Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 32

What Lin Yi didn't know was that Xiao D was not only putting the soldiers in order in these few days, but even the people on the crew side were completely silent.

Everyone thinks that the kitchen’s brains are fierce, but the cooking is also really delicious.

In the words of director Fred, that is the so-called earth food they had eaten in Capital Star before, and it was all rubbish.

And when he thought that after the remaining week or so, he would not be able to eat this kind of food anymore, Fred hesitated whether to do something.

Of course, it is impossible to stay in Huangxing. What he considers is whether he can get himself a kitchen brain like Xiao D and go back. As a result, I was told that Xiao D's intellectual brain was worth a million dollars, and even if Fred had the ability to get the same type, the same intellectual brain did not have the authority to obtain Xiao D's recipes. At present, Xiao D's recipes are fully controlled by itself and enjoy great autonomy.

To no avail, Fred finally gave up the idea.

Archie, who is also on the crew, has been entangled in his heart these days.

He came to Huangxing himself with a mission, otherwise he wouldn't be that targeted at Lin Yi at first. The person who contacted him even mentioned vaguely to him that if Lin Yi can stay in Huangxing forever, the reward will increase to a very considerable figure, which means it is best to let Lin Yi die here.

Archie naturally had thoughts about this, and he also figured out a feasible method.

As I said before, the entire Wasteland crew had signed a separate contract before they set off to Huangxing. The accidents that might occur after coming to Huangxing were indicated on it, and everyone was responsible for it.

Not only in accordance with this contract, but in terms of the current distance between the Barren Star and the Capital Star, and the lack of actual control of the Barren Star on the Capital Star. Any case that occurs here, as long as it is an accident, there is basically no People will investigate carefully.

Two days later, it was the filming time of Lin Yi's last scene, and it was also the time when the role he played was officially offline. The shooting location is in the outer space above the barren star, and Lin Yi needs to jump out of the spacecraft by then.

For Archie, who was in charge of preparing all the props for logistics, he couldn't think of any better opportunities than this.

But this is just an idea that stays in Archie's mind, and I still have to say back to Lin Yi at this time.

After eating breakfast in the military cafeteria, he took Song Qinrong's ride to the training ground without stopping.

Song Qin Rong, who was put on a stinky face in the cafeteria because he tried to drink two more bowls of bean curd, sighed: "D-type No.1 is like this. Now only you and the marshal can suppress it. When we all leave the wasteland Star, it's afraid to be the king."

"Little D is in charge of the kitchen at most, so what else?" Lin Yi asked.

Song Qin Rong disapproved: "Mastering the stomach of the military is equivalent to mastering half of the military's life."

He still wanted to ask Lin Yi a few words about Qin Nuo, but when he thought of Qin Nuo’s warning, Song Qinrong held back in time. Although he really doubted Lin Yi’s shyness, I’m afraid he knew it. Among Lin Yi's people, only Qin Nuo would think so.

Thinking of this, Song Qinrong had to sigh in his heart that maybe being in love is really stupid.

"Do you know what the marshal likes?"

Song Qin Rong didn't talk about Qin Nuo, but he didn't expect Lin Yi to take the initiative to say it.

"What do you like?" Song Qin Rong was really unfamiliar with this. "So far, the Marshal doesn't seem to show a preference for specific things."

"Really?" Lin Yi frowned, obviously not satisfied with the answer.

Song Qin-song explained: "I didn't bluff you. The truth is that the Marshal is good at many things, but he really hasn't shown a special love for anything."

"That's it." Lin Yi's furrowed brows eased slightly, and he looked out the window thoughtfully.

Song Qinrong asked him curiously: "What are you asking about this?"

"I'm pursuing him, so isn't it normal to master his preferences?"

Song Qinrong almost slammed the brakes. When he digested the news, he couldn't help but confirm to Lin Yi: "Do you know the Williams family?"

Lin Yi gave Song Qinrong an expression of "you are talking nonsense".

Song Qin Rong seemed to have considered the wording, and then said: "Although the marshal himself...but their family will have very strict requirements on his spouse, maybe,"

He said it intermittently, but the meaning was actually very clear. That is, as the heir of the Williams family, Qin Nuo's spouse must be perfect in every aspect. Lin Yi doesn't talk about the family background, just a single infertility is enough to be sentenced to death.

Originally thought that saying these words would make Lin Yi at least a little frustrated, but Song Qinrong did not expect that Lin Yi's expression would be very calm: "So what?"

"What?" Song Qinrong looked at Lin Yi in surprise.

Lin Yi continued: "I am only pursuing Qin Nuo, not his family. Besides, being in love does not mean marriage. In fact, I think marriage and other things are useless."

"So you are planning to fall in love with the marshal after you catch him?"

"so what?"

Song Qin Rong got stuck on the spot and didn't know how to proceed, because the logic Lin Yi gave him was almost never seen in an omega.

In other words, he didn't know that this kind of scumbag logic of only falling in love and not getting married could still exist in omega.

Lin Yi gave Song Qin Rong a smile that he had learned to live and learn, and then asked Song Qin Rong accurately: "Do you think this idea of ​​just falling in love and not wanting to get married is unacceptable, or do you think I have this as an omega? The idea is unacceptable?"

The crux of the question is indeed here, and Song Qinrong is increasingly unable to answer it.

As for Lin Yi to Qin Nuo, Lin Yi naturally likes it, but it is far from inextricable. He enjoys this kind of intimacy and the process of getting closer to the two of them. If he wants to say that he has made any plans and preparations for the future of the two, then it is a lie.

After the two entered the training ground before and after, Song Qinrong's mental state had not yet adjusted.

As a result, he looked up and saw Qin Nuo just jump out of a mecha in the training ground.

Song Qinrong hadn't spoken yet, Lin Yi next to him had already walked up to him and greeted Qin Nuo with a bright smile: "Marshal."

Some sweat oozes out of Qin Nuo's head, mixed with the smell of some pheromone that is not under his control.

Song Qinrong looked at Qin Nuo's expression secretly, and found that Qin Nuo's eyes were brighter when he saw Lin Yi.

It's over.

"Hello," Qin Nuo said, "Are there any training plans today?"

"There is a driver's license test today." Lin Yi looked at the time and said, "There are still ten minutes."

Qin Nuo nodded, as if he had only seen Song Qinrong, his tone calmed down a lot, "What are you doing here?"

Outright differential treatment.

Song Qinrong: "I'm leaving now." The training ground can't accommodate him.

When he returned to his mecha, he remembered that he had originally planned to practice when he came over.

Song Qin Rong had nothing to do right now, so he simply turned back to the military cafeteria.

The military canteens where meals are not served are usually empty. However, in recent days, since they have begun to sell food such as dim sum, the canteen has a flow of people almost 24 hours a day.

When Song Qinrong passed by, a few generals who were dining were sitting sporadically. He found an empty table in the corner of the table and sat down.

Lin Yi is not a bad person. On the contrary, after Song Qinrong gets along, he feels that Lin Yi's personality is indeed very good and likable. But this idea of ​​just falling in love and not getting married before being together seemed to make him unacceptable.

But just like Lin Yi asked him, Song Qinrong still didn't know if his awkwardness was simply because an omega had such an idea that made him feel inappropriate.

"Keep your feet away."

Song Qinrong didn't pay attention to it, and his feet remained motionless.

As a result, in the next second, a violent wind hit his feet in a chilly manner. Song Qinrong instinctively reacted to the side to hide, then turned his head and saw that the laser knife in Xiao D’s hand had not been put down yet, and he A piece of the table leg at the foot has been dropped.

Song Qinrong's scalp was numb, and he couldn't help but complain: "D-Type One, you are really going to shake the sky, didn't you see me sitting here?"

"Who made you deaf, besides, I have a sense of measure." Little D said, "Are you wasting canteen resources here or do you want to touch me?"

Probably because no one else can tell, Song Qinrong sighed and said to Xiao D: "I'm thinking about Lin Yi."

"Lin Yi-sama?" Little D, who was about to turn away, suddenly turned his head back. He was stunned at first, and then suddenly sneered, "Hmph, I think you are a toad and want to eat swan meat!"

Hey, why do you have toad swan meat even if it matches me? He is also a great alpha with a good overall level of family background, OK? Song Qin Rong burst into his forehead, before he had time to speak back, Xiao D suddenly stopped his movements and took out a virtual panel to make a video call.

It was small A who called.

It just received the small navy clothes ordered by Lin Yi. Because they were made strictly according to the size, they looked very fit at this time. The blue and white stripes with the short fat figure and the little hat are stupid. Cute and stupid.

"Brother D, don't I look good in this body!?" Little A swayed in front of Little D extremely stinkingly.

Little D praised: "It looks good."

Little A usually doesn't go out and no one talks. These days, I have the best chat with little D, and I love to call him if I have nothing to do.

"The master bought it for me, and I put it on as soon as I arrived, but I called the master just now and he didn't pick it up, so I will show you first." Xiao A said, "I will be as handsome as you in the future. Up."

Little D was sour at once, so sour that he couldn't speak.

A few days ago, Xiao A expressed his admiration for his clothes, but he didn't expect Lin Yi to buy it for him. This is the benefit that some people care about.

Song Qin Rong had been watching him, and immediately found a chance for revenge when he saw this. He said with a strange voice, "Hey, the cute brain is always concerned."

Little D turned his head to look at him, but was speechless with his mouth pursed. In fact, Xiao D felt that Xiao A was indeed more cute than himself.

"I can buy it myself." Xiao D hung up and retorted to Song Qinrong.

Song Qin Rong: "Does it feel the same if you buy it yourself and others give it?"

That really can't.

Little D was so sour that he was about to shut himself down again. He sighed and made a sound of about to cut off the power as a whole.

Song Qin Rong hadn't seen the appearance of Xiao D as a defeated **** for a long time. He felt that the frustration brought by Xiao D's fierceness and frequent **** warnings in front of him was wiped out, and he was about to become proud.

Suddenly a micro-aircraft flew over and landed firmly on Little D's head, "Interstellar package, pay attention to check it."

After leaving a package, the aircraft flew back along the same route.

"What is it?" Xiao D shook off the things on his forehead mournfully.

"Disciplinary documents?" Song Qinrong speculated maliciously with a dark conscience.