Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 31

The music area of ​​the Empire Forum attracted huge traffic thanks to the song "Dawn". The first few days did make managers think about the rationality of the existence of this block. However, after everyone went to the music area for a tour, they found that there was only one piece of music that could be heard here, and the composer was still an anonymous player, so some criticisms appeared.

In addition, the anonymous publisher has not been online for several days, and there is no intention to identify himself. Even a few large companies want to seek cooperation and have not received a response, which makes people doubt whether he will remain anonymous forever. Someone speculates based on the background of the song "Dawn" that it is suspected that the creator is likely to be a soldier, and may be restricted by the military's confidentiality regulations, and therefore cannot disclose his identity.

For this kind of speculation, the voice of support is quite high, because this is probably the most reasonable explanation at the moment.

As a result, on the seventh day when the entire Wasteland crew was cut off from the rest of the world, the music area of ​​the Empire Forum exploded again.

Without him, there is a new post in the music area, and the anonymous creator who is full of guesses threw up another song called "Rain".

Lin Yi will not let go of every moment of inspiration. After he and Qin Nuo came back from the primeval forest that day, they immediately began to write this piece of music. He wrote the whole piece in almost half a night, and made some detailed modifications and improvements in the next few nights, and finally produced the finished product.

It just so happened that there was no arrangement for his role in the past few days. Lin Yi was at leisure. In addition to going back and forth to the cafeteria during the day, the most visited was the training base. Lin Yi has digested all the learning content before getting the driver's license, and he can obtain the driver's license only after passing the scheduled formal test.

In addition, through these days of intensive training, Lin Yi's physical fitness has also improved somewhat.

In general, the only thing that made Lin Yi feel a little regretful in the past few days was that Qin Nuo became busy with tasks and often left Huangxing, and the two could not see him again. However, Lin Yi didn't cut off the contact with Qin Nuo. After asking for peace, sending out an emoji package to molest became almost everyday. The more times Qin Nuo has learned to reply to emojis, although his emojis are as rigid and boring as him, progress is always progress and cannot be ignored because it is small.


The song "Rain" still has no lyrics, but unlike "Dawn", there is a narration at the beginning of "Rain", which is a dialogue between two men. I used a dialogue between Lin Yi and Qin Nuo when they went to the primeval forest, but of course the original sound Lin Yi was not recorded. What appeared in the song was simulated by him using software.

"Did you hear that?"


"The sound of rain."

After this brief dialogue, a burst of cheerful and jumping notes appeared in people’s ears. The emotion of the whole piece was bright and relaxed, without much emotional changes, but it made people feel that it was straightforward and sweet. Taste of love.

Compared with the passionate effort of the song "Dawn" and the heaviness behind it, this song "Rain" makes everyone who listens to it suddenly open up and feel happy with the beating of the notes.

In the words of netizens: "After listening to this song, I will really want to fall in love!"

With the popularity of "Dawn", Lin Yi's second song will naturally have a high degree of attention without much effort. Even after Wei Que learned the news, before he had time to operate, the song "Rain" had already reached the top of the star network search on the day.

Even Xi Qingyu and Song Shu both rushed to the popularity to publish a bunch of praise, Wei Que took screenshots one by one, and came to Lin Yi again and laughed: "Look at the **** tweeting of these people, I I really look forward to them knowing that this piece is your expression when you compose it."

Like when "Dawn" was published last time, Lin Yi still did not leave much clues about his identity this time, he only left two sentences.

"The inspiration of the song came from a rain that had fallen a few days ago, to someone I like; this is a piano piece."

The audience of this song is wider than that of "Dawn", and it has aroused the enthusiasm of the entire empire in almost twenty-four hours.

"The melody is wonderful, and the introduction of the narration at the beginning is also wonderful. Although it is a completely different style from Dawn, I like it the same!"

"Because of Dawn, I always think that the creator is a super A alpha, but this new song seems to have a different feel, so gentle."

"Ahhhhh, I made a song for the person I like, and I feel like crying."

"The creator is god, the style span of the two songs is so large, but every capital is so good!"

"Is this a confession? Who can stop it? If this song was written for me, I must be married on the spot, (I am alpha)."

"So the narration at the beginning is a dialogue between the author and the person you like?"

But in fact, it must be strictly true. The release time of the two songs is not too far apart, so in such a short period of time, two songs with very different styles but equally pleasing to the ear were created. In the eyes of most people, this anonymous creator Already can put a "stone hammer boss" mark on his forehead.

Lin Yi didn't care much about the compliments, he just clicked in the post the next morning and added a new comment.

"I will make my identity public this month, and I hope everyone will not be disappointed in me."

He himself did not choose to announce his identity as soon as "Dawn" became popular, but the timing was not mature enough. He was worried that Lin Yi's own black material would be overshadowed by Lin Yi as soon as it was announced, but it was troublesome. Looking at it now, whether it is from the number of fans or the trend of public opinion surrounding the two words Lin Yi, it should be the right time to announce.

This message stirred up waves with a single stone. With a time limit, there is boundless hope. Countless netizens consistently give a reward, full of curiosity and excitement after finally getting an answer.

There are countless words to encourage Lin Yi.

"Your talent is enough to make people admire, no matter who you are, I love you!"

"Ahhhh, please be sure to disclose your identity, I want to know who you are so much, I won't be disappointed anyway."

"Believe me, whoever named you, he is enough to fade away from ordinary brilliance."

Lin Yi glanced at the backstage of his personal account in the music zone the next night after the release of "Rain". The two songs have been accumulated, and his account has a balance of more than 15 million, and It is still increasing rapidly.

The previous debt crisis has long since disappeared.

Lin Yi lay on the bed after washing and talking with Xiao A.

Probably the military uniform a few days ago was praised by Lin Yi, and Xiao D has been wearing a military uniform these days. This makes Lin Yi remember when talking with Xiao A now.

So how do you think Xiao A feels that it is slick.

Faced with Xiao A who babbled on the other side about how he put the house back today, Lin Yi suddenly asked him, "Do you want new clothes?"

Xiao A was a little puzzled at first: "Clothes?" Then he realized, "Clothes!"

The shells of the brains can buy clothes, and new brains such as the small D will be equipped with such a module. But Xiao A does not have it because of its older model.

However, Lin Yi has opened the relevant shopping website at this moment. After entering the model number of Xiao A, he found that 10,000 yuan can be used to install a shape upgrade software for it.

In addition, there are various styles and various clothes that can be purchased for the brain. Of course, the price is not very cheap. Because these clothes are not just data display, they do have certain defense or other attribute bonuses. It needs to be beautiful without affecting the daily use of intelligent brain robots, so when the whole set is complete, it has to be tens of thousands of pieces, which is far more expensive than human clothes.

The vast majority of people will not waste their money on this kind of attribute bonus that does not help much in life, so only a very small number of players with a lot of money will do this.

"Are you wearing clothes like Brother Xiao D?" Xiao A asked Lin Yi.

"Of course not. Its clothes are formal military uniforms, numbered, you can't wear them."

After turning around two times, Xiao A faced the camera again and carefully asked Lin Yi to verify: "Master, do you really want to buy me clothes? But I heard it's expensive."

"It's a bit expensive," Lin Yi said, before Xiao A was disappointed, "but Xiao A is worth it."

If she could cry, Xiao A could immediately show Lin Yi a wow cry.

Lin Yi bought the upgrade software and quickly sent it to Xiao A to upgrade it on its own. While waiting, he browsed the clothing options of the entire Zhinao Mall.

Probably to satisfy the evil tastes of the owners who like this module, there are really any styles of clothing here, weird three-point styles, retro tutu skirts, and gentlemen's suits.

However, the initial form of the imperial intellectual brain is basically short and fat. In order to distinguish intellectual brains from humans to the greatest extent and prevent intellectual brain riots that have occurred in the past, the laws of the empire explicitly prohibit making intellectual brains in the shape of humans.

So that the pictures of these clothes are very good-looking, but once they show the effect picture worn on Zhi Brain, it is always a bit amused.

Lin Yi finally valued a small suit and a retro navy outfit.

The small suit is not only a jacket and shirt, but also a tie, small leather shoes, and even cufflinks. It looks serious and stylish. This set is for Little D. It is probably influenced by its military uniform. Lin Yi thinks this style is probably more suitable for Little D.

The retro navy style is much more playful, with a blue and white striped shirt, blue panties, white stockings, and a small navy hat. Lin Yi thinks that this set is not only more suitable for Xiao A, but also barely a military uniform.

The two sets of clothes will be sent out the next day after the start of working hours on Capital Star. Capital Star will deliver them free of charge. On Huangxing's side, the delivery fee has been increased by another two thousand yuan, which is really not cheap.

Early the next morning, Lin Yi went straight to the military cafeteria.

Today is the time for the driver's license test he made an appointment, and Xiao D specially prepared a rich breakfast for Lin Yi in the morning.

After these days of enriching the menu, not only the generals in the military cafeteria, but the soldiers of the entire First Army have been greatly satisfied. The breakfast is so rich that there are many kinds of fried dumplings, pancakes, soy milk fritters and soy milk fritters. The choice of dishes for dinner and lunch has also changed from a few to dozens.

And everyone who has never had to choose advanced to have a good choice also has other troubles, that is, they want to eat everything every day, but they can only choose a few, which is simply another kind of pain.

Fortunately, whenever this happens, Xiao D and the kitchen brains under its control will issue a unified warning to eat shit, to a large extent, let the soldiers pay attention in time.

So far, Xiao D's kitchen hegemony has been further consolidated, and he has been in the limelight for the moment.