Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 47

The parties involved could understand what Lin Yi's words meant. As a result, the expressions of Song Shu and Ye Jin had more and more subtle changes that could not be revealed.

Before returning to Capital Star, Qin Nuo had already started investigating what Lin Yi had experienced before. Although he proceeded somewhat secretly without disturbing the Song family first, it is not difficult for Lin Yi to experience anything in general. Check properly.

He stepped forward and brought Lin Yi to a position behind him, forming a natural protective posture. Even if he didn't speak, the gaze looking at Song Shu and Ye Jin was enough to make them confused.

In a moment of anxiety, an elderly royal servant walked out of the room. He never noticed that there was anything wrong with the atmosphere here. He just stepped forward and bowed to a few people in a gesture of begging, "The banquet time is almost the same. My lord, please take a seat."

Ye Jin and Song Shu only got a chance to relax, and they almost immediately turned sideways to make Qin Nuo and Lin Yi move first.

Lin Yi's hand is still placed in Qin Nuo's arms, his mood hasn't changed much, and the smile on the corner of his mouth has not dissipated.

"Then go first." He said to Qin Nuo.

The two of them went inside.

Seeing that the main footage of the live broadcast followed Lin Yi and Qin Nuo in, Song Shu and Ye Jin in the back showed a sigh of relief, but the anxiety in their hearts just began to appear.

"Why is he here?" Ye Jin tilted his head and asked Song Shu in a low voice.

Where did Song Shu know this, and there was no place to ask others at this time.

Seeing Song Shu showing a flustered expression, Ye Jin patted her hand again and said, "Don't worry too much. It's never too late to tell you the situation. In any case, Lin Yi won't be able to do anything high up."

When Song Shu heard this, his heart was indeed calm. The Song family is inferior to the Williams family. At any rate, it is still the mother of the current queen. The Williams family will not deal with the Song family for Lin Yi who is impossible to marry into their family.

After understanding this, Song Shu calmed down a lot, and found his place with Ye Jin.

Lin Yi and Qin Nuo were seated on the main table in the main hall. Except for them, the emperor and his wife, there were two Yuan old people sitting on the table. At this time the emperor and the others were already seated, but Qin Nuo and Lin Yi were passing by a little later.

But even so, when they approached, the emperor and empress stood up and smiled and welcomed them.

The emperor didn't know Lin Yi, but when he saw him for the first time, his eyes still showed appreciation, but when he saw Lin Yi's hand in Qin Nuo's arms, his expression of appreciation immediately faded. Go down.

The queen recognized Lin Yilai at the first glance, and a hint of surprise flashed in her eyes, but she was immediately concealed by her, almost as if she had never appeared before.

There are decent people sitting at this table, and nobles are best at superficially harmonious communication. Lin Yi was also a man who walked in the Vanity Fair in her previous life, and was able to deal with these things well, so it was not long after sitting down with Qin Nuo and talking with the people on the table.

The queen who originally thought that Lin Yihui was a little timid character or an ordinary commoner with little knowledge was also surprised that Lin Yi could talk no matter what topic, and her humorous voice.

She picked up the wine glass and took a sip. Lin Yi was talking to a senior veteran about what she had seen in the virgin forest on the barren star. Although Qin Nuo didn't interrupt, his gaze remained faintly on Lin Yi and never looked away.

The queen received this in her eyes, and she knew it in her heart, and when she put down her wine glass and looked at Song Shu's table, she quickly lowered her eyes to the attention in her expression.

The emperor's personality is cheerful and easy-going, or he looks like this on the surface. The Empire did not shy away from mentioning the relationship between the sexes, so when he had a chance to speak, he smiled and asked Qin Nuo: "Are the Marshal and Lin Yi dating?"

The other two elders were considered Qin Nuo's elders, and they looked at Qin Nuo expectantly after hearing this.

This made Qin Nuo not know how to answer.

"Not yet," Lin Yi took the initiative to take the call and said generously, "The Marshal and I are just friends now."

"Yeah." Qin Nuo replied, but there was some loss in his heart, although he knew that such loss was unreasonable.

At the moment, I heard Lin Yi say: "But I am pursuing the marshal."

As soon as this statement came out, the other people sitting at the same table would inevitably be taken aback. Not only did Qin Nuo not show an offended look on his face, but he eased down and relaxed a lot more than before.

The emperor laughed first. He put Qin Nuo's face into his eyes, and said to Lin Yi along the way: "So that's the case, then I wish you success."

"Thank you, Your Majesty." Lin Yi raised a glass to the emperor, the smile on his face naturally bright.

With the seats of the main guests, the dinner party officially began soon, the people below enjoyed the dinner, and the performances on the stage continued to be wonderful. The performance at the royal dinner was fantastic, and it was another highlight of the live broadcast today.

Lin Yi's performance is the finale, so I can sit with Qin Nuo for dinner at this time.

The emperor, empress and veterans have changed their tables, facing the performance area. After the shape of the table changes, it is no longer a round table, but more like a two-person dining table. Every two people are separated by a distance of more than one meter. The low voice and the sound of the live performance are enough to let each other listen to each other. I can't see the other person's voice.

But today is not only a live broadcast of the show, but also the words and deeds of the royal family and nobles, so no one will say too many important things on this occasion.

The dinner was simple, because when the royal dinner was arranged, Xiao D had not yet arrived in the capital star, and the earth restaurant was not very popular, so the dishes at the royal dinner seemed very plain.

Two boiled eggs, a plate of vegetable soup, a piece of cake, and some miscellaneous salted fried meat. It can be eaten, but none of them can be called delicious.

"From tomorrow onwards, will you go to the military cafeteria for dinner?" Lin Yi asked Qin Nuo while cutting the meat, and Qin Nuo's eyelashes could be seen from the side.

"Yes." Qin Nuo said, he raised his eyes to Lin Yi, "Would you like to meet there?"

Lin Yi smiled: "Can you?"

"Of course." Qin Nuo said.

At this moment, he was actually still thinking about the previous dialogue between Lin Yi and the emperor. Lin Yi was pursuing himself... Although it would be false to say that he didn’t feel anything about it. Lin Yishi is still a little hard to deal with.

Lin Yi made Qin Nuo feel fresh, at a loss, and throbbing, sometimes fluttering, and sometimes very practical, so that Qin Nuo liked to stay with Lin Yi and get along more and talk more.

But it was also the elusive pace that Lin Yi took the initiative to make Qin Nuo self-reflection on whether he should make some changes. However, Qin Nuo and Lin Yi view their relationship completely differently.

Lin Yi believes that two people are totally casual together, and when they feel right, they are together. The most important thing is to be happy right now. Things like marriage are kidnapped into a relationship prematurely, but it is boring. But from Qin Nuo's point of view, the reason why he is single up to now is not because he really doesn't value marriage or family. In fact, he values ​​it too much and becomes more cautious.

"Regarding your pursuit of me," Qin Nuo finally said again after having been brewing for a long time, "I think," From the perspective of an actually very old-fashioned alpha, Qin Nuo wants to tell Lin Yi that this matter may be his. Do.

"Wait a minute." Lin Yi wiped her mouth with a napkin, got up and interrupted Qin Nuo first, he smiled and said to Qin Nuo, "I'm going to be on stage, what you want to say, why don't you say it after I step down? ?"

Qin Nuo opened his lips, nodded to Lin Yi after a moment, and let him go.

At this time, the stage has changed, and there is no trace of the previous performance. There is only a piano in the middle of the empty stage. At the same time, there is an introduction to the piano in the background when Lin Yi is still on stage.

When Lin Yi stepped onto the stage in a straight suit, a beam of chasing light in the middle of the stage immediately hit his head. His steps were steady and brisk. He stopped when he walked to Taichung, and then Lin Yi turned to face the crowd. , He took a special look at Qin Nuo, then smiled and bowed in a salute, then walked to the piano to speak.

"As everyone knows, the "Rain" previously released on the Internet is pure music. In fact, I planned to fill in the lyrics when creating this song, but I wanted to share the mood of that song with you at the time. I didn’t have time to fill in the lyrics. Today is the full version of this song."

Lin Yi said, putting her hands on the piano keys, then opened her lips and whispered, "As always, this song will be dedicated to someone I like. Fortunately, he is on the scene right now."

As soon as the voice fell, the light notes of the piano jumped out of Lin Yi's fingertips and filled the audience, making the mood of the people present involuntarily brisk.

The beginning of the music still retains the male voice dialogue, but after the dialogue, it is no longer pure music, but the lyrics sung by Lin Yi Langrun's voice.

It rained suddenly when you appeared,

I think this is my luck.

God’s creation is never fair,

Otherwise, how could anyone make me like you...

To say that the song of "Rain" is already excellent, then adding Lin Yi's singing skills after writing the lyrics will definitely bring this song to another level. With Lin Yi tapping the keys skillfully and briskly with his fingertips, and singing beautiful music in his mouth, no one can doubt that Lin Yi is not the anonymous creator.

For all the spectators, this song is beautiful, and for Qin Nuo, it is simply the final blow to his heart. The entire banquet hall seemed to be distorted in time and space, and everyone else seemed to disappear at this moment. Only Qin Nuo and Lin Yi on the stage were left between the heaven and the earth. His restraint and reason fell apart, and all turned into a surrender to Lin Yi's hands. At the same time, the blood in his veins that boiled with every lyrics of Lin Yi made Qin Nuo feel like he was shocked and frightened when he first went on the battlefield. excited.

Qin Nuo's palms were slightly sweaty, and through the light, his eyes collided with Lin Yi's, and the smile in Lin Yi's eyes was so distinct. It was so clear that Qin Nuo felt that his emotions were like a puppet, which was expected and controlled by Lin Yi. This should be something that made him feel uneasy, but he felt lucky at the moment. Fortunately, Lin Yi was willing to control him.