Flirt [Interstellar]

Chapter 48

Lin Yi seemed to be shining on the stage, calm and confident showing every inch of him.

The originally smart melody, coupled with straightforward lyrics, was interpreted in the best voice, and was simultaneously transmitted to the corners of the entire empire through the royal live broadcast at this moment.

When his performance was over, the whole banquet hall was silent, and then there was a burst of warm applause.

Lin Yi returned to the middle of the stage, bowed slightly towards the crowd, and then turned and went off the stage under the chasing light. The chasing light did not disappear as Lin Yi stepped down the stage, it turned into a freely flowing light and shadow in the banquet hall, and the melodious music did not stop, but the lyrics disappeared in the microphone. The stage behind Lin Yi slowly descended to the level of the hall floor, and Lin Yi stopped in front of Qin Nuo.

In the dim light, Qin Nuo raised his head and looked at Lin Yi. Lin Yi smiled with one hand behind his back, and one hand stretched out towards Qin Nuo. Then he asked Qin Nuo: "Marshal, can you dance with me? Dance?"

The smile on Lin Yi's face was bright, as if all the stars were falling on it, Qin Nuo's heartbeat hadn't returned to calm before, how could he withstand Lin Yi's invitation at this time.

He stretched out his hand and held Lin Yi's palm, pulling Lin Yi into the arms of Qin Nuo without paying attention.

"Sorry." Qin Nuo whispered, his hands relaxed a little, but the redness of his ears could not conceal his emotions and completely betrayed the flatness in his voice.

"It doesn't matter." Lin Yi put his hand on Qin Nuo's shoulder, and took the initiative to substitute their footsteps onto the dance floor.

The emperor and the empress were the first pair to enter the venue to lead the dance, and people later entered. Under the dim light, Lin Yi and Qin Nuo didn't know if their dance steps were tacit understanding or something, they turned to the less crowded side in circles.

Lin Yi danced as a female step, but she was the dominant player between the two. Qin Nuo's body seemed a little stiff, and the rhythm was completely taken away by Lin Yi.

"What do you want to tell me before?" Lin Yi raised her head and asked Qin Nuo.

In the dim light, only the chasing light on the head flashed occasionally, and most of the time the facial contours of the two of them looked dim and soft, as intoxicated as the atmosphere between the two at this time.

Qin Nuo's gaze should have been looking at Lin Yi's eyes, but at this moment he couldn't help but fall on his lips with Lin Yi's actions when he spoke.

Lin Yi's lips are well-shaped, thin and even, and they look very soft, especially the red that contrasts with his fair complexion, which makes it hard not to notice.

Qin Nuo was a little lost, hearing Lin Yi's words in a daze, but when he recovered, he could only ask him apologetically: "Sorry, what did you just say?"

Lin Yi lowered her head and chuckled lightly, and turned around with Qin Nuo in the middle of the dance floor. He left Qin Nuo's embrace, and just passed the Emperor and Empress at this moment.

In an instant, Lin Yi and the queen changed positions and naturally connected to each other's dance just now.

Out of etiquette, Qin Nuo put his hand on the queen's waist and brought her dance steps closer to Lin Yi.

Lin Yi did not show any uncomfortable expressions when dancing with the emperor.

Dance is considered a compulsory course in aristocratic society, and the dance floor is filled with a lively and enthusiastic atmosphere at this time. Even though Yu Guang had been paying attention to Lin Yi, Qin Nuo quickly drew some distance from him.

The emperor didn't know what he said to Lin Yi, and the two laughed together, and the emperor's hand on Lin Yi's waist seemed to tighten.

Qin Nuo frowned, and couldn't help but move closer to them.

The queen noticed Qin Nuo's movements and joked with a chuckle: "Is the marshal worried about his dancing partner flying away?"

Qin Nuo retracted his gaze and did not answer, but his anxious mood was revealed. As Lin Yi and the others approached again, Qin Nuo pushed the queen out almost without performing a complete dance step, and at the same time grabbed Lin Yi's wrist. Brought him back.

Lin Yi's dance steps were disrupted by Qin Nuo's movements, and he stepped on the instep of another alpha nearby, while his side slammed into Qin Nuo's arms.

Qin Nuo's arm took advantage of Lin Yi's arm and tied him in his arms. Compared with his dull and sour emotions, Lin Yi's smile never stopped. He said sorry to the hapless alpha, and then turned his head to ask Qin Nuo, "Don't you dance?"

"Yeah." Qin Nuo nodded.

He has already noticed that there are several noble girls and his male partners in Yuguang who are about to move closer here, I am afraid that there will be many things to exchange dance partners back and forth in a while.

Compared with the contact with other omegas that he hated before, he now dislikes Lin Yi being intimate with other alphas. During the moment when Lin Yi was dancing with the emperor, Qin Nuo almost wanted to throw the emperor off the dance floor.

After waiting to bring Lin Yi to the edge of the dance floor and sit down on their seats again, Qin Nuo realized what the emotions in front of him came from.

He is jealous.

Alpha is full of competition. If omega is involved, impulsive fights are not uncommon. But this generally happens to alphas of the same magnitude.

Take Qin Nuo as an example. Because of his physical relationship, no one can really match him, so he has never experienced this kind of combative irritability and jealousy, and he thought he would never experience it. But he didn't expect that mobilizing his emotions would be so simple, it only requires a physical movement and a laugh.

All the arrangements just now have been removed from the table, and now it is replaced with twice the fragrant wine.

Lin Yi raised the wine glass and took a sip, his eyes narrowed slightly, and then shook the wine glass and asked Qin Nuo, "Do you know what kind of wine this is?"

"Red wine from the royal private winery."

Lin Yi nodded, took another sip and said, "Then I declare that this is my favorite thing this year."

The quality of the wine is superb, and it seems like a treat to slip from the tip of his tongue, indeed worthy of the royal family's private enjoyment.

"Is this your favorite thing this year?" Qin Nuo asked Lin Yi, instantly feeling like he was being compared with a bottle of wine.

"Currently it is like this. My favorite thing is this kind of wine, and my favorite person is you." Lin Yi smiled blatantly, and Qin Nuo caught Qin Nuo off guard.

Qin Nuo showed a habitual and helpless smile, and he couldn't deny the joy of hearing this in his heart.

"If you like it, I will ask someone to send some to your house." Qin Nuo said.

At this time, the atmosphere in the banquet hall was calm, and Lin Yi and Qin Nuo's conversations were nowhere to be seen, but the star network had already exploded.

From Lin Yi's performance on stage, Starnet's real-time discussion hotspots were all covered by him, and the top three groups in the hot search were contracted by Lin Yi.

#林忆弹唱#, #林忆与元帅共舞#, #林忆颜值#.

As a very retro musical instrument, the popularity of the piano in the empire was very low, and even many noble children would not use it. According to the royal family's official background introduction, the piano used tonight is a product of the pure earth era and has been sealed in the Imperial Museum.

Today, I moved out to match Lin Yi's performance, but I didn't expect Lin Yi to play so skillfully. When he sat in front of the piano, his fingertips jumped on the keys, and he naturally showed the sense of distance brought by arrogance and self-confidence, which made him condensed the admiration of everyone.

All the doubts and slanders were also broken by Lin Yi himself at this time. No one can doubt his identity, and no one can deny his ability to sing and write.

"Ah, ah, Lin Yi knows well! He is so good, completely detached from the inherent image of omega in my heart, if someone specially composes me a piece of music, and then sings it to me in front of the entire empire Listen to my confession and I will marry him immediately."

"Is Lin Yi really an omega? He is so angry, and his looks are so good to me, so good-looking."

"The aura on the body of the Marshal and Lin Yi seemed to disappear when they were together, and it was not that the Marshal was pulled down, but that Lin Yi was originally at that height."

"Really! When the Marshal and Lin Yi are sitting together, even if they don't speak, they are very humane. They don't seem to ascend to heaven at any time like before."

Of course, many omegas who are full of fanatical admiration for Qin Nuo are heartbroken, and some sour comments are not uncommon.

"Let me say that Lin Yi really can't be an omega. He doesn't have the rest of an omega. It's too bold and rude. How can I speak like that and take the initiative?"

Such remarks are not uncommon, but they soon ushered in a wave of criticism and rebuttal.

"With all due respect, I admire Lin Yi's omega even more. Many omegas still have footwear wrapped in their heads, so don't be ashamed and say that omegas can't take the initiative."

"Hey, it's not just sour. Besides, when people are rude, they are the marshal's male companions, and they can hold the marshal's hand and dance with the marshal."

"Hum hum, I think the key Marshal Lin Yi also like ah."

"The case has been solved, so the previous Marshal's words to Lin Yi on the Internet weren't an act of righteousness at all, it was entirely an act of protecting his wife."

Many netizens who watched the live broadcast in real time had to admire Lin Yi when they saw Lin Yi drinking.

"There is a reason why I can't chase the Marshal. Even if the Marshal appears in front of me, I don't think I would dare to put a fart. How can I be as good as Lin Yi."

"Can Lin Yi give a tutorial? Why can he be so natural and unpleasant? I don't expect to chase the marshal. I am very happy to be able to chase the second dog next door to my house."

The dinner in the live broadcast was also coming to an end at this time.

Qin Nuo was invited to speak on stage and once again explained to the public his arrangements after returning to Capital Star. This link is more similar to a press conference, because reporters who have been invited by the royal family gathered around the stage at this time, waiting for Qin Nuo to ask questions after he finished speaking.

Qin Nuo's speech was short, and the long one was for reporters' questions. After answering a few questions related to the work of the military, a reporter finally courageously asked the old-fashioned question: "Will the marshal start thinking about marriage?"

This kind of questioning is almost always necessary in interviews with Qin Nuo. It's just that in a few public interviews that can be found on the Internet, Qin Nuo used simple and cold words every time when facing this problem: "No comment."

Just when everyone didn't have much hope this time, Qin Nuo replied. The content of the reply is still very short, even only one word, but it makes everyone energetic.

Because Qin Nuo said: "Yes."

After he answered this question, he got up and left from the side, and the servants of the royal family also stepped forward from both sides to stop the reporters who were excited by Qin Nuo's answer and wanted to make big news.

The official live broadcast has also come to an end, but before the end, another notice was sent to inform the entire Capital Star that there will be a full range of pollution-free artificial rainfall in the next hour, and everyone can walk outdoors. To feel the raindrops of nature.

Lin Yi was waiting for Qin Nuo in the background, and naturally he could hear every word Qin Nuo said in the previous interview. The alcohol he drank turned into a slight drunkenness and poured into his brain, making Lin Yi feel happy.

He felt a little hot again, so he walked out of the backstage and leaned against the pillar to face the evening breeze. At this time, the raindrops flew diagonally from the air to Lin Yi's cheeks, softly and coolly.

Lin Yi's head tilted on the porch, looking at the virtual moon in the distant sky, she was in a trance, and there was a sound of footsteps behind her.

"You are here." Qin Nuo's voice.

Lin Yi looked back: "I'm waiting for you to take me home."

"Okay." Qin Nuo put on his military cap again, "Let's go."

Lin Yi's aircraft had flown home in advance, and the two of them walked towards Qin Nuo's aircraft in front of the parking lot.

On the short road in the middle, a royal servant came forward to open an umbrella for the two, but Lin Yi and Qin Nuo refused in unison: "No need."

It is raining in the entire Capital Star at this time, as if the scene of the whole song has been integrated into the current reality, making every drop of jumping rain like a singing and confession.

Compared with the cold high-rise buildings outside, the landscaping and furnishings of the imperial palace are very elegant and interesting. The tall trees and flowers next to the parking apron absorb the sound of raindrops and become a different kind of scenery on rainy nights.

Lin Yi's mood is hard to be bad in such an environment.

"What are the things you want to tell me but haven't said yet?" Lin Yi walked two steps in front of Qin Nuo, and suddenly turned around to ask Qin Nuo.

Qin Nuo had been slow to let go, so he stopped at the same place.

There was only Qin Nuo's car on the parking lot, and there were only warm lights from the street lights around, and the guards stood far away.

"That's not very important." Qin Nuo said.

It really didn't matter. What he wanted to tell Lin Yi at that time was that maybe he should not be so passive to be pursued by Lin Yi, and he might have to take the initiative to pursue Lin Yi. But now these words seemed too tactful to Qin Nuo, what he wanted to ask directly was not what he meant.

"In this case," Lin Yi paused under a nearby street lamp, with a smile in his eyes, revealing some calculations and certainty, "I want to ask you a question."

"What?" Qin Nuo's tone softened unconsciously, and the atmosphere at this time was so good that it seemed to melt him.

"Can I kiss you?" Lin Yi still said bluntly, "I want to try what it feels like to kiss you."

The graceful feeling that stretched in Qin Nuo's heart at this moment made him feel like he was drunk. He suddenly lowered his head and smiled, with a relaxed smile, yet completely announced Qin Nuo's renunciation of resistance.

He took the initiative to reach out his hand to hold the back of Lin Yi's head, then lowered his head and whispered, "Yes, just before the lips of the two of them touched each other."

Under the street lamp, the two embraced and kissed.

The raindrops hit the two of them on their bodies and faces, and failed to interrupt their devotion. From shallow to deep, every touch and temptation turned into a turbulent wave-like throbbing between the two.

When the two finally separated, Lin Yi's head was pressed to Qin Nuo's shoulder. Qin Nuo's fingertips passed through Lin Yi's hair and gently brushed Lin Yi's head twice.

On the other side, Qin Nuo's free hand had already grasped the wrists of Lin Yi's two hands, and almost used the action of controlling the enemy on Lin Yi's body.

Because Lin Yi's hands were really dishonest.

"My hands are sore and painful if you make me like this." Lin Yi didn't break free, but said slowly in Qin Nuo's ear, with a lazy voice.

He licked his lips again where Qin Nuo couldn't see, with some unfinished meaning.

Qin Nuo immediately let go of Lin Yi's hand, and took one of them to look carefully, confirming that he was not injured or the like: "Sorry, I didn't notice something just now."

The two of them moved a little apart again, and then they felt completely different from when they first walked out of the banquet hall. A natural intimacy spread between the two of them.

Of course, in this way, there are some things that cannot be concealed.

Lin Yi looked down at Qin Nuo, then looked up again. Qin Nuo repeated this action with him, but he was also examining himself.

Among the three genders of abo, alpha is of course the heaviest, and it is also the most difficult to hide yourself. Especially the alpha of Qin Nuo's level, once it is revealed, it must be an existence that people can't ignore at all.

Therefore, Qin Nuo felt embarrassed for the first time in his life when he discovered what Lin Yi was looking at. He immediately turned around and said to Lin Yi, "I'm very sorry, I was rude."

"It's too rusty to say that," Lin Yi said briskly, without paying attention to it at all. Instead, he said, "Isn't this a normal thing? I don't think you are rude, I'm very happy."

In fact, Lin Yi really wanted to tell Qin Nuo that the two of them would grow up well tonight, which was just what he wanted. But I am afraid that Qin Nuo's character would refute Lin Yi's thoughts on the spot.

After all, Lin Yi's hand just slid down Qin Nuo's waist, and was caught directly before he could do anything.

Qin Nuo is obviously an old-fashioned, this is reflected in his words and deeds.

Qin Nuo stood with his back to Lin Yi for a while, then turned around. His condition didn't improve, he frowned and glanced under him again, and said to Lin Yi a little annoyed: "Sorry, you are by my side, maybe you can't recover for the time being."

Seeing how many words were heard, Lin Yi laughed more and more, thinking that Qin Nuo was not so good at speaking.

Qin Nuo probably gave up on his own. He stretched out his hand and stroked Lin Yi's hair again, feeling visibly wet. The presence of raindrops that keep falling is becoming more and more obvious.

The aircraft on the side slowly opened the door at this time, and Qin Nuo said, "Get on the aircraft first."

Lin Yi was familiar with Qin Nuo's car on the road, and the intellectual brain inside immediately recognized Lin Yi, smiled and greeted him with a smile, and removed the excess water from Lin Yi and Qin Nuo.

"Can I still watch the rain here?" Lin Yi asked Zhi Nao.

"Of course, if you want."

"I want to see."

After hearing the words, Zhinao immediately adjusted the mode of the aircraft, so that the outer shell of the aircraft instantly turned into transparent glass, and the rain on the aircraft could be clearly seen from the inside.

Qin Nuo walked into the room at this time, and he walked out about a minute or two later. When he came out, his physiological phenomena finally returned to normal, which made Qin Nuo feel more at ease.

The sofa in the middle of the aircraft has been unfolded by Lin Yi at the moment, and the size is similar to a double bed. Seeing Qin Nuo coming out, Lin Yi stretched out his hand and patted the empty seat beside him, "Let's watch the rain together?"

The aircraft flies very slowly, and the rain on the fuselage can be seen clearly. The lights of other aircraft that are on different routes up and down at the same time are reflected together, and they are colorfully hitting the inside of the airframe.

How could Qin Nuo refuse this invitation, he walked over to lie down beside Lin Yi, and looked at the direction of the sky side by side with him.

"Do you like rain so much?" Qin Nuo asked Lin Yi.

"Well, I like it very much." Lin Yi said, turning her head. He and Qin Nuo's shoulders touched each other, and after turning their heads, the faces of the two people were close to each other. The eyes of the two crossed, and they exchanged a second kiss peacefully.