, but as the performance improves, there will be different price points, the highest such as Qin Nuo's car can be close to hundreds of millions of yuan.

Lin Yi has taken a fancy to a personal aircraft with a price of around 300,000 yuan. It currently ranks first in the star network's cost-effective evaluation, and it is completely feasible to drive on planets such as Capital Star.

He wiped the sweat off his forehead and jumped off the smart console.

The training ground was empty at this time, and Lin Yi didn't leave directly, but entered the training course of physical fitness and fighting.

This set of tutorials started when he arrived at the training ground on the first day. After so many days, with diet, it has been very effective and his physical fitness has been significantly improved.

Although he is still subject to the natural physique of omega, Lin Yi’s figure and B are not strong, but compared to the soft flesh before, he now has well-proportioned muscles, and his fighting skills are well-versed in the heart and in the heart. Numerous actual combat exercises in the simulation system, skills to a large extent make up for the relative lack of strength.

After Lin Yi sweated to complete today's tutorial, Zhi Nao generously gave him an A grade and suggested that he could already advance to the learning course of advanced fighting skills.

"But maybe it's too late to learn that?" Lin Yi glanced at the advanced fighting skills course time. Combined with his physical intelligence, the recommended 30 days.

And he has less than a week or so left to stay here.

Lin Yi has come to the training ground regularly these days, and his physique has improved significantly from the start to the present, all of this is inseparable from his sweat. The brains of the training ground were very fond of him, and at this time they gave Lin Yi suggestions.

"In fact, Capital Star also has a training ground for the First Corps. Although it is not available for non-soldiers, maybe you can find a way to borrow other people's places, so I can still train for you." This is already open to the back door.

"Originally, is the data of the brain in Capital Star common to you?" Lin Yi said with a smile, "If this is the case, then I will feel more at ease. If I change to another brain, I may not be able to get used to them. train."

After hearing this, the brain of the training ground felt very comfortable, and said: "I am also very happy to serve you. I sincerely hope that after you return to Capital Star, the two of us can still see each other."

Let alone how to coax people, Lin Yi’s ability to coax Zhinao is truly extraordinary.

After leaving the military cafeteria in the morning, Song Qin-song simply went to the barracks below to wander around. He originally thought that he could feel the admiration and love of young soldiers, and at the same time put Lin Yi and the like behind him.

After all, in the First Army, if Qin Nuo is excluded, Song Qin Rong himself is also a very attractive alpha, and he has won a lot of military exploits on the battlefield.

Unexpectedly, he could feel the existence of Lin Yi in all aspects in the ordinary camp below.

There are tens of thousands of large and small canteens distributed on the entire barren star, and these canteens are basically connected by the daily lives of the soldiers.

As soon as Song Qin Rong got off the mecha, he saw a propaganda newspaper posted on the bulletin board of a subordinate camp. The newspaper was a moving picture. The broadcast date of the following issue of "Where Are We From" has been announced, and according to Lin Yi will also participate in the second episode of the rules of the previous episode. This propaganda newspaper called on the soldiers to vote for Lin Yi, so that he could feel the solid support from the First Army.

Side by side with Lin Yi's content is Qin Nuo's related content, which shows that even if Qin Nuo leaves the Wild Star, he will not be removed from the position of the highest commander of the First Army.

Two pieces of news one came from the headquarters of the First Corps Canteen, and the second piece of news came from the Office of the Army Headquarters of the First Corps.

There is a sense of conflict between the two sources of information posted together, but they exist together strangely. The ordinary soldiers below are obviously very used to this.

The soldiers of the First Legion were far away from the outside entertainment news itself, and they were far away from the black material of Lin Yi's black heart and face, vicious and terrifying. What they really come into contact with is the military canteen that tastes more delicious day by day, and it’s so delicious that people can’t imagine what to do if it’s not there. There is also the canteen in the canteen that seems to spread to them all the positives related to Lin Yi every day. Reporting and telling them that without Lin Yi, there would be no good food. This positively related thing.

Every word of it has to be said that in this period of time, apart from cooking, what Xiao D has done the most is to promote Lin Yi, and a kitchen brain is about to catch up with Wei Que.

Song Qinrong saw his scalp numb, and after walking two steps, he heard two low-ranking officers chatting and saying: "I went to the crew to take a look yesterday. I didn't see Lin Yi."

"I heard that he will not be there in the past two days, otherwise I would rather have him sign his name before he leaves Huangxing."

Song Qin Rong actually liked Lin Yi a lot, but he felt that if he continued doing it like this, Xiao D might be able to turn the entire First Army into Lin Yi's fan group.

Of course, the crux of the problem is not yet Xiao D, but Song Qin Rong is really worried that Qin Nuo will be the first to become Lin Yi's fan.

As for the question Lin Yi had thrown at Song Qinrong before, Song Qinrong felt that he also wanted to understand. His disagreement with Lin Yi's point of view is not out of prejudice against Lin Yi's gender. In fact, Alpha has such an idea, and he cannot agree with it either.

Both **** relationships and marriage should be sacred, and no one should blaspheme it.

If it is two people who have the same concept, Song Qinrong feels that he has no right to interfere. However, he knew clearly that the Marriage-Fearing Marshal, whom the whole empire thought, had high expectations for love and marriage. It is precisely because of this expectation that Qin Nuo expects a pure relationship, rather than an over-targeted acquaintance and love controlled by pheromone.

Thinking about it from this angle, Song Qin Rong felt that Lin Yi was like a big bad wolf sharpening his sword at the moment, and Qin Nuo was simply weak, pitiful and helpless.

Song Qinrong had a sense of responsibility that must save Qin Nuo from the fire and water.

But in fact, Qin Nuo and Song Qinrong's imagination still has a way to go.

When he got along with Lin Yi, it was simple and easy and made him feel happy, but Qin Nuo still didn't know what this feeling meant. Lin Yi's breath is clean and thorough, even the character he expresses is like this.

Qin Nuo leaned on the office chair, his long legs stretched, his neck slightly leaned back, his fingertips flicked between his brows, his brows gathered together, thinking about the front Lin Yi and Song Qinrong talking back and forth and walking into the training ground. Picture.

Lin Yi and Song Qinrong seem to be very close, and they spend a lot of time together, much more than he and Lin Yi get along.

If this is the case, do those conversations that make him feel at a loss and expectation exist only for him. Qin Nuo's troubles were violent and strong. Lin Yi was a brand new experience for him. The little experience of getting along with the omega before him could not help him at all.

The movement of rubbing the eyebrows did not relieve Qin Nuo's irritability at this time. He lowered his hands and opened his eyes, not wanting to fall into this meaningless guess. However, this thought only appeared to remind him for a second, Qin Nuo Once again, I became bored with the emotion of uncertainty.

Song Qinrong asked to enter Qin Nuo's office at this time.

Qin Nuo heard the notice from Zhi Nao, turned his office chair and looked out the door, and then said, "Come in."

Song Qin Rong walked into the room eagerly. Along the way, he thought about countless ways to speak, but when he met Qin Nuo's eyes, Song Qinrong immediately forgot all the good things.

Qin Nuo: "You came in just to show me in a daze?"

Song Qinrong immediately stood up straight: "Report to the marshal, no."

"Then speak quickly."

"I," I want to tell you that Lin Yi is a scumbag who just wants to play and don't want to be responsible. Marshal, you can be fooled in terms of feelings, so don't just trust him.

Song Qinrong shot a long string of messages in his eyes, but still only the word "I" was exported.

Qin Nuo lost his patience: "Give me keywords within a second."

The coercion of the high alpha of his whole body instantly swept across Song Qinrong's body, making him agitated and at the same time making him involuntarily say: "Lin Yi."

Qin Nuo lifted his chin slightly, his eyes stunned.

Even more majestic, the feeling of oppression that almost dumped the mountains and seas immediately wrapped Song Qinrong, and he involuntarily lowered his head. This level of oppression will only come out actively when Qin Nuo is angry or feels threatened.

Fortunately, after two seconds, this sense of oppression disappeared, but it also revealed the fact that either Qin Nuo's emotions just got out of control by accident, or Qin Nuo really showed hostility to him, and this seemed to be just It's because of the word "Lin Yi".

Song Qinrong felt bad in his heart. Compared to reminding Qin Nuo, he certainly wanted to live well.

"Go on, what's wrong with Lin Yi." Qin Nuo straightened up and didn't want Song Qinrong to expose it casually.

"Lin Yi him," Song Qin Rong would dare to fart at this moment? He was afraid that Qin Nuo, who had already walked to his side, stretched out his hand and ended him.

Any clever alpha knows that the most unprovoked one is an angry one, and the fighting power is much higher than its own alpha.

Song Qinrong quickly made up a nonsense in his mind: "I came in just to recommend a song to the marshal. It was written by the anonymous creator last time. It is mentioned that Lin Yi is because Lin Yi also likes this song."

Anyway, Song Qin-song was afraid to say what he was admonishing. The best way he thought of right now was to let Qin Nuo understand the nature of feelings through this song that expresses sincere and pure love.

Will be happy because of liking someone and then write a love song and put it on the star network to confess, how sweet is this? Song Qinrong feels that he can imagine the creator's cautiousness and shyness towards feelings, which is clearly different from Lin Yi's love of throwing a table full of big red hearts in a hooligan manner and not wanting to consider getting married.

As he said, he was afraid that Qin Nuo would cut him because of his unbelief, so he hurriedly used the player to play the song "Rain", which was already so popular at the moment.

Wake up in time, Marshal!

Qin Nuo naturally didn't believe Song Qinrong's words, but he was stunned after hearing the narration of "Rain".

"Did you hear that?"


"The sound of rain."